Machine Gun Kelly Says He Finished Recording His Debut, Speaks On Upcoming DVD

MGK plans on releasing his new DVD "Half Naked, Almost Famous" and reviving his web series "KellyVision."

Machine Gun Kelly has been gearing up for his debut album, which is most likely slated for release in 2012. During an interview with FLuD, the Bad Boy rapper said that he finished recording the LP and explained how he likes to divvy up time between the studio and performing.

“I hate the studio. I’m never in the studio. You’ll never catch me in the studio. I’m not Lil Wayne. I do not go in there and make a bunch of tracks,” he said. “I actually went through a big issue with my vocals. We had to figure out ways to tour and record, so we would take two months out the year to record as much stuff as possible, which we recorded my debut album for Interscope. It’s done already. And we recorded the Rage Pack , which just came out. Then, we’ll support that. I make music that doesn’t wear off in time, so we’re able to support it while touring.”

He also revealed that he has a new DVD in the works titled Half Naked, Almost Famous, and plans to bring back his "KellyVision" series.

“I want to go back to my roots and focus on my fans. What’s next for me is I want to kind of go back to how I did it before all this stuff started happening with the label. It kind of took my attention - not off my fans, but took my attention off what I do that makes my fans love me so much. That was like personal things. I had this series called ‘KellyVision,’ and they were really cool. They were really personal episodes, and this was before everyone had their little episodes. I’m going to go back to those and letting people enjoy me as a person rather than just a rapper. And I have a really cool DVD coming out called Half Naked, Almost Famous and it’s like an hour long of the wildest… It’s just seeing kids be kids, which is cool.”

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  • Anonymous

    almost everyone below this comment is hating hard for no reason.lmao. 1.He is not fake. 2.he is not trying to be tough,hard or gangster he even says it himself in interviews but since you all think he comes across as that then i guess he is pretty gangster,real shit. 3.i met this man, he is humble,funny & a chill ass nigga. are def if you think he can't spit!cmon now seriously!?!?& dont get me started on that sick ass flow. 5.Bad Boy or not he's still becoming big all on his own! 6.he is one of the few artists actually worth seeing live nowadays. 7.IDGAF,MGK is gettin co-sign's from DMX,Diddy,Chip Tha Ripper & Tech N9ne!

    • greg caudill

      MGK 21 white signed wit bad boy it doesnt matter what anybody says all of ya need to lace i just bought tickets when hes gonna be in cleveland wit tech 9 its gonna be wild boyyyyyyyyy

  • Octavian Johnson

    What kind of rapper hates being in the studio? And why does it have to be about white rappers why cant it just be a new rapper coming out


    Hes not too bad. Gots some good tracks. i say 45k total sales, but sales doesnt make the artist. Its about content, meaning, and creativity.

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  • anon

    this idiot hates the studio? guess what boy, the studio is where music is made!! i have no respect for this child.

    • mhm

      sorry to burst ya bubble, but you don't need a studio to record. if you have a good computer with the right can make music anywhere away from a studio. know ya shit



  • Jerz Inevitable Success Davis

    I respect everything this man just said, thats what Hov told Cole don't b making all these tracks just support what u have an go from there............................ CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • Anonymous

    funny he would call his dvd half naked, i seen a few live clips of him performing and in 2 different videos this dude was stripping down to his underwear on stage, if i was at a show and the performer took off his pants i would want a refund

  • YouSerious?

    wow, he hates to be in the studio? Bitchass lol

  • Negro

    Attention white kids!!! White rappers are IN...pick up your mics and get that money white kids!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ice Cube once said "...but don't let it be a black and a white one" And I bet you dropped this comment in 99 when Eminem became more popular than half your favorite hip hop artists.

  • Anonymous

    hvnt her anything but the cyper from him witch was good...



    • igh

      ymcmb is a good label and bad boy might be a "cursed label", but the fact that he's new and the name bad boy on the's gonna sell

    • Anonymous

      So fuck him? Your a clown. YMCMB is already filled with faggots, put MGK in there and people would completely lose interest. I don't like Diddy either, but I damn sure hate YMCMB and anyone who thinks they make music that is close to being good.

  • So Icy Boi!

    dis nigga & Mac Miller r da best white rappas of all time. swag

    • Anonymous

      lol @ swaggot, thats fucking great!!

    • Anonymous

      Stop ending your sentences with "swag" you faggot. Fucking Swaggot. I like a couple MGK songs, and I like a couple Mac Miller songs, but neither of them are old enough to even grasp the intelligence that's needed to write some thought provoking shit. Miller will get there, MGK prolly won't but he's fast enough with his delivery to keep people interested half the time. Eminem is the only white rapper that has the talent in the industry to sustain his position at the top in Hip Hop, and I ain't dick riding because quite frankly I thought every chorus on Recovery was fucking awful. But that seems to be a trend these days. Good raps followed by god-awful hooks.

    • carl johnson

      good joke, you should do stand up

  • Anonymous

    this is one of the dumbest ignorant assholes in the world let alone the rap game! But he will prolly sell more than Yelawolf=sad

    • Anonymous

      HAHA I'm sorry, but fuck that Negro. I'm so fucking tired of you motherfucking racist fucks comparing every white dude with a mic to another white dude with a mic. I don't give a fuck if yelawolf was Asian, he's still making better music than half you black clown ass soulja boy ass unintelligent feel sorry for yourself motherfuckers. God Damnit your ignorance is so outrageous (means wildly incorrect or "wrong") I can't read peoples comments on here anymore. Its all about who goes "H.A.M.", or "oh that dudes white, he's a fake, he ain't ever gonna be a good rapper". Bitch I know so many talented white dudes just like a know so many talented black dudes. What it comes down to is nobody wants to see white people in the game because everyone thinks that skin color taints the essence of the hip-hop industry. Well it doesn't and in actuality it just makes you as racist as the white people you grew up hating in the first place. I could name so many white rappers that are underground and WAY better than yela, mac, MGK, fuck, even Em. And guess what? They are all more talented than your Lil Wayne and your Drake, and all these fake ass bloods you hear on the radio. Music is a giant bitchfest these days. Fuck it.

    • carl johnson

      thats just bull shit ^

    • Negro

      You are lame, crying about rappers album sales...the ppl that can relate to Yelawolf don't listen to rap!!!

  • Dodo Bird

    this poor cracka is getting his white ass raped by my homeboy yelawolf. yellerrrrrrrrrrrrr compare me to a legend not a young fool

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