Danny Brown Calls Mac Miller "The Worst Guy Around"

The Detroit emcee reveals he's not Mac Miller's biggest fan.

Detroit emcee Danny Brown is one of many artists that made their mark in 2011. However, there's one artist that made noise in the past year he's not impressed with.

In an interview with RollingStone.com, Brown responded to a question about Childish Gambino's album, as he will be touring with him in March.

"I listened to it. Hey, it’s better than Mac Miller’s," he said, bluntly. "That’s my response. It’s better than Mac Miller’s. He’s the worst guy around. Don’t get me started. His album cover is like, 'Ugh, what is this?' He’s trying to be artistic, huh?"

"If I see him, I’m just going to have to apologize to him, like, 'Man, I just want to apologize for hating you so much. Because I’m not going to stop. You’re probably a cool guy. I don’t feel violent in any way, but I really hate you. I hate your music, man.' It’s just bad."

Brown also revealed that although he has major label offers, he doesn't have much interest in them outside of potential distribution. "If I came this far without a major, I feel like I’m doing pretty good without them."

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  • RustyRobot

    D BROWN.. "IS A SMART NIGGA,that do dumb shit, at your babymomma's crib, not flushin' after I piss", and he's right. Mac Miller is a joke.

  • Tev'n

    Wow! I've read all the comments on this thread and I've realised something; Mac Miller fans are dumb as hell! They're literally the hip-hop equivalent to Justin Bieber's teen girl fans. Firstly, Danny Brown has experienced way more than Miller has. He's done all types of drugs, fucked all types of bitches, been to jail, etc. The dude has a rockstar mentality, i.e. he couldn't give two shits about what people think of him and says what's on his mind. Secondly, if you notice, the real hip-hop heads get where the dude's coming from and can truly appreciate his flow and his lyricism. Thirdly, all these dudes on here making fun of the way he looks? Remember that when Kanye first came out he was criticised for "dressing white", and Andre 3000 was constantly mocked by close-minded 'rap aficionados' for dressing "gay". Hip-hop is always changing (from Sugar Hill, to LL, to Tribe, to NWA, to Wu, to Slum Villa). All Miller's doing is repeating the same stuff we've seen before. No originality. Y'all like to listen to his music cos it's simple, it doesn't take much brain-power to understand.

  • P

    lol, danny who? get the fuck outta here nigga

  • TheRealDeal

    I just listened to Danny Brown's album "XXX", and it is insane! In my opinion its the best album of 2011. and.... Mac Miller is iight. He aint the worst, and Danny is just gonna get hated on for dissing him.

  • cj

    nigga look like a gay Dave Chappelle

  • mophead

    Danny Brown is sick listen to "Greatest Rapper Ever" "Re-Up" & "Monopoly" only college kids and tight jean snapback teens listen to Mac Miller dude is so overrated

  • Anonymous

    mac is too fucking annoying.. "hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, my name mac miller, hey, hey" and average if anything.. Danny Brown is dece.. but not any better

  • Ty

    ya I agree They both suck keep it like that. end of story

  • P_Royale

    danny brown hook "tears to mona lisa, medusa the liquid/flow can make ghandi grab the burner an' shoot shit/rhymes thatll make the pope wanna get his dick sucked/had virgin mary doing lines in the pick-up/make sarah palin deep throat til she hiccups/" mac miller hook "She wants diamonds/she wants gold but she is scandalous/get to blow and shes been high and shes been low and now she fighting on my own" plus: "so none of ya'll can fuck with me Yeah, I said it publicly" miller bit this from a charles hamilton freestyle from 08'...i could go on and on

  • Anonymous

    thats cause where he comes from its house field field field field house empty lot motherfuckers Danny Brown would make Mac Miller and CHildish Gambino dissapear but fuck it, lets get a battle!

  • jg

    this fuckin buttbuddyfudgepacker is dissing MAc Miller? Why is this guy allowed to speak? Does he have any fans? He looks like hiphops first faggot

  • Anonymous

    Now who the fuck is THIS nigga? Ol' pumpkin pie-takin'-dick-in-the-booty-while-slurppin-on-drake's-booty-juice-ass-nigga.

  • Duke

    sounds like he was dissin Gambino too. love or hate Mac Miller and no matter your argument of how bad he is there is no rapper, i repeat no rapper, or artist ever in the history of all music that even comes close to as shitty and retarded, and this includes Justin Beiber freestyles and Vanilla Ice, as Future.

  • BL

    Ha he's right about mac miller, he's fuckin awful...but this guy looks like a little bitch! and i just heard his music for the first time right now, he's garbage too

  • Anonymous

    didn't bother reading the article yet i felt compelled to share my opinion on danny brown: dude is terrible live. still don't know how he won that def jux contest (if that was him).

