50 Cent Reveals Tracklist For "The Big 10" Mixtape

UPDATE #3: Fif enlists Kidd Kidd, Paris and Tony Yayo for the project.

50 Cent has announced the release of a 10 track collection of tracks, slated to be released next week.

Fif took to Twitter to reveal the project, which will be released in honor of the 10 year anniversary of his first mixtape 50 Cent is the Future. He also said that he will be shooting a video for every track included on the collection.

The G-Unit leader last said that his oft-delayed fifth album would release in December, though the LP is currently without a release date.

Check 50's announcement below (via HHNM).

Its been 10 years since I put out 50cent is the future. So I'm putting out the BIG 10 next week 10 smoking hot tracks #SK
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I'm shooting videos for every song on the tape. The BIG 10 I got something for a haters ass it called hits lol #SK
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[November 27]

UPDATE: 50 Cent has revealed that his new mixtape The Big Ten will be released next Friday (Dec. 9th) at 12 p.m. Check the cover art below.


Ok THE BIG 10 is coming out next friday at 12:00 pm classic
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[December 2]

UPDATE #2: 50 Cent has revealed the official mixtape cover in anticipation of The Big 10's release this Friday (Dec. 9th) at noon on Thisis50.com and Datpiff.com (via HHNM).

[December 9]

UPDATE #3: The tracklist for The Big 10 has been revealed ahead of the tape's release at noon.

1.Body On It
2.Ni**a’s Be Schemin’ Ft. Kidd Kidd
3.Queens, NY Ft. Paris
4.I Just Wanna Ft. Tony Yayo
5.Shootin’ Guns Ft. Kidd Kidd
6.Put Ya’ Hands Up
7.Wait Until Tonight
8.You Took My Heart
9.Off & On
10.Nah, Nah, Nah
Bonus Track: Stop Cryin’
Outro Skit

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  • BlazeDatIshUp

    His mixtape is dope as fuck. That song shootin' guns is bangin'.

  • boss

    some of u guys are stupid! Besides, i hate rappers that don't right down first because then they just say stupid shit that doesn't make sense, like Wayne's 6 foot 7 foot. 50's a beast and HUNGRY... really! twats.

  • MZ

    feels like 50 putting on a front for some resone i aint feeling it no more !!!!

  • MZ

    50 putting a front for some resone i aint feeling it no more !!!!

  • 50

    To the person asking why 50 disses nas... When 50 got shot, columbia post-poned his album and nas took 50's single (song with jennifer lopez) sucka shit

  • Killer

    50 cent needs 9 more shots and 1 in the next side of his jaw,.then he will be hard enuff to rap good again

  • flipper

    Yes.... finally some music that's real rap..... lovin this fif.... now its time to get that Jeezy TM103 and get these soft rappers out the game

  • hiphopstar101

    50 cent going hard.

  • Milehighkid303

    The kid IS GOING DOWN AS A LEGEND PERIOD. N before you respond n SPEW hatred, save face you freaking cornballs, JMJ birthed him, Nas groomed him, Bun B/Pimp C gave him the blessing, oh n did I mention to forget that Ice Cube vouched for duke as a legend and as I recall KRS ONE gave duke MAD LOVE when he hosted Rap City, when it was STILL Rap City. 50s a beast n was a freaking tornado from the time he came in until he leaves, REAL heads appreciate the SHIT out of homies catalog. ONE.

    • Milehighkid303

      NevEr did find the answer my guess is 50 looked up to him so much, n since Nas started to "fall in love" late in his career wit all these women, guess 50 thought that it was appropriate, was the only move 50 ever did I questioned. ALOT of people are not aware of him n Escos relationship they had a few joints back in 99' Nas vouched for cuzo big time, he was a Braveheart for awhile him n Nas were mad close. Peep his OLD shit, n check out "Too Hot" wit him, Nas n I think Nature.

