B.o.B Says He's "Several Songs" Into "The Man & The Martian" Collab Album With T.I.

B.o.B confirms that he's releasing an album with T.I., speaks on Lil Wayne's guest verse on "Strange Clouds."

After news of a possible collaborative album between Atlanta rappers T.I. and B.o.B began to makes its way onto the internet, B.o.B has finally confirmed that a joint album between the two rappers will in fact be released.

B.o.B revealed the news during an interview with HOT 97’s Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff.

“Me and Tip working on The Man & The Martian project…It’s a collab album. You know, just something to have fun with. We actually have several songs,” said B.o.B in a video posted on HipHop-N-More.com. “We actually have been talking about this for a while. Now that he’s back and we got time to record it’s a lot easier to manifest.”

The rapper also spoke on why he chose to include Lil Wayne on his latest single “Strange Clouds.”

“I felt like I needed to get somebody on the record who would really bring to life even more the concept of ‘Strange Clouds.’ And the extraterrestrial side of it,” B.o.B explained.

Later in the interview B.o.B shared that he’s “pretty much done” with his sophomore album.

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  • Anonymous

    Wait. So it is happening. Why do artists say "oh yeah man...we're just playing around with the idea" and are actually doing it? Like,, just be straight up and say you're doing a collabo album. And for every news outlet, website et al, please give up the phrase "so and so doing a Watch The Throne album" because we all know for damn sure, even though there haven't been a lot of commercial collabo albums, the underground been doing this shit for years...Peace!

  • Joshua Doran

    If anyone is doubting Bobby Ray... Go watch his Bet Cypher...

  • coogi

    b.o.b got some original shit, but t.i. is gonna rap about the same old shit, so the 'unoriginal' aspect does play a role here.

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    Sounds unoriginal. Matter of fact, sounds like a ripoff of martians vs goblins

    • ETK

      ^and you, go listen to the classic of a grammar seminar. then hang yourself. stop throwin back to the old classics like an old man. times are changin', hip-hop is changin', if you can't accept it, hang yourself for a relative mainstream rapper, B.o.B can spit.

    • Lilmarcci Beeeyotch

      @samwise g - ayo fuckin son, stop suckin Daddy's dick or keep suckin Bobby's dick . u nigga don kno what da real music is . dat's da problem u have . go home and listen to classics .

    • Jason Pitcher

      Most "artists" nowadays are unoriginal. There's so much more to life than selling drugs and poppin' bottles in the club, and Bobby Ray is one of the few who articulate ideas that differ from the norm.

    • samwise g

      get outta here man, b.o.b is one of the most original artists out there. makes his own beats, plays 5 instruments well, raps about hood stuff, political stuff, inspirational stuff, idealistic stuff. everything. why dont the people that post on this stuff know anything about hip hop? hip hop has a serious artist ignorance problem

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