50 Cent Signs DJ Pauly D To His G-Note Label

The deal fans have been anxiously waiting for has been finalized.

"Jersey Shore" star DJ Pauly D is officially signed to 50 Cent's G-Note label.

Yahoo.com reports that the deal was completed on Thursday (December 1).

The TV star/DJ has been putting in work with 50 Cent and G-Unit since at least April of this year.

Pauly D joined Britney Spears for a few dates as an opening act for her "Femme Fatal" tour.

50 Cent added that Pauly D was a "great addition to G-Note and G-Unit family," referring to him as smart and creative.

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  • Anonymous

    Pauly isn't even that good it's just cause Jersey Shore is a huge hit and 50cent is a greedy mofo who puts out shit music; he needs to go back to his Get Rich Or Die Tryin ways. Every other album since then has been wack.

    • Anonymous

      Get rich Or Die Trying was wack too, you all just fell for the hook cause he was with Em and got shot 9 times Go back and listen to them lyrics again "I love you like a fat kid love cake" SMH, fuck outta here wit this dude

  • the Doc

    Im tired of people justifying these dudes by talkin about how they makin money...is hip hop about fuckin music or money....come on this some wack ass shit...just becuase itll make you money doenst mean shit...if it was about money rappers can go do a fuckin song with Bieber or some pop ass motherfuckers and just make they fuckin money....hip hop is about music and bein real...this shit is a fuckin joke Complain that Drake is being "emotional" at least he aint a fuckin sell out

  • Anonymous

    Tony Yayo, Shawty Lo and Pauly D will put the Unit baxk on top!!! LMAO

  • Anonymous

    LOL Shawty Lo and DJ Pauly bringing the Unit back? LMFAO

  • JC

    50 cent is such a dirty ass fag, hiphop leech What a wack loser

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    BREAKING: Black Minstrel Signs Italian Minstrel

  • Anonymous

    this kid packs the clubs he is a REAL DJ

  • anon

    wow really, jersey shores is a stupid wack ass show, pauly d really hahaha what a joke.

  • Hahahaha

    50 got jokes! Pauly D is "smart and creative." Hahahaha good one Fif.


    why want he sign fred the god son?

  • gy

    50 is in it for the money the man is hollow. hes just robot following the money. thats why hes got all that money and no friends. still alone. pauly d won't save him. i like how 50 invests in faggots like pauly d as banks continues delivering quality music for free. where was 50s money when hunger for more 2 came out? he cant stand to see one of his own ppl have success musically if he himself is not. shits lame. then he gets praised for his business. he shits on his loyal team and gives niggas like shawty lo a long look. he has no idea what hes doing. hes throwing money around thinking of ways to completely dead his career, it appears. 500 mill and still a fucking loser in the music game banks needs to get away from this idiot. 50 is operating in mc hammer territory and thats not a joke. mc hammer actually has a better chance of being in a big movie/tv show than 50. dude fell all the way off.

  • gy

    broke faggot 50 dickrider: "fif is gonna cash in on this one, haters" 50 is a clueless monkey, all that money and still no sense. thats why his music career is dead. music allowed the other stuff. now thats gone. 50 is gonna be broke in no time. man can't continue living the way he does. hes clearly delusional. whats the last 50 cent sucess musically? before i self destruct? wack album that flopped. g-unit album? wack, flopped. got dropped by interscope. its like 5% of oold 50 cent fans that cant see it for what its become. 50 cent the biggest fall off in rap history. going diamond, to dropping straight to dvd movies that suck that nobody cares about. take away the fact 50 has money, the guy is a loser. eminem keeping his distance. his whole earth is crumbling. look at 50. skinny. weak. thinking of ways of staying relevant. "ill feed africans and get myself a pay day" dudes done hes scared to drop an album cuz hes scared of flopping all that no fear shit is exactly that, SHIT. dude scared of flopping. then go away./

  • Anonymous

    hip hop is dead fuck o sell outs

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If I hear one more nigga try and justify the clown ass shit this guy does by saying Yo, he get paper tho, I'ma slap the shit out somebody, lol, I'ma be slappin my co workers and they gonna wonder why, I'ma be like cause niggas on HHDX pissing me off actin like 50 cent paper pay they bills and give him an excuse to redefine the term sellout SMH, 50 starting a pop label cause he know the rap game threw with him I guess, but fuck that he got enough paper, go out with some dignity man the fucks wrong wit you?

