Canibus Retracts J. Cole Diss Song And Comments Made

Canibus said that his attack on Roc Nation's new star came off as "tacky and unsophisticated," and he releases vlog taking it back.

Veteran New York emcee Canibus was the talk of the Internet Hip Hop community when the former Universal Records phenom dissed Roc Nation artist J. Cole in a song ("J. Clone" ) and Facebook post. The comments reportedly stemmed from Cole's onetime crediting of the HRSMN/Undergods emcee without furthering those tokens of support.

In a video released later yesterday, December 11, Canibus retracted those statements in a self-recorded video blog. "I've seen thousands and thousands of comments of ['J. Cole'], and all the negativity it's stirring up. After 48 hours of it, I feel confident enough to say that it's unanimous. Hip Hop has spoken up loud and clear, it's a 'cole world' right now, and you're reignin' champ, J. I take full responsibility for my actions and I apologize for steppin' over the line. It comes off as tacky, unsophisticated, and it's just not G. I love Hip Hop too much to further justify my selfish behavior."

J. Cole has yet to speak on the matter. HipHopDX will keep you updated.

The full video, which is edited with repeats, is here:


  • Anonymous

    Takes a real man to admit when he's wrong. Peace 2 Bis.

  • Hiphopjudge

    Canibus was once considered to be the illest rapper to grace the planet. But that was 1997-99. Now he's dissing people for attention. Dissed eminem, em's daughter, ton of other artist including j Cole as of recently. A fuckin has been. Can't even make dope records anymore. I really wonder how the masses are gonna remember this man. Good luck bro. Stop doing drugs.

    • Jeremy Jameson

      Stop spreading lies. Em dissed him first, and continues to take subliminal shots at him. If Em was that great wouldn't he have ended his career on wax? Not that "let me pay someone off so behind the scenes so that no-one talks about him anymore bullshit," I'm talking straight up lyrical ass beating. Em can't, and his label knows this. And who cares if he dissed Em's daughter. hasn't Em said worse about other people in a variety of songs? Was it warranted for him to diss Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, yet back down when Nick issued a boxing challenge to him? Bis is no saint, but for people to act like this is the worse thing that has happened in hip-hop is bullshit, especially when the culture itself continues to get raped, yet no one has the balls to consistently point these things out. A majority of you just hate Canibus because it's the "it thing" to do now.

  • Anonymous

    Canibus is to smart for his own good, you know what they say about genius and insanity walking hand in had, canibus could be a case study on the subject Bis is like a guy with 185 IQ that could break down a Rubix Cube in 10 seconds, but the whole time he did it he'd be drooling on himself...... He's the guy who knows the answer to every question on Jeopardy but cant figure out how to tie his shoes

  • Anonymous

    Dis nigga jus want a buzz

  • evan

    ...Canibitch you fell of years ago....GTFO YOU IRELEVENT FUCK

  • The Mayor

    the first 26 seconds he seems like a normal human being... than... falls to SHIT lol still tho, how can u hate this guy? hes insane... just let him live in his own little world and do what he wants.

  • Anonymous

    "Now I do it big and that's my day to day story, I got the type of shit that make a hater say sorry" from Cole World - Cole World: The Sideline Story

  • Swordz

    The continued fall of a Icon. This is the clearest most recent example of a "Polar Rapper" Keep your children away from these bi-polar diseased waste-man rappers. Canibus = Worst Fail

    • IDK

      i was sure as hell that LL and Em securely fastened this dusty-ass dude into the coffin before they buried his ass. i guess the nigga musta pulled out a tooth and used to dig his way out.

  • gnigga_pleeze

    i respect the humility and admission that it was selfish. bus should focus on makin dope music cuz melatonin magic, lyrical law, AND c of tranquility were fuckin dope. now focus on makin dope shit with keith murray not on gettin ur name out there for negative shit

  • Say what

    Say what you wanta say, He just gain my respect for maning up and saying he was wrong too make the track, it real easy to do or say something negitive but it take a hell of a lot to turn around and say you were wrong and sorry and own up to it.

  • Can-I-Apologize?

