J. Cole Receives Gold Certification For "Cole World: The Sideline Story"

After nine weeks on the chart, the Roc Nation rapper crosses the 500,000 sales mark.

Less than three months after his debut Cole World: The Sideline Story hit stores, J. Cole has received gold certification for sales of more than 500,000 units of the LP.

Revealing the news via Twitter, the Roc Nation rapper broke the news, writing, "Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I come from Fayetteville, NC. Shit is unreal. Thank you for the love. See you at the Grammy's. 9 weeks later. Thank you is an understatement. GOLD World."

Cole was recently honored with a nod for Best New Artist at the 2012 Grammy Awards, where he's up against The Band Perry, Nicki Minaj, Skrillex and Bon Iver.

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Dec 01 via webFavoriteRetweetReply

9 weeks later. Thank you is an understatement. GOLD World http://t.co/TxQ3geD6
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  • Anonymous

    Idiots He sold 425,000 and has currently shipped 75,000 copies according to a website

    • Anonymous

      Dude just shout the fuck up who cares if he sold 425,000 copies his album went gold this year so stoppin hatin on him congratulate for once in your life dumb ass besides he only has like 75,000 copies to sell and for those of u that didn't know spread the word j cole's single work out has recently been certifited gold by the RIAA as well wow man wow with two gold plaque under his belt already this year plus being grammy nominated to with a slight possible chance of winning in feburary 2012 j cole is on a major roll yall keep on buyin copies of his album and supportin him gold world the sideline story lol

  • Anonymous

    Idiots He sold 425,000 and has currently shipped 75,000 copies according to billboard.biz.com

    • Super A certified 1

      hey yall just to keep u up to date i checked a website and as of december 14, 2011 j.cole has currently pushed 450,000 units so his sales of catching up to his 500,000 shipment that earned him a certified gold album back on december 2, 2011 so hopefully the sales will reach the 500,000 sales mark the last week of 2011 or first week of 2012 so all of my j cole fans out there keep on buyin copies of his album and clearing out shelves in stores he deserves it u the man cole and dont worry bout your next album man we going to make u go platinum lol

  • BeantownBreezy

    At last this kid represent's real hip hop and is not trying to be a gangster or wannabee like Rick Ross fake ass,or Drake's overpriveleged bitchass.Well done Cole in this day of constant wack garbage hip pop music and the pussification of the male that is going on in hip pop music.

  • Anonymous

    Got a grammy snub for the actual album but he did get best new artist over Wiz which is really something. Lupe knows he wasnt supposed to get that one over Cole. He owe Cole a feature.

  • Lopez Jacob

    it deserves more than that.

  • Nico 3

    That's like giving something credit for winning a batting title and saying they hit .300 when they were really at .290. The idea is to award people based on cold hard sales figures, not shipping estimates where half the time CD's could be collecting dust on a shelve, but the artist still gets credited. Then the perception is they're more successful than they really are.

    • Steph

      They're shipped by steady weekly sales and demand.

    • rip rap rop 1

      If u ask me the RIAA gave j.cole his certified gold plaque for his album because they know he probably will end up sellin what he has shipped which is 500,000 copies currently he's at 405,000 copies sold so he only has 95,000 to go to reach the 500,000 mark and the way he's been sellin the past like month and an half at like 20,000 copies every week he could reach 500,000 in sells in 6 to 7 weeks so he's close like some of ya'll have been sayin and it's not like he's not sellin i've been to best buy, target, wal-mart, and even f.y.e myself and i'll tell ya'll man cole world albums have been disspearing off the shelves in the stores well at least where i'm at that is how about ya'll do u think cole's album is sellin even more to reach 500,000 as we speak let me know cause i think they may very well have shipped 500,000 and awarded him for it cause stores are sellin out and running out of copies of his album that could be a factor to so he could be still sellin very well we will see though but having said all that i'd like to say congrat to j.cole anyway for your hard work and dedication on a number 1 album and just a great put together album period

  • The MG

    I think this is just 500k shipped. They did the same thing with Wayne's album last week. But hopefully, we will actually cross that mark sales-wise. He deserves it.

    • Anonymous

      u guys are idiots lol

    • bbj 05

      oh definately no question bout that correctly at 405k he'll most like reach that theshold mark in 5 to 6 week from now he only has like 95k to sale to actually reach 500k and i see no problem that would prevent that he's been sellin like 20,000 every week in the past month and a half or so, so im pretty sure he can reach 500k in sales in the final week of december or the first week of january will see guys just keep buyin as many copies of his album as possible i now a bought like 18 copies on black friday last week yea don't ask my wallet was so fat of cash i couldn't fold it so i had alot of money to just blow on cd's

  • Black KiiNG

    The nigga just shipped gold. He will probably sell 500,000 by January, but he hasn't yet. Him and his fans thought that he was going gold in the first week, but now they happy to just go gold after 4 months, lol.

