Common Clarifies Alleged Diss Towards Drake On "Sweet"

The Chi-town rapper addresses suspicions that he insulted Drizzy on his new cut.

On his cut “Sweet,” Common takes aimless shots at “soft” rappers, rhyming, “Y’all niggas man, y'all soft motherfuckers / Singing all around me man, la la la / You ain't motherfucking Frank Sinatra / Uh, lil' bitch / Sweet ass motherfucker.”

While many believed this was a diss directed at Drake, Common recently spoke with V103 Atlanta’s The Frank and Wanda Morning Show where he clarified the lyrics.

“Some people have been saying that, but on that song, I’m just talking about whoever the cap fits. I’m talking about rappers out there that’s soft and doing the same thing. So if the cap fits, then that’s who it is,” he said “That’s all it is. It’s whoever the cap fits, then let ‘em wear it. I think it’s a lot of creative artists out there. I think Drake makes some good music.”

Naming Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Lil Wayne as contemporaries whose music he enjoys, Com said anyone who catches feelings from the cut are the ones he’s dissing. “On the song ‘Sweet’ - which we did the video for, too, in Haiti, we just put that out - a lot of rappers may feel it. And if they feel it, then that’s who I’m talking about.”

Watch the full interview below.

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  • urban renewal

    I wouldn't say that Common is soft. I would say his music is more "grown-up." Drake is super delicate in my opinon though. This fool is a walking Fushigi Ball- extra lightwieght. If there's a would be interesting to see...however, lets not forget what Com did to Cube and the West Side Connection.

  • Anonymous

    I wish he just would have stood flat footed and said, "Yeah, I was going at that cat because that estrogen heavy BS is bad for hip hop" but instead he took the safe route. It's not like Drake could really come at Com, this dude lyrically annihilated Ice Cube when Cube and the west coast were running the game; by comparison, Drake really don't want it head to head.

  • Marvin MarvUno Lopez

    Common Is a Lyrical Beast, Drake is just a wack A$$ Clone of the bullshit industry. If you dont know bout the Culture ... then Cayate la Boca!

  • buckshot shorty

    What a load of BS. Everyone knows damn well he's talking about Drake and people of his ilk even if Common doesn't admit it directly. I mean, when you're talking about soft rappers Drake is the standard par excellence of a soft rapper. It would be very hard to think of "soft rappers" generally without immediately thinking of Drake. Would be like thinking of Nazism without thinking of Hitler. LOL, I mean who do you fools THINK he's referencing in this song? Jigga? Ghostface Killah? Young Buck? LOL, ya'll are some dumb, DUMB people for thiniing that.



  • Nico 3

    Money First - That was an emotional response. Don't cry though sport. I won't come rip your Common poster off the wall. As for the rest of you cyber goons sucking Common's dick, the recent XXL said it best. Common's never gone platinum. Drake's done it twice. Not saying two albums makes a career, but clearly he's doing something Common was never able to do... Sell records.

    • B.E.Z baby!!!

      How Common don't sell records?! he got 3 GOLD albums!!!BTW how many Grammys does Drake have??? How many classic songs does Drake have that have that defined the ENTIRE culture of hip hop??? I.E., I used 2 love H.E.R, The Light, & so forth???

    • rastastyle

      so that means justin biebers music is good?

  • Leon

    1. No names were dropped. 2. Common explained who he was referring to. 3. It's not a direct diss, so it doesn't required a direct explanation. Just because you and the media assumes a direction (ex. that he's dissin' Drake), doesnt make it so. Common -- who is a LEGEND -- doesn't need to justify something that doesnt need justification. Listen to "Sweet", then listen to his response. His response applies correctly. Don't get bein' raw as fuck and "takin' shots" confused. Main point = LISTEN. People love to just run they mouths, get angry, and diss. Mad immature. L.

  • Kal

    Shouldn't it be about the music, instead of us focusing on dropping names etc..

