Diddy & French Montana Announce Deal With Bad Boy

Diddy and French Montana reveal French's signing to Bad Boy Records.

There is no longer cause for speculation: French Montana has signed with Bad Boy Records.

French joined Diddy on BET's "106 & Park" this week to make the announcement.

“For real for real, can’t nothing move in this city without us being a part of it. We the Yankees of this whole thing! It’s time for us to get what we supposed to get," said Diddy of the signing.

"[French] got them pinstripes on and he ready to hit it out the park,” he said of the Bronx native.

French explained that he was happy to keep his basis of operations on the East Coast. “I really feel real good that’s why I kept it here in New York."

“Why would I take my talent to South Beach? When I met with Puff and sat down and really spoke, he told me a couple of things and [he] never lied to me about nothing and always kept his word. It is what it is. It’s New York. I want to bring it back to New York.”

Watch the interview below:

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  • StewBarz

    yo u guys are hating on french cuz u n*ggas is figayzie..french got a street flow, he drops jewels in every 16, but since u guys aint from nyc, u wouldnt understand..its street shit, and i kno he sings on his hooks but so what??, he pays homage to max b and makes good songs..u guys are nerds for bashing this n*gga french..he just got signed, i kno its diddy, but so what?? money talks, and ya n*ggas aint sayin' sh*t!(cuz ur broke..lol)..b.x. stand up!

  • Killalex

    French is a garbage ass simple rapper, good riddance he signed with Bad Boy because that means we have a low chance of hearing any material from him after his next album, Bad Boy lives to fuck over their artists.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO at people saying NY fell off when they go to NY websites to comment. Most of that music dropped daily comes from NY. Most of HHDX' content is about NY rappers. Y'all keep going though.

  • Real Hip Hop

    New York will make a comeback but it wont be French Montana who brings it back. The east still has the best rappers in the game regardless what any dumb kid has to say. Skills, flows, lyrics and Production remains dope in the east but the TV and radio does not show that.

  • Real Hip Hop

    Puffy said French Montana is the hottest rapper on the streets, what a joke! Wow French Montana fucking sucks. I hope Puff doesn't think French Montana would bring NYC back.

  • GreenNYC

    For all you mofos who say what we see in this nigga I can ask you the same thing. Drake?= (the hiphop keith sweat). Nicki? =(the the big gimmick). Soulja boy. Do I have to keep going on. Watch skills do these mofos have. None. "Im In the sky, airplane" what basic bullshit rap is this.

  • GreenNYC

    This dude is a dummy. How you pass up kanye to fuck with puff. Puff is a user. That nigga gonna be all over your records dancing and talking stupid. When was the last hit that nigga puffy had? That nigga aligns himself with ppl that's hot than its on to the next. These dudes just not smart businessman at all. He gonna fuck ip his brand fucking with puff.

  • Sensaye252

    What you people see in this nigga? I really don't get it. It went from a time when you had to have skills, to a time when you had to have a little bit of skills and be marketable, to a time when you didn't need any skills just a good gimmick. Now, you don't any skills, any gimmick, or any marketability, you can just be wack in every facet and still be popular. I really don't know what rap fans are even looking for in a artist anymore.


    dude said he gone bring ny back now thats funnt ny is not comming back sorry

  • Anonymous

    I hope he gets a kiss before he takes it in the ass!!

  • Damn!!

    Another one bits the dust....RIP French Montana......Career is over

  • warpath


  • So Icy Boi!

    French Montana >>>>>>>>>> Feminem, Gay-Z, Gayne West, NadS, Gayme, Common

  • Anonymous

    French was alright when he first came out with uncle murda. Then he started fucking with brick squad. And it was downhill from there. And bad boys weak these days only good artist they have is red cafe, and he hasn't been to impressive lately.

  • Anonymous

    bad boy is not a good label Have people forgot what puff does to his artists Craig Mack Faith Evans Total 112 Mase The LOX Black Rob Carl Thomas Shyne Dream G. Dep Da Band Loon Mario Winans 8Ball & MJG B5 Yung Joc Danity Kane Christian Daniel Boyz n da Hood Cheri Dennis Day26 Donnie Klang

    • jj

      how about the people on bad boys who have yet to release an album because diddy keeps delaying it. The only person who get airplay and makes albums on bad boy is diddy himself. Bad boy is a graveyard for rappers. RIP french montannas career

    • huj was to obchodzi

      French Montana is wack as fuck he cant rap

    • Anonymous

      pffft, cmon guys you're living in the past machine gun kelly and french montanna are the future of this rap shit! they taking over the game with diddy, gonna take that #1 spot from ymcmb

    • Anonymous

      list is a lil longer then that...Missing a lot of names lol

  • smz

    Ai sato Wassupwith ditty signing cats with cafe names frnch montana , red cafe =*&%$-%%&% North dollas = gay patrone is frosty Sup zee

  • Anonymous

    Puffy should call it Sad Boy records. When was the last time badboy had a dope hiphop release?????? 2000 the Black Rob album! Bad Boy is as dead as hiphop.

  • Anonymous

    After Biggie Bad boy became a losing label. You sign with bad boy you get dropped and never release a album. Bad boy aint a real hiphop label anymore since Puffy wanted to make poprap. Red Cafe will get dropped to. Dude is 35 and never released a album. French Montona lol

  • Anonymous

    career suicide when u working with Diddy

  • So Icy Boi!

    Bad Boy > shady. Diddy sold mo records den Feminem... swag

  • this is a good move..

    Now that he's signed to Bad Boy I can avoid him. If he signed with Roc Nation or G.O.O.D. Music, he would be on songs with people that I actually like.

    • okay...

      who are those "wack ass artists"? The only person that everyone seems to hate on around here that's signed to good music is Big Sean.


      I agree with Roc Nation, but GOOD MUSIC got some wack ass artists (since Common is not signed there)

  • Anonymous

    French and Puff on a track is like a contest to see who is more garbage on a track..These dudes nowadays are terrible

  • BigWo0orm45

    well, whatever chance your career is now gone. No one has ever recovered from a Bad Boy deal. Los is trying. other than that everyone elses career has ended after fuckin wit Diddy. (MGK isnt even important)

  • Esco lets go

    Why are they making a big deal out of this? Dude barely has a buzz...I don't know any of his songs...Not one.....But I've heard him rap on other peoples shit, and he was fucking garbage! 10 labels were chasing this dude?? Never in my life would I have thought the skinny, corny guy from cocaine city would have a major label deal...Hiphop is still fucking dead.

  • Anonymous

    thank god this dude signed to bad boy cause now well nvr have to hear from him again. son is str8 trash

  • Anonymous

    WHAT THE FUCK IS A FRENCH MONTANA? Like straght up dawg..who is this fuckin dude?

  • ETK

    why would I take my talents to south beach LOL

  • fetch montana

    oh massa...oh massa...please release me from my contract...im starving....i need to feed my kids...please set me free....i dont wanna end up like the lox,gdep,danitykane,black rob,or end dead like biggie....

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    Thats as far as frenchs career is gonna go for now...

  • chris

    you suck french montana why would you sign with p. shi##y.. you mad corny now son, real talk.

  • atlien

    French sing's to bad boy records...thanks slava

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