Fabolous Hoping To Grow & Evolve With New Studio Album

Fabolous speaks on "Loso's Way 2," says his relationship with his son will be reflected on the album.

Fans of rapper Fabolous may soon see another side of the rapper when his sixth studio album, Loso’s Way 2, is released. Fabolous explained to MTV News that on the album, which he describes as “a work-in-process,” he’d like to grow and evolve musically.  

"With the album, I'm looking to evolve as well. Musically, everything I do, I want to keep growing," Fabolous explained to MTV News. "I think people have seen my growth album to album. From Ghetto Fabolous to Street Dreams to Real Talk to From Nothin' to Somethin' to Loso's Way, and now they will continue to see that with Loso's Way 2."

In his interview with MTV News, Fabolous spoke on his three-year-old son and revealed that Loso’s Way 2 will also touch on his relationship with his son.

"It's all a process for me; I'm in a different place," said Fabolous. "My last album I was having my first son and now my son is almost four years old, so these are processes and you get to talk about those things. I will share them on the next album…Children change a lot of stuff in your life. They change the way you look at things and do things. And I think the music will reflect that, too."

While fans of Fabolous may have to wait quite some time for the release of Loso’s Way 2, Fabolous did release There Is No Competition 3: Death Comes in 3's earlier this week to hold fans over until then.

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  • Knuckles

    i couldn't care less what any of you clowns here be saying,i love what this nigga Fab be releasing everytime be it from his mixtapes or albums.THis dude is a fucking good artist.LOSO!!

  • The Conformist

    I would be SHOCKED if this album makes any significant leap from his previous ones. As previously stated, good emcee, but he'll never make anything near classic.

  • Anonymous

    Fab can spit but his albums are average and to much r n b shit

  • Anonymous

    He can rap but dude is rapping for 11 years now and did not make 1 decent rap album! Give it up Fab.

  • Anonymous

    Fabolous fans really have no clue what a period, comma, question mark or any other common English punctuation is.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    LOL at this clown. Evolve? Really? Man you compose bullshit albums with the same boring ass rhetoric and corny wordplay. You haven't evolved from shit. Some of these rap niggas just are beyond reasoning.

  • Anonymous

    great mc, boring artist When he's just spitting Battle raps or punchlines he's dope but when it comes to making actual songs, he's the definition of mediocre, his Beats always sound like the typical radio shit, he hasnt had an original Idea in his life and he depends too much on singers and beats for his singles

    • Addictive

      hmm let me see "breathe" " can you hear me" " y all dont hear me tho" " you be killin em " yeah son u right boring artist....

    • yawooh

      I agree w/u but fab has had some solo singles like Breathe, Diamonds, holla back youngin but yea,I think that's where fab needs to grow at especially on his albulms.

  • dj

    I think it was very very very great i can read it over and over again i hope that you guys got this from me once again i want to say that i liked it a lot he will always be my fav rapper in the whole world people are haters remember that from me truely i love his musiche should keep it goin and flowin he should not stop for no body in the world that came from my heart.

  • Anonymous

    His albums are terrible. Cant be too hard to "evolve" from shit into something better.

  • 90sfiend

    Idk how Fab expects to evolve his mixtapes are on point but his albums are genuinely average and its always the same thing an RnB song for his first single if he really expects to evolve do something more east coast and stop using so many southern type beats idk those r just my 2 cents

  • Anonymous

    Loso's way was dope. too bad no one listened to it before regugitating the same tired line "fab is dope on his mixtapes, btu he can't make a good album." i swear 90% of people don't listen to music, they just skim through it or repeat what someone else said about an artist.

  • Anonymous

    Sugar Ray vs Lumpy Loso!!!! There wasn't any competition. Ray J pieced him up.

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