  • da1

    That album didnt sell no where near 500,000 copies. RIAA is full of shit giving people plaques without them ever selling the actual amount it takes to qualify getting one. Getting plaques for albums shipped not albums bought? Thats like a minor league baseball team getting a trophy for having a very big roster. If your not putting up numbers and winning fair and square you shouldn't get a big trophy for it. The game is fucked.

    • be101

      Ok da1 are u happy now j.cole's debut album has sold 508,000 copies as of January 11, 2012 so the sales have crossed over the 500,000 mark and i know this site is over a month and a half old but i thought u should know da1 he's officially certified gold now and deserves a gold plaque for his album from the RIAA yea their not full of shit anymore cause j.cole has now rightfully earned this award he's been puttin up numbers da1 and numbers don't lie, 500,000 is gold and he's now at 508,000 so he more than qualifies for a certified gold plaque do u understand da1 good he won the game fair and square so give him a well deserved big trophy now and stop complaining da1 no one cheated gold world

    • jo b1

      who said he wouldn't ever sell the numbers need to be declared gold he's at 405,000 copies so far so he's puttin up numbers man he's gettin there less 100,000 copies to sale but he's just not at the 500,000 sales mark yet for albums brought just shipped beyonce's 4 album was at like 864,000 copies sold and was certified U.S. platinum and the platinum sales mark is 1,000,000 copies she's at like 921,000 now, the watch the throne album got platinum in the U.S at like 924,000 copies it now platinum in sales as of november 30, 2011 at 1,100,000 what i'm tryin to say is it don't matter to much if they get a gold or platinum plaque for shipment of albums and their album sales don't qualify yet as long as it's close to that mark cause their sales probably will eventually catch up to what their shipment was whether it was 500,000 or 1,000,000 copies the RIAA probably figured cole was going to sale 500,000 in like 6 weeks so they gave him a the gold plaque for shipping 500,000 so gold world he deserves it keep on supportin him

    • brs87

      Dude hello where u been man cole's album sold 425,000 copies last i checked before it was annouced he was certified gold so he's already gettin close to the 500,000 mark he only needs like 75,000 more to sale to actually reach that mark as far as sells go so it don't really matter at this point i'm pretty sure he can sell that extra 75,000 copies in the next 5 weeks or so, and u up here frontin like that's along ways to go who cares if he didn't actually sale 500,000 yet cole has made it to gold after 9 long weeks give him some credit man that's all i'm sayin and i think black friday may have helped boost his sales to allow he's album to be certified gold by RIAA cause i was in best buy like 4 days ago buyin a copy of both big sean and wiz khalifa's albums and notice that there was only two copies of j cole's album still on the shelves i even went by target shelves nearly empty of j cole's album so he's probably selling even more as we speak it's very tough to reach gold and platinum now a days with people not buyin many albums and for him to sale well over 400,000 copies in the u.s after not hardly being promoted, no radio play, being underrated, and still had a number 1 album on the billboard charts hey he desevres a gold plaque despite what u said just buy more copies man buy as many as u can afford it won't be long at all before the sales actually hit the 500,000 mark if they haven't already but like i said it don't matter cole world the sideline story album is certified gold now and all yall hatin ass bitches that said he wouldn't can eat your shitty ass words and i hope they taste like shit, and u don't enjoy them EAT IT BITCHES gold world, gold life, gold blooded cole's the shit and all the hater's hate just accept it and have a seat to everyone else thank u for supportin j.cole and allowin him to reach certified gold on his debut album keep it up maybe he'll reach certified platinum on the next album roc nation we in the house

  • Cole "Gold" World

    "I made it to the Roc, even though they tried to box me out I got the key to the game, they tried to lock me out But what they dont understand is this is all plan Its a bigger picture and you cant photoshop me out Some nigga ask me why Jay never shout me out Like Im supposed to give a f-ck Dont you know that I be out in France Where the fans throw they hands like Pacquiao Not cause my looks, cause my hooks could knock Rocky out"

  • Anonymous

    Dont get me wrong, J.Cole is a great artist but I think this is Gold based off of units shipped to stores and not units actually bought.

