Kanye West, Nicki Minaj & J. Cole Nominated For 2012 Grammy Awards

Additional nominees include Jay-Z, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa and more.

The nominations for the 2012 Grammy Awards were announced earlier this evening, with Kanye West leading the pack with seven nods.

Songstress Adele nabbed the most prestigious nominations, garnering six for her album 21 and its subsequent singles. Her four-times platinum sophomore album will go up against Rihanna's Loud in the Album of the Year category, while her smash "Rolling in the Deep" will compete against Kanye's "All of the Lights," Mumford & Sons' "The Cave," Bon Iver's "Holocene" and Bruno Mars' "Grenade."

Nicki Minaj earned two nods: one for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration with Drake for "Moment 4 Life" and Best New Artist, where she's up against The Band Perry, J. Cole, Skrillex and Bon Iver.

Check the select nominations below, and head over to Grammy.com for the full list.

Record Of The Year

Rolling In The Deep

Bon Iver

Bruno Mars

The Cave
Mumford & Sons

Katy Perry

Album Of The Year


Wasting Light
Foo Fighters

Born This Way
Lady Gaga

Doo-Wops & Hooligans
Bruno Mars


Song Of The Year

All Of The Lights
Jeff Bhasker, Malik Jones, Warren Trotter & Kanye West, songwriters (Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie)
Track from: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

The Cave
Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Marcus Mumford & Country Winston, songwriters (Mumford & Sons)
Track from: Sigh No More

Brody Brown, Claude Kelly, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Bruno Mars & Andrew Wyatt, songwriters (Bruno Mars)
Track from: Doo-Wops & Hooligans

Justin Vernon, songwriter (Bon Iver)
Track from: Bon Iver

Rolling in the Deep
Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth, songwriters (Adele)
Track from: 21

Best New Artist

The Band Perry
Bon Iver
J. Cole
Nicki Minaj

Best Rap Performance

Look At Me Now
Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes
Track from: F.A.M.E.

Jay-Z & Kanye West
Track from: Watch The Throne

The Show Goes On
Lupe Fiasco
Track from: Lasers

Moment 4 Life
Nicki Minaj & Drake

Black And Yellow
Wiz Khalifa

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration

Beyoncé & André 3000

I’m On One
DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

I Need A Doctor
Dr. Dre, Eminem & Skylar Grey

What’s My Name?
Rihanna & Drake

Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne

All Of The Lights
Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie

Best Rap Song

All Of The Lights

Black And Yellow

I Need A Doctor

Look At Me Now


The Show Goes On

Best Rap Album

Watch The Throne
Jay-Z & Kanye West

Tha Carter IV
Lil Wayne

Lupe Fiasco

Pink Friday
Nicki Minaj

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Kanye West

Best R&B Performance

Far Away
Marsha Ambrosius

Pieces Of Me

Not My Daddy
Kelly Price & Stokley

Is This Love
Corinne Bailey Rae

You Are
Charlie Wilson

Best Traditional R&B Performance

Sometimes I Cry
Eric Benét

Fool For You
Cee Lo Green & Melanie Fiona

Radio Message
R. Kelly

Good Man
Raphael Saadiq

Betty Wright & The Roots

Best R&B Song

Far Away

Fool For You

Not My Daddy

Pieces Of Me

You Are

Best R&B Album

Chris Brown

Second Chance
El DeBarge

Love Letter
R. Kelly

Pieces Of Me

Kelly Price



  • Anonymous

    If watch the throne or MBDTF don't win best rap album then I give up. MBDTF shouldn't be up for best rap album it should be up for the best album cuz it's more than just rap. J Cole should win for best new artist but everybody know they gonna give it to that bitch nicki

  • Anonymous

    wow lasers really shouldn't be anywhere up there... oh yeah its the grammys they don't know hip hop

  • Reply !!!