    That was a humble move. Regardless of the fact that I use to think Canibus was dope 10 years ago and for a second I wanted to stomp his face in for making the most ridiculous diss track ever, I think the dude was sincere about this shit. Does that change my outlook on his music now? No. But now I don't think he is a complete moronic douche. I also don't think he feared the reaction of the internet bloggers. I think they just helped him see this shit from a different perspective. Dude has always been different and seen shit from a different vantage point and it shows in his music e.g. his EMINEM diss where he resurrected Stan and went at him as Stan. lol. Anyway, in my book the dude gets a point back for the corny apology VLOG. EMINEM STAN DISS:

  • King of Kingz cannibis on heroine?LOl.... Telling u son, this is the weakest most loser-ish back down I have ever seen. Did Colde officialy comment on the diss? Get The fuck out!

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    Atleast he saw the errors of his ways, It was a bitch move to start off with, but now we can move on.

    • Anonymous

      He saw the errors of his ways a little to late because the damage has already been done. Like when the titanic sank in the water and thousands of people died the company then realized they didn't have enough lifeboats AFTER the people were already dead.

  • Severe Thebeneficent

    LOL all it takes is a "beef" and the internet shows its stinkin ass! why is there 6 pages of comments? like really? and it always turns into a pissing match about record sales, whose better, race and everything else! wtf? its like the same ol shit over & over again with yall man...this kinda bullshit is the only thing u seem to respond to in hip hop, beef and gossiping about other niggas business, no wonder the game is the way it is, u "fans" are fuckin worthless...

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    "it's a 'cole world' right now, and you're reignin' champ" Really? Where YOU the champ before AND is J Cole a CHAMP? C MON SON! Isnt it more about personal fear after the reactions of the internet-cheeseheads? This apology is cheap and shows: Canibus has no backbone and lost his face over some internetbullshit instead of concentrating on his skill. Idiot.

  • Jeremy ThequietGuy Orr

    Thats a grown man decision he made.. Some ppl (young males) with huge egos would never do this. While I applaud Canibus for doing the mature thing he should of thought out his process a little better

  • bobbyd


  • od

    j.cole or eminem won't ever do a song as good as "only slaves dream". now i don't understand why he clash a fan.

  • Obi Patrick

    Canibus is clearly having a battle with himself not Cole....

  • prewoz

    Good he did this... but this dude an idiot.

  • ray123

    canibus is the truth...lets get him to the cyphers and show the world

  • Natas first born

    Wow. Looking at a majority of the responses, people really hate Canibus for merely expressing how he felt, realizing he made a mistake, and issuing a retraction. Now if only people would get this up-in-arms about other kinds of fuckery that blatantly happens in hip-hop and will continue to happen. SMH. Some people are only commenting on this video because you: really hate Canibus because of the LL and Eminem shit. SMH. Let's see people get upset over industry politics, payola, and the bullshit like that.

    • Anonymous

      i agree that some people are just straight dicking eminem. but this guy has a history of fuckery. if this was a one time thing u'd be right but this is the same dude who purchased d12 vocals, recorded a diss track to em, diss his daughter, and added those d12 vocals onto the song to make it look like they turned on em. this guy is clearly just an attention hungry tool bag with nothing to left to offer.

  • Anonymous

    ok this is just fuking stupid. fail at trying to be funny. and the track was hot ass wax!!!!

  • Richard Powell

    he is acting like the game every time he's about to drop an album.

  • Lestry

    Fuck! Are yuou retarded people? Canibus is STILL GREAT. His last three albums was very good, and you hating like kids! I ca say also that his crazy and he did his second mistake in hip hop which is the stupidest thing could be ever did.

  • Anonymous

    Who ever thought Canibus would turn into the grumpy old nigga picking fights with everybody to keep his name floating out there, dude was so ill in the "Beast From The East" Days, now every record ghe makes sounds like he hates the world and everytime he disses somebody its just more and more pathetic Back in 2000, This dude, Eminem & Pun were my favorites, now look at them Pun turned out to be a wife beater who ate himself to death Em let the drugs get to him and is such a social misfit now he's like a Rap Micheal Jackson Canibus is the worst tho, dude cant even get attention from the internet anymore without dissing somebody, at least in the "Rip The Jacker/Mic Club" days he had online Buzz, now, he cant even get that without another mans name in his mouth Tragic

    • jaceshadoe

      u can't compare CIV to Bad Meets Evil album. Sales doesn't mean shit but only how many ppl prefer pop icons to real lyricist. Album and lyrical quality goes to Bad Meets Evil hands down.

