Maya Angelou Criticizes Common's Use Of The N-Word

The Pulitzer Prize-nominated poet expressed disappointment in the Chicago emcee's use of the controversial word.

One of the most highly-touted collaborations on Common's The Dreamer, The Believer is "The Dreamer," which features a poem written and recited by Maya Angelou.

On the same song, Commons lyrics include use of the N-word: "Told my nigga [Kanye West] I’m ’bout to win the Grammys now” and “Niggas with no heart, I’m the pacemaker.”

Though Common's use of the controversial word is well-known to the Hip Hop community, Angelou claims she never knew Common used it. Now, she voicing her displeasure.

“I had no idea that Common was using the piece we had done together on [a track] in which he also used the ‘N’ word numerous times,” she said, according to the New York Post.

Angelou called the word “vulgar and dangerous” to the black community.

“I’m surprised and disappointed," she continued. "I don’t know why he chose to do that. I had never heard him use that [word] before. I admired him so because he wasn’t singing the line of least resistance.”

Common, however, says that he's spoken with Angelou about his use of the word, saying that they agreed to disagree.

“She knows I do use the word,” he explained. “She knows that’s part of me.”

“I told her what ‘The Dreamer’ was about and what I wanted to get across to people,” he added, while admitting he didn't specifically tell Angelou that the song would feature the word. “I wanted young people to hear this and feel like they could really accomplish their dreams.”

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  • Nico 3

    Thetruth - Give it a rest already. You don't have the power to check anybody, cause in reality, if you're saying it's ok for black people to use a word, then so should whites, asians, mexicans, etc. Free speech, my friend. You can try and beat down everybody who uses it but then you might end up dead like many others who have carelessly used this word. The funny shit about this is when did it become uncool to just call somebody you know by their name. Why does everything have to do with "nigga this... nigga that?" It sounds uncivilized. Ghetto. No wonder older African Americans just shake their heads when they see and hear the youth who walk around acting and talking like savages.

  • Fado

    honestly every time I have heard a white person say nigga it sounds forced and un natural. that's why its annoying too me. I don't mind if a white person says it cus they grew up using it like V.nasty (who actually says it like she has been using it for a while). And a white person who says it cus they heard it in a rap song and want to sound cool or they want too be more accepted amongst black people. Honestly im not offended when white people use it. but if I don't know you don't come up too me like what sup my nigga cus I don't KNOW YOU I don't know what your true intentions are when you say it. and there is a difference between nigga and nigger so if I hear a white person call me nigger they are getting the shit slapped out of them. and white people on this site before you get all righteously indignant there still are alot of racist white people so don't act like black people are stuck in the past and we are the only thing holding the progression of society up. Until you know what its like to be Black in America dont bitch. Use the word if its native too you peace.

  • Anonymous

    salutes avenger xl middle fingers the rest

  • Jay

    Com has DEF said nigga before lol

  • Avenger XL8

    Sorry about the typo's above kinda sleepy

  • Avenger XL8

    Why are all of the comments on hip-hop boards even more ignorant than the trolls on the average board. I never understood why do many folks will argue over the right to say a word they already can say. Nobody has to give anyone the right to say a word but you can't control how a person feel or their reaction to think so is just stupid. I can call every woman I see a bitch and then say why you mad I heard your girl calling you a bitch yesterday so I figured it was cool. No matter how I attempt to explain it away this is flawed logic. The problem with hip-hop is it making a word that was once a part of americas much darker history of racism and making it a cool discription forgetting many people who were called this in the negative way are still alive. There is more to this but bottomline people are idiots and don't care about anyone but themselves and the people in their limited ethnic group or social circle. It is kind of like a woman who was gang rapped saying I am such a whore and you coming along and whats up whore.

  • Anonymous

    say what u wanna say if you don't want other people to say it though maybe u shouldn't saying that a word can only be used by one race like nigga by blacks is discrimination itself what if i said whites can only use a word u niggaz would flip shit

  • Nico 3

    It's publicity.... Use a word every rapper uses and has used for decades to appear cool in the eyes of anybody with the power to press purchase on Itunes.

