50 Cent And T.I. Officially End Twitter Beef

Fiddy reports that he and T.I. have officially ended their month-long Twitter feud.

Last month, Twitter played the battleground to yet another beef involving 50 Cent when the Queens rapper said that T.I. should have let his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle take the rap for their 2010 drug charges. Now, Fiddy says that the two rappers have officially squashed their feud.

According to a recent interview with Vibe, Fif and Tip quelled their Twitter feud with a phone call. 50 said that although things were pretty heated between him and the King of the South, he did make sure that there were no hard feelings between the two artists.

“We got mutual friends and I was actually in conversation with one of them, and they were around him,” 50 explained. “I didn’t tell him to get [T.I.] on the phone and [T.I.] didn’t tell him to get me on the phone, it was just there and it was like, 'Yo, you just need to talk to him because you don't know where [his anger] is coming from. We [got] into it and he had a lot of legitimate points.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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    This is reporting at it's worst. There was no beef atleast not on TIP part his only response on twitter was "no tweefing here champ, i'm sticking to the g-gode" Fif was the one twitter with all the tough talk. THIS IS NOT BEEF.

  • gfunk

    50 you big teeth monkey on steroids you had one good cd you crush jarule but you havent been able to touch no one else thats why you making peace with TI KING OF ATL and you damn show couldnt fuck with THE BIGGEST BOSS we not excited bout u down SOUTH and real G"s up north dont fuck with u either

  • The Ghost Bks1

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  • Nico 3

    Both these clowns need to sit down with a shrink and get their heads straight. If the wind blows a certain way they're beefin with somebody. Is being rich that tramatic? Mind your business. Make your money and shut up. Or else just blast each other to pieces and put the video on You Tube.

  • Anonymous

    I dont see how this was a "beef" he just stated a valid question to him?

  • Anonymous

    It seemed like people made it seem like beef more than it ever really was. It was over twitter and people just WANT people going at each other. smh for real though how about instead of trying to get Tip and 50 to go at each other, have them make a song? thatd be nice

  • ItsTheTruth

    Twitter Beef? Twitter? We ain't even talkin bout streets...We talkin bout...TWITTER! *Allen Iverson Voice* Word on the street is the twitter dispute started over a piece of Now & Later candy

  • La flecha

    Thank god these niggas didnt take the beef to facebook or worse and tumblr beef because then shit would have gotten real smh. liquorandkarate.com

  • haha

    HOW MANY OF YOU ASSHOLES be on HIPHOPDX talking shit all day?

  • illagodzilla

    two grown men have a twitter beef? wait, two grown men on twitter? LOOOOOOOOL

  • Dat Nigga Mad

    no more gunfight now is live on the web hip-hop gay era

  • rick

    twitter beef?!?! if you're beefing on twitter, you're a TWAT!

  • uye

    who cares about 2 wack rappers , wers the kool music at

  • Anonymous

    beef on twitter? grow the fuck up! this is why hiphop sucks nowdays. to much clowns beefing on twitter.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck was they beefin' 4 any way? Ain't niggaz tired of dieing over dumb shit. R.I.P. to Silm Dunkin, my man died over some candy WTF!! The rap game has really took a turn for the worst. These old Mr Rogers in the neighborhood ass stories niggaz be telling, C'MON SON STOP IT!!

  • Anonymous

    this is good im happy for hiphop we dont need this bullshit again

  • Anonymous

    Y'all niggas be sucker fif wack ass dick tip put that boy in his place

  • ELjay

    50 and t.i. on crack and it seems they never got out their trip. They're acting like kids...a fight/beef on twitter. Where is the time they got nose to nose in a beef? 50 cent, when I hear beef on the radio or i read it on the internet, u nigga got almost always involved. Nigga grow up and go to rehab.

  • Anonymous

    twitter beef. the gayest thing i've heard this morning.

  • twitter beef?

    Is this how gay hip hop as come? Twitter beef? Seriously?

  • PapaBearATL

    I don't know how y'all do up 'north' but only bitch ass niggas would let his Wife/Queen take a rap for him in the 'A'. A side piece/bopper/booty call/hood rat/jump off or whatever they call it where you are from, yeah, maybe. Wife, mother of your children, your 'better half' doing your time is no bueno. Do your time and let your wife be a mother to your kids, hold it down until you get out.

    • Willy

      Yeah. Do your time for drugs that that bitch was carrying, and then let your drug addicted wife be a "mother". That's how they do it in the 'hood.

