Common Confirms "Sweet" Was Originally Aimed At Drake

After previously speaking on the song, he Chicago, Illinois rapper comes clean and finally admits the song was about Drizzy.

Earlier today, Common said that if Drake was offended by his song "Sweet," then he should take it as a personal diss. During an interview with Shade 45's Sway in the Morning, he was singing a different tune, confirming that the song was written about him and that he should be prepared to be "in the ring."

"Hey, he opened his mouth and said some things. So if he wants it, that’s what he wants, all that subliminal, you can do that too. But you might want to say that now," he said. "I mean, the verse is about me, but when you hear some stuff on the chorus, it’s like you can’t help but think about dude, and that’s what he felt. So at the end of the day, he fit in that category. He already embraced it, so wear it."

Com explained that his ire stemmed from comments that Drake made about being the best lyricist. He decided to go after rappers who claimed to be the best, since he considered himself to be worthy of that title.

"He’s a very successful artist, obviously. Like I said, I think he’s a talented artist. I give credit where it’s due and I try to speak the truth where I see it. In Hip Hop, there was a lot of that going on," he said. "Beyond Drake, it’s still some artists I was hearing, some artists I didn’t even know I was hearing. But Drake fits in that category. Any artist could be a target, once you get in and start saying you this and that. When you think about it, KRS-One if you take it there, or when Nas and Jay had a battle, it was about being a doper emcee.

"It’s just about emceeing, and once you step in there, you in the ring," he continued. "Especially if you’re going to say I’m a champ, I’m the greatest. For me, I’m on ‘Sweet’ saying I’m the greatest, da da da. But there are going to be some cats who come at me, that’s what it is."



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  • supersun

    play the guitar B.O.B Andre 3000 leak

  • VOR

    Reality check- When was the last time Common was relevant?

    • Homietowa

      Clearly VOR does not know the slightest thing about "Real" Hip Hop. These are both good artists, but Common has been 'relevant' in Hip Hop for nearly 20 years so to even compare him to "Wheel Chair Jimmy" is a testament to your Rap knowledge. How old are you??

    • Ghost of Nat Turner

      When's the last time Drake showed an ounce of testosterone? sweet ass skinny jean wearing rap fans gone soft

    • FOH

      When will Drake ever be relevant. Album sales doesn't make an artist relevant... so don't go there.

    • Logic

      The last time he made a song.

  • sun_god7

    This is great for HipHop. Next time Drake will come out with an album with more rapping and quality lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop DX and all social news sites need to stop with the bullshit and misleading and false articles. Common never once said it was a diss to drake directly he wrote it basically as a diss to all fake and soft pop artists and soft artists. Drake took offense so now do something this is hip-hop if you the best prove it if you represent this generation like some people say step to the challenge or shut the fuck up and respect a legend in the rap game that you know is saying the truth and will destroy you in a battle.

    • Ghost of Nat Turner

      For the record, Here's what happened. -Common dropped Sweet -In interviews Com said who ever feels its directed at them, thats who its directed at. -Drake gets emotional and basically owns it. He put that on himself by responding -Common says yea, its about "Drake and whoever else wants it" on the day his album drops. Well played Common. This is hip hop. If you're gonna say you're the greatest someone might check you and you gotta back it up. Drake,he don't want it with Com, NOOOOOOOOO

  • ben

    I think this would be dope. This would really put hip hop in a good place. I'm rolling with Common.

  • listener

    Charmin vs Charmin?.... Sweet haha

  • Bake

    I find both artists talent respectable, but I think a lot of yall need to understand one thing about Hiphop...This is what it really needs to be about. Don't just say you are the best, prove it. Common is doing what a raw no A&R asskissing artist does; he calls out who says they are the best and tests them. This is better than Jay-Z and Lil Wayne making lil lyrical jabs and running away from the battle in interviews because their images are TOO BIG to possibly lose. This ain't about record sells or spins on the radio, I would love to see Common and Drake, one stage, on DJ, one intrumental, one mic, two minutes. If you don't're probably fed your music daily through mainstream bullshit.

