Ja Rule Writes Letter From Prison, Speaks On Current Situation

The incarcerated rapper checks in from jail.

Currently incarcerated for a felony weapons conviction, Ja Rule checked in with VIBE.com to give an update on his present standing behind bars.

In the letter, the jailed rapper recalls his first night behind bars and how he spoke with two younger inmates who have already been through serious suffering in their lives. He also touches on how signing autographs in jail makes him feel uneasy and reminisces on his father.

Read the full letter below.

My first night here was crazy inmates screaming, banging, and kicking the doors calling the male CO’s bitch ass niggas & faggots telling the female CO’s how they gonna fuck em, throwing plates of food out their cells onto the floor LOL. WELCOME TO THE GREEN MONSTER! This type of shit would never happen upstate at best you’d be in the box for a month at worst the infirmary. I even got into it wit these stupid niggas trying to assassinate my character talkin about I’m snitching to the guards and that I’m getting special treatment. I barked on these niggas and set em straight cause as a man there’s only so much you can take before you snap. At first I tried to ignore there lil comments until they started talkin shit like they gonna kick my door and all this clown shit. But the funny thing is when I started screaming on them lettin them know they got the wrong nigga they got excited it was like that’s what they wanted to bring the hood out of me. That’s when I realized that I’m dealing wit kids they can’t be niggas my age cause that would’ve lead to instant confrontation not instant admiration. After I set em straight they wanted to talk & ask me about the industry I could tell they wanted to be my friend but just didn’t know how to go about it. So I chatted wit them for a lil bit before letting them know I was tried and ready to lay down. But as I layed I listened to them talk telling there life stories of how one was born in a crack house and grew up selling crack to his mother and how another watched his father get murdered rite in front of him by some dudes he owed money as they robbed his house and how they were now in jail for crimes of their own one for beating his girl friend the other for a murder. One of them them is 19 the other just turned 23 yesterday. Both with kids of their own. When will we break the cycle? WILLIE LYNCH LIVES ON... DAMN!

When I got here I was happy to see some officers of the same skin color not that I’m racist or anything but in this type of situation and where I just came from you’d be happy to see some of your own too. Prejudice does still exist trust me I’ve been treated and seen it people treated like niggers more in 1 month that I have my whole life I feel like a slave and even tho I haven’t heard anyone say it actions speak louder than words. As I walk through the door everyone staring like they can’t believe I just walked in cuffed from head to toe. Even tho I don’t feel like much of a star that’s all they see the star that has fallen. But as I look in their eyes I still see the love they still wanna meet me and greet me as if I’m on their own personal stage except there’s no screaming fans, fancy clothes & bright lights. Only screaming inmates me in my orange jumpsuit and little flash lights they shine in my cell at night. It’s hard to feel good signing autographs and taking pictures in this predicament but I did it with a smile cause I love my fans and never say no, no matter what mood I’m in after the meet & greet they took me to my cell where I’ll be housed till my court date it’s not the best but it’s not the worst either they gave me some pillows and an extra mattress so I’ll live. This is my 3rd here and IA already came and got me to investigate my lil meet & greet. I basically told them to fuck off and that those are good cops cause they really were nice to me last thing I wanna see is good people get in trouble cause they got an autograph or a pic from me. You wanna investigate something investigate the crooked Hip Hop Task Force that got me into this shit in the first place.

As I sit in my cell listening to their stories I think about me and my Dad and how I hated to love him for so many years and how I vowed to be nothing like him only to have my mother say “your just like your father” LOL. Which made me curious to know him and of course just as we start to get closer to one another he dies. But I have my closure I learned alot about him and him about me in the short time we spent together. Which makes me think about my kids and how I’m raising them I am a great father and I have broken the cycle even though I’m in prison the foundation has already been layed. I hate being away from them for 20 months but shit could just as easily been on tour for that long. I feel compelled I wanna help other kids break the cycle. I’ve been to 5 different prisons and all I see is niggas and I ain’t talking about black people I’m talking about ignorance. See the problem wit most people is they don’t smell shit until they step in it and by that time it’s all over your shoe and everybody is tryin to get away from you. Now you have 2 choices you can either wash that shoe or throw it away. A lot of people choose to throw it away meaning they didn’t learn shit but those that choose to wash that shoe tend to watch their step knowing how hard it was to get em clean. I think I’ll wash my shoes this time cause this shit ain’t me.

R.I.P William Jeffrey Atkins

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  • bawse

    goodsh!t rule drop jewels on these modern day koons

  • rotimi

    i dey miss ja rule please where is he?


    well i think jarule has really proved to be a grown nigger if i really follow his letter but even though some niggaz are blowing crap about him i know one day things will change i as his fan really feels his absensure but really nothing to do and ja thanks 4 sharing yo prison lyfe wiyh us!u will be out one day.