  • Anonymous

    This DJ Pauly D has probably broken more laws than Rick Ross though.

  • Fish

    This is the final nail in the G-Unit coffin. Lets see how the 50 cent dick riders justify this one. GGGGG-UNOT!

  • Anonymous

    fuck 50 cent for signing this homo. this is why hiphop sucks in 2011. rappers are shameless and only interested in money. Time to occupy hiphop

    • 50 CENT

      Don't hate on 50 beyyyotfh

    • jg

      yea and Pauly D is a DJ, so I assume he;s gonna produce joints and have mostly instrumentals with 50 spitting over some of the tracks

    • Anonymous

      @koollie go sucks pauly d's dick faggot.

    • Koollie

      Eat a dick, thats all what i got to say. G-Note Records will not concentrate on hip-hop, but on Dance, R&B en POP. You dont need to expect a hip-hop album of Pauly D. When Akon signed Lady Gaga, was that because of hip-hop? NO. This has nothing to do with the state of Hip-Hop. By the way, eat a d!ck...

  • Nigga nah ledge

    Fuckin guidos..50 cent should be on jersey shore. He can be the black guido. He's already got the physique for it he will fit right in. Real worlds always got a token black guy to add some flava to show, it's jersey shores turn now

  • LL Cool Gay

    This is the best look g-unit has had in years. Best thing to happen to g-unit since signing the game

  • Lilmarcci Beeyotch

    He looks like cocksucker tranny. Fif is really gaylover also, his Gay Unit gone so far from rap game since they came out

  • Beanie Sigel

    Waddup Bawse ? Ricky Ross in da building

    • 50 Cent

      Im glad people like the new member of GGGGGGG-Unit. Only gorillas can join and Pauly D's gangsta card ain't never on trial. Next Im gonna sign Snookie, that bitch is gonna be the next Olivia. Rick Ross is a g and after his record deal with Def Jam is up . Im gonna sign him to my label GGGGGGGGGGGGGG. And one more thing my new album will come out the same day Detox does (NEVER) GGGGGGGGUNIT

    • Anonymous

      Please quit talking to yourself.

    • Rick Ross

      Nothing,Beans...Just chilling eatting my whopper in the car.....McRibs Back.....and Im wit that right now,nigga.

  • Rick Ross

    Fuck You, Curly.....Signing this Pretty Looking punk aint gonna save your career......You gracefully bowed out of the rap game while I was putting my Big Mac game down....Stay in the business world and out of My lane...If you step to the mic again....Im gonna have to merc you....Now If you excuse me.....Niggaz got biznezz to handle....I got a whopper in the car.

  • Anonymous

    I see a lot of y'all saying that 50 is wack now but nigga is making mad money. Dude is worth almost half a billion. He had a great music career. Made money off on buck, banks, and game. Making money from vitamin water. He sign that 6 movies contract last year that's worth 200 mil. And now dude sign Pauly D. You know how many bitches fuck with that dude. More money in 50 pocket. But keep saying 50 fell off. Cuz while you saying that, you're still broke (including me)

    • Anonymous

      I feel ya mayne.. Right now Im listening to Garth Brooks cos he's got so much paper,eating a Big Mac cos Mc Donalds are bosses(fa real player check how many workers they got) and watching the Transformers movie cos Michael Bay havin fetti.. I cant believe there are haters out there that buy shit based on how good something is rather than how much money the product is making??!!

  • Obi Patrick

    Smart ass move...

  • the Doc

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 50 is strait garbage Imagin telling 50 in 03 about what he'd become ten years later.....................................

  • jr88

    he isgonna be the face of gnote...smart ass move by 50...this guy has the mtv machine behind him and he is on tour with britney spears and he djs in the palms in las vegas...this dude is gonna be sporting 50s new head phones on jersey shore which is seen by 5 million people a week...THIS IS CHESS NOT CHECKERS

  • Anonymous

    I guess its smart if you think about it since moat of the songs on the radio sound like techno and dubstep and he is a dj that plays and mixes those type of music.

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    G-unit is dead

  • Da fuck.

    Smart....creative?!?? Where DEY do DAT at?!?

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