Kendrick Lamar Working With Just Blaze, Pete Rock On Next LP

The Compton upstart says that he's bringing in the big guns of Just Blaze and Pete Rock for his next LP.

XXL recently caught up with Kendrick Lamar following a performance at SOB's in New York. During the interview, the Compton upstart gave some details on his highly anticipated forthcoming project, revealing that he's enlisted Just Blaze and Pete Rock for production. He even added that it was the Chocolate Boy Wonder who actually reached out to him, but that the two have yet to hit the studio together.

“Yeah, me and Just [Blaze] got some shit,” K. Dot explained. “We got some shit. It’s city-based for sure. It’s classic. It’s history-making shit. It’s Just Blaze, a nigga I been listening to since I was 13 when I started rhyming, listening to Jay[-Z] and all those Roc-A-Fella albums...I’m [also] looking forward to working with Pete Rock. He just reached out to me. That feels muthafuckin’ great. I got to get back to him, so we can make it work.”

Kendrick also spoke on when fans can expect the LP to drop. Although K. Dot couldn't give a specific date, he did say that it will be out sometime next year; all he could say for sure though, is that he's hard at work on it.

“I don’t want to put no date out there because I know as soon as you put the date out there, the pressure is on and people want it,” he said. “I’m just going to work. Nothing’s perfect, but I want to make it where I’m comfortable with it and officially done me all the way, the only way I know how to.”

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  • weswes

    messiah? classic? west coast savior?... whak? overrated? CALM THE FUCK DOWN PEOPLE. who the fuck said 2pac ws considered one of the greatest after 2pacallypse now? it wasn't till his 3rd album till people really started listening. section 80 is dope. kendrick is a student to the game.

  • CaliKushBlunt

    As long as he doesn't work with Dr. Dre then we're all good, and this coming from a man who as The Chronic 2001 in his top 5 all time albums. Dr. Dre has changed his style too much for my liking.

  • blackula

    Kendrick has dope lyrics, but I find his voice annoying. I enjoy some of his songs here and there, but not for longer durations. He's got talent though.

  • Anonymous

    if you didn't understand the message of Tammy and Keisha in section.80 then you probably thought it was overrated. thats what happens when kids listen to young money all there albums are full of singles

  • Anonymous

    Just not feeling Kendrick. I mean he a good rapper but is lacking something. There is no way this guy will save west coast hip hop or even Top Dawg. If he so hot, why aint they playing his music in his hometown, L.A. on Power 106 wack ass station. They spinning J Cole corny ass song more then anyone's.

    • malco

      so you let the radio determine what you listen to?? I bet if he WAS gettin spins on the radio you'd just jump on the bandwagon.

  • Anonymous

    We are in for a treat

  • Cum guzzler

    Rap messiah? The greatest? Dude what are u smoking? Must be some ivory. Nobody and I repeat NOBODY from this era of rap will be known as the greatest. Not that big of an eminem fan but hes the last guy to even get CONSIDERED to be the best or one of the best. Damn people are so retarded on this website. This dude has had ONE boring as album. In 10 years you will say who the fuck is Kendrick Lamar. Pac, big, pun,nas, rakim,big daddy kane, eminen. Those are greats. Not just goods but greats. Open your ears people. This guy isn't wack at all he's not no queer like Lil Wayne or anything but he's BORING AS FUCK. Truth be told finally. So sick of people overrating this guy. He's decent at best


      shut the fuck.boring?you want that shit thatll make you that it?youre the reason why rap is the way it is.watered down bullshit.pac or biggie couldnt make it big in this rap era.talking about street life doesnt get you on the radio anymore.kendrick lamar kept it real.telling the story of the 80's babies from a california point of view.but you want shit that isnt Brendas got a Juicy.boring?

    • Anonymous

      They all lack charisma. Nobody of these guys has enough star power. You have to appeal to both, underground fans and mainstream audience. Kendrick Lamar is typical overhyped underground trash. Will be forgotten in a few years.

  • Sucker

    I don't see the appeal for this guy. I've listened to his album. I think his flow is lazy and just plain boring. Not hating at all. He's not wack at all. I just don't care for his music. Call it hate, Im just saying how I feel. I know people are going to get their period over this. People who comment on this site are too emotional or straight up retarded

    • Anonymous

      you obviously dont like thought provoking like the dumbed down shit..."Keisha's Song"..nuff said

    • Tixal

      Respectable opinion even though i disagree. I just wanna know why you feel like expressing that opinion when i'm sure no one asked you or really care if you like his music or not(no hate)? Once again i respect your honest opinion but you're kind of coming off like you want someone to prove you wrong. There isn't anything you have to "see", some people just like his music and talent and some don't and that's life.

    • Anonymous

      That's EXACTLY what I think about all those hyped newer cats. Granted, they're not whack at all, but not special either. So average.

  • Anonymous

    So much potential. He murdered that whole Game album with a single verse.

  • Anonymous

    Section 80 made me realise kendrick could very well be the rap messiah ive been waiting for. He really got the potential to become the very greatest.

  • unclesam

    Now get Premier, Kanye and RZA on it and you have maybe the five best producers in the game on your album.

  • fame

    The song is called compton featuring dre and game. Produced by just blaze

  • Anonymous

    this nigga sucking some big balls yall heard it here first. this nigga is a phagginto nahmean?

  • Anonymous

    I like Kendrick.. real talk this nigga can spit... he is an educated black man.. ya'll should be supporting his hustle!

  • Anonymous

    get some dre beats i no he got u pennin lyrics



  • Anonymous

    Sessio 80 Was Mehh.

  • Don

    Wait, didn't he say a few interviews ago how he doesn't want to stray away from his sound and keep working with his in house producers? Don't get me wrong, the thoughts of Pete Rock and Just Blaze behind the boards sounds dope, but so much for the in house sound. I'm glad there's no 9th wonder potential. Too overrated. But I can't wait to hear this ish.

  • CJ

    Oh shit... Classic on the way. Kendrick, Pete Rock & Just Blaze. It's gonna be straight heat. Kendrick's a problem.

  • jaron_x

    SECTION 80 IS THE SHHHHHH, i mean if you are bumping: c4, wtt, ambition, take care or red album. Put that shyt down for a minute lol and listen to this album. #realtalk

    • datdudefromnyc

      Section 80 hasa fucking theme, and powerful lyrics behind it. i cosign Section 80 big time. and this is coming from a music listener who grew up on the 90's golden era or hip hop. listen to section 80 and Overly Dedicated. hes a genius in disguise. fuck the hype just listen to the music with out the ear of hype. he is legit and here to stay. hes an MC who actually understands how to make music you can feel and digest. other producers i would like to see is: RZA, Mathematics,No I.D., Premo, and of course his in house guys who made an amazing mixtape catalog listen to this and black the fuck out

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