  • PapaBearATL

    You can always tell when a bunch of young cats get on here and start running they mouths... Y'all ain't old enough to remember Common going at Westside Connection by himself. If was meant for anyone, he would have said it. It's mostly for all you lames catching feelings right now about him not saying a name, yes, he was addressing your sensitive, tight pants wearing, kissing dudes on the mouth, false flagging, 'I'm the best blogger alive', over using the word swag and balling bitch ass nigga's... That is all

  • Ty

    #SerenaWilliams lol that is all.

  • L*K

    Rappers do the duck and hide way too much nowadays if you want to diss some one have the balls to stand behind what you say. Common and Drake are both soft so whats he talking about was he dissing himself?

  • watchunn

    The problem with hip-hop fans and the reason why your favorite hip-hop artist dies poor is because. Young Hip-Hop artist and fans dont respect their elders. Niggas will call someone old as if thats really an insult. Wisdom and experience comes with age. That like a 10 year old telling you Drake is wack he's a old ass nigga. Rock fans always respect those before them. Thats why The Grateful Dead can tour with Gray hair and have young bithces traveling miles to see them. We are killing our own with this mentally

    • Leon

      Wisdom has been spoken. As a lover of this culture and an artist, it's sad that hiphop is still in this angry and immature mental state... We should respect the creators/originators and support WHAT WE PERSONALLY LIKE, not what's trendy, and not diss everything else when it's not what we feelin'. We shouldn't be killin' our own culture. Amen to that. @get2knowpro

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign! Some hip hop fans are so unloyal to the artists. Hip hop fans are so very quick to jump off the wagon once a rapper turns a certain age. They don't understand that a lot of the time, a rappers lyrical content changes with their age. Rappers mature, so why shouldn't their music?

  • tito

    Another mc that only got balls when recording the album, but act like a coward on interviews. You throw the stone, so dont hide you hand now man. Dont be a fake Common and stop being a coward, if what you said fits to Drake say it, we all know that. If you didnt wanted to create controversial you could have save those lyrics foryourself. PS: I really dont like Drake, but lately Common is also girl's mc...

  • bigfoot89

    Common was talking about anyone in rap considered soft, so how does he lose points or lose credibility for not being explicit about how he is taking shots at. It wasn't just for rappers like Drake and Wayne, it included fans. If you're a soft mark ass nigga, that song was for YOU and only YOU....

  • the Doc

    Why dont rappers just come right out and say who the fuck they talkin about Tired of this bullshit Fuckin drop names...yall acting like a bunch of motherfuckin pussy ass motherfuckers

    • Anonymous

      You Stans don't understand that a lot of the time its the media who plant these little bugs in your ears. Take it for what it's worth. I really doubt that Common would hesitate to diss a dude if he wanted to. Do you remember, "bitch in you", that was directed at Westside Connection? You think he'd diss Cube and his boys, but be afraid to diss Drake? Really

    • tito

      Cuz they are cowards, that's the only reason. I prefer a coward that doesnt say anythign than the typical ones that "dont want problems but...".

    • EvanAlmighty Cutter


  • feedbak

    what is this dude 40? Time's up. Let the youngsters eat. I know you work with Nas but i see no illmatics & it was writtens in you're catalog. Just saying. That and call me blasphameous but LL Cool J isn't as lyrical as Drake and its just a simple fact. Oh yea he battled because he took a harmless, non-malicious line by the young mc Canibus out of context and wanted to over-impose his masculinity on the young lyricist, while Drake has been a target since the time he "just started" and the old timers are getting mad.

    • rastastyle

      i'm, just because someone gets old doesn't mean we should push him off like some old fad. he's songs are always a classic, not some autotuned bullshit

    • Blaklex

      Feedback, You're obviously in the age range between 14 to 17 years old based on your hilarious comment. Can you name any of Common's albums? No Illmatic? How about: One Day it will all make sense or perhaps, Resurrection or Be. You're a funny little dude with no concept of hip hop masters.