  • murdock

    I hate the new shit they call hip hop because its really not.common was exposing wack sweet cats and drake took it like it was about hes in the battlefield with a great mc and if he makes a track dissin him hes gonna get smashed by common.These soft commercial rappers are not gonna win in a battle its just not poppin.

  • tisk

    Common better watch his mouth or he's gonna lose the majority of females out there that listen to this genre which love drake lately. As well as the huge fan base on the ymcmb band wagon. Sure you will still have those true hip heads on ur side but that small population don't really matter do they? Hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Common talks rubbish most of the time - an out-of-touch racist homophobe pratt. But he's right here. Don't let record execs attempt to tell the record-buying public what hip-hop 'is' in pursuit of the dollar. Drake can't just ignore disses if he wants to be a rapper, especially if he wants to erroneously babble on about being a good one.

  • honest truth

    moral of the story Common is a RAW EMCEE Drake is just a Gay Jewish soft bitch he sound like Keith Sweat trying to sing and rap simple as that next!

  • Anonymous

    I respect Common but this is just some real fake shit. We all know Drake is a softie but Com could have at least admitted when people first asked. Now when he is saying it, it sounds like hype to get his album promoted. Common is too old for this beef shit. He is making this look more ridiculous than the KRS-One and Nelly beef.

  • Drake d**kriders

    The guy is ok he is more R&B than rap and he isn't that good of a rapper and he is too emotional. Common will wipe the floor with him I just think that Drake is afraid to say it.

  • G-Bo

    If someone would do me like that in the streets, than I would blow his fucking brains all over the curb. I'm not even playing. Real ass bitch move

    • Big Dro

      Haha, G-Bo, let these pussies talk their shit, that's the only thing that they are capable of. We are streets niggas, the realest ones. Fuck them internet gangstaz! C's Up!

    • G-Bo

      Haha, you internet thugs are sweet. Keep talking shit on the internet lil bitch, I know you won't do shit in the streets.

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up, get out of here with all that "I'm not even playing". alot of rappers diss other rappers when they have a new album coming out its a marketing if you take it seriously then your obviously a bitch

  • Anonymous

    haha long live Common

  • Sean Cory Carter

    Common you're simply insecure. 95% of ur tracks has a chipmunk singing at the background. But Drake is so talented he can sing his own hooks. So Y U MAD??

    • GetSomeSwag

      Being able to sing doesnt mean he is a tight MC and plus he cant even sing. Yo Drake is looking like a pussy right now. Ludacris hit him up and he didnt respond to that track now Common is dissing him. Ludacris said if there was a problem come say it to his face. So now Drake wants to try to say that to Common like he is hard now. C'mon Son. Fucking Rap Singers.

    • Anonymous

      Lol Sean Cory Carter? You know the guy you're named after was the one who made The Blueprint? Do you also know that The Blueprint first popularized the chipmunk soul hip hop. Maybe you would have been better off naming yourself Aubrey Graham.

    • NY

      @ Sean Cory Carter Are you fucking retarded hip hop is about lyrics not about singing bullshit r&b, Drake doesn't have fucking lyrics or content, he can sing hooks all he wants but in hip hop you better come with some good lyrics. Then again I'm talking to someone whos not a hip hop head so they don't understand it, this is a culture but it's being ruined by people who think that Lil Wayne, Drake or Nicki Minaj are good only because it's played on the radio constantly.

    • Humz

      Being able to sing doesn't mean you're SO talented...

    • the penguin

      do you mean by chipmunk, the very popular practice in hip-hop called sampling???

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  • truth


    • Bake

      Publicity move? Maybe, and who does care who's been here longer, but Drake has to respond. If he's a REAL MC then this is what it will always come down to, tour, money, or whatever, it comes down to who is better on the track they lace for this showdown. Oh and mind you on this one...Drake is a writer, a very talented one...But he can't freestyle. So if they both met up and on the spot did the thing, my money's on Common.

