Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 11/27/2011

Can Yelawolf continue the recent chart-topping trends seen by Drake, Mac Miller and Wale? Mobb Deep's first release in five years hits the charts, and Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV" doubles last week sales.

After powerful debut chart appearances as of late from Mac Miller, Wale and Drake albums, Yelawolf battled the Black Friday sales-rush and found different results. Mobb Deep also self-released their first studio release, an EP, in over five years. However, with many stores having sales on CDs and two R&B/Pop princesses releasing, there was a lot going in the holiday week.

Yelawolf's Radioactive Misses A Top 25 Debut

Dxnext alum Yelawolf's studio debut, Radioactive debuted at #27, selling over 40,000 units. The Gasden, Alabama emcee signed to Shady Records in the last year after an Interscope deal had already been announced. Still with Ghet-O-Vision, the release featured Killer Mike, Gangsta Boo and Lil Jon, along with Kid Rock and Eminem. 

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV Gains 10 Spots Back Into Top 15

It was 2011's best-selling Rap album, Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV that really astonished charts last week. The Cash Money/Universal Motown Records release climbed 10 spots in a holiday season to reach #15. The former #1 album better-than-doubled its sales as compared to last week. Wayne's ninth solo album features Tech N9ne, Andre 3000, Nas as well as his label-mates and Young Money proteges.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 11/20/2011

#3. Rihanna - Talk That Talk - 198,000 (198,000)

#4. Drake - Take Care - 173,000 (804,000)

#5. Mary J. Blige - My Life II: The Journey Continues 156,000 (156,000)

#15. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV - 59,000 (1,752,000)

#16. LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking - 56,000 (306,000)

#27. Yelawolf - Radioactive - 41,000 (41,000)

#51. Wale - Ambition - 21,000 (256,000)

#112. Webbie - Savage Life 3 - 9,100 (39,000)

#164. Tech N9ne Collabos - Welcome To Strangeland - 5,100 (38,000)

#189. Mobb Deep - Black Cocaine EP - 4,200 (4,300)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000.

Will Curren$y's independently-released Jet Life Records compilation debut in the Top 50? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.

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  • Dan

    Yelawolf made the hottest album outta this entire list. We must remember though, a lot of real hip/hop fans are being outnumbered by the watered down, pop fans that think young money is.... real? (Ha!) YM takes advantage of the little kids, mainstreamers, and cheesy white frat boys that like hearing about money, and fucking. Shady and Strange run this game! Want real music? Go buy Radioactive and Strangeland.

  • Money Lost Yesterday

    Wow, Drake has sold 893,000 copies of "Take Care" in The United States after only 3 weeks! Haters be talking that fuck sales shit, when their favorites ain't selling big anymore lol.

  • The Assassin

    Where did HHDX get its info from? #112 is Joy to the World by Pink Martini #164 is the Best of Lionel Ritchie #189 is the Best of ABBA Webbie, Mobb Deep and Tech N9ne didn't make the Billboard 200

  • ASEE

    This album turns to complete shit the moment that Gangsta Boo songs ends and Eminem tells him he needs to write a song for women. THe first five songs or whatever are fucking NICE and then every song after that with the exception of one or two is SHIT. I've never seen an album lose its momentum and turn to shit so fucking fast.


      lol, I was thinking the same thing while listening to this cd yesterday. It started off promising, then it just turned singy (if that makes sense,lol). Don't get me wrong, a couple of those songs where good...IDK, maybe it'll grow on me

  • it doesnt matter what my name is!

    the only cd i bought is Webbie SL3 i burned tha carter 4 take care and ambition. i will buy that jet world order though when i get paid.

    • Anonymous

      i take that back i missed the part where he saidhe burned that shit. agreed get a job lame nigga lol

    • Gree

      ^youre being a dick for no reason. trying to knock a dude for investing his money go fuck yourself condescending republican ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      you need to get a job, so spending 10 bucks won't matter. i remember when i was broke and had to act like it was cool to burn music lol.

  • Anonymous

    May I say somehtin dis is da exact problem Flo had on his last album and he was on a major label and he only sold 11k. So don't bag Yelawolf the reason why dis happened is become of no promo and he produced tha songz and the album himself.

  • Daniel

    @ Yela's fan.Sorry to break it to you but RADIOACTIVE was no mixtape or demo album like TRUNK MUZIK.This was a major label release backed by Interscope,who Yela was originally signed to before being picked up by Eminem himself.Eminem even did a song with Yela & Gangsta Boo...and that didn't help.No question,Yela has skills and can keep up with the best of the best.Shady Cypher 2.0 proved that without a doubt...but he got very little buzz coming into the game with a major release.Remember how 50 came in the game in 03?Drake last year after dropping his mixtape in 09?Both rapppers ain't on Yela's lyrical level both were able to sell millions by having HIT SINGLES,featuring on other artist songs before coming out,getting heavy radioplay,doing interviews on MTV,BET and so on.Yela came in too quickly and almost quietly.Too bad.