    • Anonymous

      Canibus? LMAO! Y'all STAY showing your LIMITATIONS. I was thinking more of Kool Moe Dee & Ice T before I thought about Canibus. Saying Cool J isn't as lyrical as Drake, WITHOUT NAMING SONGS, is an AUTOMATIC FAIL. YOU'S A YOUNG BOY DEALING WITH EMOTIONS. IS YO MOMMA HATING ON YOU BECAUSE SHE'S OLD OR IS SHE TRYING TO GIVE YOU SOME GAME TO SURVIVE? YOU DECIDE ADOLESCENT.

    • Real Talk

      Resurrection, Be, One day it will all make sense, and Electric circus. Check his classics

    • Mylie

      stfu you dumbasss. slap in the face for this clueless post. clown

  • Anonymous

    "So if the cap fits, then thats who it is, he said Thats all it is. Its whoever the cap fits, then let em wear it." ^ Common Sense talking...beware of that guy... see OGs had their "Drake"...his name was LL Cool J. Todd STAYED battling...emcees were always coming at him for them girlie songs (that 'Shots To The Dome' song was CHEEKS)...but he always BATTLED...somebody tweet that OVO guy and c&p what I typed...

  • miami Heat

    These days you gotta bring in Sherlock Holmes to find out who These dudes are goin at. Damn if you dont like what somebody is doin dont listen to it. Com you lost maad point for this one.

    • Anonymous

      haha sherlock homes.... common is cool, he didnt loose any points he gained points cuz drake is soft and the hat fits.

  • Mandy Sandy

    we all no common'z goin at flake. but flake don't want it wit com n-e-wayz. com would destroy flake and da whole bitch azz ymcmb crew in one bar. and all u ymcmb dickridaz need 2 fall back. flake'z "take care of me cuz i'm soft" iz da 2nd worst album of da year, behind lil gayne'z shitty c4. common gon show these bitch niggaz how it'z done wit "the dreamer, the believer". RN/GM BITCH!

  • jr88

    i swear some of you drake fans come off as emo nerds that think they are cool better stick to his lane cause these dudes are really rapping...common sounds like he listen to alot of 50 cent to be inspired tomake this



  • Hubert Jubberman

    I dont get it....who else "sings" and raps? He must be taking shots at Drake.....

  • learn

    Just in case everyone forgot or didn't know. Common beefed with Ice Cube and Mack 10. I think he is harder than most yall think. Drakes form Canada for christ sake.

    • Anonymous

      we all bleed the same, u can get it anywhere fool dont matter wat air you breath or wat side of the border you from faggot.

  • Michael Davis

    i wonder who's softer; Drake or some of these faggot ass fans defending him on this post? Cats done came at Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Rick Ross but NOOOOOOO,aint NOBODY betta come at Drake!?!!? LMAO!!! ya'll some sissies!! Common is a vet in tha game and Drake is WACK and anybody that thinks otherwise is "Sweet", just like Common said!

  • Nico 3

    Newsflash Common. You're one of those soft motherfuckers, making that corny ass bullshit for years. Just the fact he had to clarify he wasn't "necessarily" referring to Drake, but if Drake takes it that way, then he was. Go do another 5 minute scene in a movie you will never carry.

    • mind ur own

      yo nico u must be a 15 yr old snot-nosed punk that got a crush on drake. u better check ur history buddy. common being doin it for yrs. niggas been takin his style of rap for soooo long. stupid fuck 4CH Bitch

    • Joshua Bechard

      haha too bad u dont know shit about hip hop nico, common has classics under his belt, Resurrection, Like Water for Chocolate, Be how many classics does drake have? none.

    • Anonymous

      Nico u need to check ur fuckin history. Commons one hell of a real street dude one of the few real dudes left. Went at ll when he was a real dude and considered untouchablle. U can tell what era of hiphop these kids are from their posts i swear.

    • Money First

      Rashid ain't never been a soft dude but if you take him as that and if you feel like you could survive from our city and this side of town please feel free to come get your Bob Barker on and "Come on Down!' And if you are from this city and you talking bout Common soft thats an instant violation on matter what sign you ride the 5 or the 6 nigga!