  • Tylerthedestroyer

    This dude wearing lip stick?

  • S.O.S.


  • ben

    Lmao way to speak your mind Danny.

  • Anonymous

    this dude should not talk, looks like a straight up bitch in that picture

  • Jay

    This guy sounds like a tool, "If I see him, Im just going to have to apologize to him, like, 'Man, I just want to apologize for hating you so much. Because Im not going to stop. Youre probably a cool guy. I dont feel violent in any way, but I really hate you. I hate your music, man.' Its just bad." Should this be coming from a grown man? Does donating 50k to a charity make him that bad? the fact that he talks about hating on him 3 times in a short paragraph says enough, sounds like he needs some attention to me

  • Anonymous

    lets all be honest with each other...they both straight up suck.

  • Anonymous

    all yall talkin shit bout d.brown but dude straight hood off linwood he represent real hip hop not like that hoe ass white bullshit mac miller lil fag jew ass be talkin bout

  • murdock

    damn that pic is mad homo lol!!dont even like him either of you but the pic is funny son

  • Anonymous

    its funny how all these guys defending mac miller never even heard of danny brown before, that says a lot right there!!!!

  • jordn9

    um who the hell is this guy even???haters gonna hate mac is dope, thumbs up mothafssss

  • guerilla jones

    um even if mac is not your cup of tea,danny brown is all types of garbage.It doesn't really sound like music to me,more like sonic rape...like what pedophiles get hype to before they gas up the van,black out the windows and go trolling elementary schools."Weird" needs to have some talent mixed in ,in order to be considered creative or even interesting.Id rather participate in throwing rocks at babies in hospitals,then listen to dude!

  • chronwell

    Im gonna call yall anonymous commenters NAAWP cuz when a white hiphop person like 40 or Mac miller get dissed yall rush to the comments typing stuff U seen in your dad's bi porn collection!

  • G

    danny brown just talkin shit to get fame bro u aint nothin but a gay crackhead lookin as ninja

  • Anonymous

    even though danny brown looks weird as fuck you cant deny he has talent

  • Fresh

    This faggot look like the nigga from the "hide yo kids, hide yo wives" video lmaooo

  • your mom

    HAHAHAHAHAHA fuck mac miller

  • Anonymous

    first and foremost danny brown looks like a gay andre 3000, lets just get that out of the way before we discuss mac. since when did black dudes have straight hair? wtf u tryin to do man "be like mike" fuck outta here with that bullshit.... as for mac, he may not be the nicest artist but dudes makin $, as a man i can't hate on that, at least he doesn't dress like something out of a village peoples music video, there's always going to be someone who hates u but u can't hate anyone if u look like danny, u should probably hate yourself

  • Indeed the third time

    Mac Miller Da SnapBack Wigger is one of the worst things to happen to mainstream Rap in a long time.

  • Indeed

    Oh yeah, what part of Africa?

  • dockevoc

    It's nice to see rappers going at these faggots like Mac Miller and Drake...too bad it's Common and Danny Brown and not Nas and Ice Cube

  • Kev

    damn people here on this site are retarded. go listen to danny browns shit before u come on here hatin. dudes actually 100 times better and more original than mac....

  • drew

    Wack shootin moves ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaa hell yeah i fux with danny brown dat nigga mac miller is ass

  • Anonymous

    Both these dudes are non motherfucking factors!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ahahahah Danny Brown lol...SMH and LOL

  • Anonymous

    Danny Brown is a funny dude. I listen to his shit when I'm blazed as fuck. and this article right here just made me dig Danny some more. Fuck WHACK MILLER

  • Barker

    who the fuck is danny miller? i have never even heard of that clown ass mother fucker. Mac might have been offended if this came from someone of cultural significance

    • Anonymous

      lol you KNOW his name isn't Danny Miller. It says his name right the in the title... this guy trying to oversell how he never heard of danny!

  • Anonymous

    fck danny, but fck mac miller ever more. dey both boring.

  • peteyb

    I hate mac miller i also hate Das Racist they fucken horrible! I went to they show in phx and danny brown was on tour with them, idk how he could be associated with them hipster fucks!

  • Anonymous

    i agree with everything danny brown said, worst shit out i dont know whats worse, mac millers music or his young fans that get so defensive

  • Boungou

    FUck Danny Brown man Mac Miller is dope. FROM AFRICA

  • Anonymous

    this is the hottest tranvsestite in da game!! lol

  • MufFinn Man

    How can people respect Danny Brown's no-flow ass. Just because he looks grimey as fuck doesn't mean he's real. Dude simply raises his voice and low-roars into the mic. He says nothing new and thinks he's a million times better than he is. Hip Hop isn't dead. But Danny Brown should be. That being said.... Mac's album did suck, but he has many better songs than Danny Brown's wack playlist. Miller has atleast some semblance of a flow.... DB literally has none. He jocks the ODB oddness but left the originality.

