50 Cent Signs Female Rapper Paris To G-Unit Records

Fif adds another artist to his growing roster.

50 Cent has been on a signing spree as of lately, recruiting Kidd Kidd and Genasis for G-Unit Records and DJ Pauly D for G-Note Records. Now, he's bringing another rapper to the label, adding Queens, New York native Paris to the team.

"I got a new female artist I signed to G-Unit Records. Her name is Paris," said Fif. "She’s from Southside Jamaica, Queens. She’s been around for a while, I’ve actually known her for quite some time. If you’re a G-Unit fan and you listen, there’s a song [called "Kitty Kat"] that goes ‘Ow, I need cash for my kitty cat, ow,’ that was actually Paris’ performance back then. She came and did vocals for us on that record. But now, she’s ready so you’re going to see Paris."

The rapstress, known as Precious Paris, most recently released her mixtape Bad By Myself last year. Watch 50 announce the signing below.



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  • Nico 3

    Buck would get plenty of offers if he was free and clear of Father Fif. He's already gone platinum before, so it's not like his track record is shit.

  • Drake from 007 not the soft pussy from Young Money.

    @Anonymous why the fuck would Eminem wanna help Buck escape from 50s contractual bind?? Em could take buck out the hole 50 threw him in but at what cost? Buck is just a tickin time bomb that dude is better left starving in 50s basement.

    • Daniel Gregory

      Yeah by keeping buck on a contractual leash 50 is actually keepin that dude on life support. 50 could have easily let him go but what's buck gonna do? NO ONE IN THE INDUSTRY WANTS HIM!! Worse case scenario: 50 let's him go and that dude goes back to doing what he was doing and with all that debt he got racked up it's only a matter of time before he ends up risking his life like suge knight tryin to recover the lost funds he owes the government. 50 keepin that dude alive is what it boils down to.

    • Anonymous

      That's what I'm saying. Interscope, Def Jam, Warner Bros, Sony, E1, EMI, Jimmy Iovine, LA Reid, Doug Morris, Lyor Cohen, Atlantic, Jive, ANY ONE of these people could have bought Buck out of that deal and none of them did. That speaks louder than any comment saying 50 needs to let Buck go.

  • Coogi

    Kitty Kat is the gayest fuckin song from the unit i ever heard. If thats her resume then she does belong with g-unit. good luck

  • please

    ive had a lot of disagreement with these "best female rapper" lists so i'll add my own IMO. 1. Jean Grae 2. MC Lyte 3. Lauryn Hill 4. Eve 5. Queen Latifah 6. Lady of Rage 7. Missy Elliot 8. Remy Ma 9. Lil' Kim 10. Ladybug

  • Nico 3

    He's preventing Buck from getting out of the hole, but will extend a hand to all these bum ass nobodies, plus a guido. Interscope needs to say fuck you and have a nice life already.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao icy bois list is hilarious, I cant believe he put Lil mama on there. And I thought was a singer? Get off young moneys nuts

  • junMaf*ckn

    Great Look For Precious Paris. She been doing her thing for a Minute. Got a ill voice and even iller story... Nicki Need Some Comp. SouthSiiiide....





  • Mr.Mean

    Lloyd Banks, please get off of G-Unit!! You don't need this!!

  • casey jones

    kitty kat was the WACKEST FUCKING SONG on TOS. in fact that whole album was kinda forgettable. olivia 2.0 incoming

  • tresdemayo

    Does Guerilla Funk ring a bell to you Fitty ? Ho, I forgot stealing names is okay for you...

    • Str82dapoint

      LMAO... I was thinking the same thing when I saw this article. The Black Panther of Hip Hop is probably gonna have an issue with this.

  • Tramell L. Collins

    *sniff-sniff* i smell a NAME CHANGE coming. The name 'PARIS' has been taken for about TWO DECADES!!!! Do your homework Fif.

  • DoomChalla

    And what about Paris, the dude who's been around since 1989?

  • So Icy Boi!

    best female rappas of all time: 1. Nicki Minaj 2. Shanell 3. Kreayshawn 4. V-Nasty 5. Lil Mama 6. Trina 7. Foxy Brown 8. Gangsta Boo

    • T

      nigga u crazy. Nikki isnt even on the top 100 females of all time. Shanell? wtf is that doesnt she only do rock. Take everything off ur list. Keep Trina, Foxy. Add Lil Kim, Missy, Salt N Pepa, Lauren Hill probably Remy, Eve of course (RUFF RYDERSSSS!)and MC Lyte is good too. U no nothing about rap u dumb piece of fuck.

    • IAmControverse

      I know people have their opinions, but V-Nasty isn't better than anybody.

    • Reserect Mybeatheaven

      Whoa you missed alot of greats! What about Eve, MC Lyte, Jean Grey, Lil Kim and I know there is more I am forgetting! Whoa! way of all time maybe the most popular right now should have been your statement!

    • rocks

      so icy boy,u must be unemployed.u go around trolling.anyways..Nigerian Hip hop taking over...invisible enigma,mode 9,terry da rapman...greatest emcess alive

    • cyler

      what about REMY MA from terror squad, she definitly deserves to be in the top ten, especially with some of the names you have there, she belongs just as much if not more than most you have listed

    • -_____-


    • Ishmael Atlas Wiggins

      What? no Rah Digga? No Lady of Rage? No Remy Martin? Jean Grey? I dunno man I think you should look into that list and making revisions lol...

  • moneymajor1

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  • Mac D

    This guy below my comment said nikk is the best female rapper? LMAO

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    Bout time. Dis chick could easily knock nickis fame.... She just riding on " new artist " success now. Wait few more months from now

  • So Icy Boi!

    its too late Fiddy. Nicki Minaj is da best female rapper eva. signin DJ Pauly D was a good idea tho. swag

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