Rapper Young Vito Denied Bond In Slim Dunkin Murder Case

UPDATE #2: The man accused of murdering the Brick Squad affiliate was sent back to prison.

Police have determined that rapper Young Vito is a suspect in the murder of Brick Squad affiliate Slim Dunkin, which occurred last week.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the 28-year-old, whose real name is Vinson Hardimon, is yet to turn himself in on suspicion of fatally shooting Dunkin in the chest last Friday (Dec. 16th). Police are encouraging him to turn himself in, as they have reason to believe he might be in danger.

"We are urging Mr. Hardimon to turn himself in to authorities because we have reason to believe he may be in danger," read their release.

Police are asking that anyone with information contact Atlanta Crimestoppers at 404-577-TIPS (8477) or contact the Atlanta Police Department's homicide unit at 404-546-4235.

UPDATE: The rapper accused of murdering Slim Dunkin has turned himself in to Atlanta police. According to Access Atlanta, Vinson Hardimon, a/k/a Young Vito, turned himself in to police and is currently being held in Fulton County jail on the charges of murder and gun possession pending a bond hearing.

Atlanta homicide detective David Quinn spoke to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about Vinson's decision to turn himself in and what it means for the case. According to Det. Quinn, the police are still attempting to piece together the story behind the murder and are looking for more witness statements.

"I got a call today from [Vinson's] attorney [and] he said he wished to turn himself in," said Det. Quinn. "There were at least 30 people in the studio at the time of the shooting. They should get in touch with me. We want the facts. It's the right thing to do."

Anyone with further information on the case is advised to contact either Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-8477 or Det. Quinn at 404-245-8039. A video courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution can be seen below.

[December 26th]

UPDATE #2: Young Vito was denied bond yesterday in Fulton County Court and has been returned to the Fulton County Jail on murder and gun possession charges. Atlanta police homicide Detective David Quinn said that Vito was clearly at the scene of the crime when Slim Dunkin was murdered. “His laptop was left behind with his name on it,” Quinn said. “And his name was on the dry-erase board as next up to rap.”

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  • Black

    No guns in jail, faggot! Niggas who can't fight forget that...

  • Dash_Riprock

    You live hard..You die hard..Dude dunk was going overboard just a tad too much and it got him murked..One thing for sure was he was a real nigga and he had to know his days was numbered acting the way he was acting..At least he fought his own battles unlike the bricksquad flunkie Ice Burgandy who started beefs with The Game and BOSKOE1 And then sent his enforcer Rosemo700 to rough them up Which led to Rosemo700 getting murked and left planking on a Inglewood CA. street corner..Get real..The days of straight-up fighting are over..No matter how bad you are..You ain't badder than a speeding bullet.

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  • Anonymous

    He is prolly safer behind them bars an honestly i think due will try to run cause i kno that i would........................ CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success/

  • w

    This dued got blood on him regarless

  • pijl;

    YM does not care about neone under wanye drizzy and nicki

  • Mr10Incher

    look u racist bitches there's a noose go for it

  • Anonymous

    Being GANGSTER and GHETTO SCUM are 2 different things. These gentlemen are GHETTO SCUM .

  • Gsteff

    No disrespect to slim, but he talk that gangster shit tooo heavy. They even went on to call themselves twin towers. 2 songs slim really went on talkin that gangsta shit: 1.Blindsight, 2. lights on. It could have been over some candy, or it could have been a tag on slim, you never know... shout outs: 1. YMCMB 2. CTE 3. BrickSquad

    • ddddddddddd

      ymcmb?you would get pimped in prison for saying some shit like that.hold my pockets!hold my pockets and suck on your thumb!get 2 cartons for that ass!candy ass rap label.only pre teens rock that shit.where they make you eat a sock full of animal laxatives before they make your "bedrock" just for bringing up ymcmb

    • Anonymous

      I lost all Respect for you comment after you shouted out some of the lamest, fakest clicks in Hip-Hop today....

