Exile Rumored To Be Producing For Nas' "Life Is Good"

After making gems for Fashawn and Blu, the Emanon co-founder is rumored to be at work on the upcoming Def Jam release.

Emanon co-founder Exile, who handled production on the acclaimed Below The Heavens with Blu and Boy Meets World with Fashawn, is lending his hand to Nas’ forthcoming LP, tentatively titled Life is Good, according to a notable source choosing to remain anonymous.

HipHopDX has exclusively learned about Exile’s involvement but neither Nas’ management nor Exile would confirm. No music from the two has surfaced - yet.

Life is Good has spawned street single “Nasty” and Nasir Jones makes an appearance on the single “Ghetto Dreams” from Common’s critically acclaimed The Dreamer / The Believer album from Warner Brothers Records, which is in stores now.

Previously, Exile has produced for Mobb Deep, Jurassic 5 and Ghostface Killah.


  • DOLF

    Nas Featuring Blu Produced by Exile would be the dopest track ever made. I get exited just to think about the possibility.

  • ZA

    Aside from the work with Blu and Fashawn, Exile produced the illest joint on Pharoahe Monch's last album too. Fingers crossed

  • bigfoot89

    Nas doesn't rush classic albums, I feel an Illmatic part 2 coming...

  • Angelo

    I'm glad Nas is taking his time on this album...my people heard some of the album in it's early stages and said he was rhyming his ass off but the beats were typical Salaam Remi bland Nas records. He ended up scrapping them & starting the album over. B/c of his voice, cadence & style, Nas needs a certain type of producer that works best with him... (Large Pro, Premo, Pete Rock, Buckwild, RZA, Lord Finesse, Nashiem Myrick, Just Blaze, etc) All those producers make classics, not HITS! Unless Nas is gonna bring that Soulful NYC edge to the new album, it's gonna be another disappointment. That's just the truth...The BEATS do MATTER!!!

    • Slav

      Hey it's Slav Kandyba, the writer of this piece. Hit me on FB at your convenience: facebook.com/slavkandyba.

    • Anonymous

      Of course they do. But those people are lying to themselves. This is MUSIC. Nas can easily drop a classic, but he needs beats that fit him.

  • NAS


  • DJJ

    Exile is definitely the man for the job. His beats have soul that other producers lack. Good for Exile man, YES!

  • Anonymous

    nas the greatest of all time , whoever disagrees can ride my nuts.

  • Anonymous

    Radio is a slept on classic. Exile has more than enough skill to handle this.

  • Brizz

    Nice, could be dope but anyone here knows what happened to the nas-premier album that was rumored about a couple of years ago? That would be the sickest shit ever to me. pz.


    Production wise Jake One would be the dude I would like to see Nas work with. The production he did on White Van Music and Freeways' Stimulus Package was Fire.

  • jason

    i loved that damian marley and nas album. i hope they do distant relatives 2. it was written is my favorite nas album.

  • Anonymous

    The Saga >>> N.Y. State Of Mind.

  • yestothis

    The Nas haters are still TROLLING! Nas got the game on lock. He doesn't have to be in your face every week with a new song because he is a FUCKING LEGEND! Nas is too damn creative for the lames to every understand...Nasir Olu Dara Jones is the GOAT and his haters are MAD about it! Nas keep doing your thing...you are truly BLESSED!

    • Anonymous

      How are u a Nas fan and use the term "TROLLING"? Are u charlie Sheen? NOthing else you say can be taken serious now

  • dockevoc

    God's Son is my shit i'm still bumping that in the whip

  • Anonymous

    To tell the truth I'm not looking forward to this album. Real nas fans know his most banging songs are unreleased material. Nas needs to get them songs together and make a lost tapes 2.

    • archie bunker right here

      Why are you responding to your own original comment and commenting over & over again? Nas got you fools looking desperate.

    • Anonymous

      Word. Lost Tapes is his second best and could easily be the true Illmatic sequel. Lost Tapes >>> Stillmatic.

  • Anonymous

    Nas is dope but the realness was better than his post illmatic albums.

    • realtalkhiphop

      Co-sign @Kanye! these haters try to disquise themselves as Nas' fans but they are nothing more than broken recorders. They repeat the same old bullshit since 1996 but Nas is still putting out quality music and is growing into a better artist with time. The haters want Nas to make Illmatic for the rest of his life. Nas has surpassed his negative critics a long time ago.

    • Nate

      And I'm fucking sick of you cocksuckers making us true Nas look bad, overrating the fuck out of him, coming out of every hole on the net every single time someone is trying to criticise your idol. I like his you music, you live through him via the internet. You should rather try to kill yourself next time you log off, negative comments about your super hero have to hurt you.

    • Kayne

      *light at the end of the tunnel

    • Kayne

      Cormega makes better music then Nas? ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID? I'm sick of you internet white boys saying retarded shit like this. What's wrong Nas doesn't sound "underground" enough for you? You want him to do the same thing forever like these other rappers? You want him to do songs with Krs-One, Big Daddy Kane and rap over Pete Rock beats his whole life?? SHUT UP CRACKER. Cause I'm sure you would be complaining about Nas even if he was doing that. "OHH, NAS IS TOO OLD SCHOOL" Nas is just too good, you're looking for something to nitpick and bitch about because you can't argue with his skill on the mic. Change is a good thing...Nas is the only fucking rapper I can think of who actually grows in his music and has new concepts and shit to talk about every album he puts out. Jay-Z is still talking about money, Eminem is still talking about Hailey and Kim, Raekwon is a 40 something year old coke seller. All these niggas are corny as hell. Nas is the tunnel of bullshit that's out there. I'm sick of hearing your faggot ass complains, suck a dick nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Not only The Realness, but The True Meaning also. Cormega, while being inferior to Nas as a rapper, just makes much better music. Nas has great skills, but skills =/= good music. See: Eminem/Canibus/Crooked I and countless others. Nas tries to appeal every audience out there, which results into him having a whole new direction after every album. He listens to criticism waaaay too much and should make the album he wants to make and not try to meet expectations he can't fulfill.

