Sha Money XL Talks Def Jam Position, Slim The Mobster

Sh Money chops it up about his work at Def Jam and his relationship with Slim The Mobster. recently caught up with recent VP of A&R at Def Jam Sha Money XL. The G-Unit soldier opened up about his new position at the storied label and what it's like to carry such a title. Sha Money said that the official title at the label doesn't mean anything to him; he's only out to sign good artists and make bank.

"Fuck a title, I was president of G-Unit, What does that mean?" he asked. "I want the money...y'all all got that power-tripping shit, y'all can have that shit. I want the money, the money is all I want. You could be the president of me, I'm in the field...I don't rap, I bet on winners."

Sha Money also discussed his relationship with Dr. Dre's latest protege Slim The Mobster. Sha said that it was Dre who put him on to Slim, and that he was game to work with the California rapper based solely on Dre's recommendation. He added that after hearing his music, he got to personally know Slim and that it made him want to work with him all the more.

"Last September, Dr. Dre was launching the series of Beats [by Dre] and speakers and stuff, and he was in New York with some shit he had going on, and he called me up and was like, 'Yo, I want to take you out to dinner,'" he recalled. "So I sat with him, and it was like the scene from Belly...and he was like, 'Yo, I want to introduce you to Slim The Mobster. He's the next best thing I've got coming from the west. I was just with it; if Dre said he's dope, he's gotta be dope. And then I heard the music, and I just started coming out [to the west coast] more."

He added, "We got to the studio...but we got to do all the shit that got [me] to know him as a person. It be all raps, a lotta muthafuckas is fooling niggas rapping, so I just wanted to get to know who he was...we could relate, and I was like 'Damn, this nigga's for real...we were in a shoot-out and this nigga's still sleeping in the car. My driver's panicking, there's a shoot-out going on, and this nigga's sleeping...y'all niggas is behind the desk, you see me I'm in the field."

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • Anonymous

    Game>>>> any artist on the west....Kendrick is dope but he won't blow up no disrespect HA HA YOU WERE WRONG

  • Anonymous

    Game>>>> any artist on the west....Kendrick is dope but he won't blow up no disrespect

  • Anonymous

    ''Yo, I want to introduce you to Slim The Mobster. He's the next best thing I've got coming from the west.'' You could tell Slim tha Mobster gave Dre a very nice blowjob for him to say such a thing. There are countless other upcoming rappers on the West coast better than Slim Tha Mobster.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Slim Da Count Blackula is never coming out. And Detox is never coming out. But don't worry!!! As you can see from the advert on this site, now there's Limited Edition Beats by Dre Headphones!!! And they are only a low price of $300!!! Whoo hoo!!!

    • Anonymous

      I WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE GONNA WANT TO GET RID OF THE OLD ONES thats why i always wait to get new electronics they will come out with a better model or different style



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    nuthin gets approved at def jam unless it goes threw ggggg unit first aahah

  • Anonymous

    slim is average and will flop and has no buzz. Who cares if dre will produce his album. Dre aint that hot anymore.

  • Anonymous

    people forget how strong the unit is

  • Anonymous

    gotta say, not feeling eithier one of dre's new guys here. Kendrick lamar has talent, but i don't see why he's being proclaimed the next big thing. As far as slim the mobster... christ, it feels ridiculous even typing out his name. "Slim the Mobster." is this shit for real? "Slim the mobster," fucking ridiculous. I'll give him a chance but that name is a liability right there. one step away from, "Also-ran the Pushed-back." Also, gotta say, I'm digging Hopsin at the moment. Kid is different, obviously alot of eminem influence, but he can definetly flow, not afraid to name-names and call out lames, plus his shit is occasionally wicked funny.

  • ah

    I think hes artist similar to 50 cent back in the day, that he is only as good as the production that he raps over, but 50 cent had a nack for crafting really catchy songs, remains to be seen if this dude can as well. Honestly Dr.Dre picked a wrong time to try and pick a Gangster rapper to make big, it worked with 50 cent and Game because during that period gangster rap was still very relevant, now people are all on that electro/pop/techno gay shit. I think Slim the Mobster is kinda of dope, he is nothing special but i look foward to see more of his music. I will say this, id be suspect about a artist like this, guy seems to be pretty deep into a kind of lifestyle i think might make me thing twice about working with.

  • R w

    Hopsin is the Best in the West right next to Crooked i

  • Anonymous

    All these people co-signing him must be afraid of his uncle, only reason I can give to excuse it, lol

  • idontknow

    I dont care how many producers, aertist, directors, seos back Slim the Mobsta he is nothing special... am sorry but thats the truth and my opinion - he might be real but as an artist he doesnt do anything for me. When you listen to someone your suppose to say yo this is hot i hear his stuff and am like okay... on to the next one! They going to promote him but he aint going to be big! they way better people on the west then Slim ....

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