    • Old Yella

      50 cent was different, he had a fuckin huge hit single (in da club) which pretty much ran his career. Drake is a pop artist black chicks buy his CDs, Its very rare any fan of lyricism buys an album - which is a shame and the sole reason hip hops in such a poor state. Unless its eminem, wayne, jay z, kayne or popman drake it isn't going to be a massive hit commercially. Yelas sales will increase with time when songs such as "write your name" "lets roll" get radio play because thats the state of 'hip hop' right now. Bitches and faggots control the sales unless its one of the previously mentioned MCs.

  • haha

    i bet mgk will do more then 40k

    • TEXAS

      I LOOKED IN TO THE FUTURE............................................................................... MGK 1ST ALBUM SALES 6.431 UNITS

  • YelaFan

    You guys need to remember shady records barley had any input on this album because this is a record that yelawolf had really produced on his own that he had takin to eminem so this basically is an independent release but on shady records just wait for a fully produced shady records album.

  • Read a book

    I agree with Bizzalls comment.Shady records should have known better and waited a little longer,like the beginning of 2012 to drop Yela's album and have him going everywhere and doing many collabos in the meantime to build a much stronger BUZZ.Instead they had him come out about the same time as Drake who I'm no fan of but can't ignore the fact that he's obviously got a huge fanbase.Common sense.

    • Shake

      Oh yeah, how dare Shady go against the trend of holding onto an artist's finished release for months on end (which doesn't annoy their fans at all) at the expense of a few headlines and chart positions. "I don't really think that the fact that I'm Slim matters / a plaque and platinum status is whack if I'm not the baddest"

  • Bryant Thrax Johnson

    I should be somewhere in those top charts, but its so hard to break into the game. These so called artist have no intentions on looking for new "real" talent. My observation is that that they are so focused on keeping themselves in the music industry that they over look any raw talent or skill that threatens thier image or career. The shit they rap about dose not exsist in (our) meaning us artist that are still in the trap lifes. We can only hope and try our best to make it there with out being blackballed. "THRAXXX"

  • broke ass hell aint even funny

    that yelawolf good album 41k damn but im not gonna lie i downloaded this freee man. im broke ass fuck if i had money i would support 4 real.

    • true shit

      yea aint gonna lie i downloaded it when it leaked cause the money aint going in the rite direction and i just got off an aggravated assult charge so i aint trying to fuck with dumb shit at the minute. Yelawolf is good if he had of made a track with eminem wit a nice beat and put that out instead of hard white as the single would of cleard over 100 thousand easily i think eminem will put sum effort into his next release

    • Anonymous

      It doesn't matter for Yela. All he cares about is that you liked his album.



  • Anonymous

    i'm a mobb deep fan but people really paid for a 5 track album? i wouldnt buy a 5 track album if Pac and Big came back to life and did it together along with a NWA, Em, Nas, and Jay-Z/Kanye ft on it. also Carter IV was like 2 bucks on black Fri.


    Yelawolf cd is kinda dope

  • mj

    Of course Yelawolf shit sold like 41000, look at the cd cover? It look lame. 90 percent of the time you judge a cd by the cover nigga. Time to DOWNLOAD it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAH HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHH BBAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Old Yella

      Anon, you are literally retarded. He wasn't implying the white thing cos hes signed to em, you know that as well as I do. If you are butt hurt people are racist on the internet deal with it - people do it because they dont have morality and common sense to not be racist, and because its easy. Combating racism with racism is fuckin retarded. You are clearly poorly educated so i'll let your ass off but I would quite enjoy you calling me 'white boy' to me face you'd be in for a hell of a surprise fuck boy.

    • Anonymous

      ^ the internt is full of racist white people just go on worlstar and youutube. fucking crybaby. it wasnt even racist. yela is signed to em...its not random white boy.

    • Old Yella

      @MJ and TEXAS. I know right? cos its a white boy on the front he must be an eminem fan yo, he don't have no black fans. reverse racism on the internet is so hard yo keep pushin.

    • TEXAS


    • chrisxpaul96

      The cover is awesome. I don't know what you're talkin' about.

  • room2roam

    YMCMB winnin. wayne been on top for like 3-4yrs. now drake n nicki goin in. talk all the shyt u want. its undeniable... *in nicki's voice* thats Y U MAD...that y u y u mad mad. arght