    Best Rap Album Year - Won - Should Have Won 1996 - Naughty By Nature - Poverty's Paradise - Perfect 1997 - Fugees The Score - Perfect 1998 - Puffy & Fam - Yeah, Outkast Aquemini should have won. 1999 - Jay-Z Hard Knock Vol. 2 - No way!! DMX It's Dark Hell is Hot 2000 - Em Slim Shady LP - Perfect 2001 - Em Marshall Mathers LP - Perfect. 2002 - Outkast Stankonia - Perfect 2003 - Em Eminem Show - Perfect, easy nominees for Em to crush...besides, Eminem show was a Hit..Easily Em's best work 2004 - Outkast Speakerboxx - Perfect 2005 - Kanye College Dropout - Perfect 2006 - Kanye Late Registration - ok, nominees are bad, Encore was a hit, it sold tons of millions...Grammies nominated it to draw views into watching the show. Documentary by Game is more preferable to me 2007 - Ludacris Relapse Theory - never heard this shit. True. 2008 - Kanye Graduation - Nominees were weak. Smooth Ride for Ye. 2009 - Lil Wayne Tha Carter III - Perfect, But American Gangster was Ace....Jay-z is the most snubbed artist by the Grammies. Dude his been nominated for Best rap album with Every album he made and never won...Oh, once !! 2010 - Eminem Relapse - Cool with this, but nominees were weak. Kanye dropped a Pop album this year. 2011 - Eminem Recovery - Perfect. Now, @DrewDown91: Speak for yourself. You think Supreme Clientele OR Reflection Eternal were more artistic than SLLP ? GTFOH! U think Blueprint is better than stankonia ? GTFOH! Blueprint is one of the most overrated Lp's of all time. You think Don killuminati is better than The Score ? Not everybody is gangster, or wanna be a Gangster. The Score was more artistic. Oh you think Black album should have won and kanye should have won Best new artist ? This alone shows and proves u are in the ROC band wagon. WTF, Tyler should won over Em's Recovery ? Bitch please.....Fuck u and ur Illuminati Tyler. Now, to the ones bitching why Kanye's MBDTF wasn't nominated. You guys think only Kanye was snubbed ? Sure u don't listen to music. I'm a huge rap fan, but i listen to other genres. I'm not myopic like u guys. Did u guys hear the new Bon iver Record? Or The new beastie boys? What about Robyn? Or Big Boi ? Or Janae Monae ?.....And many more.... First, the Grammies vote base on artistic merits, just musical merits. Yes, most of Kanye's shit are musically bold, but how many guests feature on one album ??? By my count, 15 credited guest featured on MBDTF, Meh...That is not a great album, in any way!!!!!!! That's just credited guest, what about uncredited ? The first track(Dark Fantasy) features uncredited voices from Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys and many more. All of the lights features an uncredited Nicki Minaj Verse, Alicia Keys, Fergie, stevie wonder, elton John..and some other cats i don't know. Like i said b4, Grammies vote base on artistic merits, not just musical merits. If music merits alone should be counted, than every artistic will hired writers to write their songs. If u are observant, Lady Gaga has been nominated 3 straight times for AOTy. That bitch writes, mix and produce all her shits without a single guest on her albums. She even directs her Videos and choreography. People hate her, Yes, But thats bcoz of her image, but the bitch is a true artist. Speak for urselfs!!!

    • iamhiphop

      Lady Gaga sucks

    • DrewDown91

      Fuck me? You need to get your tongue our of Marshall Mathers III's asshole. Marshall Mathers LP was his best work. Hands down. Supreme Clientele was a much better rap album than Slim Shady LP. Period. Stankonia isn't even OUTKAST's best album. BLUEPRINT is a classic. 5 mic classic. "I'm on the ROC bandwagon" cause I choose Black Album over College Dropout? Are you mentally handicapped? They were both put out on the ROC. Jay-Z has never gotten respect from the Grammy's. How is Hard Knock Life Vol. 2 his only album win? ITS NOT EVEN HIS 3rd BEST. Recovery was good, I'll give you that, but BASTARD was revolutionary. Recovery is a fine choice, but should RELAPSE WON ALSO? How does he win both? I don't get that. An internet only mixtape album would never get that kind of recognition. They should probably start giving a Grammy for best internet-only release. Remember Eminem's asshole is not a good place for your tongue.

