Infamous Records Announces Prodigy & The Alchemist Solo Albums

The Mobb Deep member and Alchemist each have projects lined up for 2012.

Infamous Records has announced the release of solo albums from Prodigy and The Alchemist, both slated to hit stores in 2012.

Prodigy is currently at work on his untitled solo LP, which will release before Summer 2012. Production on the album comes courtesy of Havoc and Alchemist, while guest features are yet to be revealed. Additionally, Prodigy will begin writing the follow-up to his My Infamous Life book, with hopes to finish the project by early 2012.

Alchemist is also recording an album, which will solely feature his production as well as guest appearances on the tracks.

Infamous Records most recently released Mobb Deep’s Black Cocaine EP, and plans to drop Mobb Deep’s eponymous ninth album in 2012.

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  • Wa-Gwan UK

    Anyone read Prodigy's book? He's one grimey motherfucker...

  • Santacruz Noriega

    Solo Alchemist Hip-Hop Needs that shit

    • Anonymous

      Alchemist beats are good but he cant rap a whole album so its gonna be multiple artists all over it. letss see how Prodigy solo gonna turn out

  • Nico 3

    Solo albums from these guys will go triple wood. Find a new hustle. I hear Home Depot is hiring.

  • Anonymous

    I would hate to be a musician nowadays, the only way to make money is to do a whole bunch of other shit that has nothing to do with music or kiss your family goodbye and tour for 350 days a year, fuck all that Regardless, only shit I care about is that Alchemist record, dudes production is unmatche

  • Anonymous

    It's def about sales, but a 5 song ep aint bringing crazy money no matter how "infamous" the artists are

  • Mr Flamboyant

    The more Capital P the better. And to the first bitch with the 20K in sales, question... really? You still think it's about sales when you have people buying their own ish up by the masses to skew numbers? Eat a dick.

    • Sensaye252

      I think the mistake a lot of veteran MCs make is they start trying to cater to the new generation of listeners rather than capitalizing on their core audience. Believe me, there are still a lot of Mobb Deep fans out there. Shit, I even know girls that are devoted mobb deep fans. But their fans are falling fast because they're turned off by the new shit Mobb Deep puts out. It seems like Havoc never does any production anymore, and they are releasing songs and albums that are 'un-mobb-like' for lack of a better term. They need to understand that this new generation of listeners are not gonna like 'em, no matter what. Stop trying to name drop and make cheesy music, it's pathetic. These snobby pricks in the game now aren't gonna let ya'll into their gay ass pool party, so stop begging to get in, ya dig? These new rap fans aren't patient enough or seasoned enough as listeners to understand the kind of music and vibe in Mobb Deep's work. They're better off totally making music for their core audience independently. Look at guys like Madlib, Canibus, Blackstar, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah....those dudes aren't known by the average newjack listener, but the people who DO know them LOVE them and support all their projects. All those artists I named are making a very good living off making the music THEY wanna make. They might not be at the top of the mountain, but they have a foothold in the mountain that will allow them to stay alive for a long time. Once you start trying to leave that foothold in order to climb higher, you're just gonna slip and fall. I'm not saying don't strive for greatness, I'm just saying that there's something to be said for recognizing your role and playing it.

    • Bowski

      @ Big Dan You make a lot of sense & I actually blame Havoc for Mobb Deep's current status. If he had the proper work ethic, once P got knocked he should've continued to put out music. In the 3 years P was in, Hav dropped 1 CD. the other "Lost Files" joint was exactly what the title implies - Lost File most of which many Moob Deep fans already had anyways. @ Richard You also bring up a few great points and like you mentioned I just don't think Mobb Deep have that drive like the younger cats to grind out like say a French Montana or 2 Chainz, even though Mobb's music is way better. What I'm noticing in today's hip hop landscape is that a lot of Hip Hop vets think they can ride out the wave from their earlier work which is totally crazy considering that they've been out of the lime light for a while. Not to mention now these vets are now raising families and things now, it puts them @ a clear disadvantage compared to the younger cats. Eventually what I'd like to see is these vets capitalizing on being a real threat/competition to these new cats now. Mobb Deep can very easily come back and stay relevant if they'd be willing to use all the sources available to them to put themselves out there without playing themselves out like their comrade 50 Cent. I'm a Mobb Deep fan for life, and I just wanna see them get their hustle right man. Oh btw, sales should never be an artist(s) sole measurement of success, MUSICAL INTERGRITY should be the biggest measurement in my opinion, and Mobb still wins in the latter in my opinion.

    • Big Dan

      Richard you are right about the touring, but these guys have not shown a propensity for that. If they do tours, its a few spot dates doing small clubs. They can very easily make 100-250 a year each, but one, can they put in the work, as someone stated above, touring 365, and some artist just can't handle that major drop in income and the drop in status that it means and just let everything fade. When radio won't play them anymore because they are bricking, they can't handle that. Havoc is one of the nicest production wise. Everything I heard from him was a ten. Why did he not develop that further so he was on every hip hop album like the Timbalands and the Neptunes of the world. Now artists are no longer checking for that hardcore East Coast sound, so opportunity has passed him by. And I guess that is the point that I am trying to make.

    • richard cranium

      Record sales are no longer an MC's main avenue for money. You make the money back by touring (which the Mobb can do extensively), you tube deals (pennies per view and mobb could still generate a million views if moves are made correctly), books for P, etc. The album is just a sample of the entire package. Thats why I say fuck signing to a label. You could gain more traction doing it by yourself.

    • Big Dan

      Its not about who was number one on the charts, but if you think with Black Cocaine bricking (pun intended) like it just did that it is not about sales, you are crazy. P just did three years in jail, he comes out and they put out MB's first album in almost five and it bombs royally. Do you think they don't care about that? If your album doesn't sell, you can't pay your bills. And when a platinum/gold major artist(s) gets to the point where they can't even sell 100,000, their career is over. Do you think Mobb's next album will do any better? They've established a trend. So to answer your question, YES, it is about sales. You might not agree, but Mobb Deep does.

  • Anonymous

    over/under 20 k in sales

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