    • Mu

      Great points and well said bro... Whoever disagrees with you on this is either dumb or not real at all

  • Anonymous

    only a teenager would say 50 scared of t.i. have you not heard bout the shit 50 used to do in the hood??????????? he been boxing since he was 13 it was maino that got them on the phone grown man shit

    • Jack Compton

      T.I's tight with Dre, he's got a mutual respect thing going on with Em, my guess would be 1 of them 2. Think about it, back & forth shit for a while but not too long could be considered publicity for both of them, mutually benificial. But I suspect Interscope/Aftermath/Shady would point out to 50 that it escalating into something else or getting nasty would not be a good idea at this moment in time.

    • Anonymous

      how do you know it was maino my guess was eminem


    Sounds like TI put him in check

  • stefano

    twitter beef???!!! I thought these guys were grown men

  • Anonymous

    hes trying to say TI or a mutual friend squashed it , not him??? look at that pic uptop, TI looks like hes ready for whatever and CJ looks like a spooked. Lots of denail in that dudes heart..

    • Mu

      Not to mention the fact that how someone LOOKS has never been a good way to judge how "ready for whatever" they are. HipHopDX should have age limits and IQ tests in place for people to post comments. The idiots and teenieboppers that don't know shit make it difficult to read the comments on this site... smh

    • Anonymous

      that pic was taken years ago RETARD!!!

  • Anonymous

    fuckin media whore... hip hops kardashian...... TI Will do you in curt... and you know this MAAANNN!

  • Anonymous

    He scare tip got that nigga mind right

  • jr88

    ross is like that lame in high school that happends to have cool friends so he sticks to them like glue..lol..kinda like some of you lames on here...lol

    • Mr Flamboyant

      @Carnivore Ain't that the damn truth. This wasn't "beef". It was just a conversation that wasn't agreed upon. They hashed shit. They conversed. They move on. I'm glad to see them handle it accordingly.

    • Carnivore

      I just love that the dude talking about lames is the same dude who posted like 40 replies to this dumb shit.

    • Anonymous

      wow, i am wondering, between you and ross, who sleeps better at night knowing all is good and not worrying about haters...hmm. Money over bitches...

  • jr88

    can you name one ross diss track towards 50?..50 won musically cause 50 diss tracks were even played on the radio cause they were actually good,,,lol,,,and we all know what banks did on wax...lol...now ross is a feature artist that is scared to drop a record without a shitload of features...lol

  • GunitInTheHouse

    It's good TI played his position...A lot of these self proclaimed "Kings of the South" should follow suit *ahem, lil wayne...50 should just end YM for good, with their rasta imposter general. My general will smack the earth wind and fire out of yours. G Unit fanbase >>>>>>>>>> Young Hunnies fan base. It's the Unit bitches!

  • 3 headedmonstah

    damn, was there really any kind of rap beef here? i mean fif said shit about dude before he even did his first stint in jail. t.i said something about him on stage. nothing really never popped off. beef is used to losely these days. t.i vs lil flip beef. fif vs ja rule beef. t.i vs ludacris beef. fif vs rick and camron ummmm idk.. fif really didnt put shit out to kill rick and cam aint really cam back at fif .. like common vs drake hahahaha that is no beef ..lol or krs vs nelly lol lmao nelly ?? are you serious .. krs vs common now thats comp..drake vs nelly thats comp .. i think thats how it was suppose to go down cuz they are out of there league with common n krs lol ..smh beef ..

  • Anonymous

    DX is super late 50 been said that he talked to T.I an ended this shit. It wasn't really beef it was just how both of them felt but i guess bcuz they are celebs it's got to be beef.............. BEST ARTIST IN FLORIDA http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success/

  • Anonymous

    They need to find a better word to use for these "beefs" other than that word itself. Seriously, this wasn't a beef.

  • bombsq

    50 hadnt won a beef since ja rule he lost this battle just like the one with rick ross time up for these fake pettie as beef to try and sell your records you out of touch with the streets stick to the board room bro thats wre the money at

    • what?

      to "anonymous" what!? ross didnt lose either he just didnt care cause he was making his money and wasnt going to fall for 50 bait. who cares if his baby momma did a tape its his fuckin "baby momma/ex gf its not like he did that to ross wife/gf or something. See ja and them fell into his bait thats why they lost and havent sold much since but ross didnt and hes making moves now and i dont really like ross like that just stating facts.

    • Anonymous

      50 exposed ross as a fraud and released a sex tape of ross' baby momma gettin railed. ross did absolutly nothing. and you call that winning. smh

  • jr88

    that cool..it would have been a pointless beef anyways...

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck beefs on twitter? Stupid niggas, that's who.

  • Anonymous

    Didn't even know this "beef" was going on.. I guess that's what happens when you don't let social media control your life :P

  • Anonymous

    Big respect to these guys man. Im really glad yall ended ur twitter beef before it escalated and carried into the streets and shit. Think yall we could of lost one of hiphops greats...oh wait it was a twitter beef and they both suck.

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