  • no disrepect

    mmmm..didnt this trick used to be a street whore....and that aint no joke....

  • Zach

    Us,Refraining from saying the word nigga, isn't going to destroy racism, classicism and other bigotry. Also it is about the context of the word not the literal meaning. Connotation, learn it.

  • Anonymous

    Maya needs to go sit down somewhere and realize that the word used among black people is a sign of identification and self realization as two equals or brotherhood.. She needs to be worried about The White Girl Mob

  • Fred

    Lol cant believe you dumb niggs are defending common. You WANT to call each other niggers. I dont know any other race that stupid enough to WANT to call each other a derogatory term and love it. You IDENTIFY with it. And that's why blacks will continue to be "mistreated"by whites and other races. Because you MISTREAT YOURSELVES

    • Anonymous

      u identify with being called caucasian and there's nothing but mountains with that name. do you look like the guys from the geico commercials caveman?

  • ETK

    read my lips Anon: I DON'T think the word is all that special. it's those black high brow activist motherfuckers the ones making a big deal out of it. if you want the black community to improve, start by looking at yourself. make an example outta yourself. fuck the way people speak, you got more things to be worried about than dealing with that. Maya Angelou has probably more things to do than to be worried with Common sayin that. The N-word is not going away. anytime soon. If you wanna keep that higher ground BS mindset then you're gonna be in for a long ride. tis all I'm saying. to whoever I lashed out bout the grammar thing, saw it wasn't pointed at me, my bad. but still, this isn't the f'ing time or place.. smh

    • ETK

      you & her have a right to express whatever you want, b. i'm just saying how long of a ride it's gonna be for you. and where do you think this is gonna end up cause the N word is a monster that won't go away. if you can't beat 'em... I'm just sayin you might as well focus on the things you could actively portray for the "oh so deluded black community" you can set an example by not sayin it. that would be splendid. just don't be holdin your mouth and sayin things when a brother says it. it's just.. what's the point by now, you know?

    • Anonymous

      It may not be a big deal to you, you were not labeled one from birth. She has a voice, I have a voice we both are conscious and educated about it so why would't I back her up in agreement.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    @ETK you are a dumb nigga, you think this word is so fucking special and want to use it because you're a closet clown racist. Any intelligent person who is past an imature stage of looking up to rappers can see this word and the attempts to twist it around in a positive manner is a bunch of nonsensical crap, and it give's other races indirect permission to look down on the black man Seems like this woman is living in the future because whatever twists and turns you try to put on this it has the same meaning. We past being negroe 50 years ago

    • ETK

      lmao! no I don't think this word is all that special. that's the point of my post you god damn imbecile jesus, the stupiditiy hurts me

  • Anonymous

    LOL@ peopel still hatin on Nas



    • Anonymous

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    • brethtaka

      You also can't change a pecker wood with no sense of grammar and punctuation. Spend that $2 you were going to use on moonshine and a nice night out with your cousin on a new keyboard because it's clear your caps lock key is broken.

  • gyro

    The untitled album was dope...You fucking dick riding jay-z stan faggots only say it was bad because nas said "it could have been better"....Saying that was like throwing meat in a pool full of sharks. You pussies did the same thing when raekwon and ghostface said 8 diagrams was wack. Stupid niggas are already haters and their comment gives them reason to hate further. Learn how to actually listen to the shit and form your own opinions, you biased pussy boys. real talk. Untitled was flames, go listen to gay-z and his wannabe coldplay/kanye west music because you obviously dont know what real hiphop is.

    • Anonymous

      getting tired of people trying to discredit your opinion because they cant handle it. I'm not a jay z stan, im not a lil b fan, i dont wear tight jeans, I'm not gay, and I have no emotional issues... I just think the nigger album was below average. That must be really hard for you to come to terms with. but there's no way around it. stop trying to undermine people's opinions by falsely characterizing them. that's makes you a hater because you can handle opposing opinions without lying on niggas.

