RZA Explains How Hip Hop Artists Are Now Competing In Headphones

The Abbott says that selling the most headphones may be the new gold standard among Hip Hop's biggest. RZA also says that he, Diddy and Dr. Dre should have the best, as producers.

Wu-Tang Clan co-founder RZA took his Chambers headphone line to market earlier this week. The veteran deejay/producer/emcee recently spoke to Billboard.com. After previously branching into film, fashion and executive producing a number of projects, RZA asserted that producers are a natural progression for musicians who are focused on sound quality.


Speaking about competing against Dr. Dre's Beats By Dre headphones as well as recent creations from Diddy, 50 Cent and Ludacris, RZA said, "I don't like to compete against my own crew, meaning, Hip Hop...But you do want to sell the most records, have the biggest song and win the Grammy." The E1 Entertainment artist continued, "With much respect to the other guys, [Dr.] Dre is a producer and I'm a producer," he said. "If anyone is into sound and dealing with sound, it's more the producer than a rapper. We get more technical."

Read the full interview here.


  • Severe Thebeneficent

    I cant even fathom how anybody is offended by what hes saying...some of u need to get out the house and get some fresh air...

  • BiLL$

    Chambers r the best i got my pair.

  • Newkid

    I got much respect for wu tang... but cmon now. Artist endorsed headphones are only as good as the people who are actually building it. RZA doesnt know about how to build a headphone any more than 50. He might have a better ear than fif, but then again, do you think a headphone up for sale wont be tested by HUNDREDS of people with a good ear for music? They arent gonna just hand the headphones to rza and sell em aright after Dont fall for the hype ppl

  • Iron Man

    DJ Khaled isn't a producer. He's a Pokemon or whatever.

  • wu tang forvever

    RZA headphones are so much better than beats!


    thats wats up Subscribe/251gogirl------->Follow/251g0girl------->LIKE/Go G.i.r.l

  • username135

    DJ khaled has never made a beat in his life

  • So Icy Boi!

    RZA is an overrated produca, DJ Khaleds beats are much better. his beats are international hits, multi-platinum hits. DJ Khaled is da best produca of all time. swag

    • JAAMES

      Almost all those songs were produced by THE RUNNERS... Khaled is just a DJ... DJ.... Not like Premo, but more like kay slay....

    • haha u make me laugh

      khaled isnt a dj or a producer hes a joke just like all ur posts

    • Anonymous

      lol...NONE of those beats are produced by Khaled...FACT

    • soce

      LOL so icy boy knows how to excite those niggas from rap radar to hip hop dx.

    • Erm....

      Your under the false impression that DJ Khaled does his own beats.... Or your just talking bs for a laugh

    • Killalex

      Everyone is getting trolled the fuck out by this retard, just ignore him.

    • So Icy Boi!

      I neva heard a Wu Tang song in a club. I neva heard a Wu Tang song on da radio. DJ Khaled is mo popular & sold mo album den RZA. swag

    • lightbulb

      Don't foget AFRO SAMURAI! i loved his production on that those albums

    • Anonymous

      RZA: 36 Chambers Tical Return to the 36 Chambers OB4CL Liquid Swords Ironman Wu-Tang Forever The greatest run in hip-hop history and I'm talking about whole albums, not just some singles.

    • Anonymous

      RZA part of the best selling hip hop group in history the Wu Tang Clan and also has charted worldwide. Dj khaled only good in the US.

    • Anonymous

      Are u serious right now? RZA taking a shit sounds better than that Arabian mother fuckers biggest hit. U seriously need to do ur homework before u start talking shit bout legends. Go and listen to all the wutang and first round of solo albums, produced in their ENTIRETY by RZA and you'll see what I mean. Plus RZA can drop rhymes with ridiculous knowledge and precision, dj Khaled isn't worthy of even being in the same category. I feel sorry for your ignorance and lack of good taste in hip hop. All mentally dead mother fuckers wake the fuck up

    • So Icy Boi!

      DJ Khaled is da most talented producer of all time. swag

    • So Icy Boi!

      I'm On One - US: 3x Platinum All I Do Is Win - US: 2 Platinum We Takin' Over - US: Platinum I'm So Hood - US: Platinum

  • Shaolin style

    Wu-tang CO-FOUNDER??? This is the abbot of the clan, the nigga pretty much invented wutang. It would be GZA and OL DIrty R.I.P who would be concidered co-founders. Oh and also, "RZA asserted that PRODUCERS are A natural progression for musicians..." don't you mean HEADPHONES? Sorry to be so anal about this but come on son you are writing articles in a authentic hip hop site with thousands of people reading, you would think you would read the shit u wrote and check it before u post it. Just sayin...

  • Lilmarcci B!!!tch

    Im tired of hearin' artists dat releasin headphones instead of their good music. I can tell u about da bitch i kno . dat nigga name Dre , u kno, he's not been workin' on his Detox but headphones.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all producers for releasing headphone lines like its fashion....Yall fuckers drove up the price of all headphones with your overpriced shit.

    • casper21

      its common practice for retailers to raise the price of their products, because any movement in price tends to cause a reaction at the retail level, even an increase, it doesn't guarantee sales but it does get a reaction from customers, either positive or negative

    • Anonymous

      ^ it would be absurd if it wasnt true. bose had a pair of headphones that stayed at 100 bucks for years. around the time beatsbydre was introduced they came out with ae2 and jacked the price up to 150. sony and others did the same with their headphones.

    • anonymous

      Actually your idea of lesser headphones jacking up their prices is completely absurd. That's like wal-mart making their brand of clothes $80 for jeans to compete with Abercrombie & Fitch...

    • Anonymous

      ^ it doesnt make sense to you? most people look at the price of something and believe that if its more expensive that means its better. so they will save up and go for the more expensive product even though its not really worth the price. so that forces the other companies to jack their prices up in order to sell to those same fools.

    • d

      Really? Other headphones, those of lesser quality, are raising their prices in order to compete? That makes sense.

    • Anonymous

      thats why i say fuck these artist endorsed headphones. all other brands have jacked up their prices just to compete with dre, 50 cent, rza and other endorsed headphones.

    • Anonymous

      buy headphones that aren't endorsed by artists. it's the same shit with anything endorsed by artists/celebrities/etc. that drives up the price making it overpriced

    • Anonymous

      ^ so i should plug yarn into my ipod?

    • Anonymous

      than don't buy the shit douchebag

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