Meek Mill Talks Mixtape With Wale, Next Collaboration He Hopes For

The Philadelphia emcee talks his joint mixtape with his MMG counterpart, as well as which artist he has an ambition to record with.

With an album on the way in 2012, Meek Mill has plenty of plans beforehand, including his joint mixtape with Wale.

In an interview with, the Maybach Music Group artist discussed how the project with Wale came to be.

"Just talkin' on the phone. Matter fact, we were just in the room, just chillin', playing freestyles..." he explained.

"We ain't ego tripping, you know what I mean? We both hot at the same time. It would only make sense and money."

Mill also discussed which artist he hopes to record with next. "I wanna collab with a lot of people. I could name people all day. Maybe Robin Thicke or something? Crazy chick record."

Meek also discussed his 2012 debut. "Just trying to drop that classic. One of them new artists coming up from the ground that's spittin' street but drop a classic and still do some numbers."

Watch the interview below:

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