50 Cent Speaks On Advice He Gave To Dr. Dre For "Detox"

Fif recalls flying out to Los Angeles, California to work with the veteran.

50 Cent has been working on his oft-delayed fifth album, tentatively set to release in 2012, but he also took some time to share some advice for Dr. Dre. During an interview with XXL magazine, Fif recalled speaking with Dre about how he should approach recording songs for his near mythical third LP Detox.

"Dre helped me a lot on this record. I went to Los Angeles, was working out there for a little bit. I was working on the Detox records, right. I keep saying to Dre, I’m like, 'Yo, you don’t have to invent nothing. All they want is a strong version of what you gave last time,'" he said. "They need a new version of that. It’s like Sade. She goes away for six years, and then she comes back with a new disc. You go, I love this shit! It reminds you of the fuckin’ shit that she gave you before she left. There’s certain artists that have that luxury. You could go away and still be interesting enough to come for people to want to hear that effort. Dre is like that. As I’m busy telling him that, I go, 'Wait, maybe I’m bugging for some of the shit that I’ve been doing.' You know what I mean?"

Looking at his own career, the G-Unit recognizes how to express himself creatively without turning his back on his fans. "For me, the music is an artistic choice," he continued. "I’ll say, from the very beginning, that I can care less about a critic or how someone judges me for the actual music. You see, people understand within hip-hop culture that I’m passionate about actually trying to do something different. I want to make a change in a different way. This is about me personally feeling like I wanna mean more after I’m dead, when I’m gone."

Read the full interview at XXLMag.com.

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  • Said its

    Unfortunately, and honestly, my friend Mr. 50 Cent, I do not "know what you mean." I cannot understand you anymore.

  • Renzo rollin

    Dre thinkin too much the last few years. Overthinkin's not good for a producer. Creating classics not about thinking. It's bout getting in a zone where you create alot of dope stuff and you just go with the flow.

  • Anonymous

    50 i need advice who should suck my left nut dre or em and who should swollo?????? help plz hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    50 cent most overrated rapper ever. Dre helped his ass better than he helped dre (advise).

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    D.O.C. said after the "Chronic" the plan was to "Detox" from all the weed extacy booze etc. about moving on in life. That was the plan. "Kush" sounded like Dre actually did what 50 said. He warmed up old concepts. And it sounded like pure horseshit. If Dre should ever release this album, he should re-invent the wheel. Besides he dont need no new album out, selling all those "beats by dr. dre"-products. mgruppe.com

    • CrystalMef

      Your fuckin stupid. Dre never said he was Detoxin' from weed or drugs you fag. The Chronic was meant to be Hip-Hop or west coast Hip-Hop and The Chronic 2001 was made in 1999 and meant to sound like futuristic Hip-Hop beats for the time. DETOX is meant to mean like hes detoxin from Hip-Hop uno that Chronic, That Shit. That what it means.

  • amp

    he right tho, if dre did a new Chronic that wud be dope. not like Kush, but some actual fire.... i still maintain that Detox shudve come out 2005 tho.

  • Anonymous

    50 is right , Dre went from makin classic raps to pop music, Eminem is making dre do pop for example"I need a doctor" prescription, clearly pop songs

  • jg

    lol yea cuz dre needs 50s advice. didnt he craft 50's one classic lp?

    • ASEE

      @aaaaaaaa exactly. lol at val kilmer competition for 50

    • aaaaaaaaaa

      shut up.who the fuck would take advice from 50 cent?he's washed up.straight to dvd red box movies.val kilmer is box office competition for 50.go buy some g-unit clothes and hit some clubs.get laughed at.if some all white company wants to attract the urban kids they'll run and get 50 cent.thinking that 50 cent is actually relevant.its sad.just count his fuck ups.

    • Santiago Wu Irigoyen

      so wat? dre is forgetting the whole point... 50 is right, doesn't matter if dre made his 1st album and shit... u probably didnt even read the fucking article

  • wolfman

    I don't know why he's giving Dre that advice, cause from my perspective, his catalog has only gotten worse since GRODT. Yes -- that means I'm putting Power of the Dollar ahead of the Massacre. Nothing after those albums is even relevant to me. So this recipe he thinks is good is cold. And to point another example. I don't think another artist aside from Eminem was more awaited for a return than Rakim. I can't begin to explain how disappointed I was with Rakim's effort. I trust that Dre knows when its best to release something. If he isn't feeling it, then maybe his gut is right.

  • Drew

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Hmmm still no good album in my hands that lives up to these BlaH bLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH mhmm standards.