    • Anonymous

      Yea keep hating cause in the end your hate won't change a damn thing their living out their dreams of being the greatest music artist in the game and touring the world buyin up things u'll never afford, and it just eat away at u that you'll never be like them cause u have nothing better to do but post comments on how they'll never be this, or they'll never be that i swear some of ya'll just need to focus on you decide what u want to do in life if u want to be a music artist or whatever it is, just get out there work hard at it and, fufill your dreams instead of hating on others who are fufilling theirs and being successful man who knows u maybe the next greatest artist in the game

    • Anonymous

      its all perspective. keep hating

    • Anonymous

      he a good artist, but not even close to great and never will be.



    • Steph

      lol you've never listened to J. Cole.

    • TEXAS


    • anonymous:

      bitch shout the fuck up and quit hating never say never kid j cole has potential it's just his first album so he's still a rookie check back in 2 or 3 years and see if he doesn't progress to be a great artist u don't know and neither do i man but a have faith in j cole that he may take the throne someday and jay-z will past him the torch jay-z needs to cause jay is gettin old j cole the future as well as big sean, wale, meek mill, ace hood, mac miller, drake, and even wiz khalifa yep time for the younger generation to take over things in hip hop but they are all still in the beginning of their careers, as i said j cole will be more than just a good artist but a great one he just has a long ways to go so dude stop hating on cole never say never

    • Bigl1230

      Yea like anything coming out of TEXAS is hot. Cole the future...if his music put u to sleep....that might be because your just a Bitch. Go listen to lil scrappy or wayne or something...

  • Anonymous

    Dope album , if real recognized real this would be 4 million sold at the least.

  • The Conformist

    Good for him, he's an excellent artist.

  • yawooh

    big ups to Cole, this is just the beginning. I expect big things from Cole and I think he can deliver as long as the label doesnt try to control his music...Not the best albulm but in this mediocre year for rap LP's, he's in the top 5

  • Anonymous

    Totally deserving of it. He's worked from the ground up and earned it!

  • Lmao @ that lame nigga frontin

    Is that all you can push..mr.cole? Last time i checked,drake still pushing mad units. Don't care what y'all say...drake garbage or not,im still bopping is joint.

    • The MG

      Why is it always J Cole vs. Drake? It's not possible to like both of them?

    • Anonymous

      cole's overrated as fuck tbh ^, besides, drake's lyrics don't have to be bombastic or multisyllabic to elicit some sort of response in his listeners, it's what other musicians (outside of hip-hop) try to emphasize, and that's what the likes of kanye and drake are underscoring as well, it makes them more viable musically, although they may not be as "hip-hop" as others

    • Jim

      Nigga....how many TALENTED artists are doing those numbers nowadays??? without a big single nontheless??? fuck sales that dont determine talent....By cole selling that much without having a big single and soley on fanbase opens the door for other talented young underground artists to sell that much. The best album of the year arguably was Rasheed Chappel - Future before nostalgia....no one bought that shit but it was one of the best out, and he is one of the best lyricists right now. I dont have nothing against drake but he isnt a good rapper to me....a simple lyricist who can write decent commercial rnb songs.

  • Neffite Davis

    Oh snap, When Lil Wayne was Certified double Plat!!! yall haters saying he didnt sell 2 million yet!!! Also said some more Hating stuff!! Now J Cole certified Gold even though he didnt sell 500,000 yet. Yall forgot about that!!! Congrats J Cole, u deserve it!!!! To yall haters Wayne and YMCMB is running shit now!!!!! LOL

  • shadyaftermath

    best hip hop album this year. cole world.

    • Lmao @ that lame nigga frontin

      GTFOH....with cole world best album this year. Whatever drug you on musta been a hard drug..! Tell me....crack or what?

  • Jugga

    As it should be. It's good to see people supporting quality artists who are serious about their craft. People complain about Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka messing up the game, but they couldn't even go gold in 3 months. The fans have spoken, hip hop is alive and well.

  • strongarm

    the wow tweet was cos of the grammy nomination. great journalism

  • Swordz

    Wow.... 500,000 copped an album where all the songs were available 2 years in advance, Impressive

    • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

      That is an idiotic statement, the old songs on the album were "Lights Please" & "In The Morning". "Work Out" & "Who Dat" were bonus tracks even though Work Out has blew up as a single now, more so than even "Can't Get Enough". "Lost Ones" leaked prior to the rest of the album, but Cole had kept it under wraps for a minute

    • Anonymous

      ur such a liar and a stan lol. workout was the only old song.

    • Yoo

      And what else hater? 2 years in advance huh? You have any proof to go along with that or you just talking out your ass? As I recall, Nice Watch was completed a little before the album dropped while waiting for a Jigga verse.

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