  • Anonymous

    damn,yelawolf tanked

  • bizzalls

    The Tech N9ne album is not a real Tech album, yall know that. It's an album from his "Collabo" series that he has always done. Also, is it me or what, because I can NOT muthafuckin understand how Mac Miller could sell 150 k his FIRST WEEK, let alone 150k at all?!?!?! HOW??? How the fuck does he sell that much and Yelawolf only sells 40k?! SOMETHIN JUST AIN'T RIGHT, MAN...HiphopDX said Mac Miller's album is the highest first week selling independent album since Tha Dogg Pound's debut in like '96 or some shit!! The only thing I can think is that Mac Miller gave a good amount of time to create a buzz for himself and he has a big college-age fanbase. I think Shady maybe shoulda waited a little longer to release Yelawolf's album and created a little more buzz for him. Shit is just fuckin crazy yo, the music industry is so fuckin unpredictable it's sick. Mobb Deep shoulda sold more too, even though it's an EP. And how the FUCK is Lil Wayne gonna go on tour together with Eminem? Eminem, why? C'mon son! For the most part, a lot of the rappers who are superstars and sell a shitload of albums, I can understand, due to their talent or image, or whatever. But Lil Wayne? Seriously man? How the fuck did this clown come around to get this big? Shit frustrates the fuck outta me because there are plenty of emcees who should be in his spot, it's sad...

    • co-sign that

      yeah the mac miller thing still has me confused dude is a below average mc and has one the worst flows i have ever heard. Not suprised with mobb deep a 5 track cd aint gon sell shit Next yelawolf cd will have eminem all over it

  • ThinkB.I.G.

    For a recently signed Shady Records artist, with backing by Interscope and everything that goes along with that machine to drop the debut and sell 40K is catastrophic. When people say Shady Numbers, that usually means millions.. Do you morons remember the Slim Shady LP sold 300K its first week? Its not 1997 anymore but this hillhocker free styled on the BET Cipher, did multiple songs with Marshall, several mixtapes and videos and STILL couldnt pull off something respectable. The reason? He sucks, plain and simple. But thats rap music in 2011. Feminine, skinny jean lipstick wearing weirdos have convinced that kids that get a chance to hear Illmatic, BIG etc that Lil Wayne is a rapper, that Drake is masculine. Yelawolf was a bad look and Shady should have been known better than to follow thru. The music sucks, Southern Rap sucks and TI and Rick Ross work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 50 Cent GUnit Bitch We did it

    • Anonymous

      you fuckin right

    • dont be dumb

      Nope. Yela definitely does not suck, dont be dumb. Dude can spit and he makes actual music, not just another rap song. Everybody is the same these days, Yela is something new Slim said himself. And not cause he white. He will sell a bunch over time, watch.

    • Anonymous

      Uhh Yela has an incredible flow and he is a decent (not saying incredible) lyricist. He's also one of the most original people in the game. He doesn't suck, and numbers don't show skills. But I will agree 40K is terrible numbers, skinny jeans on dudes is just sad, and Illmatic is slept on by most of my generation.

  • Anonymous

    I was expecting Yelawolf on to sell only 20,000 copies coz he had no hit single. Example J.Cole sold 217k on the first week and Work out is a hit song. So dat's why his album flopped no hit single.



  • Escoveli

    Its funny how these idiots on here crying about a fucking Yelawolf, who the fuck is this cat. If you ask me he aint shit. Yall bitch-mades trying to find a savior in rap and yall saviors are flopping out of control. Hell, Wale damn near out sold this dude wit his third week sales. As for Mobb Deep the time is now to give up the goods this aint 1995 and yall need to retire. Rihanna your scandalous ways have finally caught up with your ass. Webbie quit while your ahead buddy. It aint nothing savage about you. You will be working at a gas station changing tires next year.Tech N9ne, smh, I don't have no words for him str8t dumpster-juice.

  • Eli Abdallah

    Why is everyone so concerned about sales? Roots never open up with huge numbers and always drop dopeness, Tonedeff, Elzhi, One Be Lo, Juice, Louis Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Apathy, Slaughterhouse, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Pharoahe Monch, Kool G Rap, CunninLynguists, Lowkey, Shad, Rhyme Asylum, Diabolic, Copywrite, Common's mid to late 90s albums, Blackstar when it came out... I could go on for days of dope emcees who open up @ less than 40,000. Yelawolf is not on these dudes level by a long shot imo (although he shows flashes on some of his mixtapes and can be unique @ least), but stop focusing on sales, focus on THE ART OF HOW DOPE THE ALBUM/EMCEE IS! Mcdonald's burgers sells billions a year while the ma an pa burger joint is QUALITY that is killing it. Does that mean MCdonald's is better? Of course not

    • The Assassin

      This is an article about sales though. Sure the guys you mentioned are good, but most of them lack any crossover appeal

  • GreenNYC

    Are y'all telling me Watch The Throne didn't sell at least 4000 copies. Seriously GTFOOH.

    • Lsn22s

      Watch the Throne was #32 with a little over 30k sold...I already clowned Hiphopdx earlier for this exact thing...they pick certain artists/albums to leave out randomly when they post these...I posted the link to allhiphop talking about how WTT and YMCB had a sales surge over the black friday weekend...I honestly don't get why hiphopdx leaves out certain sales

  • Amir

    Yelawolf has a good album one of the beast I heard all year long I think what the numbers will go up in the next week or so People will past it along

    • blazeitup

      I loved Yelawolfs 0-60 trunk muzic but the new albums kinda gay. It has a few good songs but the album was mostly for the women, As soon as Eminem tells him he needs a song for the girls on that skit the album goes all gay for 6 songs. Aftermath are fucking up the artists on their label

  • Fish

    Pretty decent numbers from Mobb Deep for a 5 track EP. Just looking forward to the album now.