    • Anonymous

      NIGGA ! i agree with the first anonymous nigga .. bis was such a beast in 90s-2003 then his talent started fading out slowly . if u want hear hi min his beast mode check the third bonus disk in his latest album lyrical law, its some 90s recorded unreleased DOPE ASS shit

    • Anonymous

      Check out Billboard social 50 Facebook twitter album sales etc. eminem is always above Wayne.

    • Anonymous

      every time someone points out that lil wayne is the most popular current rapper some oversensitive fanboy catches feelings. exhibit A... anon didnt even say lil wayne was the best... he just stated a fact that lil wayne is currently the most popular rapper. yet somehow your oversensitive bitch ass interpreted that as lil wayne is better than eminem... learn to read and stop being on the defensive.

    • Lol

      Also, what album did eminem release last year? I'm pretty sure Bad Meets Evil came out this year and isn't close to the highest selling album. It was good, yes, but not the highest selling. Don't spew made-up facts.

    • Lol

      I do not believe you have the right to use the term "nigga", bro.

    • Richard Powell

      1# isnt it great how true hip hop heads can logg onto a website and speak their minds about hip hop? 2# the reason people only like wayne is because his voice is just totally off the map, its just annoying and thats what people like him, because he is different, he says the same shit any other rapper says, but with a strange sounding voice.

    • James Michael Cannon

      I meant both of u are outta your skulls lol my bad

    • James Michael Cannon

      Both are u are outta you skull like seriously what the fuck... 1st anonymous dude says eminem is such a social misfit and is rap's michael jackson.. FYI nigga eminem is still making the dopest fucking shit out there had the best selling album last year and dropped a highly lyrical dope collaborative LP with ROYCE this year.... And anonymous number 2... Eminem is the best behind lil wayne? Compare lyricism and album sales son lil wayne doesn't touch EMINEM... SHAdY!!

    • Anonymous

      damn you went ham. your take eminem was alittle forced though. he's the biggest rapper in the world after wayne right now...that's alittle more noteworthy than a personal problem which we all have.

  • the presi

    One thing I can say about Canibus is that he would not release a bullshit apology (i.e. belching, retakes, and what not) like this. dude is way to meticulous and this is just too sloppy. I think he's being sarcastic and playing dumb.. unfortunately, he does not gain anything from being that way

  • ken

    canabitch don't want no beef with cole. attention seeking bitch, u never had a career to begin with.coleworld.

  • Anonymous

    someones craving attention..

  • Anonymous

    He's being sarcastic coz he's repeating wat he's fucking saying.

    • Anonymous

      THAT'S NOT FUCKING SARCASM! GEEZ! Sarcasm leaves no room for interpretation or speculation. If it was sarcasm it would have been blatantly ironic.

  • Anonymous

    that is real shit!!!!! nothing but respect for you canibus!!!!

  • COLE WORLD - GOLD while Canibus Hating..

    BLA BLA BLA Canibus is soooo lyrical bla bla bla. Who the fuck cares? nobody listen to Canibus. Name me 3 canibus song...and dont say 2nd Round KO. waiting...... "lyrical miracle spiritual individual criminal subliminal. In your swimmin' pool" Fuck Outta Here With That Bullshit. COLE WORLD

    • Anonymous

      Poet Laureate 2 is better than J. Cole's who discography. you clearly have 0 knowledge of any underground or independent hip hop artists with the stupid shit coming from your mouth

    • Anonymous

      oh yeah and if you ahve the balls for it check any of his poet laureate mixes with the original beats...

    • Anonymous

      ok dumbass BUCKINGHAM PALACE... 100 BARS .... POET LAUREATE 2 .... plz check em all without skipping or forwarding before u comment back ...

    • the presi

      I hear where u coming from and all but For "Whom The Beat Tolls" was a straight up classic by canibus and I aint some lyrical hip hop nerd. I know my hip hop. now if you r born in the 90's I just cant speak for anyone speaking from that generation...