  • ThePoint

    EXACTLY!!! BigBrotherisWatchingYou: @Alan Jacobs.. "After previously speaking on the song, he Chicago, Illinois rapper comes clean and finally admits the song was about Drizzy." You hophipdx writers are just plain wack. trynna fan the flames of controversy in the heading to bring attention to your little article. Common never explicitly said it was a diss just for Drake.. What you quoted was, "I mean, the verse is about me, but when you hear some stuff on the chorus, its like you cant help but think about dude, and thats what he felt" Thats not common coming clean bro. Im really sick of all you hiphopdx writers who seemed to be a bunch of jewish and white kids (may be or may not be you..) born in the 90's, not from urban areas, coming from privileged backgrounds. Yo do us a favor and stick to ivy league college. And that other round table piece yall had on Drake was fucking disgusting, straight up!! Cant even have opposing views cus yall getting payola under the fucking table or just dont want to stir the pot against a mainstream pop artist *. Im out. *I took out the "who sucks". I don't think he sucks, but he isn't the golden calf they've made him to be.

    • BigBrothersWatching

      @ tommyc "I'm white and middle class so I guess my opinion this story is probably bullshit huh." Hey although sarcastic, if you say your opinion is bullshit then it probably is. A more relevant example would be a young kid of color from a compton writing reviews on Country music in alabama having never experienced what the singers lived in the south. Would you disagree to the idea that this person might not be the "best" writer to report on issues pertaining to a specific demographic? "Does this mean conversely that someone from a poor background can't report accurately on the politics of the Republican party, for instance?" What does this have to do with the price of tea in china..? nothing at all. This comment is not relevant.

    • Anonymous

      hiphopdx does suck a bunch of rappers cocks though...usually the albums advertised or the rappers giving interviews get good reviews and praise.

    • tommyc

      I'm white and middle class so I guess my opinion this story is probably bullshit huh. Does this mean conversely that someone from a poor background can't report accurately on the politics of the Republican party, for instance?

    • Big Brother's Watching

      @ Anonymous. You may or may not be Alan Jacobs hiding behind that anonymous name... Sounds like I struck a nerve with you sir. 1. first we are dealing with recent events such as the drake roundtable that many of the sites readers were not happy with because their was little to no opposing views which does not make sense for a roundtable 2. The Heading was inaccurate and you never addressed that fact that is was a sensational heading. You just got really emotional 3. Telling me to go somewhere else is just stupid as fuck because I criticized the article and the writers not the site. 4. You seem like you might fit the profile of writers I suggested are on this site. That is kinda like Common making a song about sweet rappers and then Drake gets made, raises his hand and confirms that he is indeed a sweet rapper

    • Anonymous

      dude they trashed his first album in their review. Gave it a 2.5 and had nothing good to say about it. Dont be a moron, do your research. Or is that only for us "privileged people" to do? HHDX isnt sucking anyones dick. Plus, if you got a problem with the site, just gtfo istead of coming here

  • NADA

    This just in.. Drake tweets this subliminal post to common.. "Platinum. Now that's SWEET" Then quickly deletes it! Drake just disgust me, he really does. What type of real man says some back handed smart mouthed shit like that then deletes it before it gets out. WHAT A BITCH!!

    • NADA

      @Penguin "maybe a man who knows he's better then this bullshit, ....used to think common was like that...." so when you say a mans who is better than "THIS BULLSHIT" what are you referring to? Sounds like your referring to battling or responding on record which if I recall has been a part of hip hop since day one all the way to Nas and Jay-Z Ether. Secondly, Drake lowered himself by responding to a track not directly aimed at him soooo.. whats you point?

    • the penguin

      maybe a man who knows he's better then this bullshit, ....used to think common was like that....

    • ultrablack

      money cant buy you respect.

    • Anonymous

      Well, he is a homosexual so......

  • digga

    there's a lot of pussies on this site. damn, i can tell you cats(addressing the ones complaining) don't know shit about hip hop. drake say he's the best. he has to prove it. that's real. that's hip hop. common contested him. maybe drake will step his game up and stop whining about his muthafucking life on every song(and about the bitches and haters who supposedly hate him so much) and start spitting rhymes that mean something. Drake is too sweet. i agree with Common. People need to stop denying it because before some of y'all cats jumped on the bandwagon, y'all was saying he was soft too. So what Common dissed him? What he gonna do? Go cry and whine about it on another mixtape. Drake need to man up and go back at him. That's it. That's hip hop.