    • gyro

      The only weak song on that album was the chris brown/game joint, that shit is garbage. Every other song on that bitch was fucking fire tho. Nas was dropping science on niggas yet again, but you spoofy niggas got jay dick so far up you dont want to see it. Niggas is just hating...Every album this dude puts out you find some reason to hate. It's not about forcing people to like the shit, the shit is ill, the shit is dope, faggots like you hold nas up to an unreasonably high standard. Stop trying to test a nigga and let dude live...what the fuck? I'm sick of this shit for real though

    • Anonymous

      You destroyed your WHOLE comment with that Gay-Z bullshit. Stop it, it's ridiculous. YOU are the fake fan. Ever thought of the fact that the people who criticized the album are true fans that ACTUALLY CARE about Nas and his musical direction? No, you're too dumb for that. NOBODY needs fake fans like you who force themselves to like everything. Us true fans want that he succeeds, you want him to be mediocre.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I support Maya Angelou's disappointment 100%. I think artist should make a conscious effort to remove the "N Word" from their lyrics. Now that I'm older, more educated, and in a differnt social standing, I underdstand the importance and negative impact the word has on the black community and it's use should be avoided at all costs. Being black and using the "N Word" is quite silly/ignorant and I hope individuals become more socially aware of their responsibility for removing the word from their vocabulary.

  • ODB25

    I think Maya comes from a different time like someone on here mentioned but if she doesnt know that Common uses 'nigga' in his raps then she doesnt listen to Common. And on a side not, this dude Anonymous has some of the realest and funniest shit on this post. Respect.

  • Nigga

    I'm Italian - the best ethnicity of them all......People sound STUPID when they say NIGGA OR NIGGER!!!! haha keep saying it tho so I can laugh at u!!!! Italians are the best - rappers steal our swag and names all the time lol!!!! Already my nigga, keep it 100%

  • JewellofdaMile

    NIGGA = Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished

  • maj

    Nas said it best. We all niggers. Its not a racial term, its just another word which flows corect in Hip Hop, move on, black slavery is no more

  • We are at War

    What using the word has done is camouflaged those who use it still for hate. "Beware of smiling faces".

  • ...

    Blacks are very sentimental. It's 2011, move on.

    • Anonymous

      its 2011 meaning what? that racism ia dead? that the past never happened? and do you know what sentimental means? did you mean sensitive? lol

  • thetruth

    Nigga or Nigger are two powerful words. Being a blackman, me and my friends use the word amongst ourselves as to embrace one another, or to talk about others ex. "These lil niggas crazy nowadays" or " Much love my nigga, peace". I do understand this word offends ppl so I don't use it in front of everybody. I do get offended when non-blacks use the word. I had a white boy on my job approach me like "Watsup up my nigga". I had to check him....But to each his own, wheather you use it or not the word isn't going anywhere and will continue to ignite conversation. I support Common's use of the word if that's how he chooses to express himself and I support Maya Angelou's stance if she chooses not to associate herself with the word...To each his own. But if you non-black and use the word be careful cause niggas will fuck you up if they ain't feeling it....Anyway 1 Luv My Niggas!!!!

    • the pres

      @ Ayo Cuban Rose. You sound a bit ignorant sir. Ignorant meaning unaware. The fact (and it is a fact) is that some Mexicans and as well as other groups of latin decent (i.e. cuban, puerto rican, dominican, etc.) DO CALL THEMSELVES NIGGA. I've heard it, and even Fat ass Joe has defended that position. Are you one of those anglo cubans or what? The fact that your name is Cuban Rose but you're referring to what Mexicans do is also suspect. I'm not defending blacks using the word but the fact is that a lot of darker skined people of color have used the word as a term of endearment or have been called the word as a racial insult. Get your facts straight before you fall off that high ass horse

    • thetruth I said to each his own. I could care less about what the next man does or says around his friends, ppl, whatever. I can't stop that. I don't condone ppl of any race using the word in a derogatory way ex. "Fuck you, you Nigger". Yeah I did check a whiteboy for saying nigga to me cause it's my right to. I actually did the boy a favor cause if he run up on the wrong black person with that nonsense he could get himself fucked up..feel me. And at the same time black ppl will fuck you up for saying that word. I was on the ave. and this black dude walked up to this Muslim guy like "cuse me my nigga you got a jack on you". The Muslim guy whipped his ass for calling him nigga. So I feel where you coming from but if me and my ppl choose to use the word amongst be each his feel me my Nigga????

