Gucci Mane Agrees To Pay Child Support

Gucci and his baby's mother come to an agreement over child support and custody.

According to recent reports, Gucci Mane is agreeing to pay more than $2,000 a month of child support for his 4 year old son. TMZ obtained this information through legal documents and reports that the agreement was amicable. 

Those same documents indicate that Gucci Mane brings in $24,908 a month. He's agreed to pay Sheena Evans, the child's mother, a monthly payment of $2,026.

The agreement was also said to be amicable. Evans will have primary physical custody of their child and Gucci will have visitation rights.

Currently, Gucci is readying the release of "BAYTL," a collaborative project he's created with V-Nasty

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  • Punish Em

    NOOO!! Ya'll still dont get the point. This goes to show you how trifling bitches are. To think that a bitch actually fucked this nigga, got pregnant by him, & had a baby by his ugly ass is offensive enough (lmao). I swear bitches would eat shit if you served it to them on a designer plate w/a side order of dollar bills. This nigga actually works hard at looking uglier WTF??

  • Mr. child suport

    Man that ain't sh!t, i dam near pay that for 2 kids each month, where is the audit at?

  • Anonymous

    its called "lying about your income" to avoid thirsty bitches... all rappers never report every doller they make to the irs... it real easy! any deposit thats not in a "check" under 10k does not have to be reported... so with a rapper like gucci mane who charges about 20k or 30k a show, he simply makes the promoter send him 2 deposits of 5k for the first half of the show money and collects the second half in cash.. undetected!

  • jason

    i dont think V-nasty is gonna help income much. America isnt ready for a white woman yet lol.

  • Meela Dymme

    *better have a plan where's the fuckin edit at lame as hiphopfuckingDX?

  • Meela Dymme

    yeah he's makin that much now. His clubby trap music is kinda dieing out as fruity pop music has been on the rise since Young Money been around so he better then of a plan to have for 2 years from now. $2000 ain't nothing, hopefully she's living in the hood with all those rats. I'm too fancy for that

  • Anonymous

    Wrong headline.Its not like he agrees to. Its... Gucci Mane has to pay child support. Hope she doesn't pull a Kelis

  • x

    Am i the only one who thinks something is wrong with that figure? It says he makes 25gs a month,but hes always bragging and driving in a ferrari and showing off jewelry

    • Anonymous

      hes got that trap house money from moving chickens

    • Anoun.

      Plus, he's a rapper that knows famous rappers, has pictures taken with celebrities, etc, etc. Dude has sponsors. And, when a lot of your friends are rich, your Christmas presents become a little more expensive. And, as stated earlier, he's a rapper. He probably rented the Ferrari and sells his necklaces after the shows. #someMChammershit! PS: 300G's seems low, though Ferrari Boy. Doesn't he own BrickSquad? You'd think he and Waka can bank more than that, especially with Lex Luger continuing to make those crazy beats. I guess he did do a mix tape with V-Nasty, though... so maybe 300G's is actually too high.

    • Ferrari Boi

      I meant 300 grand, not 600. So he still has money if he buys a used Ferrari.

    • Arttu Stachon

      Im thinking bout same, i thought that he mades atleast 200k/month

    • Ferrari Boi

      Nothing really wrong with that. He makes about 600 grand a year. The average Ferrari retail price is 225 grand, which means a dealership will sell it for less than 200. Therefore he still has another 400 grand in his bank account each year. Plus his career started blowing up in 05-06.

  • Anonymous

    its funny how er body says gucci's tha bad guy. how u know she aint just another ho who tried to get prego to get gwap of a cat? exactly ya dnt so take the dick out ya mouth sit the fuck down an keep yo shit ta yo self

    • Anonymous

      It takes 2 to get pregnant...Dont know if you forgot that or youre just fucking retarded.

    • Anonymous

      are you really trying to defend gucci mane? the guy who goes to jail atleast twice every year? the guy who murdered someone, beat a guy with a pool stick, pushed a hoe out of his moving hummer.....

  • BDiddy Hiddy

    how do all these cracker racists get on hip hop sites? smh

  • Anonymous

    i would hope he can pay his fucking child support, its only 2gs a month! considering how many ridiculous pieces of jewelry this guy owns that seems pretty reasonable

  • Anonymous

    He should also agree to let God take him off life support so we don't have to hear another garbage pop song from him dressed up as hip-hop

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Coon. Disgrace to Black people. Go back to the ghetto.

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