    • IAmControverse

      50 Cent will always be a legend. He doesn't have the best flow, but no one can say it's not unique, deep, emotional, and passionate. He is one of the most cocky and aggressive MCs of all time. GRODT is a classic that will one day be mentioned along with Reasonable Doubt, Illmatic, any Biggie album, any 2Pac album, any Eminem album, etc. But you said Nas BIRTHED 50...so why did he diss Nas? That's my question.

    • milehighkid303

      He aint on the level with the pen game with some of em' but honestly, thats opinion based. ALOT of those guys wrote with different stlyles. He gave you the same stories as a Big L, Jay, Nas, Pac, just in a different way. Each "LEGEND" has something unique about them, not just the pen skills homie, real talk (if that was the case Talib Kweli SHITTING on everyone),he still will be mentioned with them when the dust settles homeboy, n thats fact, and its because of the moves he made while he was here. He single handedly created the mixtape circuit you seen from 2000 and on. He did in three years what it took Jay/Puffy to do in 10. And listen to Guess Who's Back and Power Of The Dollar, youre sick in the head to think his pen game aint nice. REMEMBER WASNT EM/DRE WHO FOUND DUKE, IT WAS JAM MASTER JAY AND NAS FREAKING BIRTHED HOMIE IN......and to me, Nas is the GOAT. So there's something to be said for that. Cool to see you respond objectivley tho and not just spew retarted hate. Good look.

    • Ryder101

      2pac and biggie and ect are legends becuase they are lyrically monsters , but 50 will never be on there level with those abc rapps feel me !!!! holla back

  • Anonymous

    Damn, this mixtAPE goes hard, it's supa dupa dope, G-Unit forever, 50 killed it, haters will always hate but he get his money

  • fcvs

    best mixtape this year it's better than CC2 just don't hate for no reason 50 is a fuckin' legend

  • rise and shine

    best track is easily 'you took my heart' average mixtape, 50cent has and will always have 1 classic under his belt, and thats obv his 1st album. this mitape has about 3 tracks ill bang on my ipod, the rest are...meh.

  • John-Boy

    Yo. The Big 10 mixtape is BANGING!!!

  • There it is


  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    Naw 50 just not hungy no more, he's feedin all those kids in africa. Nigga need to stop eating for a week he'll be hungry then :-().....but the only thing 50 lackin is a uplift on his voice, he kinda sounds like P.diddy when he be making his funny noises. So go in the studio and make your voice a big deeper n less squeeky, right?

  • So Icy Boi!

    50 Cent is fake. Rick Ross ended hiz music career. naw his career. swag go away Fiddy! go away. swag

    • Phil

      lol you idiot Curtis is platinum while Deeper than rap didn't even go gold

    • John-Boy

      Check your numbers Fuck Boi.Curtis first week sold more than all of Deeper than Crap combined total.

    • So Icy Boi!

      Deeper Than Rap sold mo den Curtis. Teflon Don sold mo den BISD. swag Ross is da boss. 50 is ova. swag

    • fuck So Icy Boi!

      first u say lilwayne is better then nas now ur saying rick ross ended 50s career? now i know ur a fucking troll. whether u like 50 or not it is a FACT ross didnt have shit on 50 in the beef

  • killmatic'89

    hmmm I'm hoping for track's like those in SK series,but why kidd kidd and yayo? Needs some Banks...

  • Anonymous

    I don't know about 50. This nigga got some bangers with sk. He got at wayne and still no response. But then puts out weak singles. Weak artist with the exception of banks. 50 does whatever pays i guess

  • Preme101

    Man fuck 50 !!!!! yall need to check out ja rule new shit Pil2 shit gon be crazyyyyy!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck 50 fake ass snitch ass nigga !!!! dis dude is wack from trying to steal ja rule flow and now trynna be hard again and all i hear from 50 now is money money money thats all the nigga rapps about he aint got no heart for music and he a snitch aha !!! .... Holla back





  • GTO

    Real talk: and I just realized so many 12 years old fans are looking very happy commenting on this site! 50 finally got his popularity back!

  • GTO

    Real talk: this nigga is famous as a mad tweeter now! Let's see how much he can maintain pretending to be a gangsta lol!