  • Anonymous

    I guess its RnB that is dying. mary & Ri aint hitting no platinum plaque this time around. Gold is still aite though. Yela...what can I say? His albums was coo, hes totally marketable..yet all they could muster up is under 50k..dont even hear any of his shit on radio either.

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    idk why his video isnt out yet and i think collabing with lil jon was a bad idea even though i like the song.... WTF DX whyd you fags stop putting cole world and watch the throne up there ya bunch of homos

  • Anonymous

    People hating on Yelawolf's numbers, but the dude beats Tech N9ne's total Welcome to Strange Land album sales in 1 day. Give Yelawolf some credit, now.

    • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

      Tech is an underground indie rapper who until his recent tracks with Wayne, has never tried to cross over into mainstream sucess. Yelawolf is signed to a major label, and not to just anybody, but Eminem, the most commercially sucessful rapper in the game, it's not really a nessecary comparison to make

    • Anonymous

      Haha where are the Tech dick lickers now??

  • fresh22

    i agree that lyrics don't sell as much as "pop" hiphop, but yela did try for the "radioactive" approach with this cd. i could care less about the numbers, but if it didn't sell well, i'd rather it be more rugged like tm0-60. still a decent album but i feel its a minor disappointment content wise which in this case did not help him sales wise either. i'm still a huge fan, just hoping for something better next time around.

  • Going Crazy

    Right, thats it... If you do not have even a basic grasp of grammer, I would greatly appreciate it if you stopped posting. Sometimes I read what some people are posting and have no idea of what you are actually trying to say. Get educated.

  • Anonymous

    Dang. Yelawolf sold zero copies. Probably because of it's 4.5. mic rating from The Source. Oh Well, I enjoyed the album.

  • musik

    yela's still fairly unknown. got to get him mainstream before next release. id music video for lets roll, and drop animal with fefe on the radio.. especially in canada where anything fefe gets big radio play.

  • prewoz

    I guarantee when let's roll drops as a video... this album continues to sell.

  • SuperGucciRap

    LOL Yelawolf flopped despite having Eminem in the background. Somehow, another white rapper named Mac Miller who is on an independent record somehow reaches number 1? Fuck Wack Miller though but at least he didn't flopped like Yelabitch. That Throw It Up shit was garbage. Gangsta Boo lost it doing a track with these wack rappers. Eminem sucks, worst rapper of all time which only rock fans or teenage girls who think Wiz Khalifa, Drake or B.o.B are real hip-hop listen to Eminem. Kid Rock sucks that nigga is doing cuntry music now with Lady Antebellum and the Perry Band bitch who sings about If I Die Young. You niggaz better buy Gucci Mane and V-Nasty's new album. It's gonna win every grammy possible. Real Hip-Hop is back! It's Gucci Time!

    • Anonymous

      Besides album sales a flop has a lot to do with the songs. and in that case Yelawolf #1 and gucci sucks dick just so you know.

  • Anonymous

    btw anyone notice he had a song on the album that was a complete rip off of Aston martin music

  • Anonymous

    tired of people justtify his sales by saying he had no songs on the radio or promo. THAT'S NOT AN EXCUSE! THATS THE FUCKNG PROBLEM!

  • Anonymous

    I knew he was going to flop, considering he had no hit single... Yelawolf shoulda chose Let's Roll as the first single instead (or something else off the album (I've only heard Let's Roll, Hard White, and Throw it Up so I wouldnt know if theres a better choice)

  • Anonymous

    btw the i liked the album though. promotional wise someone dropped the ball. i think like dude below said. eminem has a weird fanbase. most of them dont even like hip hop. the only fuck with eminem and dont give a damn about anyone else

    • Anonymous

      OR the majority of his fanbase doesn't know who Yela is, and plenty more don't like his style. And then others think he's decent but nothing so incredible that you gotta run out to buy the CD (me.)

  • Anonymous

    time to be real people. whichever way you slice it. 40k after a cosign from the 2nd best selling rapper in the game RIGHT now is a flop. yela is not independant, not indie, he's on a major label and is the protege of EMINEM. You cant justify this this...something went wrong.

    • Anonymous

      I wanted to like the album, I like the Yelavision blog but the album is close to garbage, Trunk music and all his mix tape stuff is so ill... Daddys lambo.. but Radioactive is just not active on any radio station

    • Anonymous

      if u heard a better single on the album let me know. Hard White is an upbeat club song, prolly as close as he was gonna get2 a single

    • Anonymous

      Yela and Em chose the worst first single possible "Hard White" and "Gangster of Love" had no chance of going anywhere. And on another note, who is the best selling rapper then?

