Ghostface Killah Recalls Meeting MF DOOM, Promises DOOMSTARKS LP Is On The Way

Tony Starks says the ball is in the metal-faced villain's corner to wrap the album.

Ghostface Killah has worked together with MF DOOM over the past few years, most recently releasing a limited edition "Victory Laps" cassette single as a prelude to their DOOMSTARKS LP. Speaking with Much Music, Tony Starks said that the album is still in the works despite broken promises of impending release, and that he's waiting to connect with the metal-faced villain.

"As far as the album, we did a lot of songs. He got a lot of songs for me. I’m still waiting for him to send me more songs," he said. "I tell him the people want the album. Everywhere I go, they want it. But the ball’s in his corner. I’m just waiting on him, because I’ve been pressing the issue. But he said, we gon’ get together, whatever the case may be. But it’s going to happen, because we got a lot of records."

He also recalled meeting DOOM for the first time. While on tour with Linkin Park and Snoop Dogg as part of the Projekt Revolution tour, the Wu-Tang Clan member came upon a beat CD from Metal Fingers and went on a hunt to find him.

"You know, everybody give me CDs, I play ‘em. But I just said I didn’t know who Metal Fingers was. But I knew he had beats on there that was up my alley, so I had my manager just look and we just hunt, hunt, hunt. And we found him, and it was MF DOOM," he said. "And we got connected, he came through the studio and from right there, we started building. He was a good dude, smart dude. We came from the same school, same cloth. So it was easy to be connected like that. So he did some beats on Fishscale for me, and everything’s just been history."

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  • retards

    It takes a while to get into/used to DOOM bc he actually has originality, and thats something you overly-self-conscience clowns are incapable of. Rick USD and Dockevoc are probably circle jerking each other right now

  • Anonymous

    ghostface raps like he has downsydrome. doom is better. -fat white hipster with a thick beard

  • Anonymous

    my guess is docevoc is a fat white hipster with a thick beard

  • Fado

    lol all this debate over MF DOOM. Doom raps weird, and he knows he does. his music isn't for everyone some people will listen too it and be like what is this fat ugly guy in a mask rapping about!? and some people will listen too it and be like this is dope. Im a big fan. Doomsday is one of my favorite rap songs the beat is sooo chill and he raps about his entire life in one song. His Brother died and right after that his label dropped him. I think hes dope if you dont like his style I can understand why so im not trippin. However you should always listen too a couple of songs by an artist before you make an judgment on them.

  • Unknown DJ

    Can't wait this projects gonna be dope, but if the ball's in Doom's corner we might see Detox before this album drops.

  • USD

    correction Doom is a dope producer but one of the wackest MCs EVER.

  • USD

    Doom is WAAAAACK! Ghost don't fuck with these backpackers! Shit is lame

  • Anonymous

    so doom is doing this with ghost and the other LP with masta ace?

  • insanemacbeth

    everything happens, in its own time.



  • sdf

    Doom better smarten up - you have a collabo with Ghost! Don't fucking Flake!

  • Travis Evans

    MF DOOM is one of the most undeserving and annoying fuckers out there. this guy hasn't done anything much of note, and his whole getup is being a fat guy in a mask. LAME.

    • dockevoc is retarded

      @Dockevoc: You call Reasonable doubt and The Chronic hip-hop classics? No wonder you don't like DOOM, you listen to poppy ass trash like Dr. Dre and Jay-Z- both overrated MC's from the start who did nothing but sell out since then. Apparently you still don't know what hip-hop is fool. You 'love' pop music you fuckin faggot, keep your mouth shut about good MC's who have originality and don't dick ride like you do.

    • bloody bastard

      Wow! I am a white guy with a thick beard. is my pic showin up on here unbeknownst to me? You are so smart!! and those classic albums you mentioned sure do show the depth of your knowledge as well.... Gas Draws!!

    • dockevoc

      And there goes the proof that I don't know anything about music. Thinking that me listening to a bunch of albums = A general understanding of music

    • dockevoc

      ^ I've forgotten more albums that I've listened to than you've ever actually heard. Say what you like about my opinions but don't say I don't know anything about hip hop cuz I loved that shit before you even knew what it was homey.

    • dockevoc

      Hi, my name's dockevoc. I think I know everything there is to know about rap. No one else's opinion matters except mine. I'm the only one with a valid view on music, even though I probably don't know anything about it. Thanks for letting me troll you!

    • dockevoc

      I'm not sure what 'underground album' means and i don't know wtf waka faga is either so you've completely lost me...hip hop in the 90's was already pretty 'underground' so if you mean 'unheard, unsuccessful and overall not very good' then yes it might be one of the best. Pure classic? There's about 15 pure classics in hip hop from The Chronic to Ready to Die to Illmatic to Reasonable Doubt to 36 Chambers...Operation Doomsday doesn't make the top 250...there's a reason only hipster white males with thick beards like this bullshit - it fucking sucks dick

    • Rick

      DOOM fucked up by releasing so many projects after Madvillain..Dude to me burnt himself out. Most of the projects he released suck ass...His gimmick is done. Only newbie Hip Hoppers seems to think he's the best. I do like his production tho but his voice can be annoying as hell.......and for those of you who dont like my get the GAS FACE! BbbbbbRRRRRRAAaaaaaHHHHH

    • People don't know Hip Hop.

      Operation Doomsday horrible? Are you fucking high? It's one of the best underground albums ever. Pure classic and if you can't hear it for yourself, I heard Wack-a Faga need some new fans. Dummy.

    • dockevoc

      Agreed. This dude mumbles nonsensical gibberish with one somewhat line per verse. Operation Doomsday is fucking horrible. I haven't listened to another album of his as this was deemed 'classic' by every white person with a beard so his others can't be any better.

    • David James Robinson

      One day you'll grow up and appreciate his style.

    • Anonymous

      And Dangerdoom with Danger Mouse??? Vaudeville Villain albums? You a lame, he probably has more enties to his catalog than your favorite rapper...

    • bloody bastard

      You clearly never heard KMD's 2 classic joints.... this dude is a vet! Operation Doomsday? Madvillian? I rate almost all his projects highly, but those are unfuckwittable, certified CLASSIC records!

  • J.Pronto

    He is saying yanahmeeen quite a lot, nahmsayin.

  • Anonymous

    DOOM is an idiot!! He bombards all this wack shit right after mm Food but has no time for this project which would be better than Madvillain.............nigga PLEASE!!!!!

  • Dark Man X

    I have the ultimate respect for both these emcees. Keep up the good work

  • DrewDown91

    THIS IS BREAKING NEWS? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. This album been talked about for 5 years. I love all the material both these dudes put out, I have every MF DOOM / Viktor Vaughn / Madvillain release sans a few weird ones and every GFK album except 1. LET ME SPEAK ON BEHALF OF THE TRUE FANS WHEN I SAY YOU WAITED TOO LONG. I gives a shit about DOOMSTARKS about as much as I gives a shit about DETOX. #oldrappersneedtoretire.

  • dockevoc

    We eat fish, tossed salads and make rap ballads!

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