Blu Reveals Secret Album "ucla," Produced Entirely By Madlib

The West Coast rapper is teaming with the elusive producer for an upcoming release.

Blu has revealed that he has been working on a secret album titled ucla with fellow West Coast producer Madlib.

After Black Star released its new cut "Fix Up" over Thanksgiving weekend, Blu realized that he had previously rapped over the same beat for the project. He released his version of the lo-fi cut, titled "ez," to OkayPlayer earlier today.

With many of his projects, Blu hasn't announced any immediate plans to unleash ucla in the near future. He previously revealed that he hopes to release his album Memoirs, produced entirely by Exile, by the end of 2011.

Meanwhile, Madlib has reportedly been working with MF Doom on Madvillainy 2, and most recently linked with Freddie Gibbs as MadGibbs for their debut Thuggin' EP.

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  • JD

    Blu got a safe he said it in a interview he got shit people would neva hear...

  • Its Um

    So no NoYork from your debut from Warners records?

  • tresdemayo

    The Madlib invazion keeps expanding, more and more MC's aknowledge Madlib's talent, best and most versatile producer alive, hands down

  • Mr Flamboyant

    I'm cool with the release of these random works of arts... I really am. But come on, G. We gotta get something of a better sound quality and actually solidified works. I'm a fan of the dusty both hands clusty basement soundscapes that RZA made legendary and wonderful but damn... This is gonna be a solid album. Just EQ the shit so it's audible. And get in the lab with ALC for the entire soundscape as well.

  • Truth

    Blu is top 5 easily, but he needs to release more tracks. Haven't heard much from him in the past year or two. His music inspired and helped me through some rough shit. No matter what I'll always be a fan

    • Anonymous

      top 5? hmm... i suppose we all have our own top 5 so i aint gonna hate, but damn, Blu no where near top 5 G

    • TheBigPicture

      Since '07 Blu dropped 5 albums, he entirely produced Sene's album and made several appearances on other peoples albums... And you still haven't heard much from him? FIY, he already had 2 albums out this year.

  • Anonymous

    this guys discography is a mess. i stopped following him. too hard to find his material

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