  • i love fun.

    go buy funs amazing single http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-are-young-feat.-janelle/id463207143 and check out the cd Fun. Some Nights February 21st. 2012! 1. Some Nights Intro 2. Some Nights 3. We Are Young (feat. Janelle Mone) 4. Carry On 5. It Gets Better 6. Why Am I the One 7. All Alone 8. All Alright 9. One Foot 10. Stars

  • Anonymous

    So far I think this joint will be dope. I heard "stop crying" and the other record from the SMS commercial and so far so good

  • I'm Dat niggah!

    Man i like Fiddy but niggah looking like Mystique from the Xmen movies in the one Joint...haha

  • shadyaftermath

    all these haters will be quiet on friday. 50 will come hard with this.

  • Anonymous

    50 will always be respected by real niggas cause of the shit he done in the streets before facts are facts he aint fake like all the rest and you can check for yourself

  • Anonymous

    a fuck with fif. before i self destruct was a solid album, people forget these things just becoz it didnt sell well. this shit should be hot!

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck dis soft ass nigga! he aint a gangsta, he to rich. he dissed Weezy equal 50 destroyed his own career. swag

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    niggas always quick to say somethin gon be classic, yall say that about er album, knowin the last album that was "classic" was back in 2004 and below from there....Man I hope this is a good RAP album and none of all that yelling shlt sounding like puff daddy. go back to your slow upbeat voice

  • Rick Ross

    No one cares about this album. Me and Jerry Sandusky are making a new album called "The Rapper and The Raper". Jerry got some skills here's a sample of his lyrics on the song "Penn State Nigga" Yo I'm Jerry Sandusky raisin' all the hell I found NWA nigga but you niggaz couldn't tell Goin' from Penn State now goin' to State Penn I'll be the boss of prison bitch as soon as I rape again Get ready for an ass whoppin' session ready to crack ya Motherfuckers hit the shower as I bring them down, tackle Fuck the illuminati nigga, they are bunch of cunts Me and Rozay blazin' weed with these kids in the front

  • yep

    this looks better then the terrible photoshop with the distorted revolver picture frame thing he had going. I'll download it.

  • ihatehoes.

    Who gives a fuck about this clown?

  • Anonymous

    smart move. i seen an magazine with idris elba on it that similar graphics of the face except it actually looked good

  • steveyjay

    didnt nybody else notice the upside down star on his cheek he just anotha devil worshippin illuminati puppet WOW I really had hoped fif wasn part of it but heres the proof i guess :(

    • Anonymous

      niggas so paranoid about bullshit smdh. worry about making your mother proud ngga

    • Nigganati

      How exactly do u make an upside down star?! Thats impossible..Go try to draw an upside down star right now and I bet u that shit comes out upright everytime. And as for there being one on his cheek, I call bullshit, I'm on my iPad 2 right now and zoomed all the way in on that shit and I promise u there's no star or an upside down one for that matter, just a bunch of random designs. U just tripping nigga

  • Anonymous

    This joint gon be a classic.

  • Neblastya on cripppppppppp!

    He stop fuccin with that crab Game and anna be criiiiipppppppppp young fucc ! 50 a G and keep I hunned homie..50 go hard even hen he soft ..cuzz got paper longer than mia dicc !!!!! On cripppppppppp! Omaha rolllin40's niccas wad it do cuzz!