    • noahc313

      Man you think someone's real because of how they sound on the mic? Anyone can sound real. Danny Brown real cause he been all over the country and real niggas show him love. Thats how you know he real. I doubt Sean Price would be showing some fake ass faggot ass rapper love for no reason. Danny Brown flow from 2006 > Mac Miller flow 2012

  • Mac Miller_Says...

    ...You Hate my music fair enuff..I hate your Perm too..equation balance!

  • Anonymous

    if this guy hates your music

  • TheWorldIsYours

    They are both clown ass rappers, Danny Brown should check his homosexual self before criticizing Miller..

  • J.O

    While I respect Danny Brown's opinion I don't agree with. I personally think Mac Miller is nice on the mic. In fact, Bar for Bar, he's just as good as D.Brown IMO. I think Michigan has some of the dopest rappers now and I believe Brown is far down on my list of nice Michigan artists..

  • philly!!

    hahaha who this danny brown character...he dont like mac music but hed still prolly fuck him. but for real who the hell is motherfuckin danny brown?

  • Anonymous

    I was gonna say... Is this Rhianna's gay brother. Like how Nick Swardson did on his show for GAGA hahaha

  • tresdemayo

    Ayo Danny Brown looks gayer than Sisqo but you cannot disagree with the guy, Mac Miller's album is trash, his mixtapes were promising though.

  • Anonymous

    Danny brown he alright. Same thing goes for mac even though blue slide park was disappointingr the production sucked. Yea I said mac was alright, and im black and listen to nothing to but to real hip hop, niggas hate mac because he's white and looks like an american idol reject. But mac had some good songs just not on his album. The song with preemo on the beat, the cut with termanology the kid alright. Besides I've heard plenty of disappointing debuts. And Danny brown he cool but sorry nigga you ain't no elzhi, royce, or fat kat

  • Brandon

    Danny your a Twink... If your gonna comment on someones album let it be about the content of the album and lyrics beats etc..... This faggot said he didn't like the album cover???? Well I guess he doesn't like what he cant accessorize with.... Permed out fag talking about killing people go figure????

  • True Hip-Hop Fan

    LOL @ these so-called hip-hop fans who don't even know who Danny Brown is. Truth is, if you ain't heard "XXX," you don't actually follow hip-hop. That shit was the truth, straight gutter Detroit music, one of the best albums of the year. The fuck you people know about that?

  • Bronx Salute

    This dude looks gay, but that Mac Miller album is fucking lame and boring!

  • eit

    who tha fuck is this faggot??!?!? at least we heard about mac miller. lol he criticizing someone's album cover while wearing that faggot ass shirt with that faggot ass hair.

    • I fucked your mom in the butt too

      Hey tootsie, eat a dick!

    • Anonymous

      for someone who calls somebody else "fruit piss", you shouldn't be saying anything...

    • I fucked your mom in her butt

      Hey fruit piss, me thinks you're being pretty faggity, especially with that "at least we heard of mac miller" comment. Fuck outta here. mac miller is trash with his rappity rap, cornball flow.

  • Nigga

    Hip hop fans hating one of the best hip hop releases of the year? Starving for innovation when it's right in front of them? I'm talking about XXX by Danny Brown that is. Fuck off you Dick Lickker Miller stans.

  • heflys20

    Uh,oh! It's the attack of the Mac Miller stans. Better steer clear of this news story, folks. Least you get crushed in the stampede!

  • Anonymous

    danny brown is better than mac period. listen to elzhi's remix of "fire". i hadda rewind his verse 3 times it was too good my man

  • Wack rapper smacker

    Who the fuck is this clown to be hating on other rappers. What the fuck is a Danny brown? I swear anyone could get a record deal these days. I'm about to put out a song called "I'm nasty at sucking at rapping". I can't even believe the sorry ass homos I see rapping these days. Back in the 90s even the wack rappers look decent compared to some of the "best" guys out right now. I'd rather listen to vanilla ice over wack flame or a Gucci belt. HIP HOP IS DYING. SHITS ON DEATH ROW. SOMEONE EXECUTE THIS SHIT IT'S EMBARRASSING NOW

    • You should go drink Drano

      "Back in the 90s even the wack rappers look decent compared to some of the "best" guys out right now." AYOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • arch stanton

      You clearly don't listen to much hip-hop, danny brown released one of the best albums of any genre this year, quit talking shit if you don't know what your talking about. Go listen to his album and turn of that blue slide park shit, I don't mind mac but that album was sub par.