    • say

      i agree, i dont know one song by this guy and i am not interested. funny he later apologized

  • JP

    the fuck is wrong with this guy

    • Anonymous

      he tryin to get some attention since he droppin an album very soon .. that video is a troll-ass video am sure , son couldnt keep a straight face lol

  • James Vega

    Jay-Z probably had him hanging over a balcony on some Suge shit...

  • triPAUD

    It was man of him to apologize though.

  • murdock

    I dont know what canibus does on his own time or why he made that diss record but he will eat any mc alive

  • skiski

    he's a dumbass but this too good

  • jacob

    canibus is bugged out...he had to be on some type of drug man

  • Hip hop to heaven

    Everybody hates canibus. Every article about canibus is always followed by tons and tons of hate towards the man Despite it seeming like he is an obvious douche in person, he is stil one of the greatest ever lyrically On another note, you can find some of his antics in the new revolutionary iPhone app, Hip Hop To Heaven Check the app store. The majority of hip hop heads couldn't make it to the heaven level

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (Jordan shrug) I mean wasn't it obvious from the jump what he was doing. And I'm not looking at the video just off of the friggin still picture shown. Is this nigga high off some other ish? Canibus should stab himself to death.

  • Anonymous

    This guy fuckin retarded

  • Real Talk

    real talk this nigga looked like he made this video in his mommas house, LOL cant even afford an HD Tv, nigga cannabis step yo game up instead of trying to stay relevant by beefing, cuz honestly when was the last time someone was like "OH u hear that new cannabis track" haha not never

  • Michael Brown

    cannibus is just jealous that j cole has money. haha

  • Anonymous

    dont be a pussy, eat that full fuck j cole this jbird bitch

  • Anonymous

    This douchebag deserves the career he's had Canibus has always been an asshole, consider the evidence Exhibit A - He tapes a phone call he had with LL and leaks it to the internet, even tho when you listen to the call LL sounds like he's trying to be a man about it and Bis is crying like a lil girl Exhibit B - He digs up a dormant 7 year old beef with Eminem, buys some unreleased D12 vocals and sews them into his diss record just to make people think Em's peoples turned on him to generate intrest in his album nobody was talking about Exhibit C - He goes on conspiracy radio and yells and screams for an hour because he doesnt like the questions he was asked about the situation with DJ Premier and Slaughterhouse, he goes on another radio show and gives the host a lecture because she asked him to freestyle and he didnt feel like it because "I'm not a circus animal that performs on command" Exhibit D - He disses the one young mainstream rapper who acknowledges his achievements, for no reason at all, then when he see's that he finally picked a fight that nobodys gonne side with him on, issues a half hearted apology You can Youtube all this shit, I couldnt make all that up if i tried

  • Anonymous

    I'm really looking at these comments and wondering if people really watched the whole video. From the burp in the beginning, to the J. Cole magazine, to the "sit my old ass down" comment, or the fact that he's struggling not to bust out in laughter for half of the video It's pretty obvious he's being sarcastic.

  • MsGetMoney

    OMG I had to put this on my blog. The nerve of Canibus like really my dude. This the same dude got played by LL Cool J. Like Stop being a major hatter. #IMDEADWEAK

  • Glowing_KNight

    Cole is capable of writing a diss track, and it would be interesting cause he use to write crazy good back in his CC days. Cole is only showing 1/4 of his full potential in the mainstream. He is really a good writer but he is dumbed down

  • Anonymous

    Lmao im sorry but anyone anyone anyone who thinks cole could take canibus on a track is a fucking idiot. Dick riders i swear. Not even a canibus fan..but wtfs cole gonna do sing a hook lmao? If i was cole id still diss back now.

  • Anonymous

    Canibus is a joke son. He has never been able to prove himself after "2nd Round KO". Instead of simply focusing on his career, now he is acting so fucking bipolar that even Game can't keep up. But this isn't the worst that Canibus did. The worst thing he ever did was take samples from old D12 verses without Eminem and put em together on a track where supposedly he, D12, and some DZK diss Eminem. Now that's some real clown shit.

