Jay-Z Speaks On J. Cole's Grammy Nomination

Hova recently spoke to MTV on J. Cole's Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

Between scoring a Grammy nod and having his debut LP Cole World: The Sideline Story go gold, it's been a big year for J. Cole. Now, the Roc Nation rapper's boss Jay-Z recently spoke to MTV about his thoughts on Cole's recent Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

Hov explained that he's ecstatic that Cole received a Grammy nomination this early in his career. He said that even if Cole doesn't bring home the award, he's already won it in his mind for his accomplishments with his debut album. Jay even added that his "Mr. Nice Watch" partner's determination and growth as an artist is worthy of respect within the world of Hip Hop.

"I think it's great for him, because I'm sure it's a dream of his," he said. "We grew up seeing Michael Jackson, and I'm sure he grew up seeing whatever moment stuck in his mind, so I know it's great for him to do that. I think he's already won Best New Artist, to me. His journey is what I'm really excited about...whether he was nominated or not, he was the best new artist to me; sold 200-and-something-thousand records in his first week; he was the best new artist. I'm sure it's great for him."

He added, "The person he is today is not who he was when he first walked in. He got a chance to really go out, see what worked, see what people connect to, figure out how he was gonna tell his story...that artist-development thing, I think we need more of it. We need to ensure that this thing is around for future generations. This thing that fed our kids and our family and took us to these heights needs to be held intact by the people who are doing it."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Mylie

    very happy Jay-Z said this. J Cole is by far the artist of the year to me.

  • daviddanielz

    Wow the hate is strong in here for HOV but we all no the truth. Jay-z resume is better then anyones in the game. Bring up anyone and match career to career and not one soul could fuck with Jay. Now if you want to talk lyrics Im cool with that because even though I think he is the best I can understand and be cool with other peoples opinion. We can have a normal debate but if you bring up any new artist then I know your not in this reality. If you bring up anyone on Cash Money then I know your not in this reality. Also if you think Kayne is better then Jay then good, keep the music in the family. Better there then some stupid little basterd saying he asked his mother if he can kill someone. lol

  • Max

    One note...Cole World did have a "pop" tune, "Work Out" which features samples from 2 different pop songs (Kanye's "Work Out Plan" and Paula Abdul's "Straight Up"), so, in my opinion, he had a pop tune, it was just weak in terms of pop standards... But congrats on the Grammy nod...

  • Anonymous

    Em,Nas>>>>Jay. Jay is riding on kanye's like a kid to keep him relevant coz his career is pretty much over. Kanye is the shit now !

    • Captain Crash

      lol, you know people been sayin that "jayz's just dickriding X to stay relevant cause he about to fall off" shit since the black album, right?

    • Anonymous

      Blueprint 3 was the record of the year when it came out. He holds his own

    • daviddanielz

      Ayo! With a statement like that I know your a simple minded kid. You go listen to your little waynes and drakes. Leave Jay for the big boys. He's one of the best rappers alive and he made Kayne better has an artist. Like his doing with J Cole and plenty others. Relax with your hate.

    • Anonymous

      Kanye always been the shit.

  • Anonymous

    Ok first of all congrats to J.Cole for a nomination n a Gold achievement but focusing on his album...it is actually mediocre at it's best...J.Cole is good artist but i don't understand why people are dickridin him to the core...i mean he's too overhyped none of these new generation artists are great like Pac or Big or Nas (Hov ain't great he's just overhyped along with that fucktard Kanye)...Even for that matter Kendrick his lyrics are great but his voice is so fucked up...again people dickride him like he's some saviour of hip-hop...and anyone who thinks otherwise it's just ur opinion

    • Steph

      "and anyone who thinks otherwise it's just ur opinion" Yeauh...and that's just yours.

    • Anonymous

      That right there is the problem. People set the bar so high by comparing newer artists to the likes of Big and Pac. That's not fair at all. Pac and Big are in lanes of their own. Give each man his fair shake and stop comparing.