  • Fossie

    Sales sales sales.....is that the only topic you punkz are referring too?Thats so fuckin retarded !!!!Learn to respect the art of HIPHOP !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    its funny how the same people now saying sales dont matter are the exact same dudes who always bash ross for not selling as much as 50 in 2003. you niggas hypocritical as fuck

  • The Assassin

    Yelawolf only made it to 27? I thought he'd be in the top 5 for sure. Guess Eminem didn't do a good enough job promoting his artist. Just like Stat Quo and Cashis

  • Anonymous

    LMAFO is on here but for like the 10th week in a row they leave out WTT

  • yawooh

    im not a fan of yelawolf and as I predicted, he didnt go number1 and am willing to bet he'll never have a number1 albulm (maybe even song)in the country simply cuz his voice is raspy and hard to listen to for a long period of time..but i do give props to him for doing his thing w/shady records

  • Anonymous

    Also Rihanna for her standards put up weak numbers as well...

  • Anonymous

    Yela flopped hard body and homie can spit that goes to show you that lyrics still aint selling in this day n age which is a damn shame smh... Yela had so much promotion and support to go with a few singles he dropped and even appeared on the cypher and he still aint even sell 50k smh... Theres no way to defend it hes on a major label and hes Eminems protege and he still got no luv his first week this is the biggest flop of the year...

  • Anonymous

    they aint gonna buy a hiphop album...ppl these days are into partying...so its a matter of time till house and pop will take over...those who are fans of hiphop nowadays are underground bottom line...so i tell u guys - Radioactive - 41,000 its a big number...hiphop is underground...even Shady Records

  • Anonymous

    worst rapper's alive : wale drake lil wayne (fanbase : 5yr....11yr's) hiphop industry = joke

  • shady83

    give it a few weeks i thnk yela's album will go up in nmbers, he jst hasn't had a successful chart sngle as such!

  • Anonymous

    Just proves that Shady Records doesnt pay the radio stations to play their songs and buy their own albums to beef up sales.

  • Jake

    Mac Miller, Wayne, Drake, Minaj, Gucci, Yeezy and those avg to wack emcees can sell whatever they want first week (and overall). I'll take Elzhi, Slaughterhouse, Diabolic, Apathy, Roots, Common, Masta Ace, Kool G Rap, Pharoahe Monch, Lowkey, Louis Logic, Juice, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Blackstarr, Percee-P, Copywrite, old canibus/redman etc etc etc who won't ever go gold on their own albums (or 250,000 for that matter) in a less than 10 year period. Yes dope emcees/groups from 80s to very early 2000s sold a shit ton (Pac, Big, Em, Jay, Nas, Wu-Tang's first 2 albums, LL Cool J, Bone Thugs, Pun, Rakim, NWA/Early Cube, Outkast, Tribe, De La to name a FEW), but over the last decade or so that means NOTHING. 85-2002 dope ish made it on the radio, 2004-present that's VERY RARE

  • saint

    Shout out to Yelawolf. he did pretty good numbers for someone who can actually spit.

  • Jake

    Why is everyone so concerned about sales? Roots never open up with huge numbers and always drop dopeness, Tonedeff, Elzhi, One Be Lo, Juice, Louis Logic, Kendrick Lamar, Apathy, Slaughterhouse, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Pharoahe Monch, Kool G Rap, CunninLynguists, Lowkey, Shad, Rhyme Asylum, Diabolic, Copywrite, Common's mid to late 90s albums, Blackstar when it came out... I could go on for days of dope emcees who open up @ less than 40,000. Yelawolf is not on these dudes level by a long shot imo (although he shows flashes on some of his mixtapes and can be unique @ least), but stop focusing on sales, focus on THE ART OF HOW DOPE THE ALBUM/EMCEE IS! Mcdonald's burgers sells billions a year while the ma an pa burger joint is QUALITY that is killing it. Does that mean MCdonald's is better? Of course not

    • in the mind of a child

      yo jake im being sarcastic

    • Jake

      "sales prove if your album is a classic or not platinum classic gold ok sub gold drop the mic" Maybe the dumbest thing i've ever read. Yes there are a ton of classic albums that have gone platinum (or much more) and gold, but there is also trash that has done the same thing. There is also garbage that sells very little and AMAZING ISH that sells very little. "LMAO! @Jake, tell that to the record exes, and labels that sometimes invest millions of dollars on these albums. With studio time, production, promotion, etc.." I'm not referring to major record execs i'm referring to supposed hip hop fans. Stop worrying about the numbers and focus on is it dope or is it avg or is it wack.



    • Anonymous

      LMAO! @Jake, tell that to the record exes, and labels that sometimes invest millions of dollars on these albums. With studio time, production, promotion, etc..


      sales prove if your album is a classic or not platinum classic gold ok sub gold drop the mic

  • Anonymous

    just because wayne stuffs is popular that dont mean its good music you not a fan you go with stuffs thats popular you just outed yourselfs dick rider

  • jaceshadoe

    Yelawolf is 3x's as nice as Mac miller, wale, drake, and lil'wayne, machine gun kelly. In today's world, ppl r buying pop/neo-rap type music. I'm betting yela sells over 100K within an month, which aint bad considering no radio play and his first shady album.