  • Anonymous

    i thought eminem or llcoolj got rid of this dude, this is by far the most bithchy move ever made to get attention. one thing good for sure, he manned up and accepted responsibility for is action.

    • Anonymous

      No he didn't man up, he just realized his fans weren't supporting him dissing a respected MC who was giving him props, and now he's trying to win them back.

  • Jonathan J-Ronin Marvin

    he was corny for doing the diss when all he got was love from J.Cole in the first place. He looks like an old ass hater who got checked now lol Whack apology. He's just doing it cuz of all the backlash he got. Canibus needs to stick to making music for his fans and thats it. Stop trying to beef with everyone! Man i used to go to Jamaica ave back in 97 to get your freestyles! You let me down a lot from 98 on . . .. .

  • tooraw

    you muhfukaz is stupid who thinking bis is serious with this right here smh & on some serious shit, canibus would body j.cole...true say i dont agree with the diss though but its wdeva

    • Anonymous

      Nobody cares tho Canibus could drop 1,000 bars about J Cole and its not gonna make a diffrence to anyone except canibus and the 5 fans he has left Bis needs to quit riding dicks for attention and stick to making good music, I'm a fan but he is a douche bag for always needing to beef with someone to get attention It dont work anymore Bis, your the Well known asshole of rap, people just expect you to bitch about other people now, nobody even takes it serious anymore, we just go "Oh look at that, Canibus is dissing someone again, big surprise"

  • Drew

    "Diss was unsophisticated." *Burps straight into camera*

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a real jackass now

  • bisquic

    I'm tired of Canibus. Goodbye.

  • ayee

    strangest self-promo i've ever seen.. what is he thinkin??

  • Anonymous

    Big ups to Canibus for taking responsibility of his actions. He is back in my good books...

  • Anonymous

    Bis is still making good music. Ya'll sleeping.

  • Anonymous

    Canibus should just retire, he hasnt aged well, instead of just accepting his position and doing him like the rest of the battle rappers who didnt make it (Chino XL, Ras Kass) he has to cry like a faggot about everyone he see on tv, he's a loser

    • glowing_knight

      Kass coming back, you didn't hear the Ozone track? Hot. Just like Soul on Ice. Bis and Kass and them cats , INI, we still listen to them cause we respect and appreciate good music.

  • right

    I'm just gonna go ahead and call it...Roc nation paid for this

    • ???

      You got it backwards. If anything, somebody from the ROC Camp put the word out on this clown. 'Bis ain't never apologized for none of the dumb shit he's ever done. Either this fool is just as bi-polar as Game or somebody from the ROC got at him. Bet on it.

  • Steph

    LOL...Okay...moving on...

  • Anonymous

    #nohomo Canibus...smmfh... One of them niggas i hoped would hook would hook up wit new age producer and kill some shit....#dead...This nigga just lost one like shit......Jay z musta sent somebody through and piped his ass down or somn

  • potato_with_jive

    Has it really come to this, Bus? Cole tried to big you up as a major influence and this is how you react? Im a long time fan of yours (new and old) but to start a fake beef to get your name out is just corny, B. you played out your own move! Straight corny. THEN because maybe you got sober after 48 hours of whatever you trippin on, you decide to take it back? Not mature. Not respectable. You played yourself B. Stead of targeting young emcees, you need to focus on you, homie. Part of the reason hip hop left you behind was your stank ass attitude. Here it is again biting you in the ass, B. Corny.

  • Anonymous

    As a hip hop head, I respect the video more than ever.

  • V-Nasty is God

    Canibus >>>>>> J. Cole, Jay-Z, Eminem, LL Cool J, Wyclef, everybody in Slaughterhouse and your favorite wack ass mainstream rapper.

  • Lupe Espinoza

    Atleast he apologized like a G.

  • Anonymous

    Used to fuck with Cannibus at one point in time, but that was years ago. He has been on some weird shit for a while now....At least he got some headlines for a

  • Yolo

    The burps at the beginning... The Music playing.. Rockymovie in the background. The mag cover... the editing. This video is filled with backhanded sarcasm. LoL! Canibus you purple lipped cokehead Bastard.


