Prodigy Talks "Black Cocaine" EP, "Blood Money"

P explains the title of the M-O-B-B's latest project, as well as what went wrong with "Blood Money."

With Mobb Deep's latest release Black Cocaine now in stores, Prodigy sat down with Invasion Radio co-host Boss Lady to discuss the project.

"I just picked the name because it sounds good," admitted P, who was unaware that "black cocaine" apparently refers to cocaine somehow altered to become untraceable. "When I was in the yard, me and my man used to talk about what you would name a Rock 'n Roll group? We was thrown' around names. One name was 'Stabbin' Everybody.' Another name was 'Black Cocaine.' So that's just a name a threw out there."

Prodigy also took time to reflect on the group's 2006 release on G-Unit, Blood Money. "I think that the only problem with that album was, I think were havin' so much fun just doing some with our people that they was on too many songs. We had Banks, Yayo, and Buck. It was a little over-saturated with the G-Unit artists."

Watch the inteview below:


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  • OG J Fearing

    P and Hav should've never been affiliated with G-Unot point blank period.

    • duda man

      the rappers from queens know each other on a personal level not just music from nas to 50 cent to cormega they all have tracks with each other C.N.N the boro of queens alone could take over the rap game but you have to many egos and ya boy ox is crazy also.

    • qboro

      THAT DONT EVEN SOUND RIGHT i guess you didnt know queens niggas look out for each other.jmj put onyx on the first time i heard of 50 was on a onyx track .jmj taught 50 how to write music.all 50 did was put the mobb on like lookin out for his brothers its not like they had to many options he paid them well also they wasnt no lil niggas he put on his label he has mad respect for them you dont hear them talkin no shit about 50 and they still work together."I think were havin' so much fun just doing some with our people that they was on too many songs. We had Banks, Yayo, and Buck. It was a little over-saturated with the G-Unit artists."

  • Jeremy King

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  • jesterxxl

    I enjoyed Blood Money it was a solid effort shame they couldn't follow up

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    Blood Money was a dope album slept on super hard that's one of my favorite mobb deep albums the beats was off the chain and G Unit sounded dope mixin up with Mobb Deep on that album if you aint heard this album you gotta listen to it

  • drilla

    check me out on youtube DRILLATV

  • Bekalu Woldmichael

    Blood money was a success! it didnt do 50/lloyd banks numbers for a member's first gunit album, but it was wayy better than yayo's, and the infamous(prod by alchemist) was a hard ass song.

  • jr88

    they only hated cause gunit was on top then...mobb deep are one of my favorite groups but them doing 100 k first week was a success for them and they did outta control remix with 50 which gave them a shit load of money....mobb deep isnt the type of group to do big numbers they are the type that make good music

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