Common Breaks Down "Sweet" From "The Dreamer, The Believer"

The Chicago emcee explains the thought process behind his track going at soft emcees.

In a recent interview, Common broke down "Sweet," one of the singles from his upcoming album, The Dreamer, The Believer, due December 20th. During the chat, the Chicago, Illinois native said that the instrumental - produced by No I.D. - was the driving force behind the lyrics, which have been interpreted as a Drake diss.

"'Sweet' is rough on them," said a visibly self-pleased Com. "I was ready to just go in, soon as I heard that beat. I just was really talking about, 'Yo, I'm the coldest emcee out. I'm the best. I'm the greatest.'

"Then I started thinking about all them cats that's real sweet, soft with they style," he added. "Nigga, you get in the ring with a real nigga, and this is what it's gonna be.

"That's Hip Hop, baby. This is Hip Hop."

Watch the interview below:

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  • Sam

    This is cool because he doesn't normally do hard rhymes... if anything, he himself might be categorized as a "soft rapper" because he talks about different things than most. There aren't a lot of MCs in my collection who talk about relationships, God, etc. without having to break character. Com is a different breed. And I would also like to hear him name names... we've all heard "The Bitch In Yoo."

  • SuperGucciRap

    Look at this Penguin ass soft rapper. He even looks soft here lol. Now he does movies in Happy Feet and people call him hardcore. You're as soft as Drake doing Ice Age movies. Common wants to make sure he is the inventor of Soft Rappers. Listen to Gucci Mane and Justin Bieber for real Hardcore Hip-Hop talents. Not this poser nigga. It's Gucci Time!


    somebody buying me this album for xmas



  • Anonymous

    It has to be Drake because Drake is the softest rapper ever. Never mind the bitchmade soft ass singing on ever song, just look at his fucking face.

  • King Rell

    Common I feel you...but I'm tired if niggas acting tough but not naming names...wanna talk about soft ass rappers name names...just makes you look soft yourself Common Sense

    • C-MACK

      @ King Rell - I feel what you are saying to an extent, but if someone out there has to ask themself if this song is about them, then they are probably sweet! And even if he did name the soft niggas, they dont have shit for Common when it comes to MC'ing anyways.

    • google

      it doesnt now instead of witty word play and subliminals you have uncreative rappers calling out your name and even going as far as mentioning your name in interviews example:like waka just did wiz but unfortunately he cant write so he has no other options except name drop. I actually think we need to go back entirely to subliminals too many people skimming through and not reading i remember back in the day i would play back a verse 20-25 times for clarification

  • Obi Patrick

    Common is really gonna make my Christmas with this one...

  • G($)

    Dec 20th can't come soon enough!

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