    • cubanrose

      Yeah had to check some white boy who said "what up my nigga"...what is it the 1990's. No other race calls themselves such a derogatory term as what black people call themselves. You aren't taking the "power" back from the word. Mexicans don't call themselves "wetbacks" whites don't call each other "crackers"...Jews don't call each other "kykes"...Chinese don't call each other "chinks". Why would black people call each other nigga for? Its called "self hate and loathing"...Black people: You are better than that!!!

    • Anonymous

      i admire and respect your post. its actually not stupid. some might not agree with you though, but to each his own...

  • jg

    sounds like Common tricked Maya into giving him a feature to promote his album. Sad.

    • Blaklex

      @cubanrose, I'm feelin your post. Black people are our own worst enemy sometimes. There is not way that by using the word, that it will difuse the hate behind the meaning. Doesn't matter if you use the word as a term of endearment. The word stemmed from hate and will always be associated with hate. Wake up black people!

  • Anonymous

    for all you crackas saying its just a word go say it to a black person that you dont know just some random person call them a nigga and see how it turns out

    • Anonymous

      he's not preaching anything. he's just advising white people, or cracker's as he said, about the lack of wisdom in using the word to potentially the wrong person.

    • andrew

      say the person using another racist slur to preach against another racist slur. ignorance. get a life tough guy lol

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Nigga please but you listen to hip hop where people say nigga.Stop trying to be smart you sound dumb.

  • please

    i never associate with people who say nigga like its cool. fuck that shit learn how to speak

  • lmao

    smh at all the people who don't realize how stupid they look saying nigga all the time

  • Anonymous

    U people should voice ur displeasure when a white person sayz the n**** word.

  • foursix

    she's an idiot. the context is what matters and not the word itself. these poets want to act smart but fail miserably.

    • Anonymous

      Maya Angelou an idiot??? Because she feels uncomfortable with a word that for the most part is a racial slur? Maya grew up in 40's and 50's. That word means a LOT of different things to a lot of different people. You are free to have your own opinion.But the disrespect isn't necessary.



  • Anonymous

    guess what nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga how bout dat!

  • Anonymous

    "I had never heard him use that [word] before." Really? Remember like "I Used To Love H.E.R.?" One of the best known Hip-Hop songs of all time? Not like dropped the n-bomb there.


    This is why Nas made an album to stress the fact that the word nigga is so overused and normal in hip hop, Maya needs to chill if she's not selling albums..

    • Boss

      It's still music and in serving that purpose, it was fucking terrible.

    • Anonymous

      ^ one line doesnt define an entire album

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^what? The nigga album was fuckin great. " too many rappers, athletes and actors but not snout niggas in NASA" If that ain't hot then idk what is

    • James

      Nas comes to the red carpet with a shirt that says ''Nigger'' in glitter letters and people have the nerve to say he ain't a bitch that would do anything for attention. I'm awaiting the next controversial title he must be thinking of.

    • Haha

      That album was fucking terrible and one of the worst pieces of music of all time. It missed the whole point, targeted obvious shit everybody knows about and didn't do shit. Same shit with Hip Hop Is Dead. People talk about the titles of that albums and the controversy, but NEVER about the actual music on there. Nas lost.

    • Anonymous

      but that album sucked. hahaha

  • jeremy

    go ahead and use the nword... then have fun getting through that job interview. yea, thats right. got nothing to say now right? not so big and bold when you have to face the real world. the nword is ignorant period. its degrading and all of this crap about "turning the meaning around" is ridiculous. thats why civilized people dont use that word and you'll never get ahead in life if you regularly use it in your speech. why? because it means that you dont know how to speak and carry yourself well. using the nword is a HUGE indicator of that. even people that use the nword know their place and hide it when they have to face the real world where people judge you based on how you look, act, and speak. this means that they are also fake because they have to put on two different faces depending on who they're talking to. gonna go in front of the judge saying the nword? not if you care about your case. gonna write it on your mom's christmas card? ha. gonna use it when you're talking to the big wig at your next job interview? good luck. if you want to sound like somebody who doesnt have an education then go ahead, use the nword. argue about it. make ridiculous arguments like how you changed the meaning and how it only means as much as you want it to, all of those things. just don't be mad when people judge you based on how you speak.