    I didn't listen to the video, but judging by the excerpts, I took at as sarcasm. I fully expect more of this stupid ish...

  • Anonymous

    Uggh I was really hoping Eminem, Slaughterhouse, J Cole, and Jay-Z would just get rid of this dude.

  • Nedjan Shabani

    He saw how many fans, J. has so hes taking everything back hoping some of his fans will start liking him for what he said, still trying to do everything to get attention

  • Sebastien Cbass Sims

    Lmao.. i take it back? What i fuckin joke..

  • RICH


    • Anonymous

      Whadeva man! You Jafakin piece of trash. Get the f outta here. Where you from? Jamaica, Queens? Punk ass

    • yeaa

      stfu you aint jamaican you prolly a fat black ass 37 yr old rapper tht call em self earl money thts why you can relate you bitch nigga

  • Anonymous

    dumbest thing i ever bus we were with you until now...r u on rocks? what did u think would happen..u basically sucked this kid off on a song..smh

  • fouad

    sarcasm is a lost art on most people i guess...

    • Henry Rembert

      He knew most people arent going to get it. "Hey young world" in the BG, rehearsed apology, Rocky on TV, and "I'm gonna go sit my old ass down... haha funny shit

  • swampelli

    In the immortal words of Rick James Cocaine is a hellava Drug!!!

  • 2da9thpwr

    Musically, Canibus isn't even a footnote. Lyrically, as a battle rapper, Canibus is a beast. My problem is that he is too narcissistic and egotistical to put out anything meaningful. He's just scared people will forget about him. Look at him holding on for dear life to what ever clout he has left. Im not an Eminem stan like that but at least he'll be remembered for more than just expressing how impressive he's IQ is when it probably isn't even above average. Why don't I like Canibus? because he isn't as impressive as he would like you to believe.

    • Anonymous

      apparently you dont listen to enough of about canibus to make that judgement then. go listen to cirriculum 101 or either one of the 3 or 4 1000 bar songs he wrote. dudes unreal. hes just nuts and mad he doesnt have millions like he should have or any of the real fame. to me he just comes off as a crybaby now. like grow up, and go get that money time to scrap your loses and get that.

  • ciph3r

    put the nail in this niggas coffin. sick of this foo. it is a COLE WORLD but its also people have no more respect for bis, he needs to realize his time passed and leave with some dignity

  • Y U MAD

    Why is it rappers who come across as intelligent and conscious on the mic are the ones that make stupid decision and poor choices outside of the music; whereas the ones who talk that ignorant shit seem smart in real life outside of their music? This dude is just one good example! Someone choke it up for me...

  • Anonymous

    This dude crawled out the old rotting casket eminem sealed him in, disses j cole, takes it back once he reads the comments on the hip hop blogs about how corny it was, this nigga just needs to fade away and never be heard from again.

  • Anonymous

    DJ Premier killed him without ever dropping a song...hahaha! this dude needs to stop....wack lyrics, wackER beat!!.....

  • Anonymous

    cani bitch , oh cani bitch

  • Stan

    This went over so many peoples heads...

    • Anonymous

      I know right, this whole thing was sarcastic as fuck, he just realized that rapping against J cole was a lose lose when 90% of the internet told him he was a hasbeen so he threw out a snide lil fake apology video

  • Brendon James

    CANIBUS---disses J. Cole for being his biggest fan, then loses battle via FAN response. most awkward "beef" of all-time. -___________________-

  • Anonymous

    you gotta have respect for this

  • Anonymous

    I stopped when Bis rehearsed this apology. I can't knock him too much for manning up about it, he knows he fucked up. Maybe he was drunk and/or drugged up or whatever. Glad he did this though. He done burned a bridge on this one and now has to walk the looongggggg way back to Hip Hop redemption...

  • Anonymous

    is he reading it? hahahahaha it took him like 10 different takes

  • Anonymous

    is he reading it? hahahahaha.. it took him like 10 different takes..

  • foekist

    I got as far as 0:39 and pressed stopped. What a fucking arse-hole!

  • kennyken

    shit get on a song with him. that's the way to do business g!

