T.I. Calls New Records "Intellectually Ignorant," Explains Post-Prison Writing Process

Tip says that his new album "Trouble Man" will focus on how he's getting his life together.

T.I. has been hard at work on his new album Trouble Man, impacting in February 2012, and says that a lot of his recent music addresses his post-prison mindset. Speaking with MTV News, Tip explained how many of the songs are “intellectually ignorant” and how his topics shifted following his release from jail.

“My life inspires my lyrics at all times, so at that moment in time when I first came home, I have about 15 songs just totally focusing on that,” he said. “Out of those 15, I probably picked the two, three most significant, most competitive, impactful ones, and after I’d gotten out, I’d been out for a minute then, I got records that’s totally focusing on speaking to people who can only focus on that and telling them I’m ready to move on. So I got X amount of songs about that.”

Tip explained the meaning behind the title of Trouble Man, stating that it’s a nod to his past and how he’s moving on from it. “The name of the album is Trouble Man and every song on there is about things that can get me in trouble, reminiscing on the days where I used to run wild and do my thing the way I used to do it. I got records that’s just totally intellectually ignorant.”

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  • Mr.Woodall

    I find TI to be a very intresting artist. And as I sit here typing in refrence to this article, I ask mytself if Tip truly is still 'KING OF THE SOUTH'. And the only answer I can truly find is HELL YEA!!!!!! Who else is doing things like Tip or who else has that type of intreging persona!!! I look forward to TROUBLE MAN!!!! Welcome home TIP, SALUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ETK

    all those cats who think he's gonna drop the trap shit, remember he thought about making a collabo album with Jeezy. and if that was greenlit you can't tell me there wouldn't have been any trap material from him... just be patient.. he has some of it on lock

  • santiago

    what hes saying is he's back to making that gangsta music, which i love from TI, but its a little hypocritical for him to be doing all these outreach programs and shit and then come out the bing and drop thug tracks. HOw many times has this nigga been to jail anyways?

  • Anonymous

    the shit he been in and out of prison for the last 10 years is "intellectually ignorant." LOL. Like not registering your guns when you rich and famous.

  • flexinshawtty

    stop all ya hating.. his new ablum gun come out fire, burn all your hating ass

    • ETK

      your hater ass needs to leave, No Mercy wasn't superb but writing off Paper Trail which was prolly among his top 3 albums.. smh if you're so into that trap shit, go bump some jeezy

    • Mr Flamboyant

      My God. Speak english you jigaboo nigga. Tip's weak ass needs to sit down. Straight up. No Mercy was a coaster. Paper Trail was a weed plate. Tip vs TI was a frisbee for the park or beach. Leave us all alone.



  • Marc Regal

    Y'all niggaz sure are ignorant!! Who the he'll did he snitch on and where is he?? Cuz I'm sure the Feds or police would've told whoever it was he snitched on so ti lose his credibility..so what I mean?? But y'all so ignorant. Don't u think anybody ti snitched on would be coming out to do a half million dollar interview. Y'all just plain ol dumb. I've not listened to a whole ti album since urban legend, but he will always be one of my fav cuz he was a dope south nigga w/ good enuff lyricism and know how to narrate a story . I've bn messing with his music since I took his first album from my cousin. Ti is stand up dude. He's done his time and still standing. Y'all dumb broke niggaz need to get a life and get off ya ass. Cuz we flexin on ya!!!! Regal

  • Anonymous

    Honestly this is like tip talking shit about himself. Yea todays music is so intellectually ignorant..which is completely unlike ur old albums right? And isnt this whole im gettin m life back together bullshit the same thing we heard before u just got locked up?