  • BigBrotherisWatchingYou

    @Alan Jacobs.. "After previously speaking on the song, he Chicago, Illinois rapper comes clean and finally admits the song was about Drizzy." You hophipdx writers are just plain wack. trynna fan the flames of controversy in the heading to bring attention to your little article. Common never explicitly said it was a diss just for Drake.. What you quoted was, "I mean, the verse is about me, but when you hear some stuff on the chorus, its like you cant help but think about dude, and thats what he felt" Thats not common coming clean bro. Im really sick of all you hiphopdx writers who seemed to be a bunch of jewish and white kids (may be or may not be you..) born in the 90's, not from urban areas, coming from privileged backgrounds. Yo do us a favor and stick to ivy league college. And that other round table piece yall had on Drake was fucking disgusting, straight up!! Cant even have opposing views cus yall getting payola under the fucking table or just dont want to stir the pot against a mainstream pop artist who sucks. Im out.

  • Anonymous

    COMMON CHILL OUT aubrey got goons now haha they gonna sing you to death

  • K-Dot

    Battling is part of the art. Drake has ducked one battle tested MC before (actually him AND Big Sean ran from Ludacris like some punks) and so, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if history repeated itself. Rappers shouldn't cry that "I'm the greatest/best/dopest/hottest/coldest/sickest/illest MC" if they ain't ready to battle WHOEVER doubts em. Period.

  • Anonymous

    Who is more real... nuff said hint drake rhymes with fake

  • Anonymous

    love Drake , but really this aint fair,.Common is a battle tested Rapper. Battle tested with the best of them, .he been on tracks with everyone, Drake should juss fall back n say sorry or some ish

  • Anonymous

    Common album is crazy sick... he has every right to go at Drake , he said what alotta peeps was thinking

  • Anonymous

    drizzy wizzy and rizzy are trash pop rappers, drake the best lyricist? ninja please does anyone still listen to gza, pharoah, esoteric or canibus. crake sounds like he's on autotune all the god damn time waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • daviddanielz

    Ayo! For real, I didn't listen to "Sweet" until I purchased Commons whole album. This is why I love hip-hop. In this culture you are not getting away with bullshit. I love that song! Common goes all the way in snd its a dope record b! For real!!! I believe everyone has there lane in hiphop but guys like Drake, Ja Rule, and Nelly are all quick, fast, and easy money making pop acts that the industry will always indorse because they will always get there investment back. BUT!!! To me, thats not real hiphop and when guys that have true love for the culture sends a verbal smack in that direction I think its sweet! Common did his thing and honestly he's more hiphop then most of these young cats in the game. Drake do yourself a favor and just take the beating like you did with ludacris. Support real hiphop!

  • Anonymous

    Kill those young money faggots ! Now this that ugly midget Lil Wanye!

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      A midget and crackhead who makes no sense when he 'raps'. I wish the real mc's, such as Common, would all come together and completely smash them for good.

  • Drake

    I am a pop artist guys. Stop talking about me when you talk about hip hop. Geez, you guys so silly! Remember when I told you my next album was going to be more hip hop focused? Sike Niggas, I gave y'all Day Care!

  • Anonymous

    Damn! First Can dissed J.Cole, you was protecting Cole. Now Common dissing Drake and you in Drake side WTF? Drake is whack, he's the worst thing in hip hop. I would say hothin if Darke was Pop Artist, but he's saying: "I'm Rap Artist and I'm singing" thats bullshit. Com, kick Drake's ass!!

  • Born120

    p.s electric circus was dope #niggaears

  • Born120

    Hire me already!!! Cube should be on the remix with ras kass and juice(scribble jam)??? talking about the lack of intensity in the west scene right now too many radio and party records The best can and should compete i.e battle bar for bar!!! not just idle threats and shots in the dark about rappers you better than smfh

  • Yung Egg

    Bottom line is rapeers didn't learn anything. 2Pac's & B.I.G's. shit was hip-hop too, they died 2 yrs later and that was still hip-hop? Fuck that, son. Yeah, Drake & Com only scratching themselves right now, but I'm waiting for an ignorant young fool who'll start some new "coast-to-coast" shit. That won't happen? Son, they've already forget about East-West shit. Some Slim Dunken or Slam Denken or whateva died over nothing. It's still the same. Ignorance all the way, son. Why bother with Drake, Com? You've earned enough cash to push new album like that. It's wack son, but the beat of "Sweet" is fuckin' bananas. Ain't gonna lie, y'all.