  • Jeff Mason


  • Anonymous

    Drake=Sweet degrassi fag rap will never be excepted by my ears.

  • triPAUD

    I would like to commend HipHopDX for posting the clarification and not jumpin to the, "Common Disses Drake" bullshit.

  • CanadianJada

    First Ice Cube and now Drake. Come on man. This is what you wanna do for the holidays. First and foremost. Dude entered the game when Drake was a baby. Is he jealous of the Serena Williams rumors, jealous of Phonte being an influence over Drake instead of him. Jealous of his acting, Common had accumulated as much spoken words in all his movie appearances that equal one episode for Jimmy on Degrassi. I can go on but wanna get back to the holidays. Chicago most respected MC just got put in the same category as the Da Brat. Twista is and always will be the Jason of rap and godfather of Chicago to me...

    • CaqNudg

      If you want to take it back to the Common, Ice Cube beef, common's point whoever it offends statement is actually even more valid. Sweet was obviously a song coming at other people. Ice Cube got offended by I Used To Love H.E.R., a song where that wouldn't even be near the focus. As Ice Cube basically said in "Beef": Why'd he imply hip hop got messed up on the West Coast? He came at Common cause this didn't rub him the right way. And honestly, Cube's diss track was frail compared to Comm's rebuttal.

    • Anonymous

      Ha what does canada celebrate thanksgiving? Get off americas dick drakes an r and b singer not a rapper and moost definitely not an mc. U can keep him.

    • Dee Oats

      Why you catchin feelins, cuz? He stated that it's whoever the cap fits! If it's Drake's bitchass then it's Drake's bitchass! Personally, I think there's much better Canadian rappers reppin your country anyways!

  • Fon Z

    say what you want about Drake & Young Money but, at the end of the day... All of them together couldnt fade Common on their best day!!

  • Anonymous

    I still feel he is going after Drake, Big Sean (probably), and Wiz Khalifa (I mean Wiz Khagina).

  • ETK

    damn right common, that's what I say all along; if you felt hurt by the diss, then it's directed towards you. drake ain't the first to sing, and he won't be the last. mos def sings, chamillionaire sang, etc.. Common's just sayin what's on the back of his mind

  • yungstallion24

    everybody tryna get at drizzy drake nowadays!?? I bet they all mad cuz he got they young daughters and grandkids walkin around singin and rappin they tracks...lmao!!! YMCMB...why yall mad?? the same ones SNEAK dissin tryna cover it up...dont get mad cuz yall not relevant...female tendencies in you OLD ASS RAPPERS....damn shame!

    • turftalka

      ^Let me put it to you this way. Hip hop albums don't instantly come out as classics, they need time to settle, like wine. If an album became a classic instantly, you would've thought there would be dozens of classics in the 2000's. For example, in the past 5 years, I'd say Section.80, Return Of 4eva, MBDTF, Food & Liquor, Finding Forever, Hip Hop Is Dead, The Undisputed Truth, How I Got Over, Sir Luscious Left Foot, OB4CL2, Apollo Kids, The Renaissance, Below The Heavens, Oneirology, When Life Gives You Lemons..., Cole World, The Preface, Boy Meets World & Hell Hath No Fury would all be considered classics years from now and all from the past 5 years. But I know not all of them will, only time will tell.

    • khordkutta

      Consider this, if you are 24, YOU could be considered an old ass in HIPHOP. Also, us old dudes need to teach you young fucks some history and skill, when has a young dude, recently come out the box with a classic, certified classic, I'll wait.. but go back to the late 80s to mid 90s, cats in their teens and early 20s made classics.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Well cash money may be a bunch of coons, but there one of the biggest tycoons in the music industry right now.