    • DL Dub

      I am in fact black sir, I wouldn't find myself fit to argue this case if I were not. So if that was one of your big worries, there's your answer. I thought I was addressing you issue, but I guess I'll refine my response. I use the word nigga how I feel because that is what's been engraved into who I am. I don't use it often, as I learned from my own parents (who have had their own hardships with that word) and my own hardships. I take the power of that word into my own hands, no matter who thinks what of me. I couldn't give a shit less that you think about my use of the word, but I'm not gonna let you dictate about what I should and should not say, and what I've done to "deserve" to choose to use the word or not. I'm highly aware of what my ancestors have gone through, I make sure to never forget it. But who the fuck are you to tell me how insulting it is for me to use a word that's been around since America was born. America was born on "niggas'" backs. "Niggas" have built and shaped this country. "Niggas" helped create the equality of rights we have now. And then "niggas" relaxed and regressed after gaining that victory. Understandably, we took the right to use the word nigga into our own hands, and began using it just as derogatively (and accurately) to describe the lazier, shiftless of the bunch. And those niggas used that word to describe each other because that's what they feel they'll ever be. And then the word nigga became a word that damn near means nothing because these days, a white girl in oakland feels safe to say that word out in public and nothing would happen to her. But I digress, sir, Common can defend himself all he wants, even from Maya Angelou. Does she know his life? Does she know his experience with the word? Does she know what he's gone through to where he feels the need to say it? No. Now I dont agree with his defense, in that he's saying it to get the younger crowd. That's stupid. The younger crowd is become lazier, more shiftless and hella more disrespectful. But that's not from the word nigga, it's because our so called leaders stopped leading. It's also because of judgemental niggas like yourself condescending to the younger crowd about what words they shouldn't use instead of teaching them words they should. I dont focus on the negative of niggas, I've got enough shit to worry about guy.

    • jeremy

      its funny how you just talked around the entire point of my post. the point is, it's not a normal thing to say and it ISNT a term of endearment or a simple slang term. if it were, then you could say it pretty much anywhere but the MAJORITY of society does not agree with the use of that word. how can you deny this? yea, people say it but they do so WALKING ON EGG SHELLS because they know how it makes them look. are you really going to tell me that you won't be stereotyped or judged if you go around saying nigga this, nigga that. please. you're just removing yourself from reality. the reality of our world is that if you go around talking like that, people will stereotype the hell out of you as a black person and you're just feeding that stereotype no matter how intelligent you truly may be. you are judged by how you speak and how you carry yourself in public and in private. that is why as you said, you don't go around saying it to any and everyone. you have to do it where you're "comfortable". why? Because nigga is a racial insult and the majority of the USA knows that. there are some black people who have claimed to turn it into a term of endearment but thats just a load of bullshit. nobody who truly knows what the word means will call it a term of endearment or try to somehow twist its meaning. thats pure ignorance and lack of education. its especially sad when its a black person trying to defend their right to say nigga. so many blacks are turning in their grave. the people who say nigga are so far removed from what black people actually experienced and went through in this country. my family is responsible for integrating schools in some states so that black people can even have an equal education and growing up, my grandparents had to go through REAL suffering and adversity. im talking about people being hung, dragged by cars, murdered, thrown in jail for trying to be equal. they had to beg to even go to school and then make their own bus system, their own businesses, their own schools. what do you know about that? funny, none of them feel the need to say nigga and to this day ive never heard it once from them. not once. i wonder why? maybe because they are intelligent enough to know it's real meaning. maybe they don't feel like insulting their own race that they worked so hard to uplift. so, i will insult your intellect. you can't possibly be that intelligent if you think saying nigga is ok or some kind of term of endearment. either that, or you're not black. or if you're black, you dont know enough about your history to care about saying something that is just an insult to your own race and everyone who had to die and suffer so you can sit on the internet and slap them in the face. even common looks like an idiot to me now. to sit up there and try to defend himself to MAYA ANGELOU of all people. it just makes me smh sometimes you have to know when to pick your battles. he's clearly wrong, but he just wants to defend his ignorance. he's a hypocrite as well. go ahead, say nigga but do so knowing the consequences. you can say "dont judge me" and all that shit but at the end of the day, you're feeding a stereotype that brings black people down every time you go around saying nigga. speaking like that, you're never going to look intelligent to people who've had a few history lessons in this country.