  • sayed

    OF should be on this shit

  • Rufai Sani

    kanyes album should have been nominated in album of the year....if u guys look up best album reviews for 2010 kanyes album was # 1 in every single review including this website ...BIG BOI and JANELLE MONAE also need to be nominated..

    • Anonymous

      Some critics kiss ass. Kanye makes good music, not good rap music. His production covers up the mediocre raps of all his albums. And secondly, Kanye cannot make a decent album without a shitload of guest, that simple means kanye can't write 3 verses on his own !

  • Chris

    If Nicki wins Best New Artist over J.Cole, or a single grammy.....

  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    Dont get your hopes up in the hiphop category, everybody knows Adele is taking all the gold home next to Gaga

  • The Conformist

    I've come to the conclusion that Kanye's album wasn't nominated because, quite simply, it's too "dangerous" for the Grammys to nominate. Why would they support something artistically sound when there are plenty of other albums that played by the rules this past year? It goes against their traditional logic on what constitutes good music. This, more than anything, is why a good number of people consider the Grammys worthless.

    • Rufai Sani

      well said my man well said

    • jasper scoll

      absolutely agree with u. kanye's MBDTF was far above and beyond these traditional and, like you said, safe albums. this will be looked back on in the future when we discuss classic albums and people will wonder why kanye didnt win, let alone be nominated.. all these other albums will be forgotten

  • Almar

    Kanye should have been nominated for at least 12 grammys this year, Eminem was nominated 10 times last year for a mediocre fucking album, Kanye Has Put out 2 classics in the last year and the Grammy's screwed him big time. FUCK THAT!

  • chrisxpaul96

    These award shows are ass. So fucking predictable that it isn't even funny.

  • Anonymous

    k, kanye's album's gotta be nominated for best album. What the fuck r the grammy's thinking by replacing kanye's album with rihanna,gaga, and bruno mars for best album?

  • Anon

    J. Cole for best new artist. Very well-deserved.

    • hiphopfan

      @Anonymous they're not gonna give BNA to Nicki because she's popular. Remember last year's Grammys when Justin Bieber was nominated for BNA and didn't win? That's what's gonna happen this year. J Cole or the other 3 nominees wil definitely win.

    • Anonymous

      yea accept the grammy's gone give to nicki cause she more popular smh

  • Joseph Antonio Rivera

    wow, dark twisted fantasy not getting a album of the year nom is this biggest fucking snub since nirvanas nevermind. oh is his consolation prize all the rap noms? because they know nothing about rap, nominating lupes worst album, and theyll let the grapfest known as the carter 4 win it... fuck the grammys

    • Anonymous

      im a huge lupe fan and i agree. fuck that. MBDTF is the best album to come out in a couple years. I think in an overall music perspective not just rap its Adelles and Kanyes album that should be up. the rest will be forgotten barring watch the throne. biggest snub ever.

  • fabo45

    where the fuck is odd future why there not on here what the fuck

  • what a joke

    the only album nominated that's even worthy of being called record of the year is wasting light. 21 gets an honorable mention. but the other two are a joke.

