Rick Ross Speaks On Jay-Z Collaboration, Updates On Health

Ricky Rozay calls his duet with Hov "our biggest collaboration yet."

Rick Ross previously revealed that he netted a collaboration with Jay-Z for his upcoming album God Forgives, I Don’t, which he claims is “our biggest collaboration ever.” Speaking with Sucker Free’s DJ Envy, Ricky Rozay discussed the duet and confirmed it will appear on his 2012 LP.

“You know, whenever me and the homie come together to collaborate, we gotta make it something special for Hip Hop,” he said. “We always make sure we have fun with it, but this record right here, this is our biggest collaboration ever. It will be featured on God Forgives, I Don’t.”

He also reflected on his health scare and pair of seizures, explaining that he’s trying to get his life in order and take it easier. The MMG boss says that he couldn’t wait to get back to the studio after getting out of the hospital and now has a clean bill of heath.

“Coming out the hospital, you be ready to get back to work. I’m a grinder, I’m a hustler. That’s the next order of business. You’re so used to moving at 80 miles per hour. I gotta get rest now. Well, I’m supposed to. I try to. That’s what it was. I’m blessed, man. I went in and had my MRI and everything came back straight. It was just a case of me being overly exhausted.”

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  • Azhar

    There collabos are usually fire from Hustlin remix was crazy, Maybach Music was a classic, and Free Mason was also a classic....Jay murked Ross on every one, but they still were fire....lookin forward to it

  • Anonymous

    he just waiting on jay-z so he can hold his hand when the album drops.now its the big homie but before he all on wayne nuts ahah

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if ross ever just laughs to himself when people are not looking and says " you morons actually think im a gangster...lol".... I bet he does and can'r believe he made it this far but on the real alot of the industry are all in on it to they all know his an entertainer

  • dirtdawg

    ...still don't get how he can boast about his "health" in the wake of Heavy D's death. It's not like you will get a warning MRI tweet months before you die-it can all happen so quickly so why not being a role model and accepting the fact that you haven't been living healthy, Rozay!?

  • Anonymous

    Man if he is the hottest in the south then most of the south dont know what good lyrics are anymore since A3k. Ill call ross when i need a good place to eat at. i rest my case

  • jr88

    i wonder if ross ever just laughs to himself when people are not looking and says " you morons actually think im a gangster...lol"....the collab is most likely gonna be good cause of jay z but like always im gonna fat foward ross part....some one should really make an album with ross's verses cut out...cause we all know this guy is going to have a shit load of features

    • Anonymous

      you know how people know ure just a hater? because youre trying ridiculously hard not to give this nigga any credit whatsoever

  • Anonymous

    this is gonna be the hardest song of the last 10 years

  • Anonymous

    this nigga dope. looking 4ward to the album. wish it was dropping next week but health always comes first. promote it the right way.

  • jay

    he is still on defjam.warner bro is a group deal not rick ross

  • jsolo

    how is def jam pushing ross album back when hes not on def jam anymore ? yall sound very stupid... its mmg/warner pay attention

    • Brian

      U dont know what your talking bout. Rick Ross is signed to Def Jam as an artist. He has a label deal with Warner. Step up ur hip hop knowledge!

  • Harvey Charlie

    Looking forward to both Jeezy's &Rozay's albums,

  • Anonymous

    This could have been his perfect time to come clean to his fans about putting on this character and playing this role but he still putting on this act OK THEN STALLEY AIN'T HAPPY OVER AT MMG GO CHECK HIS TWITTER AND PILL AIN'T EITHER

  • SNOW!!


  • Anonymous

    i like ross, but he was on that dust. that's what those seizures were about

  • So Icy Boi!

    Rick Ross is da king of da south niggas. swag

    • Listen up idiots

      andre is da best rapper in da game not just the south he just murdered jay-z on there first collab.. Ross is running da game right now from top to bottom north to south I bet your favorite rapper can't even top wale's album sales.. As much as I love jeezy I gotta say he is not selling more then wale when he drops and I ride with jeezy to da death ASK ANY REAL MIAMI NIGGA DEY WUD TELL YOU JEEZY BEFORE ROSS ANY DAY IT'S ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY NEVA CHANGED EVEN WHEN JEEZY WAS HOT ATL DIDN'T FUCK WITH HIM LIKE DAT DEY FUCKED WITH GUCCI WHILE MIAMI WAS ON JEEZY,s nuts

    • ETK

      T.I. dropped an album while he was in jail and it went gold.. Ross done did two albums while Tip was away, first one didn't EVEN go gold, and the second did slightly better, but it goes to show that Ross still ain't shit, even at full capacity. yep, that last line was intentional I have to co-sign on 3stacks anyway

    • Wrong

      Andre 3000 is the true king of the south. No matter how many records Ross, T.I., Wayne, or whoever from the south, 3 Stacks is the illest MC in the south period.

    • Anonymous

      Y U mad at that man opinion? N furthermore he is the hottest in the south rite now! I mean if he aint who is T.I aint put out a decent lp since 08 papertrail

    • WhatevaMan

      fucking swaggot...(swag faggot), Ricky aint shit but a fraud and a clown...stop saying swag...its dead like bling and juice....its lame as fuck.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    The Jigga collab should be ok. But if he's talking like this it's more than likely gonna be wack as hell. And we all don't believe you, dude. Just say what we all know who are indifferent: Jeezy got you pushing your LP back. Or Def Jam told you to push it back. Makes the decision easier when everything related to this here LP has been wack so far. Teflon Don is the best you're gonna get. It's all down hill from here on out.

    • Anonymous

      are you in denial or jus stupid. i like jeezy but ross is bigger than him now. jeezy's sales do not affect ross' fanbase in the slightest... its actaully the other way. jeezy had a thousand push back how you gonna act like he's influencing ross' release dates? you just sound like you're reaching.

  • trapmusik

    he push it back cuz jeezy shit droppin on da real.this nigga a fraud but make good music

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