    • MalcolmLittle

      Shit, not to mention the fact the fans play the Sambo role like the sheep they are, and don't even see a dime for it. LOL At least Wayne and the rest of the coons get to see some bread for their shuckin and jivin, the fans are the ones really failin for SPENDIN all their bread just so they can shuck and jive like Wayne and 'em. Tragic...

    • MalcolmLittle

      So you're sayin money justifies em playin the Sambo role and influencin an entire generation of impressionable fans to follow suit...some things are never supposed to be sold regardless of dollar amount, integrity USED to be one of em...

  • Anonymous

    So?..... Pharoahe Monch sings mos def sings whats the matter with that, niggas are crazy wtf is wrong with singing? That nigga aloe blacc who used to rap sings, man sometimes niggas argue for arguing sake.

  • 7nims

    I respect all talents, and I think Hip Hop culture has evolved to a point where any genre of music can associate with it...but the essence here is that,to every form of music there is, a format is appropriated to it...what drake is doing and why I feel dudes have a say against that is bcuz he's called an MC or lets say a rapper/singer but turns to sing more on rap records,which sounds new but it not bcuz Bone Thugs were singing back in the days and tongue twisting...the core of the issue is Drake needs to understand the balance between his rap n singing ability and ensure to serve both his audience the right recipe...#StillCommonIsLegend#TheDreamer

  • honest trth

    Drake was destroyed by Common Sense The Bitch in yoo pt 2... YEA MY MAN MUTHFUCKA!!!

  • SuoerNovaPlus

    Damn bro!! Drake is for the hoes. Common spits that knowledge ya heard!!

  • Anonymous

    if it walks liek a duck and quacks like a duck , kits a duck,.. he talkinng about Drake ! period,.

  • Anonymous

    i don't get it? didn't ice cube diss him for being a soft pussy? now he's doing the same thing to someone else? that's like a cycle of abuse.. unless drake did something to him we don't know about this shit is weak

    • khordkutta

      To echo Cube dissed because of the song "I used to love her" cube thought com was dissin the west.

    • harris89

      Uhh Cube dissed him because he thought he was goin at the west, not because he's soft... Either way Com murdered him very soon after that anyway.

  • anon

    way to be a big hypocrite common. drake is the first nygga u thynk about wen u hear "soft" and "singin". i hate wen rappers sub diss and then say "well if they thynk its about them so be it" nygga who was it aimed at b real


      tahts the whole point to a rap if u put two an two togetehr of course his talking about drake and all this wack muthafuckas the point to catchin it is wat makes it dope

  • Eric Frazier

    I'm reading between the lines with this track. Yeah Drake makes some nice music music, but Drake ALSO MAKES some super soft Charmin unmanly ass music, too. He was definitely talking about Drake. What other rapper in the game who's whole M.O. is singing??!!!! C'Mon Son. All Common had to say is I like Drake, but that soft pop n B shit he does is weak as hell.

    • Anonymous

      so true , nobody in the game make that moist shit like drake,.. "I can see it in your eyes - you're angry Regret ain't got shit on what you're feelin now Mad cause he ain't like me Oh you mad cause nobody ever did it like me" ahahah

  • SuperGucciRap

    LOL all you niggaz are wack as hell. People literally think this song is a diss just because that lame nigga Flake sings like a bitch? What about that faggot B.o.B who sings like a bitch and dress like a homo? Or that bitch ass Kid Cudi who doesn't RAP anymore. Common sucks anyways. This nigga was featured on songs with Colbie Calliat and the Jonas Brothers. I saw Nick Jonas murked Common in a freestyle. Now he's doing movies like Happy Feet and people consider him Real Hip-Hop? Fuck that, he was the originator of soft ass Hip-Hop if anything. He only got a pass because of his beef with another lame rapper Ice Cube who Eazy-E murked a long ass time ago. Ice Cube now is a bitch for doing kids movies. Fuck Drake, Fuck Ice Cube and Fuck Common. Go listen to real Hip-Hop like Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Lil B, and Justin Bieber. Check out V-Nasty too, that bitch got bars and she's making a collab album with Gucci Christ. Fuck that lame WTT crap with Gay-Z and Kangay Fish. It's Gucci Time!

