Ice Cube Confirms Another "Friday" Sequel Is In The Works

O'Shea Jackson is on board for another installment and that they're rounding up the cast.

It’s been close to a decade since Friday After Next released, but the cast of the Friday series is ready to give it another go. According to TMZ, Ice Cube is confirmed to return to the fourth installment and that Chris Tucker is also on board to star.

“Absolutely yes the studio is in the process of getting the entire original cast to do another 'Friday,’” said a rep for Cube Vision Productions. “[Ice Cube] is very excited about this and has every intention to make it happen.”

Friday hit theaters in 1995, becoming a cult hit and netting over $28 million worldwide. Next Friday followed in 2000, grossing almost $60 million worldwide, while its Christmas-themed threequel Friday After Next impacted in 2002.

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  • NY

    The first Friday was by far the best, but what was great about it was that it was something that anyone can go through and just a day lounging and smoking bud. Ice Cube can't play this role though anymore, he's done too many kids' movies and his music career is a joke at this point. Musically he's gone way too soft and that last album I Am The West was horrible, he hasn't had a decent album since The Peace Album in 2000

  • FadoTheRapper

    lol @ people on here bitching about how Ice Cube is soft and a fruitcake. He is a 42 year old man with kids that's been rich for a while now, you expected him to only play in hood films his whole life? You expected him too keep releasing a certain type of music? people grow and change, it doesnt mean he has forgot where he has came from so hop of his dick. With that being said I hope they don't mess up this series bring debo back lol.

  • Anonymous

    "Say another mothafuckin' word and this shit is over!!... and I ain't playin', nigga!"

  • ignitemindz

    this gonna be a family friendly Friday? lol

  • PUNCyourSELFinTHaFace...GO

    Cube better work Mike Epps into the script somehow cause without him I will be bootlegging this shit first chance I get... What cube should do is a fucking coon version of the Hangover for this shit.with smokey and dayday not getting along

  • Anonymous

    Chris tucker?! Smokey?! Consider me excited.

  • Richard Jarrett

    First friday and second where classic..third ..not so much best movie cube has done since then is janky promoters that went straight to dvd,his sit com was a bust as well..dude jus needs to get new ideas and new staff before cube vision becomes blind..

  • Dogg House

    Chris Tucker's last three movies 1998: Rush Hour 2001: Rush Hour 2 2007: Rush Hour 3 Guy could've been so much more had he not gotten lazy

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    Pimp the movie-biz or get pimped. The best way to "burn" Hollywood. Cube the moviemaker is a smart businessman, Cube the Emcee is one of the greatest.

  • Nico 3

    Chris Tucker never agrees to star in movies. He must have Nic Cage syndrome.

  • Agent Orange

    Let me check my palm pilot...hmph...looks like I ain't doin shit!

  • Anonymous

    fucking eh il gett high to this

  • Burn Hollywood Burn

    Cube you playing yourself! rememember when you did the song hollywood burn? Your movies are really crab and more for children. you should be ashamed for yourself!

  • lol

    should just make a t.v show based on the original show. show each episode every.....friday!

  • Atl2Trill

    In a pops voice, "yeah boy!!!!" But it had taken Chris Tucker to experience money problems to sign on for this movie. smh

  • known for jacking shit thats all he do!

    chris tucker must of spent all that rush hour money since hes signed on for this and is doing stand-up again best thing he could of done.Better be the same smokey smoking trees like the amazon nigga

  • smokey

    Chris tucker is finally on board ? well see


  • George Young!/LoudHour

  • Mario Johnson

    Something tells me this will be the last friday and Smokey will end up in rehab then turn around and be the old SMOKEY all I know is the Friday series hasn't died off just the fans that have waited forever to see him again grew tired and moved on

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    naw it will be lamer than the fruitcakes that be gettn at me on here..too old, kind of awkward when you did all those disney movies eh? that ruined your rep for any gangster movie you could do Cube. It could be pulled off but it would have to be on some serious shit

  • axemurder

    The Friday ship has sailed. Let it sink...Cube and Tucker are way too old now to resurect Smokey and Craig

  • exposing frauds

    Is Ice Cube not the rapper who made with public Enemy the song: burn hollywood burn in 1990/1991??? And now that faggot is making weak ass comedy movies in hollywood. Talking about realness ice cube is as fake as rick ross but oh no nobody is complaining about that?????? First the hardcore POLITICAL/ GANGSTA RAPPER and now a moviestar!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You dumb motherfucker that whole song was based on coloured men getting the lower role parts in the movies. Besides dont act like yall dont take the money from acting cause in the end its payday!

    • Mr Flamboyant

      LOL at "go suck drake's dick or something" Well damn... I think you do have the burn hollywood burn song and content misunderstood though. What Cube did was actually a good thing: Putting his own kind on and creating a place of prominence for many black actors/actresses that wouldn't have had avenues. You can't understand without wisdom.

    • Anonymous

      dumbasses never heard the song burn holywood burn? and now cube is making childish family movies. eat a dick! how old are you dumb fucks 12 years! you probaly dont understand my point go suck drake dick or something

    • Atl2Trill

      Shut cha bitch ass up. Ice Cube has shown growth. Something you probably don't know a damn thing about.

    • Max

      you sound like that bitter dude who's girl got ran through by NWA. STFU.

    • Robert ProfessorNumark Watts

      his first movie wasn't a comedy, if u recall. John Singleton put him on, and Cube has done "Black Hollywood" proud, just like Will, and Latifah. somebody sounds bitter because they don't have the chips Cube pimped from Hollywood. go hang yourself, hater.....

  • cj

    Make it happen... Chris Tucker coming back will make the shit hillarious

  • DL Dub

    Who's betting Chris Tucker will be a rehabbed jesus freak Smokey, struggling with relapse? In other words he'll be playing himself

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