  • shadyaftermath

    if dre drops a album which is as good as his last i will be happy. 50 is right on this.

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    • LOL @ these comments

      And you SERIOUSLY thought we wanted to gossip about that? Only more proof that these kids are not music lovers, they are media followers! Look at Twitter! LOL!

  • jr88

    cosign 50....nobody wants to hear that techno dre dre....remember that track with jay z that leaked? stop trying to be like timbo and stick to your lane...imagine a 2012 chronic?,,,,,that would be the shit

  • jaceshadoe

    Dr Dre reinventing himself at this point n his career is like Brett Favre coming back and winning the superbowl= NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Listen to 50 on this one, just give fans the music that made you dope n the 1st place. 2001 was fucking dope. One of the only dope tracks i've heard from dre is "Topless" feat. t.i. and Nas. Rest is average. If Detox comes out, Dre needs features from Em, Xzibit, Snoop(of course), 50 (for a 1st on dres albums), Jay-Z, Nas, T.I., Game, Cube , Westcoast, DMX. All of the grate hip hop vet's.

    • Mu

      Jay wouldn't "flow good" on a Dre track? Really?? You DO know that Jay-Z wrote "Still Dre" from the "2001" album, right? Not to mention a least three songs that Dre produced for Jay on Jay's albums

    • Anonymous

      get t.i nas jay and keep it straight west coast. given jay and nas are legends, they are east coast. they wouldnt flow good on the track. em has gotta be in there. hes the G.O.A.T and 50 maybe... but keep it straight WEST COAST.

  • LOL @ these comments

    Anybody with smarts! Click the XXL link and read the excerpt, then come back here and read the comments off of this edited blogging! You will be LOL'ing!

  • jonnya

    50 is 100 percent correc ton this...he really is a perceptive dude

  • Hieroglyphical

    Can we shut the fuck up about detox already? If you haven't figured it out yet this shit is just like the paquiao mayweather fight... ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  • rise and shine

    50 has one sick album, the rest are average/weak as fuck (curtis).... but i agree with what he sayin, detox needs to have that 2001 feel but made ever better, with even bigger beats. i id be happy with most of the same rappers as 2001 on detox, along with kendrick and a few others. hope im alive 2 listen to detox...

  • Anonymous

    noobody likes me but thats okk cause i dont like yall anyway

  • BeantownBreezy

    Just remember...most or the majority of the people who support 50 is becuz real recognize real.All these little fuckboys who don't know his history are the punks who talk shit and can't identify with realness.While these young kids are at home questioning their sexuality thinking Game and Wayne are real bloods(check their real bios fools)it's cuz they live in the dayz of the homo age.You people would rather support fake ass fucks like Rick Ross who needs a bullet in his fat ass talking all that fake shit living by real G's names and life than support someone you see realness when you look at them and hear them talk.50 is bigger than hiphop now and that is progression.He can't rap abut the hood and robbing fools cuz he aint there anymore.50 is the one dude who will smack the shit out of you, and confront you on your shit and that is being a man.Just look mat fat Joe,Khaled,and Ross and they won't say nothin' in fear of 50's rep.So to all you little fuckboys out there who diss 50,he doesn't care,but he will always respect the culture and keep it 100% and call your ass out for frontin'.Too bad the game is all fake ass fools nowadays with NO substance to rap about.50 was a real G before rap and is the last of a dying breed.That is being a man who don't take shit which is what most rappers are not...softass punks who live their lives vicariously through movies and mobsters.It's entyertainment and guess what....I was 17 years old once too and I thought Ice Cube,NWA,Tupac and Biggie were all G, but guess what kiddies...they were the total opposite narrating stories of what real G's did in the hood.

    • reply

      sure sure, no one is debating his life story. 50 cent sucks because of songs like bootie on me or whatever and the same ass "get it girl, go work the pole, ooo girl blah blah blah" shit that he makes all the time. Man, if he needs inspiration, he should go see the world, go travel or do things that real artists do for inspiration not churn out the same garbage year after year..get it?

    • Anonymous

      Sometimes rappers write lyrics that g's or hustlers wanna hear.

    • Anonymous

      he's "real", whatever that mean, but his music is mediocre...so i dont care. nas makes fake stories but he's dope. nobody cares how many bodies u caught or how many blocks you ran if your music sucks. this is a music industry, not a drug ring. stop disguising mediocrity as realness. stop speaking up or 50 and writing essays like this nigga is your guardian or your husband or some shit. he fell of musically and there's no way around that. deal with it nigga

    • TonyViera

      Co-Sign AGree 100%!!!