    • Anonymous

      What happened to you nigga, you have a break or something.

    • Darrion Brown

      Haha. Common & Ice Cube is wack ? Let me drop some knowledge to you. Common & Ice Cube are veterans in the rap game. Listen to Amerikka's Most Wanted & Resurrection. So who cares if common made a song with The Jonas Brothers. Who cares if Ice Cube making kids movies. They are them. You are just mad because they have money, you don't. Also, Kid Cudi is actually nice. So everyone that's paying attention. Go listen to real hip-hop like Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West, hell even Tyler, The Creator or Tech N9ne. Ignore Super Gucci Rap's comment and listen to Super Lupe Rap.

    • damn u stupid

      Cube murdered EaZy-E. have u ever heard no vaseline. and u talkin bout V-Nasty got bars!!!!!!! aw man please tell me u are joking. Even hardcore gucci fans that hustle to that nigga music know that nigga rap career is over, he jus junkie now. every thing u jus typed is fuckin hilarious. u gave me my laugh 4 tha day lil nigga. Gucci Christ hahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha.

  • room2roam

    just accept it already. your favorite artist is a fan of wayne, drake, and nicki's music. nas has cosigned them, jay at one point or another has, kanye has, we know j cole and kendrick lamar fukn with drake and they'd be more than willing to work with wayne and the list goes on. so these ppl have over a half million fans AND they get love from other artists. if wayne would stop bein a bytch him and jay wouldnt ever have any problems. jay too old and successful for that BS

    • average child

      oh i've accepted that this garbage music like young money and all these other wack mainstream acts are accepted and loved, hell a legend like Busta has lowered himself to coon nation label or as people normally call them, Cash Money. the fact that even the best artists today want to collabo with Wayne is just tragic to say the least.

  • averagechild

    lol at people catching feelings at wheel chair jimmy aka young garnier (big ghost quote) getting dissed, who the fuck seriously cares? Common may be alot older but he definitely has a right to diss whack little canuck bitches like Drizzy aka the Sylvia Plath of rap. get the fuck out of here, next you're gonna have people saying Wayne could outrap Mos Def or Talib, those dudes will be 70 and still outrap people wayne or drake.

  • yawooh

    it's cool to think Common's washed up or not good anymore(tho i completely disagree, his last three released songs like blue sky have been really good)but to say Drake will just hand it to Common is just nonsense..Common was simply speaking wat every Drake fan/music fan (im a Drake fan too)Drake sings too much. We all heard it on Take Care and it needs to be said. Let's keep hip-hop hard, street, even party-oriented but not SOFT. If Drake wants to be both rapper/singer that's cool, release an r&b albulm and i can respect that. But if it's gonna be hip-hop, let's keep it that way. Common still got it and his albulm is sounding like a top 5 albulm atleast when it drops while Take care was a sophmore slump. Drake don't want it w/Common,Luda or any1 else dat disses and Common was just letting ppl know he can go hard like the rest of them.

  • Heberpayy Sccori

    When this negro finally gets a chance to shine again (almost did once, actually, with Go, thanks to Kanye West e John Mayer), he cowardly goes back. What the fuck? Are u scared? Drake? Really? My daughter could allegedly diss him.

    • ETK

      in a way, artists can be scared you goof. it's all about uh.. I dunno, keeping your fanbase??? and you JUST said Common finally got a chance to shine again. so why would he go and take risks. if someone disses Drake, it's serious shit, cause whether we like it or not he has a sizeable fanbase

  • Anonymous

    These dick-hopping mainstream fans seem alright when Jay-Z throws a nameless diss out then backtracks - in fact they think it's brilliant - but when a non-pop rapper does it towards a pop rapper, standards change. Grow a brain, please, people!

  • Anonymous

    Why 'suspicions'? Why does it matter if he dissed Drake? Why does Drake get away with pulling the wool over the eyes of the hip-hop audience with his non-competitive, lazy music?

