RZA Says Kanye West Has "Focused Energy," Recalls Recording Sessions

RZA compares Kanye West's "focused energy" to his experience with the Wu-Tang and shares stories from recording sessions.

During his talk for Red Bull Academy, RZA discussed Kanye West's work ethic and recalled recording sessions where he saw West's "focused energy" firsthand. RZA also compared West's work ethic to the Wu's, saying that drive is what has taken West to "the top." 

Looking back at his time working with Kanye on My Dark Twisted Fantasy, RZA shared insight on what he saw.

"I'ma tell you something this young man does," RZA said, speaking of West. "They get up every morning to eat breakfast together, his whole crew. They talk about yesterday and the next day and the present. They plan, all over breakfast. They sit there and they talk about what they gonna do, what they did and how to make the music better. Then, they go exercise together. They go to the YMCA. They play basketball, lift weights. Focus, get the energy out.

He continued, explaining how a 12 hour studio session would end the day. 

"He would do some charity work...Therefore, he's doing the good deed of the day as well, good karma. Then, he goes to the studio. He stays there from 4pm and when I was there, we left at 4. So, 12 hours of in-studio work. Then he'd go to bed and do it again the next day." 

RZA also compared this recording style to his time spent with the Wu. 

"The way everything happened was like focused energy, yo. Actually, I've never seen that from a rapper before. I come from Wu-Tang Clan. Y'all know us. 5 of us show up for the concert, the other 3 late, some ain't doin' it, some are sleeping. It's not only his talent that took him to the top. I've gotta say, it's his focus, y'all." 

For more from the piece, check the Red Bull Academy video below. 

[RBMA] RZA: de trabajar con Kanye West from Extended Play on Vimeo.

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  • Anonymous

    kyane does not have one of the best discography he fuck theres autotune all over it and he cant rap fuck off on the ima flip because he said that u fuckin homo

  • G

    B*tch the RZA I stand close to walls Like number four the Lizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"""$%%$(%^$^%&%&^*)*&)^&)&^&!!!!!!1

  • EEZY

    "5 of us show up for the concert, the other 3 late, some ain't doin' it, some are sleeping." That is pretty damn hilarious!! WU-TANG!!!

    • Anonymous

      I was fortunate enough to catch them all together minus Ol' Dirty(I think he was on the run at that time...lol) at the Iron Flag album release at Hammerstein back in '01. Great fuckin performance.

    • Anonymous

      yeah i seen em too without method man, and the second time without rza, raekwon & inspectah deck. ghost & u-god killed it both times, the best live performers (after meth, od course) in the clan. shout out to golden arms, underrated as hell

    • the truth

      anybody whos seen wu tang in concert knows exactly what hes talking about, ive seen them without rza, another time without u god, and the worst of all they toured without method man

  • drivetruth

    Oh man the way he talkin' it's like the wu-tang is done. what happened to wu-tang forever. This guy MAY have killed what he created.

  • ETK

    the strong part about WTT was the production, but that's the thing in itself.. production material/beats are totally subjective. most people can admit when a nigga's spittin good lyrics, but production & the vibe they brought to the album is totally to one's taste. WTT wasn't all that lyrical, but some tracks stood out over others, overall it was a decent shot. it does show Kanye is a focused musician, lyrically he's slippin(or just not giving as much effort) so just consider that. I liked parts of Dark Fantasy too but I hope he brings his A-game to elevate G.O.O.D music, though I don't care much bout the label now now that mos def is gone.

    • Anonymous

      brilliantly put! thats the best explanation one can give about WTT.. it was lyrically nothing really, bar a few jigga verses, it basically came down to your preference for the production, and as good as it was, i need lyrics and lyrical writing to enjoy rap

  • The Conformist

    Well that's why Kanye's one of the best to ever do it! And RZA is my all-time favorite producer.

  • Anonymous

    kinda sick of pll acting like kanyes the goat only makes good beats

    • Anonymous

      Well, he has one of the best discographies of all time, reinvented himself with every single album, outshined GOAT contenders on their own shit, produced some of the best beats ever, had a huge impact on the whole sence, birthed countless trend and changed the landscape of Hip Hop forever.

    • Anonymous

      Um, there was no mention in the article about Kanye being the GOAT. And for crying out loud, you're sick bc RZA was giving his account on working with Kanye? That's the dumbest shit I've read all day. You sound like "yeah man, fuck that dude, he's diligent and hardworking, does charity work, I'm sick of hearing of his achievements!" You really need to rethink your life and focus the negative energy into doing great things so you can make a name for yourself, quit hating on the next working man putting food on his table and providing him and his own with shelter...smh at these angry trolls.

  • Hassan Fuckry (@DLYDJ)

    Now, that's a Behind The Music episode I'd like to see: The Making of MBDTF. Way better than all this WTT nonsense.

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