  • jntat

    i tought dat lil waynewas d c.e.io of young money


    J.Cole is definitely a talented dude,he makes some really deep music,the kind of shit which makes you really think man,reflect on life and all that sht..which is more than we can say for the 'pop that pussy for me' shit that Little Wayne is always on,hahahaha.Big Up to Jay for signing Cole,there's some more good shit coming from him,no fucking doubt.

  • Anonymous

    Jay talking like a homo...what happen that Marcy PJ's lingo.GTFOH

  • Anonymous

    Now can he focus on Jay Elec?

  • Maj

    Cole World aint classic mainly cos i listen to this nigger from the come up days and was probably expecting more. He still dropped solid shit and we forget this nigger exec producing his own fucking debut. Aint no one done that successfully since Ye'. Its a difficult thing to do with your first project so props for being able to go out and spit some fire and make hot beats from the off

  • 1984

    Gay-Z signed J.Cole so he wouldnt be competition. I hate Gay-Z pompous ass thinking he the best. How you gonna be the best with 11 albums and 1 was dope ( reasonable doubt) and 1 was hot ( black album) and one was okay (blueprint)? I dont know why everyone dickrides this guy. He got his ass served by NAS. he steals Biggies lines and now he thinks he the best? He initially told J.Cole to fuck off basically. That skit at the beginning of " Rise and Shine" is true. J.Cole is that nigga. Jay-Z is a straight up Uncle Tom ass nigga. He is seriously the result of awesome marketing. Ill play this song 3000 times so you like it. and bam legions of brain dead fans who follow his every album. SMH

    • Yeah right

      LOL at Jigga being the result of marketing. Hard work pays off, you pathetic loser. ''I heard motherfuckers saying they made Hov. Made Hov say, "Ok so, make another Hov"'' No truer words have been spoken.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a little whiny bitch that cries everytime Jay reaches another milestone. I can't stop laughing at you calling such highly intfluential, critically acclaimed and respected, genre-defining masterpieces ''ok''. Kill yourself, Hip Hop doesn't need people who don't appreciate the artform.

  • RTJ00

    Still trying to keep the Canibus thing under the rug? lol you guys are so funny.

  • Anonymous

    congrats j. cole. you will still be in the game a respected 10 years from now whild drake will be on some soft ass "i wanna be an actor again" bullshit

  • vers.tyle1@gmail.com

    Congrats for him. A nomination is an achievement. There's people feeling snubbed. And the Grammy's are more about substance, so he might win this.

  • Meela Dymme

    Jay talkin that BOOBOO talk, you know right now J.Cole really ain't all that big of an artist, he's acting like he done sold a mil or won atlease 1 award. So stop all that "you did a good job" talk until he actually does something. nxt

    • Anonymous

      Hush up woman,. you know nothing ,. when has lil wayne ever produced a beat and put an album out without a cross over pop single.. fall back

    • Fuck Outta Here

      What the fuck are you talking about you dumb bitch. He went gold without going pop. Name one other artist in the past 5 years that's done that. Plus he produced all his own shit, so he didn't need all the trendy beats from expensive producers. You hatin' whore.

    • Anonymous

      cole world really did do a good job. He released a solid album without really having to cross over and go pop like alot of rappers do. He went gold without much radioplay. More props to the dude. I've been a fan since I heard him freestyle on DJ Green Lantern radio.

    • Anonymous

      he did do a fantastic job. Cole World is classic. Big up for his accomplishments and hope to see more success in his future.

  • Young Money

    We will gracefully bow out to this amazing achievement by J Cole. He is the truth...*graceful exit while dan the automators nba 2k007 instrumental plays in the background*

  • Rappin Man

    yeah yeah yeah its goin down you can find me all around town droppin these bomb ass raps kickin hardcore facts bitch nigga this aint no act if i get pissed off i will attack and i dont need a gat i got my niggas for that in fact my bitches stay strapped i have to ask where yo niggas and bitches at i bet you aint got none they all on my team like old school wu down for the cream

  • Anonymous

    Cole World Winning. Even if there is no Grammy, the greatest rapper alive is telling us that Cole is the best. And I think that is good enough.



  • jg

    Jcole is an overhyped punk. Cole World was mediocre at best. Hes the Kwame Brown of the rap game: 1st pick no talent

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