  • Cris.Z

    Wake the fuck up people! Of course it's directed at Drake as well as other rappers. After Serena and Common split up, Serena reached out to holler at Drake through her publicist. Drake smashed and now Common is feeling salty. Don't believe me, there's vids on worldstar where Drake videotapes Serena dancing at his crib.


    TAKE CARE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>COMMON'S LIFE





  • Anonymous

    common won grammys has classic albums and has starred in movies drake got nothing on him

    • Anonymous

      speak the truth hip hop is 35 years old and this lil ass kids act as if the game is 5 years old.... as if soulja boy, drake, waka flaka and all these other new dudes are the best to do it...smh common is respected and looked up to by all in the game. classik albums, best friends with the great Jdilla, stars in movies and shows, insoires the true art of hip hop and has battled toe to toe with ice cube, mack 10 and WC and held his own... what has drake done to leave a mark other than ride the lil wayne wave and sings softer than Ja Rule

  • Michael Lebron

    this is wack. he's obviously speaking on somebody specific. to come so raw on the track and then tiptoe around who he's talking about is corny to me. i love common, but he needs to quit trying to be PC acting like he listens to these guys. if it's not one of them, who else would it be?

  • Ramon SupaSwag Angelo

    smh, who dis OL ass baldin ass nikka tryna diss. He aint even got no typa Yolo... Drizzy!

  • Anonymous

    this is typical in hiphop these days. first you diss a wack nigga. then you do an interview where you say you didn't diss anybody. that's fucked up. if you take shots at someone, and everyone knows that, and then you start denying it, it's fake as hell. if you're not man enough to stand by your own words, then you sweet. then you soft. and it ain't just common, everybody does that nowadays. everyone from Lil Wayne to Jay-Z to Ludacris to Pusha T to Common to anybody.

  • Lmao @ that lame nigga frontin

    I really don't think its Drake common taking shot at...but if common taking shots at drake,then its official common old-ass career is abruptly coming to an end..drake gon' body grand-dad on wax. Concentrate on taking shots at your mates not the youngins ol'ass grand-dad X_X

    • khordkutta

      Dat nigga said eclectic. Negro Puhlease. Its gotten the revies because the rags rarely dig for new artists, and there is a whole lotta bs out there now. If all your diggin out is 3s, when you get a chance to bang a 6, you think shes fine.

    • Anonymous

      Another has been claim victim to this new age bullshit. How old are you? Better yet fuck your life. If you think Drake has anything on Common Sense then grandad said you should whoop yo own ass.

    • Anonymous

      loool @ poor-man's trey songz, you're just one of the mindless drones that permeate throughout this site, ain't you? lack the creative instrumentality to form your own opinions, so you just latch onto some simpleton bullshit and just coast on by being your ignorant, parasitic self ... drake makes good music, nowhere in the same cosmos as common when it comes to hip-hop, but open your mind to a more eclectic sound, and you'll understand why take care's gotten favorable reviews thus far dumbass

    • mindrelated

      Put down the YMCMB cool aide. Drake body Common lyrically? You should really stop that. Drake is nothing but a poor man's Trey Songz.

  • Jake

    did he really just namedrop wayne? Common is in my personal top 15 ever, so no disrespect, but if he's going to list lyrical people how bout Slaughterhouse, Elzhi (super duper duper duper dope amazing), pharoahe monch, masta ace, old school em, pun, big l, g rap, rakim, nas (which he named), black thought, kweli to name a few of MANY...he name drops kanye and Wayne? Andre 3000 and Nas I agree w/ as they're both two of the best ever, but Wayne? Kendrick Lamar is a nice young cat also and J. Cole is decent (solid compared to alot of other garbage), but ELZHI, One Be Lo, Slaughterhouse, Tonedeff and some others slay them both imo

    • Anonymous

      I thought the same. Probably just said him so he wouldn't have the wayniacs mad at him. lol @ common listening to 'dear mr toilet, i am the shit'