  • Kill all RATS

    WE wanna help get the perpetrators that kill our muthas,bruthas, uncles, cousins and any other ninja that do the shit i tawk bout in my records off THE STREETS! call 1-800-crimestoppers ATLANTA and help us ...i mean help "THEM" catch them ninjas...tell em TIPS sentcha and u will get sum reward money...dats tips...T.I.P.s.. T.op I.nformant T.ellin I.mmediately

  • dreadfox

    intellectually ignorant this is jus an excuse so he can talk all that same dope deallin trappin shoot em up bang bang shit..if yall believe this shit yall dumb as hell "You understand that? I got that sack, bruh! Prison aint changed shit, homeboy You understand that?" TI-Flexin yeah that nigga flexin all right and flaugin

  • Jake Drennan

    hopefully this will be as good as paper trail or something like that with more serious material on it that means something..needs a couple fun songs but depth is more important

  • Meela Dymme

    naw ti aint feelin it, nope....niggas need to learn to MAKE MONEY you have to have a character or a gimmick. you had your lil hustle trap gimmick when you came out beefing with flip sounding like the "king of the souf" now you mr. wanna do right. plz aint no one feeling that. Rappers have to understand first impression is what's its all bout. I'm still waitin on urban legend2/king 2 wayne does it, Jay-z does it

    • Anonymous

      Sorry Meela, but you're inaccurate as fuck. Only wack ass rappers stay the same their whole career. And the two examples you gave are way off. Jay-Z is known for reinventing himself every album. Look at the growth from Reasonable Doubt to Vol. 2, from Vol. 2 to The Blueprint, from The Blueprint to The Black Album, from The Black Album to American Gangster, from American Gangster to Watch The Throne... This nigga never STOPS changing. As far as Wayne goes, he went from a woble-dee-woble ass nigga, to a legitimately dope southern rapper, to a freestyle king, to a metaphor heavy mafioso rapper akin to biggie/Jay-Z, to a pucnhline rapping mixtape sensation, to a pop star, to a rock star, and back to the punchline rapping pop star that he is today. If anything, T.I. needs to do the opposite of what ur saying and change more. re-invent himself.

    • YungTexas

      Attention everyone "texas" is not representative of Texas. He is not with us.

    • j

      I don't know Meela...I think that the thing about TI that Jay-Z and Wayne don't do is assess themselves. That last album, No Mercy, was a real and raw as all his other albums. If you thought that he slipped off, maybe it's cuz you ain't heard his new shit. If you think I'm trippin, Go check out Lay Me Down, Strip, and Poppin Bottles and tell me them joints don't pop. Then go get a drink, feel it in yah chest, then play em again and say they don't pop

    • TEXAS


    • Anonymous

      Ignorant ass shut up. You stuck in the past and can't grow up mentally obviously. And is that Game stripping in your prof pic or something?

    • Meela Dymme

      @jest............and he has a reality tv show out on VH1? yea

    • jesterxxl

      Maybe TIP don't ride the bandwagon

  • your a pussy

    (cont.) you would do the same fuckin thing he aint sum street hustla that got booked maybe wita couple bricks nd he snitched on his boy......

    • fjkdla;

      Yeah the funny thing is most people would do the same. No one wants to do 20 years if they could do 1. There are too many hypocrites out there.

  • your a pussy

    if you were a multi-millionare & a platinum rapper.. and u got a charge that could put you in for at least like 20 years, and all u hada do was snitch on sum random ass dude that u were getin the heat off of.. to only do a year?

  • exposing frauds

    T.I. = The Informant. Go to talk to the feds son. You snitch.

    • YungTexas

      Trust me if tip had snitched on someone it would not be a hidden thing,dont yu understand that it would be everywhere bro he wouldnt be able to hide it. the mans got money and used his influence as a tool to get him less time. Why yu think he did road to redemption. The mans smart, but not a snitch.

    • Broward County

      Tip didn't snitch; he testified. Did the government recommend leniency in his sentencing n exchange for his testimony? Probably. They do it all the time. It costs the government upwards of millions of dollars to prosecute a case. They make plea agreements to avoid the cost of putting on a trial. Sammy the Bull was a snitch. Henry Hill was a snitch. Frank Lucasand Nicky Barnes are both snotches. Snitching is when you turn state's evidence against someone you were personally involved in a criminal enterprise with. Tip never snitched. So shut up with that bullshit.

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