Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/18/2011

Drake is platinum with "Take Care." Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg make encore 2011 chart appearances while Naughty By Nature misses the Top 200 for the first time in their illustrious 20 year career.

Another collaborative album, this one a soundtrack from Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, was the lone Hip Hop addition to the charts this week. The pair's latest work, and Snoop's first project with Atlantic Records, made a Top 30 debut. With production by Exile, Jake One and Warren G, this work was the commercial debut of Wiz's working with his latest Taylor Gang Records signee, Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J.

Drake'sTake Care Reaches Platinum

Drake's platinum again, this time with sophomore studio album Take Care. While the Toronto native is in a controversial dialogue with Common, the release is one of just three 2011 albums the reach the million-mark. The Cash Money/Young Money release features Birdman, Nicki and Rick Ross. The fourth single, "Take Care" featuring Rihanna, is at radio now.

Naughty By Nature Misses Charts For First Time In Career

New Jersey Hip Hop pioneers Naughty By Nature had made the charts with every album between 1991 and 2002. This year's Anthem, Inc., the trio's first album in nine years missed the charts its week after release. Treach, Vin Rock and Kaygee had not missed the charts with an album since their pre-NBN days as MCA Records' New Style.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/11/2011

#7. Drake - Take Care - 77,000 (1,044,000)

#14. Rihanna - Talk That Talk - 54,000 (373,000)

#21. LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking - 40,000 (401,000)


#23. Mary J. Blige - My Life II: The Journey Continues 39,000 (309,000)

#26. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Mac & Devin Go To High School Soundtrack 38,000 (39,000)

#37. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV - 29,000 (1,826,000)

#49. Jay-Z and Kanye West - Watch The Throne - 22,000 (1,166,000)


#61. The Roots - undun - 18,000 (67,000)

#78. J. Cole - Cole World: The Sideline Story - 14,000 (463,000)


#87. Wale - Ambition - 13,000 (293,000)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000.

Who will sell more copies next week, Common or Young Jeezy? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.

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  • killa

    I fucks with Naughty thoe. they still legends regardless of their numbers.

  • Lara

    That jeezy albumn good, but i downloaded for free. also drake,snoop & wiz, i been buyin cd's for 11 years got 1,846 cd's all hiphop & RNB have downloaded 10 for free 490 to go. yea i will star buyin again till i download 500 for free. i dont like gettin them for free. but i hope god will understand is that this recession did get at me alittle bit. n hope people will also understand. peace

  • ItsTheTruth

    Jeezy projected to sell 200-225k. Only Rick Ross fans saying Jeezy fell off. They just mad that Jeezy is certified platinum on all albums while Ross can't make it past Gold.

  • da1

    While Common dissin drake drake is selling records yet another platinum plaque for drake. I'm not a fan of either one but it seems to me common may just be jealous and using 50 cent esque methods to help sell records. Drake is definitely soft but he's making it work for him.

  • mbtm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMS7kvnDey0&context=C3f4aac1ADOEgsToPDskLaz1uP3qbUsx1gOm7l01b9 check out my freestyle bitches

  • Anonymous

    young jeezy will sell more common will come in 2nd

  • Anonymous

    Wayne and Drake may be selling the most right now. But let's be honest people. In another few years, they too will be struggling and maybe in a few more years, they might be forgotten. The reason is that they don't make music to be loved forever. They make those hot-at-the-moment songs. Not something you can easily recognize ten years from now. Not something you would want to listen to ten years from now. Now Jay and Kanye are different. Jay is 42 years old and still making hits. How many 42-year-old artists (not just rappers) make hits when they should be out of their prime? He shouldn't be relevant anymore at this age but he still is. He knows how to write (excuse me... THINK) material that will be hot now and forever. Big Pimpin was such a huge track back then. But even now, crowds go crazy when that song comes on. The same can be said about Kanye. Ye hit it big with College Dropout but since then, he has only gotten bigger and better. Every album of his (even 808s) is considered a classic. Lil Wayne and Drake have yet to do that. "She Will" was pretty catchy at first but then it stopped being hot. People were already done with it. Whereas "Niggas in Paris"? They play the song 20 times, the crowd will still want them to play it again. Think about it.

    • Anonymous

      Not really he has no Worldwide value same for Drake their songs might be remembered in the States but the rest of the world wont give a fuck.

    • room2roam

      wayne first album went plat back in the late 90's. n1ggas in the south will still nod they head to the block is hot.. come on catch up.. weezy been around too long for anybody to try to predict that he wont be relevant in a few yrsconsidering its he's been around for over a decade and was able to propel himself to this level of stardom after being i the game so long AND being able to do what not many other rappers can which is completely switch up your sound and not only stay relevant but surpass your previous success. whether you respect him or not what he's done is undeniable. but i dont really care for his new sound/music/style...so like an adult i just listen to what i like and leave the rest be

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^ Beautifully said!

    • 21122012

      Lil Wayne has been makin hits since 2005. To this day u can throw on "go dj" in a club and get a crazy reaction let alone be recognized. A Milli is another one of the many tracks you will remember 25 years from now. You act like wayne has only been around for the past 2 summers. Now depending on what music u like and what u consider classic is purely opinionated.