    • dockevoc

      Yeah our worst fear is of a delusional Drake fan driving around South Side Chicago randomly throwing cupcakes at people

  • Anonymous

    Could be interesting if Drake throws a few shots at Common's way. Although, this is just publicity for Common, and I wouldn't say Common is too far from being considered 'soft' himself. He'd obviously do better in a rap battle, but he ain't the aggressive type.

  • Deadboy90

    oh god i HOPE drake tries making a diss track for common, it would be like throwing a rock at a Grizzly bear, you about to get it.

  • short.

    common, the artist, is the result of classic battling, dj's in the park, cardboard on the fucking sidewalk hip-hop, not pop-hop. drake is pop-hop. they do not compare. common has classic albums about topics that everyone of us can actually relate to. drake is taking albums cover pics chilling with a golden pigeon statue. Stop it. (mike ditka voice)

  • Jaymalls

    U guys clearly didn't listen to the interview. Common said he didn't write it specifically for Sherbet aka Aubery! He just said if the shoe fits, wear it! If u think he is talking about u in the song, then he probably is.... It's directed @ the new wave of the diabetes sweet half & half niggas singing on 85% of their songs n saying they feel like the throne is for the takin!!!



  • Anonymous

    Common will chew Drake up LYRICALLY and escrete his remains in a public restroom

  • DR Jam

    I love Common, but this is just free publicity for album buzz. Oh well...



  • Anonymous

    Common sounds like a butt-hurt old man.

  • OC

    Drake is straight cupcakes

  • Anonymous

    Common better chill yadig got the 45 next to the iPhone charger lol. Good shit coms fuck ymcmb and yadig trolling ass nigga.

  • JR88


  • JR88

    we all know that no one is going to die in this beef...but this would be great for hip hop...why is it bad to challenge each other...?...if tyson hit sombody in the ring your not gonna say "why is he hitting him? tyson is a hater" why should it be differnt for hip hop...if you say your the best prove it....all the dake fans are emo and get offended way too fast....i think you drake fans are scared he will get his ass handed to him.....BADDA BOOM!!!!!!!

    • freddie foox fan

      OK I think so as well. I think this really only helps drake actually which leads to a response to your question pertaining to hip and rnb. For me OK its cool but honestly for just on a whole its gets lazy in hip hop but the music gets lazier when hip hop or rap is infused with rnb. I like music to have something to it. The dj and mc are instruments and rnb has instrumentation as well but too much rnb music is sounding like someone just pressed a button and made a tune not a song. Same for newer rap music. Not a series of buttons which I don't have too much a fond affection for as well but it sounds like they just pressed one button and yayyy we have something. Going back to the article I think Drake will shine battling Common and honestly being an older cat I want to hear Drake really come on with it over a hip hop track. He has to come hardcore yet with respect for the art form. I believe he has it too honestly. Bring yo azz drake lol I'm it riding with common on this one but shiiiiiiid Drake can show me something and I damn sure wanna hear it. This is going to be good for hip hop if its handled correctly yes sirrrr. fuck that take to the Grammys stage and shake hands afterwards then I may even watch that show ... Enjoy responsibly fans shiiiid this is our music ...

  • mizzy

    Is this really bout being dope or more to do with Serena Williams, common needs to be bit more real, even i would make a diss if i lost that booty!!!

  • Anonymous

    don't give a fuck what no one says, bout time someone went at that cupcake motherfucker. peace common

  • kennyken

    he acts like he hasn't shifted mainstream. he ain't hiphop no more neither. he can get no i.d. or anybody else but he's not hiphop anymore. even though he still thinks he is, he ain't all that dope anymore. there you go common. one of your biggest fans telling you, you ain't all hiphop no more neither.