    • nano

      I'm much more offended by your swearing than your use of "nigga".

    • DL Dub

      Your logic* not You're... my bad

    • DL Dub

      You're logic is still flawed guy. You dont go into job interviews, or in front of judges, or anywhere important speaking ignorantly because those are not comfortable situations where you can be yourself. You shouldnt be saying anything other than what highlights your attributes. Then after you've got the job, gotten over the case, or whatever, you can say what the fuck you want. It has nothing to do with being fake, it's called being PROFESSIONAL. What you're claiming is stupid. And obviously not every person who uses the word is stupid or ignorant. Clearly Common is one of the great intellectual thinkers in the black community, and he's always said nigga. The real problem with that word, is when you've got a bunch of true ignorant "niggas" who have no clue about what proper grammer is, and learned nothing from 7th grade english class, have a conversation out in public. OR it's when you have people using it in a truly deragotory manner to get a rise out of you ie: douchebags on the internet. I use the word nigga when I'm around my people that I'm comfortable with and hold regular conversations with. I will not let you insult my intelligence because you don't like the word, that's not your business.

    • jeremy

      the main point im trying to speak on is how people act like saying nigga is so harmless as if it is something normal to use. like it some 'endearing' term or has a 'changed meaning'. thats bullshit. notice how everybody who replied said the people they know saying nigga have to pick and choose when to use it. if the word was so innocent and had such a changed meaning that is now innocent in society you wouldn't have to hide how you use it. you could just be yourself and say nigga to anyone instead of being somebody fake. the fact that these people change when they use the nword proves that saying nigga is shunned as a norm in society. im just trying to argue against people who try to act like saying nigga is some norm. it isnt, so stfu with that shit. its ignorant, 99% of people think its ignorant, and if it werent ignorant then you could say it whenever and wherever you want and it wouldnt affect how people look at you as a person. nobody looks at somebody who says 'yea nigga blah blah nigga nigga nigga' every few seconds as someone who is intelligent. you could have a masters degree and a 6 figure income and you go outside saying nigga and people are going to think youre less intelligent. thats just how it is. you gonna try to argue that? really? do you really think people listen to someone dropping nbombs and think 'oh yea that person must be top of his class'. foh with that bullshit trying to act like you dont have no damn sense obviously the nword is not just some harmless slang to everyone. so, how does that not make sense? everything i said above applies. if you think saying nigga is harmless, some endearing term, something you are proud of saying, then why can't you use it in a job interview or in all of the situations i listed above? why not? because people saying nigga this nigga that know that shit is ignorant as hell but they do it to try and sound cool. that's the bottom line. i dont know a single person saying nigga who didnt think they were cooler for saying it and less cool if they didnt say it. finally, you cant really compare it to swearing because swearing doesnt necessarily insult an entire race. if i say shit blah blah blah yea shit fuck yea that has nothing to do with a person's race. its still an ignorant way to speak according to the norms of society, which is why people know when and where to swear, but its not insulting an entire class of people.

    • Anonymous

      the same could be said about curse words. you're not going to drop the "S" or "F" bomb during an interview. saying those words does not undermine your intelligence, they are just powerful words, that said in the correct fashion, can wield powerful results. Words are words, people change the definition of them all the time. saying a certain phrase or word does not make you stupid, Believing it may however, does.