  • Anonymous

    XXL: Were you surprised by the article on Supreme in Vibe? Thats something I think would be in F.E.D.S. or Don Diva. Hes fuckin on trial. He shouldnt be talking. He should be keeping his fuckin mouth shut. Im sure if he had a lawyer his lawyer would tell him not to have that fuckin article. What did you think of the Queens Reigns Supreme book? The reason why 50 Cent is in big bold letters on the cover of the book is for marketing purposes. Whoever this Ethan is, I never had a conversation with this guy [for his book]. This guys assuming that he knows whats going on. He dont know nothing thats really fuckin going on outside of what these monkeys done went and told this n****. Individually, they sat down with this n****, cause according to this article and in the book A lot of things in the article were not said by Supreme directly, but were in the words of the writer based on his reporting. Yeah, but it still was said to the writer by them. The writer aint in South Jamaica, Queens. Thats why he dont understand nothing he talking about. All he doing is saying back what niggas said to him And hes putting himself in the middle of a world where everybody aint going to be happy about it. Do you think this is stuff that shouldnt even be talked about? None of it should be out there. Its all illegal activity. Everything that you mention when you talk to these niggas, they cant make reference to nothing but breaking the fuckin law. Thats it. We talking about career criminals. So you make a movie loosely based on your life story, and theres a character named Majestic that resembles Supreme. The movie made it look like Majestic killed your mother and that he could have been your father Hes not my father. I cant stand that n****. There are other things there, but he know that I didnt think I wasnt accusing him of fuckin killing my mother. Thats the way they make the character darker In the article, he said he has relationships with people that I used to be cool with. Lil Troy, the n**** that robbed Ja, is in my era. We did s*** in the street together. While Premes always talking about the n**** that took the jewelry from Ja was raised under the Supreme Team, under him, thats true. I was raised under the Supreme Team. What does it mean to be raised under the Supreme Team? They came at a timeearly 80 into the 90s. Everybody that was from that area fall under that umbrella at some point. If it wasnt under Preme, it was under Cat [Lorenzo Fat Cat Nichols] and Corley or somebody down there. You looked up to all of them niggas that ring them kind of bells, cause they doing what you doing and they count so much more to the streets at the time based on their reputation, what they accomplished. I came up under all these niggas. Not necessarily the Supreme Team in Baisley, but everything that was going on in that era. Those niggas are the niggas that actually got the money when it was there to get. Initially, I didnt know Preme like that. I knew Preme through Black Just. Blackie was cool with me. He was calling me Curt when everybody was calling me Boo Boo or 50. He financed the boxing program. Blackie, he was that n**** to me. He paid for it, but He was under this n**** and this n**** was in jail at the time Seems like Supreme bothers you more than anybody. Yeah. I like him. Were married. Til death do us part. What does that mean? I love him more than anybody alive on this planet. We have a special bond. He cannot go to sleep without me on his mind. But married? That sounds deeper than Listen. They was supposed to f*** with me. The old heads in my hood Why? Because they know Im authentic. They were supposed to get behind you as a rapper? Period. Any move I decided to make, they were supposed to roll with me because Im actually from the same fuckin cloth. Im an offspring of them. Im not a relative. Im not a brother or sister to these niggas. Im a distant cousin. Im from down the road. Everything thats f***** up about me comes from these muthafuckas. The behavior Premes telling me, Chill. And then the n**** goes and says something new. He came down there to me several times and said, Yo, leave these niggas alone. These niggas is my food. To tell me to leave Irv and Ja and them niggas alone. I went to see this n**** on the Coliseum block. They was shooting a video back there. N**** called me from the barbershop, told me them niggas was up there shooting the s***. I walked up to see what was up with the n****, and the n**** acted real funny the time that I did see him. Who? Ja? Ja. So I went got the pistol. I went there on the motorcycle cause I wanted to see what its about. The n**** see me. They had the mailbox joint right across the street, the post office box. [Supreme] see me from across the street, walking down there toward the shoot, and says, Ehhhh, hey. Come here, dont even do it. I see you. Pulls me to the side, and Im like, Yo, whats up with this n****? And hes like, Nah, nah. I told you, leave them alone, man. You know they aint gonna do nothing. He made it the way it is right now. If I said he had something to do with me getting shot, it means nothing, cause everybody in my hood knows thats what time it is. But thats not the problem. Its cause he didnt see that I dont just listen. N**** just dont tell me what to do, and its okay. Whatever same type of s*** he has running through him, is running through me. And he cant see it enough to give me room to coexist with him. He wanted me to submit, and thats just not in me. A n**** would have to kill me to stop me from doing what I want to do. Thats what they tried. Its not gonna happen with a halfway mark. You really have to kill me to stop me from doing what I want to do. Cause all I believe is what I think. All I believe in is me. My thoughts and the way I see things are my truths. It has to make sense to me. And then Im with you. So you wanted to decide for yourself I took a meeting with DJ Clue and Skane [Clues manager, Rich Skane], respectfully, to do a deal. [This is around 2002.] You know the first thing he said to me when we got in there? Skane, he said, Yo, I spoke to the wolves. Niggas told me its all right to sit with you, do business. Cause Preme thought I tried to kill him at the gas station. Somebody shot at him and tried to kill him at the gas station. So Skanes saying, I spoke to Preme, and he was like, Yo, its okay to f*** with you. He thought you tried to kill him, but he found out it was something else Either way, hes a wrap now, because the changes they dont see is the financial transition. Same way the n**** that shot me wasnt an in-house for themhe was just a shooter. I have access to that now. I have the finances. The shooters shoot as soon as the bag is dropped. So now, either they give him life, or they let him go and I give him life. They dont understand the difference. The first album I was trying to explain it, Power of the Dollar. They had money when I didnt have money, so I had to take bullets.