    • Dutin

      fuck ymcmb shine up or line up bitch

  • So Icy Boi!

    R.I.P. ma nigga Slim. he was a real gangsta. real nigga. ma personal friend. we skated every weekend in ATL. swag

  • Come On

    Gangsta Rap sucks and so do the rappers who do it, It promotes violence and make us a as a culture look bad if you want to kill each other over nonsense and call your selves grown-ass men so be it. but don't bring or hurt innocent ppl or our culture while your at it. You got nothing to prove being gangster doesn't make you cool or sell records anymore ask "Game" or ask "50" we are passed that shit maybe you guys should do the same!!

  • Anonymous

    black people are putting the kkk out of business on their own and blacks wonder why other people laugh at them they make themselfs look bad on their own

  • Idiots

    Fuckin' idiots. Keep killing each other. Just keep that shit where decent people don't get caught in the cross-fire.

  • Kuto kende

    this shit over CANDY!?!?!?! where I'm from niggas get burned for touching another mans potatoes #REALTALK CTE ALL DAY

  • Anonymous

    rip Mario aka slim dunkin u will be missed but u will never be forgotten n i hope young vito gets whats comeing to him no one deserves to die

  • Anonymous

    These rappers get more wack each generation.

  • Satan Clause


  • Anonymous

    that motherfucker young vito took a good rapper from bricksquad. hope he gets life in prison

    • BossStatus

      There ought to be better security at recording studios though; Remember what happened to Pac back in '94 and to Dj Jam Master Jay in '02; Real Talk!!

    • Anonymous

      It's not even about Slim being a dope rapper. It's about murder. We need to chill the fuck out with the violence people! Sure we have differences, but nothing a good fist fight, verses on wax or a good sit down can't handle...

  • killacam

    Ayo B I be telling Vado if he ever touch my candy imma slim dunkin him, now that nigga on a sugar free diet... boss

  • Benton Harlem

    Do you really think this was over "candy?" I bet the witness that ratted Vito out did not want everybody else to get in trouble for the "nose candy."

  • Big Dan

    Since there are a lot of "gangstas' on this site, could a reader please explain to me why someone would just eff up their lives like this. Just a week or so before Christmas, this dude just throws his life away. And while we don't have all the facts yet, it seems like it was over nothing! Please explain.

  • 617

    not a fan of him or his music but rest in peace to the nigga, from what im hearing this all seems like bullshit reasons for a black man to kill another black man

  • Anonymous

    OOOOOHHHHHHH eeeeeeyyyyyyy Whats up wit dat whats up wit dat

  • mgruppe.com

    Hip-Hop 2012 loves the sacrifice of blood. Its that type of religion. If nobody gets shot, somebody should at least get his ass kicked.

    • Big Dan

      It would be nice if that was all that happened. Chubb Rock got a bunch of rappers (EPMD, et al) a while back and did a song called beef, in which, he was talking about all the nonsense violence in the hood. There was a line in the song that went song something life, "back in the day, if you had beef, you loose nothing but teeth, but nowadays, you might die." Let's go back to that.

  • Anonymous

    you guys making fun of this shit are a trip. have some fuckin respect for the dead.

  • NONO

    If you fools think that this was over CANDY you are STUPID. 9 times out of ten, he got kicked out of the studio and wouldn't leave.

  • Billy

    Sooo stupid ass Slim Dunkin tries to be tough and gets another mans candy like he a boss or sumthang? LOL that bitch ass Dunkin fag deserved to die! You can bet he is BURNING, ROTTING and TOASTING in HELL with Satan fucking him HARD right in the ASS! ! !

  • DaJudge

    Yall fake thugz a trip if Slim woulda killed Vito yall woulda been saying he the realist and free slim.Young Vito rock-a-bye-babyed Slim now yall talk bout Vito a punk.Two Faced Lamezzzzzzzzz

  • Triniti

    Why not just turn the bitch nigga over to the KKK? Innocent men have died at their hands before, so why not make a donation in the form of a worthless pseudo human?