  • FlyBoy

    This nigga look Petite..He reminds me of a nigga who in the pen giving other niggas back rubs and shit..... haha Damn Never heard of dude,my first impression of him aint good though....

  • $GetMoney$

    This nigga biting Rianna's hair style... And how come it looks like he is laying on a bed in a come and get it pose? SMMFH

  • DoDo Byrd

    Somthing tells me this Nikka keeps the Knee pads in the trunk and the Lip Gloss in the glove box.... ol cupcake lookin,15 yr old girl hairstyle sporting ass nikka....

  • AMEN

    AMEN, Mac Miller is wack as fuck, somebody smack the shit out of that ignorant ass clown.

  • wow...

    i'm indifferent about mac miller since i don't listen to him but this nigga looks gay as hell. Looks like a rapper version of that cross dressing black from America's Top Model.

  • Real Talk

    He's absolutely correct, the real hip hop fan base has been saying this for a while though so its nothing new. Wack Miller is as bad as it gets, because he's actually trying to create some kind of falsified hip hop legacy for himself while other up and coming rappers put in hardwork to contribute to the genre, but won't achieve half of what he's done in a matter of 2 years. His fans are even worse, to support his retarded looking, beat jacking faggot ass.

    • Skelto

      @Real Talk: Well said. Wack Miller=beneficiary of white privilege

    • Real Talk

      Played right into my trap wack miller faggots! Were refering to more than one incident of beat jacking/mis-creditation, but Im glad both of you sacks of shit, decided to defend elephant boy.

    • Mac Miller High-Life

      Seriously man, here's a cookie for making the beat for "La La La La" now it keep it moving, damn. Smh

    • Mac miller light

      Ur probably that guy in that video on youtube that tried to get at Mac miller at one of his public appearances for jacking ur beat for a song he put on his mixtape and not giving u credit on youtube.I believe the song was "la la la la" And then u went on to make a few more videos talking shit on Mac miller about how he stole ur beat. Ur still salty about that i see. Damn nigga let it go, that shit was a few years ago and it was a mixtape song, no one cares about that song or the beat now. U act like it was the greatest beat ever made! The beat was good and it was probably the best beat u ever made and will ever make and u know it was the best beat u will ever make that's why u wanted everyone to know that u were the one that made it and if it wasn't for Mac that beat would have never been heard by the masses. If anything u should be kissing macs feet for ever giving ur beat a chance and putting in on his mixtape for the world to hear. Even after he put the beat on his mixtape u still didn't go nowhere, Mac giving u a lil shine by using that beat for one of his songs was the best thing to happen to ur career in producing beats and that will be the most shine u will ever get. It's all downhill from now on, sorry bud

  • R.I.P. Hop

    This nigga has the worst hair around. I say fuck em both tho

  • bitchassnikka

    I bet most of this fools fans are white. not a good look for this guy dissing mac. this nikkas voice is annoying as fuck too. so long gay boy!!!!!!!

  • DannyBrownUsedToBeCool

    This guy is 30 years old and barely in the game. Mac Miller is 19. At least Mac Miller is a bit more original. I heard XXX and was impressed but that shit doesnt even touch what Mac Miller has done. Childish Gambino is just garbage. The name Childish Gambino is fucken weak. Heard his album and he wants to be mainstream, but probably never will because he's a swagger jacker. Fake ass rapper. This white boy Mac keeps it more real. hahaha!!!

    • Big C

      The musical episode of Community was better than Blue Slide Park.

    • Anonymous

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv4CJb8kHiw Not serious at all.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4hvZkBpUJs he's an actor and writer that just raps for fun ..and I'm sure 30 rock and the community are pretty mainstream

    • umm

      mainstream? you know childish gambino doesn't take rap seriously right?

  • DL Dub

    Yeah this guy is pretty gay

  • Anonymous

    And who the fuck is Danny Brown?!?! Good luck getting known, fag.

  • 2Da9thPwr

    D.Brown is not gay, he looks feminine but he talks like a straight dude and he loves eating pie(the type of pie that resides between the legs of a female).

  • ral

    Mac's music is garbage tho...He picks good beats but his raps are trash. It's mostly white teenagers in the suberbs looking to belong to something who are copping that bullshit

  • fuck odd future

    Im gonna have to agree with this gaybo. Mac Miller makes that 15 y/o girly high school rap. WACK FAGGOT

  • Anonymous

    First openly gay rapper?

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