Lil Wayne Launches New Web Series, "Weezy's Sports Corner"

Weezy puts his sports knowledge to work.

Lil Wayne's sports fandom is well-documented, with the emcee having appeared on various ESPN programs to debate various topics in the sporting world.

Now, Wayne is launching his own program: "Weezy's Sports Corner," a video web series.

"Every Saturday, you'll be able to get this live," revealed Wayne in the fist episode of the series.

"Sports only. ...This will be an unscripted show, unrehearsed show," he explained. "I'll talk about whatever I want to talk about. I'll talk freely. If they have guests, they can speak freely, and they can talk about whatever they want to talk about."

Wayne also revealed that fans could post sports questions on his Facebook page, and that he would answer the most interesting ones.

In the first episode of the series, Wayne discusses NBA, college basketball, NFL, college football, and skating.

Watch the first episode below, which is in seven parts:

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  • Swisha

    A lot dumbasses on here think just because you are from a certain state, you automatically have to ride with the home time. I was born & raised in New York City and i cannot stand the fucking Knicks. My teams are the Lakers(bball), New England Patriots & The Giants. So how can that make someone a "dickrider"???

    • YouSerious?

      You're a fan of two of the most successful franchises in their respective sports (Lakers, Patriots), what are the odds that you would've liked them if they hadn't won those championships in the last decade? Highly unlikely. The point here is Wayne is on EVERY, SINGLE winning team's nuts. He never said shit about the packers until they were in the super bowl and he only sat courtside at heat games once Lebron was there. Tell me when was the last time this dude talked about a team with a losing record?

  • Anonymous

    how long can u go about football this how u deallin with that probation weazzy consantly serch shit watch shit learn shit about a useless suject ie football? WTF stick ur fuckin nose in a emty book a fill it then when u rap itll have a suject agin

  • YouSerious?

    I'm gonna go ahead and assume Wayne forgot who the New Orleans Hornets are since he doesn't support them even though he "reps New Orleans". This dude could not be a bigger bitch when it comes to being a sports fan. Explain to me how the fuck you're favorite football team is the Packers and your favorite basketball team is the Heat? Oh wait he ended up partying with Dirk and his boys after they won so maybe its the Mavs? Fuck that. Drake must have gotten all of his sports opinions from Wayne too. Get the fuck out of here with your appearance in that NBA2K12 commercial....

    • haterss

      yeah really man quick fucking nit picking at everything riding his nuts and hatin all the time, that shit bothers no one but yourself

    • YouSerious?

      just peons? LOL like you're something special... We give a fuck that this douchebag says he reps every team cause that's some bullshit. If you have a friend who's a fan of every GOOD sports team, you'd joke on him for being a dickrider (Heat, Lakers, Patriots, Packers, etc). On his nuts? If that's the case you're on our nuts too since you cared to respond. My problem is people think Wayne actually knows shit about sports when all dude probably does is watch sportscenter and take whatever they say for gold.

    • Anonymous

      you guys are idiot and do not understand anything because you guys are clearly just peons... Is it not obvious to you guys that lil wayne has a personal relationship with the TEAM PLAYERS, and not just organizing himself with the team. He personally knows and friends with kobe(check youtube), and chris paul (video).. so who gives a fuck if he wears a boston hat!!!!! you guys are seriously on this guys nuts, nit picking every lil thing he does... obviously he does not care------- so why do yall?

    • Fuego

      Don't Forget he always have on a Boston hat, but was sitting courtside at the Lakers game yesterday

  • wtf

    Only in America would people actually support this idiot and even worst watch this moron talk about sports. Not to mention he is the biggest bandwagoner ever,he is from New Orleans and doesn't even root for his home teams. Fuck this faggot

  • amp

    i dont get y weezy so proud of "john" when he ripped it offa ross.... he always features it these days

  • Anonymous

    We get it Weezy u a dyckrider nothing new I but he a Yankkes and Heat fan and also a fan of the LSU/BAMA winner fucken baby gremlin lookin mufucka

  • Lmao@ that dude lame dude frontin

    God-dayyyummmn...Nigga weezy stay winning and shittin on them naysayers . No doubt he got the rap game on lock.. Carter iv still winning X_X

  • So Icy Boi!

    Tha Carter IV is da album of da year! Lil Wayne is betta den Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Rakim, Ghostface Killah, GZA, KRS-One, Kool G Rap... fuck dem old ass niggas. swag

  • Slam Master

    NUMBER 1 SOURCE FOR WEEZY CONTENT!!!! Weezy new sport's show theme song (LEAK!): Yo it's Weezy's sports corner AKA Wayne's World Radical, Tubular Spaghetti....Noodular Skate on niggas...Mighty Ducks Yeah my Rap game sucks But my Sports game sick Bout to make my bitches fight...Michael Vick I know so much about each sport it's illegal My show is sponsored by Buick...Regal Tune in and see why Kobe will beat the Chiefs It's Weezy's Sports Corner, get up out your seats

  • Huh...

    yeah I can see a future episode...."Why slimes always gotta wear cleats on the field though? I say a pair of Uggs does the job. And why my niggas gotta wear basketball shorts while balling, a nice pair of jeggings will make them more aerodynamic. My wit is indeterminable".



    • MoneyMcCarthy

      For the record how long have the Hornets been playing in New Orleans, does nobody remember that the franchise was based in Charlotte? Being a sports fan is about being a fan at the end of the day and it seems as if he is a fan.

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