  • kennyken

    man now that's what's up! man i'm glad he said that...even though he isn't a mainstream success, i like this guy...glad he did that

  • Anonymous

    Probably realised his actions were wrong. Still the fanboys come and still bitch and whine like a bunch of hating faggots. Ignorant comments such as "his first two albums were good and he has been shit ever since" are just stupid. Rip the jacker was his best album but you probably haven't even listened to his music and are still guzzling on eminems cock thinking he won that beef...

  • TheBatMan

    Bigup A Man That Can Account For His Actions.. End Of Story You Fucks..

  • DrDreBeats

    Take your broke ass to Burger King, its a rap for your music career

  • Anonymous

    Canibus is looking like a broken man. First two albums still bang though.

  • Brohim

    Cocaine's a helluva drug

  • shady83

    fck this nigga he nthin, any1 notice rocky is on n tha bckground LOL

  • Anonymous

    what. the fuckery.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like he in a litle bit too good a shape to be on drugs. no homo. haha dude is hurting he wishes he still mattered to hip hop but he doesn't. his career didn't really do what it was suppose to. the dude is a legend but a went at someone on a major label who was much more popular than him and got blacklisted. he never became what he was suppose to.

  • J.

    I hope Cole take the high road (cant believe im saying that) and dont diss this cat. Just accept his apology and understand your favorite rapper needed some pub so he went at you. Seriously though, the diss was wack anyway lol. He should apologize for it.

  • Anonymous

    Cocaine's a helluva drug!!!!

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    WTF...lmfao... Was he rehearsing the shit? That is some strange shit man. This your life on drugs....smfh...

  • Anonymous

    I guess I can repsect the apology, but I guess the track served its purpose and got people taling about Canibus again.

  • Anonymous

    He's on the crack pipe, look at his lips all purple and swollen and his eyes are open a mile wide, dude is tweekin off that glass dick!!

  • Roland Muskelly

    Homie is coming off like my Uncle after a some Henny in his system !! Canibus is looking crazy as Hell in this video !! I never thought I'll see the day when this would take place. On a good note he's retracting and apologizing for being a douchebag acting like the world owes him something.

  • Killage

    Yo! I can respect any MAN that is able to account for his own mistakes. I felt the exact same way, that it was tacky. I like Canibus and he is a real MC. I did think the diss was out of line. All these internet haters and loud mouths hearts are filled with hate and their minds are poisoned. They even sound dumber than this whole diss situation. Sad to see.

    • Anonymous

      How can anyone look at this video and not see this guy is dealing with bigger problems then rap beef right now?? Homie looks like he's on some fucked up drugs, either that or he's suffering from a nervous breakdown, his eyes alone look like he's dazed and confused someone get this man some help fast, lol, dude is losin it

  • Anonymous

    am i really watching this right now? wowww ROFLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! he's rehearsing this shit like wtf and why the hell would he record himself rehearsing. this is mad sad. im a bis fan but this is somewhat pathetic. shit is funny tho

  • 1984

    bis is fuckin nuts what the fuck is wrong with this video. dude needs to stop doing drugs

  • Anonymous

    and this is why cannibus has always taken the L hahahahhaha

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    okay... now apologize to: Wyclef, LL, Eminem, Slaughterhouse, DJ Premier... Basically everyone who helped you out in your pathetic career. Then go kill yourself

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      ahahahaha, shut up bitch. I don't follow Canipus because Im not a loser like you. ya know what, i was going to make fun of you but im not. Ur already a Canipus fan, that's punishment enough

    • 215rep

      wow, u really follow canibus' like that? these faggot ass fan boys talk they shit, but i bet in person, if you were approached by someone u claim is washed up, i'll putt 100 dollars up that ur bitchass would fold. I doubt you know this nigga personally so, relax and go listen to ur rick ross wale records, dont get ur panties in a bunch

  • wow...

    that is one disgusting looking dude...

  • Jesse Lawrence

    Canabitch!!! Your carrer should have stayed 6 feet under after Em killed it you sorry ass

    • Anonymous

      hey jesse lawrence, u don't strike me as a hip hop head, so i suggest u keep ur ignorant comments to ur self, u will get tested. flakey ass white bol got an opinion? foh, urs don't count and YOU KNOW WHY FAGGOT

  • Anonymous

    this dude practising his apology? new movements everytime it's read. This is crazy! Canibitch is crazy!