  • usofa

    If it weren't for lil Wayne and a few other big artists hip hop wouldn't even be relevant in the music industry. Business would be dead in this genre. so shout out to everyone who went platnium this year. Who gives a Fuck what Joe blow considers real hip hop to be.

    • YMCMB Sounds like a Village People affiliate

      wouldn't you agree? shut up fags, that shit is trash

    • Anonymous

      Not really man 95% of hiphop artists dis year have sold over 200k. So u cant talk even critics dont mark YMCMB's albums as rap they mark em as pop.

    • shadyaftermath

      @usofa they went platinum this year because they make pop music. They are not hip hip.

    • denver303

      And Jc's opinion matters how much???? Noone gives a flying Fuck what u consider real hiphop to be. Sucks for you that hip hop isn't what u want it too be hahahaha

    • JC

      Shut the fuck up homo. Wayne and Drake are wack commercial artists. Not real hiphop.

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  • land lord

    Props to J Cole on his way to gold status.

    • payday

      lol j.cole is already certified gold well shipment wise that is just not sales wise yet most likely january 2012 he will reach the 500,000 mark in sales i'll give him a few more weeks


    Common's The Dreamer / The Believer is one of the greatest HipHop albums EVER:

  • haha

    wiz is falling hard. i hope this is a sign.

  • snowman bitch 19.5 a piece

    be suprised if jeezy does much more than 100 thousand next week its his weakest album by far but then again that never stops most ppl from buying shit albums look at wayne drake and mac miller


    it's cool that they put up the sales and all but i think they do this to over compensate the fact they asses cant get interviews like back in the day

  • Anonymous

    yelawolf has the album of the year people need to go out and support it and ambition is fire to

  • Anonymous

    sad days for Hip Hop

  • Anonymous

    Common album is big

  • Anonymous

    The beats on common album are mad crazy , reminds me of them 2 kanye produced joints he put out No ID is crazy..

    • Anonymous

      negro please........lunny is a gimmick rapper now like the rest of them trying to use fake beef to fuel record sales.

  • Esco

    What's about Anthony Hamilton (Back To Love) ???

  • Anonymous

    Why does undun, Cole World & Ambition have less sales than C4 and Take Care....the fuck happened to HIP HOP fans?

    • watch ur mouth

      fuckin racist "white america bought it cuz its filled with stupid ish" ....... hahahahah thats fuckin hilarious, cuz white america is stupid right? go run into oncoming traffic dumbfuck

    • Anonymous

      just because people don't like ur favotite artists, doesn't mean that's it's not hip hop, u hating as lil bitch.

    • Anonymous

      hip hop fans didnt buy C4, white america bought C4 cause that album is filled with stupid ish.. Watch the Throne, Cole world , Undun and Common's new ish are the best things ive heard in a minute C4 is trash, hiphop been dead since a tribe called quest

  • Its Um

    Got my copy of common classic album this year.

    • 433726

      How stupid do you sound Anonymous, you aint gonna buy another aritst album cuz ur fav rappers album in not even considered rap but r&b, you probably listen to take care in ur room with all the lights off crying and common was dissin drizzle drake directly he was talkin about soft rappers in general if drizzle got offended thats his problem but everybody already knew he softer than baby shit anyway

    • Anonymous

      i won't even bother listening to that bitch ass nigga hating because drizzy stroking serena williams now.

  • Anonymous

    naughty by nature has an album out??

  • Anonymous

    those sales are showing that people are not supporting the movement anymore. Specially kids borns between 1989 to 1992 (too many fags)


    COLE 463k? fuck outta here. he already Gold (and im not talkin certified. i mean sales)

    • true music

      technically mr. real numbers j.cole is already certified gold the RIAA goes by shipments to not just sales look at lil wayne he's 2 times platinum and he hasn't even sold 2 million yet plus i agree wit what gole sails is sayin u need to stop frontin like j.cole aint hot cause he is like some of u have been sayin j.cole's work out single is now certified gold by the RIAA obviously that single sold 500,000 units or more no suprise either i have been hearin the work out song on the radio over over over over over over again lately plus j.cole's other single can't get enough gettin quite bit of radio play lately as well so u can't say nobody is feelin this roc nation emcee stupid if u want to talk about a rap artist that isn't hot that is feelin right now look at waka flocka all that nigga does is scream and shout in his songs plus he only sold 37,000 copies first week took him several months to even sale what j.cole sold in his first week waka is only good for like 1 or 2 songs no hands and round of applause another artist nobody is feelin right now unfortunately is yelawolf dude only sold 41,000 copies first week major flop man i was expecting better from yelawolf he has alot of potential being apart of eminem's record label shady aftermath these are the one u should be talkin about that people at feelin not j.cole bitch