  • Joseph Antonio Rivera

    damn i didnt even know yelawolfs album was out. i also didnt give a shit either. glad wale is doin decent although i thought the album couldve been a bit better. carter 4 is trash but its obvious it wouldve sold well, its party-pop music and teen music.



  • Lmao @ lame nigga frontin

    Are dumb nigga's still insinuating Cash-money be buying they own albums..? You know you getting old when you hate the popular stuffs...YMCMB to you bitch!

    • Anonymous

      Uhh I'm quite young and I hate Lil Wayne. It's called we have our opinions, not everybody thats young has to like some retard mumbling random trash to a beat (admitedly most of the beats are good.) Plus just because people say they don't like Wayne doesn't mean they dont like everyone thats popular. Many "real hip hop fans" like Eminem and Jay-Z, myself included.

    • Anonymous

      The difference between me and a fan of only popular music is like a person who only eats at mcdonalds while I eat $50 steaks, you have no idea what you're missing. You're so ignorant, brainwashed and have a follower mentality. If you think like the avg dumbass, you stay broke, you go above the masses and you win.

    • shut up

      stfu wayne dickrider, brainwashed sheep, immediately liking whats new. You have no taste in music, the music u like is forced upon you.

    • Anonymous

      popular stuffs? how old are you? ahah

  • Anonymous

    These days wack shit sales its depressing but true. The more horrible a rapper is the more they sell. Real emcees hang ya mics up. Your rapping to a mindless generation.

  • Ricky Rozay

    to all you shady records dickriders out there, yelawolf just proves that all them niggas on that label are overhyped, overblown, mediocre rappers that cant sell shit! im not hating, the radioactive album was alright but shit was far from classic like all you shady dickriders were sayin. MMG > Shady records. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dessalines Isaac

    Wow, Wale is at 250,000?! Not many artists can flop on their debut and get a second chance but Wale really took advantage of his opportunity, ^^^^he should sell another 75K to 100K if Flowerbomb catches flame on 106.

  • Anonymous

    yela wolf is ok his last mixtape did 75k so 40k is good for him it depends on what kind of deal he has with shady

  • Anonymous

    adults are stressed out they dont really give a fuck about music they got bills to pay only kid friendly music will sale.LIL WAYNE

  • Anonymous

    a lil buzz in the united states not gonna get you any sales you have to be international with your shit these days

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lol @ Rihanna not being able to have a # 1 charted album on the billboard

  • Big D

    Yellawolf should of done at least 90K+ with all the industry push he had, so... However, He does have one 'wildcard' up his sleeve which is that duet will Kid Rock which could cross-over and give him a Top 40 Hit during the Spring/Summer '12.

    • SJX

      Yela didn't sell as many copies because there was no real mainstream push, his album wasn't even available at most stores besides best buy. He did great for what he got to work with. Shady needs to do a better job of getting in touch with the mainstream not just the hip hop community

    • Nick Crookshank

      Yeah that's what I was kinda banking on too. He doesn't have a radio hit right now to run with. And that Kid Rock song I thought was actually pretty dope.

  • Anonymous

    HAHA Carter IV dropped THREE months ago and almost did a million it's first week, and it takes it months to sell another mili...pretty evident that Wayne is buying his own shit. Recovery was double plat after like a MONTH..and it didn't sell as much in it's 1st week as the C4...USE YOUR HEADS PPL...

    • Anonymous

      you talking about grodt. back them the industry was different. how much did 50's last albumsell1st week? 190k? how much did weezy? im just saying stop comparing sales from a different economy. 50 cant sell shit anymore and lil wayne going platinum first week. since u 50 niggas so obsessed with what wayne is doing thought i needed to give u the tough truth

    • Bradley Papageorgio

      talk shit all you want faggots but he's got a point

    • Anonymous

      stfu with all that crazy hate, fuck boi

    • Haha

      platinum is platinum faggot. yall dumbasses wanna hate on every single thing.

    • Anonymous

      grodt 872k first week 15mili sold worldwide

  • real talk

    #112. Webbie - Savage Life 3 - 9,100 (39,000) #164. Tech N9ne Collabos - Welcome To Strangeland - 5,100 (38,000) #189. Mobb Deep - Black Cocaine EP - 4,200 (4,300) these numbers may seem low but if you look at each artist situation they are laughing to the bank WHILE THE MAJOR LABEL ARTIST WONT SEE A DIME



  • Mr Mogul

    Yelawolf flopped! That's surprising with the Shady Records backing and publicity.



  • southcakc23

    can someone name me ONE record that Yelawolf has had spun on the radio on a regular basis over the last 6 months? Anyone? Didn't think so. This album isn't a flop. It got buzz on the internet but didn't get ANY radion play/promo. Gettin buzz on the interwebs means nothing CONSIDERING the internet is what is killing hip hop. 40k with no radio play.....that's solid.