  • t

    lmao when he held up the magazine with cole on it i was dyin! lol!!!!!! what is goin on with this guy?

  • BGG

    damn nigga y yo lips purple u smokin that rock?

  • Anonymous

    I mean it takes alot to say what he just did, that saying what he did in the first place was childish, dissed j cole for ime saying you influenced him but the reason you did it was because he wasnt mentioning your new material? shit is weak

  • Skylivedk

    Video mad strange, but props for actually manning up to say you fucked up.

  • wishworks

    damm famm this shit is not g, we don't read off screens homie, i thought you were an mcee, what, can't freestyle now? Put The Crack down it's a cold world, go sit your old ass down some were , Damm bis This ain't you

  • jr88

    when i read his comments i was like "oh, cannibus is growing up, that was big of him"....then i saw the shit creeped me the fuck

  • s

    This nigga's editing skills.....

  • Anonymous

    Yo, this dude smokin them dust blunts or dippin his cigs in embalming fluid or summin, he dont like right in this shit

  • Samuel Snead

    jeez lol, he is out of it. He must have been drunk n high and woke up with a moment of clarity. um what did i do this weekend? oh i think i dissed somebody, better retract my statements. U mean i dissed the guy that praised me, damn maybe his fans would have bought a couple of my records. I just keep fucking up damn cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Canibitch oh Canibitch

  • dsad

    im a huge fan of Bis, all his beef in the past i stood by & i aint a fan of cole...but dude is on some psychopath shit nigga actin crazy as hell

  • hurricane game

    lol, just go back in the casket, just life 50 cent

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly what happens when you lace pesticide with your weed ..after the 48hr buzz wears off you realize how Ignorant!!!!! you sound and issue a retraction..SMH..

  • Vinny Patron

    Told you he was the biggest clown in hip hop.

    • caliset805

      this coming from an air export agent, sorry bro, that aint hiphop, just go back to work and never state ur opinion as if it matters. faggot ass white bols got nerves speaking on something they have no right to speak on. go head, claim u make more money than me, u work for someone homie, u aint keepin it real in the streets of long beach, keep listen to ti and jeezy, maybe they can help u realize ur life long dream of becoming a transexual homo

  • tresdemayo

    Canibus seems to be trolling hard on this one, dude is smiling, he's happy and proud of his lame ass diss, thinking it will give some buzz to the next wack ass project is gonna put out. It's gettin worst and worst, stop diggin tour own grave dude

  • Patrick Nomvia

    "Now if a bitch sucks yo' dick, for five dollars per square inch and gets forty dollars, includin a five dollar tip How big was the dick she just sucked? (Say what?)"

  • Poppa

    CANIBUS was wrong to step to J. Cole like that after J. Cole gave him props as his favorite rapper ever ! Now Canibus, you have just helped J. Cole sell more records and made JAY Z more richer than ever ! Nice move !

  • Some guy posting a comment

    Not even sure what to say or think about this video, this whole situation, or anything related...

  • Phil House

    words cant express how much i hate this man right now please just stop just stop canibus its over your career is over

  • Anonymous

    That video is creepier then the human centipede 2 I think this man might be on some other kind of drugs, seriously, he aint stoppin at Canibis, lol, his eyes look tweeked out as fuck in that video I wouldnt be surprised if he bumped a line before the camera came on

  • David Huh Wat

    ok look cole aint all that cold.... can i buss is retarded on the werdz.... but this isoutta law....dude cmon na nigga............

  • Tru Benji Bllue

    man wtf is this all about cuz fuck u guys r so gay fam .....canibus was so good back then hmmmm

  • FLKJ:

    This is a good example why I don't post videos of myself on the internet and don't use Facebook. How can you wake up the next day and not want to delete this stupid video? haha

  • Dude

    So, he's gone completely insane?

  • DoomChalla

    I love dude's music but he's come off second best here and J Cole ain't even have to do anything. I don't even like Cole!

  • amp

    WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF CMON SON!!!!!! funniest shit of 2011 mayne

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