    • Anonymous

      hot your not talking about the dreamer

    • YAOWA

      KennyKen...lemme guess...drake is your barbie... no matter how many movies common does he isn't mainstream...last album was a major let down but DAMN! you gonna say mos def or talib is mainstream too? get your mind right

  • GunitInTheHouse

    Well we do know that Young Hunnies wouldn't be talking smack as always if it was the Unit in Commons shoes. My general will slap the earth wind and fire out the young hunnies general. Rasta imposter. G Unit fan base>>>>>>>>>>>>Young Hunnies fan base. Its the Unit bitches!!!

  • Anonymous

    Common vs. Drake?!!!!! Are you fucking kiddin me?!! this is gonna end bad for someone and Im not talking about Common.

  • toGeTumAd

    Common would ruin Eminem career in a rap battle wouldnt he?

    • Willy

      ^^^ You forgot Limp Bizkit, Benzino, and the Source.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like u hating on em and being a little racist... But just be real with yourself common is no where near the lyrical level eminem is on. I bet u never knew eminem was an underground battler before he became famous, killed vanilla ice, ICP, everlast (well who couldn't) ja rule and cannabis in lyrical war. EM is built for battle COmmon battled ice cube.. But compare the numbers of people they battled. Eminem will kill common

    • Anonymous

      Common would win, but NOBODY will ever ruin Eminems rap career, lol, the biggest magazine in rap printed article after article about his white ass and did 0% damage, Eminem will be going platinum when he's 80 years old

  • Anonymous

    Com said Fuck it. if dude so butt hurt over the song then Yes it was about that soft moist pussy nigga! Drake is just proving him right. whiny bitch, stop crying and start rapping agin

  • Anonymous

    This is how Cormega Lil Kim and Common all got it wrong. They think these kids care about actual hip hop culture. They didnt grow up in that like yall did. They grew up watching Biggie and Tupac get murdered and learned that all that rapping shit will get you killed. We taught them that and they only play by the rules we taught them so dont get mad when J.Cole tweeting Pac lyrics at Cormega or Nikki Minaj is talking about how she saw Kim in the club and checked her or Drake is talking about taking it outside. We did this. That rap shit is dead. Beef is the only way now.

  • feedbak

    It's not up to Common who's hot anymore it's up to the younger ones to police themselves. If J Cole go's at Drake then i'm going to pay attention, just like when Nas & Jay Z battled or even Common and Ice Cube. Battling has been part of rap but i think its best to let the new generation dictate their own history. I didn't hear Rakim dissing Nas in 93 and NWA dissing Wu-Tang or Bun B dissing Juvenile in 99.

    • thought dog

      Also, the reason those artists didn't battle is because they all saw eye to eye on things. Pac went at Biggie cause he thought he was fake as shit with the stuff he rapped about....And the fact that puffy had him shot in New York.

    • thought dog

      J Cole battling Drake would be about as exciting as watching turtles do pull ups.

  • gods son

    so common dont like artists who rap and sing? yet worked with and is cool with pharrell who raps and sings. now im not a big drake fan but common is a fucking idiot. dude thinks hes alot smarter than he really is! u know im right too!!

    • ETK

      you make no sense dude. So what if pharrell sings and raps? know who else sings and raps? chamill. mos def. theres a diff between those guys and drake and everyone including common can see tha

    • Anonymous

      Your names god son (strongly assuming after nas, which is cool becuase hes my favorite rapper) but your gonna defend the bitch of the century? My dude, my little sister and her friends listen to Drake, enough said.

  • Sensaye252

    It's crazy how the media really tries to instigate these rap beefs. It's like a bunch of little dumb chicken head bitches tryin' to convince niggas to fight each other. "OOh, you heard what he said?". Truth is, everybody that's 25 and over knows Drake is fuckin' corny. Yes, he has talent, but not enough talent to outweigh his corny ass style. Stop tryin' to sound like Wayne, stop crooning on every fuckin' song, and get over yourself son. We get it, you're young, rich, and have never done a day of hard work in your life. But what's interesting about that? I have no desire to listen to these new rappers that all went to private school and grew up in gated communities. That shit ain't hip-hop to me. You already know I'm ridin' with the homey Common.

  • Slruim

    Bought The Dreamer, The Beleiver today, hearing this from Common, is gonna make the first listen that much better. Fuck Drake.