    • reply

      This has nothing to do with the fact that he puts out those wack ass "ooh girl, get it girl, work the pole girl, uhhuh, yeahh" bullshit songs time and time again. His subject matter is frivolous, boring, and stale. Get behind a movement or start one of your own. Hes doing the stuff in Africa, that would be cool to see him make an album out there with artists only in Africa or something you know? There 50 theres an idea. SOMETHING DIFFERENT...do something new! Stale ass formula 50...

    • jack ass keyboard warriors

      50 shouldnt have any 14 year old fans and he dosent have to impress anybody.thats a hater statement for you.i dont care how much money he has if my mother was drugged and left in a gas filled apartment with the windows close just left ther to die i would grow up a bitter person myself.people dont know what real life is these days this shit is not for your entertainment.

    • DK

      Yeah, that's going to impress his 14 year old fans in the urbs.

    • C.T.

      Smurf and his people on camera saying 50 never been a snitch and that dude really was a street nigga that put work in. that shit on you tube and those are real street niggas he got beef with not no i rapper ass studio nigga.

    • Anonymous

      you a idiot ^^^ you cant read for shit. they asked him how he felt about PREME giving a interview in VIBE then he goes on to talk about what him and preme situation.another bird ass nigga who know who 50 snitched on but wont let us know haha.

    • stopsnitchin50

      50 talking about shit that shouldnt be discussed. real gangsters move in silence. 50 is rollin with the feds now. Big Money

    • Anonymous

      realist nigga in the game

  • 50 Cent Interview Talks Preme Mcgriff.."Either They Give Him Life Or They Let Him Go And I Give Him Life ...They will Shoot Asoon As I Drop The Bag.


  • Anonymous

    I still see you doing your thing son, big up!

  • Anonymous

    Stop Crying. PUSSIES! Hahahahahahaaaha!

  • the Doc

    is DJ Paulie D on this joint? HA..HA...HA... 50 was done awhile back Oh and to all the fuckers thinkin that people werent around when GRODT dropped get off your fuckin high horse...50 did his thing back then and fell off...he became a slave to money not hip-hop They are not the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    Garbage n 50 r u really goin to say its a classic? fail!

  • Yung Egg

    Commodore 64 type of shit! Nah, Commodore 64 is a classic and I don't want to disrespect its legacy, but this cover is fuckin' awful!

  • Anonymously

    its caca.subpar cover art with stale ass lyrics and fruityloop beats

  • Anonymous

    this is over the kids heads if you know your art then you would know that this is one of the best covers he ever put out go learn something so you can understand whats going on blind hate shows ignorance

  • Anonymous

    all these keyboard warriors talking mad shit i bet they weren't even born back when 50 was doing his thing on the block

    • 139&Lennox

      honestly 50 will never live up to 'Up In Da Club' but he has potential. 50 hasnt dropped anything hot since get rich. dont fool yourselves anonymous. If I need street shit i dont go for 50. If i need a radio thug i will go to 50. Ill describe 50 for you...gun range bubble gum blowing bitter beerface rapping like he is still on the block. peace bithez!!!

