Trina, X & Rockwilder Search For "America's Next Top Rapper"

Trina, X and Rockwilder team up for new television series, "America's Next Top Rapper."

Miami's Trina is getting ready to begin a search for America's Next Top Rapper. The former Slip-N-Slide artist is joining forces with Rockwilder and X (formerly known as Little X) to judge this new reality television series. 

The three judges will search for up and coming talent in different cities and the winner will receive several prizes. Those prizes include a video shoot with X, a track produced by Rockwilder and a Universal Music distribution deal. The winner is also going to receive a photo shoot, clothing and a national tour as well as $20,000 in prize money. 

Those who register can compete in Baltimore, Raleigh, Tampa, Houston, Little Rock, Detroit, Oakland and Cleveland. There is a $200 fee to register and fans will need to stay tuned for all audition dates. According to the program's site, "The first date will be Boston, MA on December 3rd, 2011. This will be the pilot for the television series. The pilot will be used to expand the distribution from 6 million to 20+ million and secure major sponsors. We will shop throughout the winter and release additional city dates for early spring 2012 with the finals scheduled for late spring / early summer time frame." 

The competition is for solo acts only and the age limit is 16 years of age. For more information and to register, check

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  • Diction

    Hip Hop is what we make it to be so please listen to this single by Diction-"Save the Music" Produced by Rockwilder @ I dont know about ya'll but I think this is great opportunity for those of us who know what a blessing is. Shout out to everyone who works hard on their craft and deserves to be noticed by legends!!! follow @dictionmusic

  • Anonymous

    I ain't really feeling This shit. The age limit is 16. There's gonna be a lot of young money wannabes on this shit. Closed minded kids. But I do respect the fact their peeping out different cities. I seen the complaints. Real heads know talent has to do with where. Shit the some of illest niggas could live in these cities. Who knows

  • Money First

    If you don't like the fact that they are not coming to your city take yo dumbass over to the location just like motherfuckers do for American Idol and all that other bullshit that doesn't necessarily always come to those other cities mentioned and audition instead of complaining on some bitch ass shit about where they ain't going!!!!!!!! People fuckin' kill me with that complaining bullshit!!!

  • gamechanja

    It's fucked up how ppl sit up and call these cities wack. The game needs to open up to the smaller markets. There is a lot of talent in these cities and it's harder for them to get on because of where they live. L.A. ruled, N.Y. ruled, and ATL, NO, and Miami been ruling for over ten years now. It's time for something different. Only thing I don't like about this show is there is no mention of a record deal (a distribution deal is not a record deal) and the cash should be at least $500,000.

  • screwuguud

    Yes this is wack #epicfail...and they gonna charge u a $200.00 registration #epicfail...what about the starving artist thats out here...#epicfail and your going 2 these states "Baltimore iz 4 bamas, Raleigh, Tampa, Houston, Little Rock, Detroit, Oakland and Cleveland" #epicfail

  • saint

    oh wait 6) Why do we let someone like Trina be around? 7) Why would anybody want a Rockwilder beat? He only ever made one good beat. R.I.P Rockwilder's career 1999-1999.

  • saint

    aight... a couple o questions: 1) WHY? 2) Who the fuck is Little X? no wait.. actually, now that I'm typing it I remember he is that video director. 3) "Baltimore, Raleigh, Tampa, Houston, Little Rock, Detroit, Oakland and Cleveland" Why all these wack ass cities? No New York, LA? 4) Do we really need some americanidol-ass pop rappers who are too wack/lazy/stupid to make it without a contest? 5) WHY?!?!?!?!?

  • Michael Lebron

    idk bout the judges but what's up with the locations? no LA, ATL, orlando, Chi, detroit??? NO NY??? a hiphop show that isn't going to the birthplace of hiphop?

    • Anonymous

      ny,la,atl..those are big takes nothing for a rapper to get on out there..they jus tryna get a give rappers a shot out in smaller sumn different

  • Anonymous


  • Self313

    non artist will hate... this is a great look for hip hop... even playing field... competition... aka dudes that can rap will be in this and it will be clear whos better at there craft... who cares if trina there or not... paula abdul didnt get hated on... j lo didnt get hated on... J Lo aint the best singer but nobody hated... stop bein crabs in buccet and see what this could be... the winner will get a GREAT LOOK and be put into there dream situations... stop livin in the trap era mentally and see that hip hop is bacc to embracing people that can rap... J. Cole, I hate Drake but Drake, I hate big sean but big sean etc ALL CAN RAP, Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse, Meek Mill, Wale, Ross, banks, Fab, Black Thought (The roots still poppin), ROYCE DA 5'9, Em, Jay, Kanye, etc ALL CAN RAP and they are in demand... if done right this can be BIG

  • Ryan Djzzero Eusebio

    This is pretty bad imo. If they are going to to this, they need to have real judges who can actually really rap. Like the old school rappers. Also another reason for them to get another mainstream rapper and controllin what kind of music they let out, bam music dies again!

    • len

      What old school rappers are you talking about,because the last rap show with old school as judges,picked some whack ass rappers. And I know for a fact trina will not pick no whack ass nigga.


    "Noooooo They Didn't!!!!!!" This is officially gonna be the demise of Hiphop! It's a problem when reality tv talent shows enter music. Reason being is because of the high ratings, the industry leans towards this medium for "new talent". Talent can be trained to get better, but it cant be "given". America's next best rapper??? You think J.Cole would get the rep he gets now if he was on some corny ass show!?? They BETTER not Fuck this up! Who's gonna judge this shit??? If no legends are on the panel then GTFO, is Simon Cowell gonna judge this shit? Is Randy Jackson gonna show his face with "yooo Daaawwg, That was Dope"??? And Trina judgin? X judgin? X is a dope video director...but...this is RAP!!You can't really direct rappers, they either got their own swag or they dont! "ooooh looord!"

    • dj nemesis

      why r people talkin shit,trina is nice,rocwilder has worked wit legends before,and x been around alotta rappers,im sure them niggas know what talent is,its not hard knowing if a niggas raw or not...if freddie gibbs or hopsin got on this show,even simon cowell would give a good opinion cuz everyone can see talent...

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