  • NJ

    Producers I would like to hear on this album: Alchemist No I.D. Just Blaze RZA Pete Rock Premo Statik Selektah. Maybe a few others too, but Alc and No I.D. are the main two, best producers in the world right now.

  • nuc

    dope..nas is the goat,,so this has classic potential

    • trolls are fucking jokes

      @Anonymous Nas earned 8 multiplatinum/platinum & 3 gold plaques for work that is far above being mediocre. You trolls are so pathetic, you niggas seek a Nas post out just to hate but yet can't stop Nas from being the GREAT artist that he was born to be. Life Is Good for a man like Nas, it is in his blood to be the best!

    • Anonymous

      He shows flashes of brilliance on every release, but the overall quality of his ALBUMS has been supbar and extremely mediocre as a whole for nearly a decade now.

    • comachonvargas

      ^^^^ ONE CLASSIC? What do you call It Was Written, Stillmatic, or Lost Tapes then morons? Or Godson even? Garbage? Unbelieveable Truth be told albums like Nastradamus and Streets Disciple, though his weakest albums, are still quite good. Particularly SD, which had at least 12-15 very good-great tracks. I wonder half the time if people even listen to these albums or regurgitate bullshit talking points like zombie bitch-made Nas haters. Try actually LISTENING to something and not making up your mind beforehand before you decide. You lames are probably the same ones who claim Nas lost because of Oochie Wally, which was NOT EVEN ON A NAS ALBUM. Not to mention that track had one of the hottest beats Nas has ever been on and was a very popular single if you recall. Same goes for Hate me Now, Hero, and Nastradamus. Criticize his beat selection then doubt his integrity the minute he gets on good production and chooses commercially accessible subject matter... FAIL You guys can speculate with your bullshit opinions all you want but Nas is like the great MCs favorite MC... who really cares what you cornballs think when Esco gets the highest praise from Pac, BIG, Pun, Big L, Kool G, Ra, LL, Slick Rick, Jay, Jada, Styles, Common, Em etc... he practically birthed MCs like Lupe, Termanology, Jay [LOL], REKS, Elzhi etc. You can always have a contrary opinion... but I bet you dollars to donuts I can make a better argument for Nas being GOAT anyday of the week

    • NJ

      He only has two albums I would consider "garbage", a few good albums, a few dope ones and ONE classic.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. Nigga has one classic in Illmatic. Anything else is garbage aside from 3 or 4 songs. LOL @ niggas tending to overrate his albums based on a few hot tracks. Dude been irrelevant since 2001.

    • JUNGLE

      everything NAS drops is a classic

  • Anonymous

    Cory be killing shit

  • Anonymous

    This should be good. Nas is a beast. Second best from queens under mega. Disagree if want to but city be killing shit.

  • Anonymous

    One of my favorite things about Exile's production, especially on Below the Heavens, is how much of Nas' influence you hear in his beats. This is even more evident when you catch him and Fashawn do a live show. That whole crew is heavily influenced by Nas, and as an East Coaster living in Cali, I love the outcome. I think Exile will cleanup with anything he makes for Nas, and Nas will of course murder the beat. I can't wait!

  • JD

    I don't Wanna Hear Nas Rappin Over All Soul Beats. Exile Is Boring.

  • Ed Lover

    stop with the phantom stories. ALL producers are "working with nas" meaning they are SENDING HIM BEATS. Go sit down! "Anonymous sources"? C'mon Son!

  • Sensaye252

    That would be really dope. I still hope Nas changes that album title though. Niggas be tryin' too hard to show their ex-wife that they're still happy and shit.

  • Crooked's & Pap's will drop be4 the nas/premier LP

    this would be a dope collabo, hopefully nas will pick some of the tracks preem submitted, didn't pete rock confirm his involvement in this project too?? anyways a must buy for 2012

  • DS

    holy chittt! i wish he could produce the whole thing

  • Anonymous

    Where the hell is Nas any way? It seems like the nigga has been on tour since 08....Drop some new music, I'm tired of garbage like J Cole and Drake

    • AZ


    • me

      drake is garbo but cole def isn't...anyway i hope ex produces something for nas that would be an ill as collabo

    • Anonymous

      all of u guys r fags j cole is real

    • AZ

      lol u a dumbass bra. NAS has been doing his thing this year youknowwhatimsaying dunn? Nas had the best verse on the C4, murdered Common on Ghetto Dreams with one of the illest verses of the year. AND CAME HARD WITH HIS FIRST SINGLE "NASTY" which was included in Rolling Stones 50 best songs of 2011. Only god knows how Fags in Paris got a higher ranking over Nasty. LIFE IS GOOD ALL U TRUE HIP HOP HEADS, AND DUMBASS KIDS THAT BUMP DRAKE,LILWAYNE,JCOLE and all them other fags should cop this LP nahmean. THIS IS GOING TO BE A CLASSIC......ILLMATIC, IT WAS WRITTEN, STILLMATIC, GOD'SON, STREET DISCIPLE, HIP HOP IS DEAD, UNTITLED, LOST TAPES, HIS LP WITH DAMIEN MARLEY, AND THE FIRM NAHMEAN DUNN?

    • Anonymous

      Lol.. Co sign Bro.

  • mikey noob

    he also produced for big sean on finally famous

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