    • Anonymous

      after that tower heist fiasco you will know this website is full of kids that was in elemntry school when grodt dropped so they opnion really dosent matter they should listen to artist in their own age range 95% of them dont even understand the lingo or the slang they just want to hate to be hating just dont pay them any attention most of them think 50 cent first album is grodt.if you a real 50 cent you would know he never stopped making street music and good music.

  • Shance Xssxd

    I hate all you faggots who actually check for his music and hate on every new rapper whose not 90s era super gangsters

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (shaking my head at this horrid cover)

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what he got packin in this lil bitch!

  • Steven J. Horowitz

    What do you black folks think about my article?

  • twincvanillaspilla

    hey 50 u da man son im feelin ur new music..heres a piece of advice for ya son, try to stay as far away from mathers as possible, word he's luciferan and peeps like tht tend to get in the way...ight god bless jesus is god son u ALRDY KNOW...

  • rushhour3

    this could be the best thing for him in a long time especially since he's shooting videos for them.

  • Anonymous

    nobody checking for this lol

  • Nico 3

    Gotta give Fif credit for something. He doesn't stop making music despite the fact people don't want it. Funny though how he's okay releasing a mixtape knowing it will sell for shit, yet won't Young Buck to do albums to get out the hole. Makes no sense.

  • Anonymous

    50 cent is dead and scared to drop an album bannks is bigger and fif regrets it look at the cover did 50 make it in photoshop himself? monkey ass nigga 10 million fans wherd they go? 50 cent is nelly status. nelly prolly has more fans.

  • Milehighkid303

    GET EM FIF! These NO KNOWLEDGE FAGGOT ASS fans going to TRY and find something to hate you for. No matter, the guy CONTINUES to push n prove HE'S THE LAST OF A DEAD BREED, the guy has been in it for ten years and seen more success than arguably ANYONE in hip hop history. Dude is a bread for this stuff and at this point he has fun with the music. Oh n as I recall HE'S BEEN GIVING AWAY FIRE HIP HOP SINCE 97' FOR FREE. Get the hell outta here with all your people's 50 bafoonery, the kid GOES IN. OUT!


    50 who? Who this nigga beefing with today??

  • Kyle Tracey

    that cover is fucking awful hahaha looks like he copy and pasted that shit from Before I Self Destructs cover

  • Anonymous

    chill: lets try something new.how about we respect each other and if you dont have anything to add to the convo then dont comment at all.

  • casey jones

    love the four copy & pasted pistols pulled off google image search and stretched retardedly out of proportion in mspaint. seriously this makes the big bear DOIN THANGS cover look like the mona lisa.

  • Anonymous

    like the college conference big ten better.



  • old head

    hiphop is dying because WE dont respect OUR artist everything today is about who better than who.i feel lucky to have lived this long to see artist prosper from it in a major way.


    All of you should be ashamed.. this cover is brillant and its proof that 50 Cent is number 1 because he's the best rapper in the world and he's going to sell more then every music artist ever! he got shot 9 times I mean come on give the guy a break! He needs the charity and love so don't be afraid to give this guy his due respect! You didnt see him with this much hatred when he said that Rick Ross won their musical career beef.. But 50 was being nice because he knows by doing something like that shows true integrity and you can see all of his pain glory and magnificent history painted in this glorious cover of his.. Everything he puts out is like beyond quality music and every child should be touched by this wonderful strong man!! And btw this is a black guy from Queens talking and not some rugamoo hoodlum from outside of NY.. But even so I still think everyone in the whole world should be a fan of 50 because he's a great person and he is our musical savior!! :)

    • 50 CENT IS NUMBER 1

      So what if I am? Its not like your going to do anything about it because your just some roogammoo web thug who chooses to hide his identity behind his momma's computer. you need to grow up and learn some manners! Too bad 50cent has better manners and lyrics then all of u put together :)

  • old head

    that cover is solid if you know your art then you will know the history behind it


    I prefer skinny men like Wayne...Fiddy would tear my asshole wide open he's too built for me...pink is the new black and gay is the new gangsta! YOUNG MONEY BABY!