  • Anonymous

    hello world, i just say a little bit about wezzy. i want lil wayne know that he had so many fans in africa, especially in gambia. am a gambian and i name my self yng wezzy. but my real name is yus, am a dead fans of lil wayne. my no +2207310009 if you wanna halla me ok... i wanna say thanks to all big fans of wezzy, keep supportin because he control hiphop. may god give him long life.....

  • Atl2Trill

    This is a well written letter and he's kicking knowledge too. This should be read by bad ass kids and foolish adults who think prison and being ignorant is cool.

  • Anonymous

    Salute to Ja Rule cant wait fa dat pain is love 2. yo check us out on youtube just search in BLACKLAWREBELMUSIC show us luv give us sum feedback!!!

  • Anonymous

    i dont give a fuck what any body say ja a real nigga Freeja !!!!!!! holla back

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Sad that being locked up in a cage brings one to a moment of clarity. Break the cycle, my dudes.

  • t

    so much hate on this site i dont get it, ja rule aint even poppin right now so why even hate, i thought u at least had to have a buzz to generate hate but ja still gets hate from his 98-2003 run. u better need to get a grip,the man is in prison and u guys break your neck to come and talk bad cus he beefed with 50 years ago! look at 50 now, his run took the same path as ja rules

  • Schweinepriester Helmut Smith

    I dont hate Ja Rule, I just dont like him.

  • Anonymous

    Stay in jail Ja Fool. You as wack as 50!

  • Anonymous

    he talk all of that murda shit get a lil gun charge and now he actin like a lil bitch cmon jeff hold your head i guess you really cant handle a bid

  • Anonymous

    good read he pretty smart who knew stuart little was such a genious

  • e

    dx youre hella late on this news.. smh FREE RULE

  • Jin Hyung Im

    respect, salute. lookin forward to listen to pain is love 2, and Renaissance Project. keep it up Ja.

  • Ozzy Salas

    Ja's letters are really interesting. i do enjoy reading them. and all you 50 cent Stans need to be put in check. this has nothing to do with 50 cent so get lost

    • Mc Abraham Jesse

      after listened to pain is love i felt ur pain and ur current situation ,nevertheless is a place of correction ,i believe u get out from there cos is not a place to live. As for me i clean _up my shoes I will think of your words, your message, and the waste of human potential that you and I both have seen, seen in places that do nothing to help, do nothing to further the human spirit, do nothing but kick in the face of many who are already down. Keep the faith, man, I'll be praying to see that u get out of there cos ur my Hommie One love from young mony 9ja

  • CLM83

    A good Read, 2nd one I read, Keep it up

  • Rick James bitch, fuck yo couch

    "Where's ja....WHERE'S JAAA?!!!!" - Dave Chappelle

  • Steve Jones

    Ja Rule, I'm just a cowboy from Montana that found this site by accident, but I HEAR you, brother. I clean the horse shit off my boots every night and as I do, for the rest of my life, I will think of your words, your message, and the waste of human potential that you and I both have seen, seen in places that do nothing to help, do nothing to further the human spirit, do nothing but kick in the face of many who are already down. Keep the faith, man, I'll be watching to see if your shoes are clean. Steve J.

  • ignorance is not bliss

    So sick of these 50 cent dickriders.. Do you have a life? For real though Ja is speakin the truth and its a good read. Curious to see what he has in store on that PIL2..

  • James Vega

    He can write??? Are you sure it's not a finger painting??

  • Eli Abdallah

    i thought this nigga Ja fool was dead 50 FINISHED his career back in 2003

  • pennyblack

    These letters from Ja are great, my respect for him has gone up so much. He's one of the few intelligent people we have in Hip Hop and I'm sure the world will embrace his music once again.

  • Anonymous

    This is cool shit. not a big Ja fan but he's definitely a real dude....but his punctuation is shitty haha

  • F. Rap

    Lets break the cycle ! We all read it from Ja, that nigga mentality ish ain't cool or productive. Rise up that GOD in you ! It's a new era ! jail = slavery

  • IAmControverse

    REAL TALK. This is what A LOT of people need to here, especially the last part of the letter that talks about washing the shoe or throwing it away (learning your lesson or not). Stay up, Rule. Can't wait to put in PIL2 and get into some real music.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Im not mad at Ja. He wanna make a change. I feel ya Brah... Question is: will ya music be different when you get out?

  • hahah


  • 50 cent

    i could have someone run up on him with a shank with just a few pennies out my biggy bank

  • Slick

    50 killed so many careers, Jarule Fat Joe and his own

    • Anonymous

      lol,so true. good letter ja. I was a fan back then, was hoping you make a comeback, but i guess ill just wait, the letters are good thing, keep it up. I myself gotta watch that shit too lol

  • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    Nice one Ja. This is actually a great article, positive, hopefull & honest. No hate here.