    • Gole sails

      dude of nobody was feeling that rocnation hype jcole wouldn't have been even close to sellin 500k ill give him three or four more weeks and he'll offically have sold gold 500k and just listen to yourself man if nobody was feeling rocnation music j cole's work out single wouldn't have been certified gold either cause heard alot of yall say that work out song was garbage, wack, that it sucked with corny chours and verses now look j cole gets a gold plaque for his album and his lead single work out on top that he is grammy nomaited he probably might not win but be even nomaited yea dude yea they really aint feelin j cole get fuck outta here wit that shit man quit kiddin yourself u know u can't deny it the only reason j cole aint platinum or going platinum on this album is because he aint overrated and overhyped he doesn't even have big promotions to boost his buzz like drake or lil wayne if he did that 463,000 copies he has currently sold would be 1,463,000 copies but u don't have to believe anything i just said cause the truth is in front of u just look it up congrats to j cole though he's walking out of 2011 with two gold plaques around your waist and don't u worry bout that next album we goin to make u go platinum yep i don't understand some of ya'll haters that frontin on j cole just have a seat the more u hate on this nigga the more he becomes successful lol its sad haters never but j.cole is winnin cole world gold world

    • real numbers

      stfu u stupid sell out. j cole ain't hot, so get over it. nobody feeling that fake sony/rocnation hype. real know real buzz, not that artificial marketing hype from that major label called sony/comlumbia lol. stop faking like j cole is already gold, he ain't never going platinum. you stans were talking greazy like he was going gold in his first week, now 3 months later he not even there yet.

  • rocker

    Jeezy sold 55,000 first day...according to soundscan

  • rocker

    Next week jeezy will show 375 K

  • Anonymous

    damn look at wiz's neck, homie is wearing makeup to cover his tattoos so he can pretend to be in high school, how lame

  • Triple M1

    yea man drake and j cole are the future of hip hop lol two light skinned dudes doing it big one from young money the other from roc nation ya'll keep proving the haters wrong both had number 1 albums and sold well beyond all the expectations as well as alot of radio play 2011 has been a great year for both j cole and drake u both earned and deserved certified albums, and a plaque to hang on the wall its a cole world so take care haters lol

    • zack swift

      j.cole is a star just not a big yet don't tell him to chill if anything that's real love he's show to a great new hiphop artist no false love so shout the fuck john blaze who the fuck are u anyway a nobody just a broke hatin ass motherfucker who can't keep his bad opinions and comments to himself j.cole was nomainted is going to be at the grammy's with a possible chance of winning the grammy for best new artist so he is a star bitch probably going to be a even bigger star i'm not dickridin j.cole im just saying the truth about him and think people are startin to slowly see the truth in him cause his album was certified gold, his lead single work out was certified gold and is gettin way to much radio play lately along wit his can't get enough single, and he has sold way more copies of his album than expected of him see no one expected him to get any achievements or awards for any of his music let alone a grammy nomatation whatch got to say now not a damn thing your to much of a stupid ass dude to even notice his success and great talent u ignorant ass!

    • U Ignorant!

      Stop using the n-word you ignorant fool!

    • john blaze

      j cole isn't a star at all, so chill with the false love, nigga.


    Gucci & V-Nasty missed the charts? LMFAO!

  • HEAT

    Damn, only 3 rap albums hit plat in 2011, and the same 3 still selling, hiphop ain't dead...the fans that buy music are lol

    • Anonymous

      just because we don't like who you like, you claim fans are dead. you need yr azz kicked by sum real fans!

    • Hopit

      You had fans back in the day that were reppin labels like they were part of them too. Death Row for example.

    • Anonymous

      thats the truth i hate to bring up the 90s but hiphop sold because the fans supported the movement now you got fans reppin labels like they are part of a gang haha ym for life and other bullshit you see on the internet

  • fresh22

    can't believe how bad yela flopped. disappointment

  • Anonymous

    75% of the people who bought take care were females

    • Anonymous

      so, i guess ur a gay man, who thinks females are yuck? so funny how u so called straight dudes, want men to like u instead of women lol. that ish cray.

  • adsf

    #26. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Mac & Devin Go To High School Soundtrack 38,000 (39,000) #26. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Mac & Devin Go To High School Soundtrack 38,000 (39,000 #26. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Mac & Devin Go To High School Soundtrack 38,000 (39,000) #26. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Mac & Devin Go To High School Soundtrack 38,000 (39,000)#26. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Mac & Devin Go To High School Soundtrack 38,000 (39,000)#26. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Mac & Devin Go To High School Soundtrack 38,000 (39,000)#26. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Mac & Devin Go To High School Soundtrack 38,000 (39,000) for reallllllllllll??????????

  • room2roam

    take care crabs...including common

    • Long Dong Silver

      ur mother has crabs and so does common ole balding cougar ass.

    • Anonymous

      the grsmmy nod should help him out for sales people that never heard of him well when theysay his name...and if he wins proably wont but if he does that will boost the sales major

    • deuice 2 u

      Congrats to drake for goin platinum again your a beast man u killin m take care was a good album young money lol and congrats to your brother j cole to for goin gold on his first album this year even though he hasn't quite reached 500k in sales yet but i know he'll sale 500k in january of 2012

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