  • jg

    thats one of the ugliest covers ive ever seen. 5th LP? Curtis and BISD dont count Fif, plz just pick up where the Massacre left off and start making quality musci again.

  • HAA

    50 has made a couple good songs recently. Go listen to "Love, Hate, Love" "You should be dead" "They burn me" "Sunday morning"

  • Sourheadband420

    I'm looking forward to this tape. Y'all can't hate the man cause of his paper. We congratulate him. I think 50 must employ the same people for his straight to netflix movies that he does for his mixtape covers. If you have Netflix you know what I mean.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this sellout.average cat and nothing more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pj White

    I think 50's best days are clearly behind him, but I can't help but hold out hope that he makes a comeback, however brief, a la George Foreman. Never considered the dude a great lyricist, but some of his joints did used to get me in the mood to break a jaw or two.

  • Anonymous

    haha wtf? i like it but lol

  • thought dog

    Did he make that cover in Microsoft Paint?

  • Anonymous

    damn 50's got a lot of haters here. Listen to the mixtape before you judge. 50 seems to have started to get his shit together, this has potential.

  • $$$$

    yOU HATERS STFU with your bullshit ass ness . ya niggas is a bunch of interntet waksters nawsaying b? bunch of little kids on this site DX is a rat hole fulled with cheese and pussy ayo 50 do your thing, you my nigga i got all your albums and shit and you tha best. all your old shit is underrated as well

  • Anonymous

    50 cent sucked 10 years ago and he sucks now, most overrated rapper who ever blew up, its amusing watching him get drug out the door kicking and screaming tho, he's gonna keep dropping records, and now that everyone figured out how wack he is they dont sell shit, and instead of taking it like a man he points the finger and blames everyone else for the flop...... Best show he's ever put on is his refusal to admit his run is over, I cant wait for his next flop so he can tweet away about Jimmy Iovine plotting against him or cry about how dre wont answer his phone calls or whatever other faggot ass crybaby shit this sore loser gonna pull

    • Milehighkid303

      yall BOTH are some crabs coining on here with that bs. First, u at the top ranting about old boy, why u come up in here n comment? Cause you ain't got shit else to do but SPEW your mindless hate of a brother who made a way for himself outta nada?? Your a lame for that and furthermore who does that shit? 50 was fathered in by two of the all times (no not em n dre) JMJ/Nas, but I'd assume you'd know that cause u seem so hip hop knowledgable.....freaking herb. Guy is going down in hip hop history hate him or not. And as for the second crab, lol with the race card. I'm white homie, n before 50 n even after I still listened to Wu, Jedi Mind Tricks, Big L, KRS, etc fuck does race gotta do with 50??? U are the SAME type of brother I catch on the street think something is owed to him, did ALOT of white folks buy his stuff? Sure. Pretty sure white folks buy Wayne, Drakes, Wu Tang, Big, PAC, etc. The ignorance in BOTH your comments just show how much angst you too HERBS have or for that matter pure hate. Hating on a man who gives kids in the Ps hope, faggots.

    • Anonymous

      His white fans grew up and realized how fucking whack he is.

  • remaster

    LOL watch this be better than the album, but then again this is creating buzz for the album espeacilly if it's really dope. Videos for every song just like the massacre haha Game gonna respond i bet


    50 and Little Wayne both suck





  • John-Boy

    Good. At least 50 keeps it real and doesn't put out suspect music. We never have to worry about him trying to teach us "How To Love" or tell us how much he "Love His Bitches". This is the route them pop star fags have taken.

  • A creation

    50 cent is still the Future Mark my Words

  • Anonymous

    50 cent = Elephant Shit

  • shadyaftermath

    i hope this goes hard and shuts all haters up.