  • i love music

    Katy Perry has been nominated for SEVEN Peoples Choice Awards! VOTE HERE! http://shar.es/od7O4 Did you miss David Guetta & Usher performing Without You on the ellen show?? Check it out here! http://shar.es/odqTx Such awesome effects! @speakersmusic knows how to do a video right! #teamwinslows http://shar.es/odfps

  • DrewDown91

    Best Rap Album Year - Won - Should Have Won 1996 - Naughty By Nature - Poverty's Paradise - 2pac Me Against the World 1997 - Fugees The Score - OK, but 2pac Don Killuminati: 7 Day Theory 1998 - Puffy & Fam - Outkast Aquemini 1999 - Jay-Z Hard Knock Vol. 2 - good, maybe DMX It's Dark Hell is Hot 2000 - Em Slim Shady LP - good, but Supreme Clientele OR Reflection Eternal were more artistically sound. 2001 - Em Marshall Mathers LP - perfect. 2002 - Outkast Stankonia - good, but Jay-Z BluePrint should have won. 2003 - Em Eminem Show - the nominees are a joke. This year was light on quality releases, it would never have happened but I would have voted Immortal Technique: "Revolutionary Vol. 2" 2004 - Outkast Speakerboxx - MADVILLAINY no question. 2005 - Kanye College Dropout - Jay-Z Black Album shoulda won with Kanye getting best new artist 2006 - Kanye Late Registration - ok, nominees are bad, why does Eminem always get a nom cause he's white? WTF Encore was TRASH. CLIPSE HELL HATH NO FURY. Fuck this year. 2007 - Ludacris Relapse Theory - never heard this shit. Pharrell In my mind? maybe. Or Talib Eardrum? Maybe UGK self-titled? Tough year. 2008 - Kanye Graduation - cool with this. 2009 - Lil Wayne Tha Carter III - cool with it. 2010 - Eminem Relapse - no way, not that great. RAEKWON OB4CL2 (if for nothing else than because he should have won in 1995 for the original if there was this award.) 2011 - Eminem Recovery - meh, TYLER BASTARD. Hate.. go ahead and hate...

    • Anonymous

      food and liquor no doubt.. and if lil wayne wasnt so popular i think the cool shouldve won 2009. but carter III was prettyg ood too so thats not a big deal.

    • nuc

      2007 FOOD N LIQOUR.... no doubt , should have won.

    • nuc

      2010 - DISTANT RELATIVES... no question.

    • Simon Wang

      Overall, a very good list. A couple things I do want to argue 2007 - Food & Liquor. 2009 - Carter III was good, but it was inconsistent. American Gangster proved Jay-Z is still relevant (Until he screwed up with the Blueprint 3) 2011 - Bastard was impressive...but 2011 should of went to Big Boi's Sir Lucious album.

  • Anonymous

    Cole better fuckin win nicki dropped her album last year so how is she the best "NEW" artist.

  • Akshay Sudh

    Nicki minaj for new artist? FUCK OUTTA HERE thats messed up Kanyes album as album of the year? wtf is this

    • Djaoej

      Lol what are you smokin on . Kanye's album should be the only one nominated five times for album of the year that was the best album of this generation

  • Anonymous


  • The MG

    To the people asking about Cole World, it wasn't nominated because it was released past the deadline. But at least we get to see him nominated for best new artist. Not sure if he's gonna win it though.

  • YADIG!!!!!


  • grammy''s are lame

    first off where is kanye's album in album of the year?? second , j .cole in tuff up against young money , j cole wrote and produced cole world nicki partially wrote her lyrics and did no production..what are you recognizing here i dont understand,.

  • Anonymous

    how the hell is MBDTF not in album of the year???

  • Patrick Soriano

    MBDTF snubbed for album of the year, fucking bullshit

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    MBDTF has to win, it just has to.

  • ghh

    I hope that WTT will win so Kanye can storm the stage and say that with all due respect WTT is a good album but that MBDTF deserved to win.

  • nuc

    remember when distant relatives dropped, and the grammys over looked it totally,,, that bugged me... it bugs me even more now when i see WZ KHALIFA AND NIKI MINAJ being nominated.. fucking lame!

  • Anonymous

    Tha Carter IV Lil Wayne Lasers Lupe Fiasco Pink Friday Nicki Minaj hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    • A-Game

      Word, Tha Carter IV and Pink Friday were horrible albums. They just got nominations because they're popular. And Lasers doesn't deserve to be in running for album of the year and I'm a huge Lupe fan.