    • Anonymous

      Crooked is waaaaay too scared of sales, that's why he is never going to drop an album.

    • ilexx

      @Anonymous I died at "crooked i 45 year old ass is sweating bullets. hes done." lolololol fucking hilarious

    • doublem

      Admittedly 40,000 first week sales isn't amazing, but it is true that yela had virtually no mainstream buzz prior to the release. There's a lot of radio friendly music on the album too, so once songs like 'radio' are released as singles, there's a good chance that he will generate a bit of buzz and these numbers will jump up!

    • Anonymous

      40 k with EMINEM backing you IS NOT GOOD. obie trice got dropped for LESS. this guy got magazine covers with eminem. eminem talked the album up and he doesn't leave the house. shady 2.0 has been nothing short of a failure thus far. why spin it? don't be a dickrider. bad meets evil would've gone plat WITHOUT royce. i thought yela would have a better chance than slaughterhouse at selling. crooked i 45 year old ass is sweating bullets. hes done. young yela is finished. slaughterhouse might get dropped b4 they drop the album HAHA

    • Anonymous

      yeah but im sure HE SENT music to radio. it just didnt get picked up. 40k is not good if you are on a major, especially with an assist from the highest selling rapper of all time (thats alive). People just aren't that into Yelawolf. Mac Miller did 180k with no radio and NO MAJOR.

  • Anonymous

    Really poor sales for yela..What's up with Em ?

  • bZo

    LOL dead SHADY 2.0. what a failure. eminem doesn't get behind his artists. he signs them cuz rosenberg tells him to. how do you sell 40,000 records on eminem's label? it's 2011, but this dude has kid rock, eminem, and jimmy iovine. yelawolf has no fans. he has eminem fans that dickride everything shady. saw him get booed on stage. knew he would flop. what you think iovine's thinking? slaughterhouse is in serious trouble if they were expecting anything commercially. joell ortiz joe buddens and crooked i? they'd kiss the heavens to sell 40 k. mobb deep 4,200? even for an EP that's embarrassing. jedi mind tricks did that and they put out records themselves with no promotion, and zero industry connects. mobb is washed the fuck up. EP sucked, and flopped, like it should. if that album don't bang it's over. hip hop music sucks. sales are low. music industry is on life support. a handful of dope artists are surviving. most are selling out doing wack shit to eat and still flopping.

  • Tee-1

    Wow, Black Friday helped sales a LOT!

  • Anonymous

    and you wonder why dre wont drop detox and he wants to take a break 5mili sold and having 3 to 4 songs on album become gold singles are over

  • qboro

    new york radio dont promote new york artist and on another note rap music has reached the point where we have a big age gap times are not the same these kids are growing up different guys want womens pants and fur on their boots

  • jg

    ddaaamnnn yo. that new Yelawolf really flopped. He's backed by fuckin Shady and he debuted at #27? Get back in the studio and get back to work man

  • Anonymous

    how did wale sell more than yelawolf fuck that shit

  • Anonymous

    Numbers dont matter. Quality does. As far as Mobb deep goes not alot of people aren't goin g to pay 10 bucks for 5 songs. Only ep's I buy are ones that are worth it like madgibbs or doomstarks. Not Mobb deep or slaughterhouse because it leaves me wanting more more and I'll feel like I got ripped off. And the game is fucked up when Lmao is considered hip hop. Like son said what's wrong with this picture?

    • Anonymous

      for fans numbers should never matter but not for the artist who has to keep money coming in to feed there familys

  • watch the throne

    only a few artist will sale big numbers THE 90'S are over music dosent sale anymore.the i-pod and youtube destroyed the music industry the cd is on its last leg.labels are flopping left and right.if a artist does sale what they call big numbers today they have to put up so much money to market the album it becomes a no win situation.these hip hop websites dont help at all they would put up most of a album to listen to before it drops.these websites promote gossip not music she said he said she said bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    Yela... not good man... bummer.. I thought ud atleast see the TOP 10 with all this promotion

  • sad but true

    the music industry is over go to school kids get a education

    • Anonymous

      you mad bro. stop blaming yelawolf's failures on the entire industry that's such a cop out. the industry is the best it has been in years.

  • sad but true

    its all on you ross your label gonna get dropped if you dont produce them sales wale not going gold and meek sure aint

  • Doug Nichols

    Yela's album was a hell of a lot better than I expected it to be, gave it a listen and then picked it up.

  • King

    can't wait for Common's TD/TB only that can beat RED from being the best album of the year

    • Anonymous

      not true the label will recoup the money they put up anyway they can videos and promo are not free a music artist can go in debt to a label like they got a loan from the bank and cant pay it back.