  • lool

    if this was 50 cent people would be bitchin like hell

    • History

      Once...Common Vs Ice Cube "I used to love H.E.R" Vs "Westside Slaughterhouse".....Then Common retaliated with "The Bitch You" Common aint no punk... he can hold his own...

    • anon

      how many times you see common out there beefin with other rappers though?

  • blitzlegga

    Common's flip flopping. If you was talkin about that man in your song, then say his name!!! don't compare it to Jay's DOA, because there was alot of niggaz during that time that was doing the auto tune thing. Your diss record was specifically aimed at one nigga. You go on a 1 minute rant at the end of the track calling that nigga out. Stop showing the Bitch in You and SAY HIS NAME!!!

  • Right On

    common really is the perfect person to do this

    • murdock

      i agree he is the perfect mc to say it and someone needs to call weak rappers out.most of them that are so called hot are wack as fuck

  • DA

    Ya'll can say all ya'll want, it's all good as long as nobody gets shot, stabbed or killed. I want to see this battle just like the next one because whether you like it or not, Drake (Drake Fan since 'So Far Gone') isn't just a rapper/singer, he's a lyricist/crooner in the truest since and we all know Common (Common Fan since 'Like Water for Chocolate) is one of THE BEST lyricist in the game. I think that as long as they got the mindset of it just being Battle and not a Beef, then it's all good. May the best man win.

  • Anonymous

    Battling in hip hop makes sense only where there are actual consequenses for rappers.Seriously do you really believe that Common will end drizzy's career or vice versa.We won't even have a winner since it's all a matter of taste and noone really gives a fuck about each other's opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Your 100% right in every sense. High school girls will not care one bit when Common destroys him. And I mean flat out destroys his life. A 16 year old teen wont give a shit. He doesnt have real rap fans.

  • Anonymous

    New school rappers soft. Drake and Big Sean didn't respond to Ludacris diss so why would Drake respond to this ?

  • Anonymous

    team common all the way

  • Anonymous

    That nigga below me makes some sense.Common might be doin this because of serena williams

  • Anonymous

    YMCMB needs too come out swinging, Non of this pop tart shit...

  • Kev

    Type #5 if you think that YADIG is the biggest piece of shit dickrider on earth



  • JJ

    Drake should respond with a free style over the beat of Commons GAP commercial





  • Anonymous

    common should make a diss track wit hopsin so they can shut that faggot ass r&b singer up..

  • Taliban

    Finally somebody coming at Drake for making that trash. Common is a REAL EMCEE with the catalog to prove it. Drake is on his second album and in 10 years noone will care about Aubrey



  • UNO

    As a fan of both artists, this is actually not a battle I care for at all. To me, these are two great artists that try to be positive and stay positive. It doesnt feel right. When you see Common, I dont see that attitude in him. Its like watching two brothers fighting. Kinda sad. I think Common is getting at Drake because of Serena Williams for real. I dont doubt Common's skills. He destroyed Ice Cube. But Drake is not to be underestimated. He is very clever with words. This is one I hope is squashed.

    • 617

      battling in hip hop is not a negative, its a challenge, a test of who is better. over the years battling has came to mean beef,but I BELIEVE that this is not the case with a rapper like common, who is hip hop in the purest form, itll be all about who is a better rapper

  • Anonymous

    I would root for just about anybody over these Young Money Fluff rappers, but the fact that its common going after them makes it all the better "The Bitch In Yoo">>>>>>> Drake's Life, Death & Reincarnation

  • EA

    Finally some to shut this wannabe rapper up. Common is going to end his carrer. Fuck YMCMB..



    • anon

      Here's how that shit would go: Lil wayne's verse: Life is a bitch, and common is an asshole. birdman's verse: *rubs hands the whole time* Nicki Minaj: FLOW TIGHT LIKE A DICK IN A BUTT Gudda Gudda: Gudda Gudda Mack maine: I"M MACK MAINE Lil twist: Girl i just love you so much.. oh wait we dissin niggas now? Drake: You gonna make me catch a body even though i'm a bitch from toronto canada.

    • NC King

      Wack NIGGA!!! It would take the entire YMCMB to even fuck with Common on the mic. None of them dudes, or chick, can touch Com with the lyrics. You all hype but I swear to you if ANY rapper, especially commercial rappers, go at that man you might as well count it as a loss.