  • Anonymous

    Lol @ Born this way and loud being up of AOTY. Grammy=sellout !

  • TheMule

    How the fuck is mbdtf not nominated for best album ? I mean I know the grammy suck and all but this is straight bullshit !

  • gfg

    ya i was surprised my beutiful dark twisted fantasy wasnt nomininated for album of the year! It was hands down one of the best albums that shit was a classic

  • Anonymous

    Why do people still get emotional over the grammys? If you like hip hop music you'll know there's still no category that represents It. Lol.

  • Mandy Sandy

    yeah buddy! kanye nominated twice in da same category. my beautiful dark twisted fantasy, watch da throne. that shit cray! if 1 of those win, that'll b a big slap in da face to lil gayne and da fag money crew and all there dickridaz talkin mad shit bout jay! and kanye. roc nation and good muzik all receved huge amountz of hate diz year, but hate only makez them stronger. so u niggaz b lookin for mbdtf or wtt winnin best rap album. and propz to dat nigga j cole for bein nominated for best new artist. hopefully, he kickz da shit outta nicki minaj. RN/GM BITCH! WE IN IT TO WIN IT!

  • Noor

    frickin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EEZY503

    How can Rihanna be nominated for Album of the Year when she isn't even nominated for best album in her genre?!? I Need A Doctor for Rap Song of the Year?!?!? Are you joking? At least they can advertise that Dr. Dre & Eminem both have a nomination to try to draw viewers. The Grammy's continue to prove to be a joke even after Steve Stoute called them out in the NYTimes. How is it even possible that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was not even nominated for AOTY? I guess I'm not sure why I'm even surprised. These are the same people that gave AOTY to Steely Dan instead of giving it to an album that only went on to sell almost 20 million units and is certified diamond. The saddest part of all of it is that Tha Carter IV will probably win Best Rap Album too.

  • grammy sucks

    um. everybody in this page really got upset or anger. Me, yes . It'll be not final announcement. They should change many parts

  • Noor

    frickin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://innocent-mistake.tumblr.com/

  • gamebitch

    Game always told me dat RED album gonna be Album of the year and get nominated 6times but y'all know this is impossible . Stupid joke dat i've never heard from Game

  • man...

    i like that ye is nominated 7 times but i have a feeling they're going to snub him on almost every award, plus how is Doowops and Hooligans nominated for album of the year and MBDTF isn't?

  • westsidewarlord

    wheres cole world, and bad meets evil? BULLSHIT that they didn't get nominated Pink Friday sucks, Carter 4 sucks

  • Ben Karlin

    the carter 4 doesn't belong, where is cole world?

  • Clarence Murphy

    They snubbed Kanye....Period!

  • Anonymous

    WOW. Dark Fantasy not being nominated for overall album of the year is a huge surprise. On the rap albums - No big surprise the other mainstream rap albums are in the group. It should be renamed to best selling records of the year though. I can understand feeling the other 2 but Lasers, Carter 4 and Pink Friday were average. A complete joke year after year. Nevertheless hopefully Kells can finally pick up a grammy for Love Letter on the R&B side of things.

  • yawooh

    Im thinking Kanye's gonna be taking home some awards..WTT or MBDT will win albulm of the year, Otis will win something and even all of the lights can win. I hope Im on One wins best collab cuz that was a huge record dis year.(but i cud c all of the lights or i need a doctor taking it)

  • Brendon Silver

    if my beautiful dark twisted fantasy doesnt win rap album of the year then the grammies lose credibility

  • Chumba

    Why is Nicki Minaj nominated for Best New Artist

  • the DOC




  • white man

    damn Kanye has two albums in best rap album. Dark Twisted takes the cake for sure my niggas

  • ETK

    I knew they would piss their pants over All of the Lights

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