    • TRUTH

      The KKK is not in the buisness of killing black people anymore. It seems like black people do it ALOT better than they did.

  • Anonymous

    lol fuck these crabs ass niggas

  • Joshua Smith

    Slim Dunkins Wonka bar must've had the golden ticket

  • WOw

    Man that nigga look fuckin different then them pictures from before!

  • Anonymous

    Justice have been served Slim Dunkin death has been solved not like BIG an Pac. R.I.P Slim Dunkin BEST RAP GROUP IN FLORIDA http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success/

  • PapaBearATL

    So this is 'keeping it real', killing somebody over penny candy, smdh. He will more than likely die for killing a man over penny candy... That candy is some serious shit I guess...

  • Anonymous

    Next its gonna be a story where a nigga get shot over cereal

  • TonySincere

    Well at least nobody talented died. fucked up, but true. If anybody shoulda got shot over some candy, it shoulda been D4L for doin that homo ass laffy taffy song. lol

  • SuperNovaPlus

    Damn bro!! Niggaz getting killed over candy is no bueno. It had to be over some Tropical Skittles. I would put hands on a nigga if he stole my skittles..

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (shaking my head)

  • Foxy Brown

    They were fighting over my sex.

  • Anonymous

    Willie Lynchism in full affect! Dumb niggas!!!

  • Anonymous


    • STFU

      Lol That Was Funny ..But For Real This Wasnt Bout No MF Candy, Vito Gon Die For Killin Dunk..Its Simple As That, Cant Nobody Stop It

  • DUmbNigga

    Im saying how these niggas supposed to b killas but dis man wallk in a bricksquad phootshoot and kill a member of yall click and get to walk out

  • Anonymous

    On the second day of Christmas Brick Squad gave to me...2 dead niggas...All over a piece of candy...

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha man I knew SOMEONE would laugh at that shit. You my nigga though Miaminigga.

    • Miaminigga

      lo fuckin l lol lol there's nothin funny about death but I just woke up n read dis fool u dumb as shit^^^ I wish I cud meet u dawg damn that was a good laugh rip slim dunk And Rip soulja slim

  • Anonymous

    bout to be two bodies over one piece of candy. them bricksquad niggas got to be kidding me

    • Black scum

      you filthy crappy niggas why dont they just bring back slavery. Just kill your selves please!!! scum black president still animals if i could

  • Anonymous

    Now if they care about his safety they would put that nigga name out there, so niggaz know exactly who to go get, just like the police man, they are thinking kill this nigga, one less to worry about, just some taking out the garbages

    • Big Dan

      While this may add to the list of nuts that would go look for him, I am sure those close to Slim Dunkin, who would be criminally minded enough to retaliate, already knew who they were looking for. He was probably in the session or was hanging out with SD all day. It's not like some hungry bum walked in, saw the candy and off-ed the kid and walked out. Unless its a home studio, folks don't usually go in to the studio by themselves. So there are witnesses.

  • Anonymous

    the cops r saying, turn yourself in before these niggas chew u up

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • guest

    Well we have the murder weapon >>> at 1:11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFY0bLtQ354&feature=player_detailpage#t=71s

  • Anonymous

    Quit whining pussies. U live an ignorant uneducated fake life this is what happens. They both got, will get what was coming to em. I have no sympathy for these fools anymore, only their family

    • Anonymous

      You know what I agree with you unfortunetly this world is harsh and rough and if you live a ignorant life this is the result but none the less no one deserves to be killed because of shit like this even if the people involved are ignorant RIP.

  • Anonymous

    Wow it's 2011 2Pac and Biggie died over the same shit and they were friends at one point people still caught up with this beef/gang shit if real guys like Pac and BIG didn't make it out of that how are fakes going to make it out and this goes both ways the shooter who wasn't man enough to handle this on his own and the person who died who might have been acting like something he was not. RIP regardless no one deserves to die over bs like this fuck the pigs im no criminal but the pigs are worse let it be the shooter will see how true the phrase what goes around comes around is. One Love, One Thug, One Nation Peace

    • TonySincere

      WRONG... Biggie & Pac could actually rap!!

