Pharrell Williams Speaks On Musical Consultant Role For 2012 Academy Awards

UPDATE: The Neptunes member joins Hans Zimmer as musical supervisors for the ceremony.

Pharrell Williams has been tapped to serve as musical consultant alongside Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer for the 2012 Academy Awards.

According to Deadline, both musicians will take on supervising duties for the first time. The producers chose the two because they were "looking for an opportunity to inject music into the program that touches on Zimmer’s classical flair, and the hip hop, R&B and pop sensibilities that Williams is known for."

The 84th Academy Awards ceremony is set to take place on February 26, 2012 at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California.

[December 12]

UPDATE: Pharrell Williams released a statement to expressing gratitude for being selected as one of the musical consultants for the 2012 Academy Awards. "As always I'm thankful. It's something I watched since I was a kid and I never dreamt as a child that I'd be working on the show," he said. "It's especially an honor to work with my mentor, Hans Zimmer."

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  • Reading Festival Tickets

    Anyone who thinks Pharrell isnt talenteddoesnt understand what producing music is. Or how it works. Or really anything. So he sold a beat to a rapper you dont likedeal with it.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    That's a good look for him. I still believe most of these award shows are fixed when it comes to who wins them, but to be chosen to be a musical consultant for the show is real good. I've always liked Pharrell, cuz he's consistent and just does his thing regardless.

  • F.A.

    Get out of here with that talk about how Lil Wayne should have been chosen! Do the Academy Awards suddenly have a category for 'Best Rap Music' suddenly? And even if they did I wouldn't have Wayne on my shortlist at all. Great choice by the Academies in choosing Pharrell. Whatever your opinion may be of the guy, he has been consistent throughout his career and has proved himself to be a genius in musical terms. For him to be put in the same position alongside Hans Zimmer is a great tribute and honor to him, which he is fully deserving of.

  • casper21

    good look for pharrell, who cares if your feeling his more recent beats or not, this is a nice bit of recognition, give the man his props.



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