    • jg

      originally i counted RED as lbum of the year. But the more you listen to it man the less replay value it has. I think im gna go with the Wonder Years, ive been bumping that non-stop since it dropped. And for all you guys who are talking about numbers...lets be honest do any of us go out and buy these albums? Unless i want to collect a physical copy of a classic LP i dont bother paying, thats what the internet is for. Its not killing these rappers, they make their money off touring, like 97% of the money you pay goes to the fuckin 3+ labels their signed to

  • Mark A Jong

    That's awesome, why are people hating? He's still a new artist ffs and never had as much hype as Mac Miller or J. Cole.

  • casper21

    First off, big ups to Wayne, carter 4 spike 150% this week, moved 60k after breaking double plat, will likely move another 500K at least, I hate the dude, but his has staying power on the charts. Yela's album made a strong debut, a Shady backing doesn't guarantee a 6 figure first week, but when Trunk music came out it only moved like 5K first week, so 40K is pretty solid. There's a lot of potential radio singles on there so if the label forces stations to play them that album should sell solid for a year on the charts, he could very likely get a gold, possibly a platinum plaque outta this. I bought the normal version, wish the deluxe was sold more widely at retail-best buy didn't have it. Solid album tho. Can't wait for Common's record. For those that don't believe Yela did well, look at Tech N9ne, after all the buzz off All 6's and 7's and a few weeks on the chart Welcome to Strangeland is at 38K, and he had buzz among his fans and new ones, so a tip of the hat to good music coming out 4th quarter

    • rob

      you think he can go plat off a 40k debut!!??? your a madman yo. Drake debuted at 700k and probly wont go platinum til february. No unless you go gold right off the bat it is virtually impossible to platinum within a reasonable amount of time. Its also highly unlikely he'll even go gold. hopefully his numbers can stay steady for another week or 2, maybe there wasnt enough promo, but naah Yela aint getting no plaques

    • qboro

      ^^^ so true i live in newyork i stopped listening to the radio every hour they play the same five artist

    • thought dog

      It's not hard to move millions of cd's when you're the only label on the "urban" radio stations though. At any moment in the day you can flip to the local station and you're guaranteed to hear Drake, Wayne or Nicki Minaj no matter what city you're in.

  • Anonymous


  • Lsn22s

    Haha!!! hiphopdx deleted my comment because i put up a link to Allhiphop showing the sales they left out above...do your jobs you guys and maybe you won't have some random guy in the comments do it for you! Watch the throne #32 with 30-something k sold last week...I'm just sayin why do u guys pick n choose what sales to show???


    im gone have to give that mobb album a listen but you so call real hip hop heads didnt support what yall preach

  • thought dog

    40,000 isnt bad considering he has no songs on the radio/tv and hardly any promotion for his debut major label release.


    yela first album didnt sale that good the shady records didnt help him at all maybe his pockets think my next buys gone be common and juvie albums common dropping some heat

  • shadyaftermath

    yelawolf had a dope album, thats all that matters.

  • tresdemayo

    Oh, and Mobb Deep... I knew they'd flop but not that hard... time is a muthafucker

  • Lsn22s

    Why aren't the numbers for Watch The Throne posted? They sold like 30-something k last week...Hiphopdx is so random with these sales sometimes Here's a link to Allhiphop with the sales not listed here...http://allhiphop.com/2011/11/29/chartwatch-black-friday-boosts-sales-for-young-money-the-throne/

  • tresdemayo

    Rihanna, Mary J Blige and LMFAO in the hip hop album charts ??? I mean, much love for MJB but we got a problem here

  • anonymous

    Quality>Quantity.... Radioactive is a hell of an album I don't care what these numbers say... Yelawolf is a good movement for hiphop hopefully these numbers dont affect that sound and that movement

  • Gz

    IOnly faggotery is selling nowadays. Listeners are mostly gays that's the reason they are buying shits from drake, rihanna, lmfao and lil wayne.

  • See There


  • See There

    I Guess Eminem cosigns don't work anymore Yelawolf = FAIL

    • Anonymous

      weezy is not just brand name. wayne promotes an artist and they go platinum. look at drake and nicki. say what you want but the ymcmb fanbase is loyal as fuck

    • def

      red was album of the year? i'm from the west and even i can admit that album was wack as fuck lol

    • King

      ^ truth Eminem is just a brand name Weezy too....RED was the album of the year

    • Lsn22s

      Yeah, after Bad Meets Evil took months to go gold, I had pretty much come to that conclusion as well.... I think it's because a large part of Em's fan base is weird...alot of his fans aren't even that big of hip hop fans, just Eminem stans specifically... You will see country white girls buy an Eminem cd because its Eminem, but they don't even touch the whole rest of the spectrum of hiphop...I have a punk rocker type friend who only likes Eminem as far as rap is concerned...and plenty of other examples...I would go so far as to say Eminem's taste in hip hop doesn't line up with his own fanbase's (for the most part).. I think Slaughterhouse will do better than Yelawolf but nothing crazy in terms of sales

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to all the platinum and gold major label artists. As for the independent artists who sold more than 50,000, congratulations as well, because you got super paid!

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