    • demo

      Are you a fucking idiot to compare this bullshit to 2pac and Biggie???? There you go and there is the problem. That shit is two dumb ass wanna be gangsta rappers doing ignorant dumb ass shit for absolutely no purpose. We might be better with out their ignorance because they don't contribute shit to our community but some more ignorance

  • Live by da gun, die by the gun

    "Run up on Gucci, ya might lose ya life, I'll do seven, u in heaven, I won't think twice" - flocka!!

  • Anonymous

    I'd make jokes, but this story is so blatantly ignorant and pathetic, I dont think i could make it any funnier Ignorant Coke Rapper dies at recording studio over Candy Couldnt make that up if I tried

  • R.I.P. Hop

    Lee harvey Oswald...that's who did it. Lee Harvey Oswald. He killed Kennedy and he killed our precious slim dunkin. Theres ya tip police, now go get em "crime stoppers"

  • WTF?

    Well all these dumb ass rap niggas nowadays bring that shit on themselves. You wanna be a thug well you got to die like one and Young Vito gets to do hard time like one. These niggas fucked hip hop up and continue to do so. So why cry, they got what they wanted. Stop crying about it. Live by the sword die by it.

  • adam

    He is just another typical coon, he should be killed.

  • Razor Words

    Lets remember that a person lost their life over some dumb shit!! Don't make lil clown ass jokes on the young man who lost his life for fighting like a man and a pussy shot him! Young Vito its either you go see them folks with the gold badges or you will see the folks who will take your life for a cash payment! Be a man and face it head up or prepare for a war where a few more black men will loose their lives for nothing. I guess you will make the good white folks happy dead or alive you dumb ass!

    • IAmControverse

      I agree with you except for when you said he died for fighting like a man. Men don't fight over candy. They might as well have been biting each others fingers like that Charlie kid and then have to stand in separate corners and think about what they did.

  • Anonymous

    I heard it was over them black cheap cany, " nigger babys" we call em up here in Canada!!! Lol.....

  • Mr. Me

    smmfh...somebody loses a life n all ppl can do is make candy jokes-low lifes!...n if u really think a life was taken over a piece of candy then im pretty sure u would believe obama is mexican...the "law" has no evidence n witnesses r not speakin up so they have no motive on y it happen...cops do this all the time outside the gates of hollywood/beverlyhill type of "communities" across america-when they have no evidnce, witnesses, motives, etc... n they dont wanna do all this work they get paid so much to do, they quickly say oh it was gang related or it had to do wit drugs n a bunch of other bs...in this case this man died over somethin deeper n more serious than a punk ass piece of candy

  • Anonymous

    This was over candy alright!!!! Nose candy is the better term.

  • hypestyle

    what the hell. I hope the killer is caught and brought to justice. Whatever Young Vito knows, he needs to step up, man up and not hide behind the 'no snitching' ignorance.

  • Anonymous

    Ill die before u get my resses pieces!!! BANG BANG ha thought so bitch

  • Anonymous

    at least he'll get locked up before we have to hear his shitty music and he lends a hand in also killing hip hop like that idiot he shot and their boys.

  • Darius

    iKant Believe yall think it was really aBout KANDY!!! GTFOH!!

  • Anonymous

    I still cant believe these idiots are killing each other over candy

  • kmarx

    young vito sound like a clone of sum other lame niggas in the game.. But Brick Squad Prolly Gunnin For Dat Ass lol real talk Vito look and sound like a nigga to do sum Bamafide shit foreal

  • Anonymous

    i read he killed him over a piece of candy? what a retard. NUKKA GET YA HANDS OFF MY JOLLY RANCER CUZ

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