    • What They Said

      this guy jeremy doesnt know what he's talking about. How does using the n-word among your friends affect having a professional conversation? you speak differently in different social circles. like guy above said - what about people that curse? Does that makes them more likely to to go up to a "big wig" a their job job and greet them with a "what the fuck is up, bitch?" lol. I like how you're trying to connect speaking slang with being socially incapable. Damn near all my black friends all the n-word and they have respectable jobs. I dont condone the n-word, but your logic was wack son.

    • Anonymous

      *brother in law*

    • Anonymous

      This is easily the dumbest comment i've read in this article. wtf does using the n word have to do with job interviews? is there some correlation between the n-word and having a job that I dont know about? My brother is black... he's a practicing engineer and he uses the n-word. what about people who curse? are they unemployed as well? Are they gonna put the f-word into christmas cards and when they're talking to their mother? You argument is the dumbest shit ive read all weekend.

  • Anonymous

    this only thing that needs to cease is the debates and arguments on the use of the use of the n word. im so tired of reading this shit. we've heard all angles and points of views...just agree to disagree.

    • Anonymous

      then by all means pleae GET THE FUCK OFF THE COMMENT SECTION. when i get tired of looking at something, i tend to look away or stop doing the certain action that is making me "tired". but hey thats just me, call me crazy.

  • uncle ruckus

    I could say nigga all day

  • Keace

    Common your an idiot. I don't understand why blacks think they can use this word. Its very degrading. We need to grow as people and stop using the word N@#ga! We are better then that.

    • ETK

      yo grammar nazis, go back to your 2nd grade teacher class and let the grownups speak, stat. I don't need to check my fucking language on a website like this, are you fucked in the head? I got SATs and shit to worry about over this, stfu.

    • cubanrose

      YES black people you ARE better than that. But if you still want to look ignorant keep on using the N-word. Keep on sitting in back of the bus. Rosa parks would be proud..NOT! Ms Angelou is 100% correct!!!

    • Anonymous

      @ETC you are a dumb nigga, you think this word is so fucking special and want to use it because you're a closet clown racist. Any intelligent person who is past an imature stage of looking up to rappers can see this word and the attempts to twist it around in a positive manner is a bunch of nonsensical crap, and it give's other races indirect permission to look down on the black man

    • Nigga nah ledge

      Maya Angelou grew up in an era where that word was used to degrade and curse her people. When black were slaves and treated like "niggers." the word is very degrading to maya Angelou and alot of other old timers like her that are still around.

    • Anonymous

      then again he did say "we are better then that" right after. he may be an idiot. lol

    • Anonymous

      ^its not an english class bro. its the internet. chill the fuck out with that grammar nazi shit. there's no grade. nobody is proof reading their shit

    • iddle

      you just called someone an idiot and you used the wrong "your"; should be you're an idiot. Idiot.

    • ETK

      now how you think we gon do that, malcolm x doyle. white people/immigrants are already tryna get in on using the word, now you want BLACK people to stop usin it altogether? good fuckin luck, ask santa to put that on the to-do list you wanna respect yourself? start by doin you. start by bein an example in your own community and not bein one of those hood rats. It doesn't have to be with the way we speak. white people say stupid shit too. there's no higher ground we have to reach here. Fully conscious niggas are usin the N-word, it's way past that now and it's not goin away anytime soon

    • doyle

      she's so damn right... it's time we respecting ourselves, starting with the way we we speak. Then maybe we could begin to fix our communities. It's such an ignorant word and so degrading

    • ETK

      ^co-sign right there. especially as you're saying this on this website of all people, where the N-word is bein thrown around like salad. come on b. Common is a grown-ass man, in a world of grown-ass black men using the word to and fro through their own liberty and choice. he isn't lesser or more of a man for using it or not using it, the rest of his actions should validate that. if common ain't saying "nigga" then the next conscious MC will. I don't know what the fuckin deal is. Maya Angelou either need to make peace with this issue or go share more picnics with Rev. Al Sharpton

    • Anonymous

      it's just word. It only as powerful as you let it.

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