    Oh, I wrote the post above and forgot to type my name in. I just wanted to add to that you know Drake "freestyled" on Hot97 while reading the lyrics from his iPhone. You know a person can't win a rap battle if they can't even remember their written rhymes, right?

  • Anonymous

    2 words: Degrassi High

  • Anonymous

    It is not a "bitch move" by Common. He made a rhyme about "wack MCs". He didn't point anyone out. Drake squawked and Common didn't back down. Common didn't seek anyone out. This is hip hop. Battling is what happens in hip hop. If those two battled, Common would make Drake look like shit. But Drake would 'win' the people's vote because of his popularity. (Same thing happened for LL in the Canibus battle) In this case Drake represents the younger hip hop crowd which is always the majority. In other news, Sway sucks as a radio and TV personality.

    • Anonymous

      Sway sucks yet he's had a 20 year career and still going strong?? You know nothing, The Wake up Show is one of the most important radio programs in hip hop history Its clear your a new jack and probably never saw Sway till MTV news picked him up, do some research Sway's Impact on hip hop history, especially in the west coast, means more then your life

  • The B

    Common/Kanye vs. Drake/Wayne

  • Anonymous

    sorry drizzy, but you won't stand a chance against common sense. don't do it!

    • Anonymous

      please come at common, please, YMCMB ain't emcees, #boyband (shitty attempt at a drake line, but that kinda proves my point to begin with)

  • Anonymous

    I pray everyday to see a true hiphop beef like back in the old times, Common and Drake please make that happen, too many twitter/subliminal bitch beefs going on nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    This is gonna be good. I wanna see common rince the whole familiy, because this drake guy is overated as hell and it's about time these lil bitches need to learn't what real hip hop is..straight from the rugged raw erra knock him out common!!!!

  • ccccc

    bro this is the problem with new artist there such bitches wow diss him back.... Drake dissed himself by admitting hes that type of rapper and u guys think he can hang with common are u serious..ask cube what happend to him...common would destroy drake rapping, acting shit he would destroy him singing and he dont even sing

  • Money

    Lyrically, Common would destroy Drake. It's not even close.

  • Anonymous

    I think Common is riding this out to sell his album originally i don't think the song was aimed at any1 directly. Drake just fell for that trap so now he bout to get his self killed......................... CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • Common-Fan

    Damn, I'm a huge Common fan, but this is a huge bitch move. He lost a lot of credibility in my opinion. Damn, just to sell some albums Common, really? smh :(

    • NC King

      Common didn't start this homie. All he did was make a song about wack MCs.....AND WHAT HAPPEN.....Drake spoke up and felt like the song was dissing him. The song wasn't specifically about him but like Common said, if the shoe fit and you wanna wear it, DO YOU!..... And shit yeah I'm gonna capitalize off a popular MC coming at me and I'm promoting my new shit. 1) thats money in the bank, fuck dat bullshit 2) any NIGGA stepping to me can get it whether my album out or not

    • K

      Everything is not always about "selling records" but I agree with you

  • Jay

    For those of you saying that Drake could beat Common in a rap battle / Common can't diss - listen to "The Bitch In Yoo". Com served Cube back in the day so I don't think Drake's gonna be much hassle (or anybody else who fucks with that shitty label)

  • Anonymous

    i dont get how this is an admission that it was aimed at drake

  • Realness121

    I fucks wit common but saying its not about drake and then turning around saying it is abput him is a bitch move...BUT lyricaly Drake is gonna destroy! Common



    • GOOD

      "Drake will tear his ass up" - give me a break hahahhahahaha, don't talk about this genre called Hip Hop until you have learnt it. How is he going to tear his ass when he can't even battle Ludacris. People need knowledge


    Get him Drake! Finish his career! I know that you're not fucking with him lyrically or with rapping skills, but your far more popular these days. Fuck that hating, jealous ass bearded hater!

  • B

    album dropped today didn't it?? hmm.....

  • 617

    I fucks wit common but saying its not about drake and then turning around saying it is abput him is a bitch move...BUT lyricaly Common is gonna destroy! Drake

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