  • beem

    this nigga likes publicity stunt, ja fool youre career is done end of the story.

  • Anonymous

    ja you doing small numbers you aint doing no life type shit stop being a bitch before you become one

  • Nico 3

    One, stop blaming other people for your bullshit mistakes. You got caught and sentenced. It doesn't get more simplified than that. Two, nobody believes you're a gangsta. Were you going to shank those two prison hecklers? lol This dude is just so phony it's unbelievable. Everything he says seems to be a publicity stunt aimed at trying to make himself look harder than 50.

  • Lmao @ that lame nigga frontin

    Hope y'all dumb niggas learning something outta rule's ordeal ? At first i was like nah man fuck you,you only tryna get public attention.But when i read all that letter,i was like damn dude kicking knowledge from that piece of paper. That being said...i'mma say keep your head up rule.

  • Tim Brim

    Good shit Ja, I feel you my nigga. Stay real and livve true. Prison is a state of mind.

  • Rob

    I like the part when he said not matter what mood hes in he will never turn down an autograph and i repect that because no matter what when it comes down to it its about the fans who made him and jarule seems to know that mad repect man you will be out in no time. concentrate on the great things you will do when you get out.

  • Easeduzit

    Was talking to anonymous dumb shit down there at the bottom vvvvv. 1love

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    dont drop the soap niggggggga. and i already dropped mines last night,i got dug in deep too

  • Easeduzit

    When he talks about ignorance he's talking about bitch ass fools like you. All heart and no brains. Build your self esteem through education, not tryin to act hard on the Internet. Hip hop is a culture/ lifestyle, not just music. Ja rule may have been soft with his beats but dude is way smarter then you may ever be despite him being locked up. Fight the system! Break the cycle! Education is the key to the lock.

  • Anonymous

    They need to help bring out Farrakhan to all these educational institions and communities

    • Anonymous

      farakhan is speaking out about how obama is just the same as bush and aint changing shit.. yea we had hope when obama got elected but its been 4 more years of the same nothing.. farakhan has gotten past his blame whitey mentality and is kickin knowledge of how the world is rigged from the jump.. 90% chance your status where you born is where youll be when you die...

    • Anonymous

      Well when you have a world built on lies and murder, God will send his warners to those wicked rulers, who is going to judge them if not God himself?

    • Anonymous

      he thrives off of black seperatism! white man did this, the white man did that" crap! notice how silent and insignificant he has become! his business is the same as rush limbaugh but for blacks!

  • Anonymous

    That's real talk right there #100 !!!

  • mrp504

    Thanks for the heads-up. This article needs to be presented to the massess, including the public black school system because it is suffering especially in Georgia, Atl surrounding areas. And although willie lynch is dead, his message lives on. The federal government needs to crack down on the public black school system and get the irresponsible people in higher power out because if they continue to let the state operate the school system here in Georgia, there will be continued stories like this one....in the words of the Great Paul Mooney, Wake up Niggas!!!! Wake up!!!! Stupidity is serious, and I understand your comments whether or not you agree. Peace

  • Cheltio

    Nice letter from Jarule, he's right when he talks about breaking the cycle. I don't think he's complaining about feeling like a slave and shit, I think he's just sad to see other black people in a worst state than he is and they are way younger than him, hopefully this whole jail thing will make him a better person "if he cleans his shoe" like he says, can't wait to hear more from him, peace

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Very good article... all you dumb negro's hating on this... READ A BOOK! Study Malcom X!

  • prewoz

    you know..... The only person 95% of the time that puts a person in jail is themselves. Don't talk that slave bullshit. If you feel like you are being treated like the bottom of the barrel it's because you are. You're in PRISON! You gonna get bossed around, and treated like shit.

    • Henry Rembert

      I don't think yall get it. He prefaced what they did by saying what they saw in their life to get them to that point. Seeing theri families fall apart by violence, hence "the cycle".

    • truth

      what prewoz said. Is there a prejudice towards black people.... yes. Can we break the cycle.... yes. As a college educated black man, I only account for myself at the end of the day.

    • Nigga nah ledge

      "Everyone in prison is innocent, don't u know?!" - Morgan freeman in "Shawshank Redemption"

    • wu

      lol. I agree with you actually prewoz. A lot of these morons on here are fake anyways. Just be real on here.

    • Anonymous

      although i do agree with what he is saying in terms om breaking a cycle

    • Anonymous

      jg so the two lads he was talking about one commited murder and the other beat up his girlfriend so they like most of people in prison deserve to be there and if i had my way i would have the cunts shot

    • jg

      actually 95% of the time a person gets put in prison cuz their black. Fuck off whiteboy

  • Anonymous

    we dont care stay in jail and leave hiphop alone. you suck.

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