  • Anonymous

    i love 50 to death. but now its time to be real. He needs to make a double disc or do what lloyd banks did with his recent album have a whole bunch of features, have some young and legendary producers and its time to bring the fire with his next album.

  • Humz

    Ok he totally contradicted himself... He said to Dre not to reinvent, yet he says that he doesnt care what people think, he will make whatever he feels is right artistically...

  • DrDreBeats

    I agree with 50 in parts. If Dre had of said for the first time "I have a new album coming 2012" the world would of went crazy but we have been hearing for the last like 10 year he has a new album coming and we still waiting, people are sick of the bullshit. I will still buy a copy if it came out tomorrow but dont keep telling people its coming out if its not ready

  • jason

    its a difficult balance cause what he is saying is u wanna keep the formula the same but put more effort into it yet sprinkle some new artists on top to attract the next generation. you wanna keep your old fan base happy and gain new ones. once again he has enough to do a double disc put all your best instrumentals on both discs and have one disc with OG artists and one disc with new schoolers and you cant go wrong. lol

  • 50 cock in my mouth day

    damn this guy brings out the best in you haters you kids need to stop with the gossip

  • Velvet

    Who cares, just release the album and done. Probably will be dissapointing, especially after all of this waiting. 2 albums in 20 years. Release one more or throw in the towel with idea. KMT!!

  • jay

    50 trash.. basic ass raps

  • slow burn best rapper that fuckn hates u


  • Keegan

    50's smart and does a lot of positive things outside of music but he needs to get his music back on track!

  • Nico 3

    Dre has never been an artist 100%. Fif has, so what he's saying is coming from a whole different perspective.

  • Ricky Rozay

    LMAO at Curly tryin to offer Dre advice. This nigga finnin to go wood on his next release and he trying to advise a legend. Here's some advice to curly, make a hot record and get ur shit out before you try to hand out any advice about an album. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent Haters Watch This REAL STREET SHIT NO FAKES HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRebPeK6uXg

    • Anonymous

      cosign lmao. like jay said "no one is afraid of 50 cent. I want to make that very clear, no one is afraid of 50 cent".

    • Lmao!!!!!!

      only rappers who can still sell at least a million records within 6 months of it's release, can have haters. ain't nobody hating on the past success of vanilla ice, mc hammer, master p and 50 cent lol.

  • Anonymous

    Where that bitch Lilmarcci JonesCd at? She gonna be all over this shit.

  • Anonymous

    Lol 50 cent giving Dr Dre an advice. Dude you are a rookie compared to Dr Dre. First make a couple of classcis before you talk dumb shit

  • Lmao @ that lame nigga frontin

    Nothing gets more annoying than reading news bout Fif telling others on how to go about they work..smh!! Planet of the ape-ass lookin nigga...how bout you gon' go triple wood if you drop that album you working on ! X_X

  • jj

    50 cent fucked his own music up. Hes trying too hard now his old shit was mad smooth and flowed and was fire, his new shit seems like hes forcing it so i think he should be the last person to tell dr dre how to make an album since his music has just been getting worse and worse.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lex Luger > Dr. Dre da truth hurts. swag

  • DK

    LOL. A flopping nigga talking about giving other niggas adivces? SMH.

    • Anonymous

      why would dre listen to 50?? i mean its not like he had a debut album that was classic and sold 20 million (worldwide) or nothing.. i mean its not like 50 sold 15 mil (worldwide) on his second.. or has 50 mil (worldwide) sold.. i mean come on, 50 knows NOTHING about music...

  • aj

    50 cent: i have some advice for you on how to flop with record sales. Dr. Dre: bitch ass 50 i brought you up in the game i dont need your advice you sucked dick after get rich or die trying

    • Anonymous

      wow.. 50 made em cool to the hip-hop crowd?? em was underground and then blew up before 50 started to get hot.. hip-hop heads have been checkin em since skribble jam back when... get real son...

    • 1

      Jam Master Jay brought 50 into the game not Dre!

    • don't believe the 2nd anonymous

      Shady Records gave 50 3 million because Eminem heard 50's mixtape and flew him out to the west and negotiated the deal. 50 was going to blow up regardless of where he signed.

    • Anonymous

      50 brought Em into the game. He made Em cool to the hip-hop crowd. That is what won 50 that Murder Inc. beef. The white fans took Em's side. Dre. brought 50 and Em into the game!!!

    • Anonymous

      Eminem brought 50 up in the game. Dre just consigned

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