  • Daniel

    Thats why I like Common most dudes these days would've came straight out and said "No, it isn't" instead he damn near said "yea, that weak ass singing nigga"

    • anon

      @anonymous you are the one who should learn how to read. Dan said "he DAMN NEAR said "yea, that weak ass singing nigga"

    • Anonymous

      no he didn't. he said if drake takes offense to it then it is directed towards him, or anyone else that takes offense to it. smh @ your inability to read

  • jimmy

    everybodies right drake doesnt want it with common, he also didnt say he did, common cant just throw a shot at a dude who doesnt want beef,its the same thing cube did to him, so common wont pull that,thats a sucker move

  • Phil House

    how the fuck do people think thats shits a drake diss? seriously dude peopel are just looking for cause what he soft singin rappers you point at drake? haha i wonder why maybe its because HES A SOF SINGIN MOTHA FUCKA!!!

    • Anonymous

      Drake did a performance where his stage set was a Frank Sinatra set. Drake came prancing down the steps singing in a suit, that's where the speculation is coming from. On top of that, Drake start fucking with Serena after Common....

  • Andre Stepurlifegameup Cooper

    I am a fan of common but nigga please.... How can he talk when he was caking to a bitch in the front yard on his knees. Check it out it feat Mary j obliged...... It doesn't matter anyways hip-hop has many different phases so i could care less how a old rapper feel. Good day

    • YoungCosby

      WTF are you talking about? Was Common singing in that song? Not at all. Is every song singing about some random bitch he fell in love with because they got a soft ass? not at all.. Think about shit before you say it dumb ass.

    • LV

      first off... that song was featuring Mary J. Blige, not "obliged"... and second, that was a song to hip hop, not a song to a woman in a window. "do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it"

  • Anonymous

    Commons a vet yadig. Fall back young'n them ymcmb niggas can't see this nigga.


    thats my shit but when i heard it drake was the dirst name came to mind he killed that junt

  • The Real Jedi


  • Doug Nichols

    Nice to see K Dot and J Cole getting some shout outs.

  • Jerz Inevitable Success Davis

    People always assume rappers are always dissin specific ppl they just be speaking in general.......................... CHECK OUT THE MUSIC Follow @JerzDaReaper

  • Anonymous

    Who Am I More Afraid of Early 1990's Ice Cube or 2011 Drake??? Hmm, Common Dissed The Sh*t Outta The N*gga That Made "No Vaseline" Why Would He Be Afraid of The N*gga That Made "Marvin's Room" lol

    • Anonymous

      I don't know about y'all but i'm scared of Marvin's Room which is why I listen to "The Light" by Common.

    • NaSty

      Seriously. Ice Cube in the 90's was untouchable and Com didn't flinch. Drake doesn't pose a threat. What's he gonna say? Common makes better music for females anyways.





  • Paco

    Common would demolish any rapper from Young Money fuck you talking about.

  • jg

    lool basically he is dissing Drake, he just doesnt want it with YMCMB so he's taking veiled shots

    • LOL

      You're an idiot. Common would destroy Drake with one sentence.

    • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

      What????!!!! GTFOH!!! The only one from that camp that could even 1/2 hang, but will fall is Jae millz a former battle rapper everybody else is Garbitto!

    • Chris

      I had to laugh at your comment "Doesn't want it with YMCMB" Common could destroy all of Young Money all together. Besides let's see how Drake deals with disses, he won't respond to Ludacris let alone start on Common. You don't even want to get started with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj cannot even put a full-fledged diss to Lil Kim. You are obviously new to this Genre called Hip Hop. Common has been a battle rapper before he was famous and he already has put out one of the best diss tracks "The Bitch in Yoo" and that diss was aimed at Ice Cube. Please make a point and don't include Sales and popularity for Young Money like every bitch ass fan does.

  • nuc

    " a lot of rappers may feel it. And if they feel it, then thats who Im talking about. YES, thats how to handle it! so DOPE.

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