  • Anonymous

    I fuck with 50 and I'll see what's up with his LP and whatever these joints he's talking about. If he's still sucking and falling flat musically, then fuck him, how many chances and amounts of time do you need to step back up? His last few albums have been hot garbage but he seems sort of convincing in hyping up what he's been working on now so if he can't pull it out now then when would he ever? Even if I forget his music at least he's still an interesting guy, he won't ever leave hip-hop because he's a relevant figure even if he's about everything but good hip-hop music.

  • Kashif Ilyas

    Finally! Bin waiting for some release of 50's music. Bet the songs are going to be dope!

  • Anonymous

    who cares? dude is through!!!!

  • xplosive

    so stoked! 50s been on point lately. im gonna spark a fat jay and watch every vid when they drop

  • drilla

    check us out on youtube type in BLACKLAWREBELMUSIC give us sum feedback hip hop world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    typo. typo typo. not*

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    yeah 50 is iight, the only people fronton on him is the failures that love Wayne's booty and Rick Ross' tubby stomach... Atlease he's making that gay friendly music. Listen to this "how to love, how to love, yeah, how to love" lol this sounds like a gay guy on the real. I give yall 2 more years and niggas wearing tight shirts/tight pants will be in if Wayne is your roll model..........................ouch

  • Ricky Rozay

    I thought I bodied you Monkey! "Give Up or Stop Trying" should be your next album title. Your lame ass! these stans on here trying to keep your career from bleeding like tampons. But its to late your done , your label is done those spaghetti strap tank tops are done! Want you just open up a Vitamin water wifi restaurant and call it a wrap, fuckin Monkey!! #mmg

  • jr88

    i dont get how people shit on 50 for candy shop when your favorite rapper is making love songs all the time and wearing girl cloths and kissing men....hip hop today makes 50 cents candy shop look like nwa shit....lol....

  • youtho

    50 is pop hiphop....the whole curtis album was pop crap,n candy shop is also some gay garbage...50 cent is wack as fuck

  • Anonymous

    50 been gone for a while and these internet niggaz are on a hate trip, plus his album sales took a sudden decline. I just think he had the most wackest mainstream fans also. The gimmick died down and the stans made a switch for the more mainstream friendly vibe of Kanye and other fashionable artists. 50 is the only nigga of his erra, the rest are southern bounce rappers. He needs to go back to the essence and bring that mixtape street shit back, because thats the oly thing thats been poping in 2011

  • bigcheese

    I think the next album should be called THE FIF ALBUM.... I love how he does everything his way

  • flipper

    I can say I'm looking forward to this....

  • Anonymous

    Dis is interesting I hope it sounds like 50 is da future cus das mixtape started it all.....50 shootin a video 4 10 tracks meanwhile ur favorite rapper got one camera, 20of his homeboys N 2fine bitches in da video lolol

  • noah da d

    so thats why he started beef with T.I. so he can get attention and then pull a fast one and say he got 10 weak songs...Five O hasnt had a hits over 5 years now, and that guest feature with jeremih doesnt count....hang it up fif...nobody likes you..u lil street queen....

    • Anonymous

      jeremih down on me feat 50 is a double platinum single in 2010

    • Anonymous

      now see you one of those people with that blind hate.t.i. spoke about the situation to a magazine thats how the subject came back up which is 3 years old. you so quick to put 50 cent cock in your mouth you have no idea what the fuck you talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Um he didnt startbeef with TI. He based his opinion on Sumthing months ago and TI decided to respond now.So get your head out your ass

    • Anonymous

      Um he didnt startbeef with T.I. He based his opinion on Sumthing months ago and T.I decided to respond now.So get your head out your ass

    • Anonymous

      Um he didnt startbeef with T.I.He based his opinion on Sumthing months ago and T.I decided to respond now.So get your head out your ass

  • Anonymous

    50 talk like a retard

  • Anonymous

    so i guess the s.k. series is over i thought we was gonna get therest of the tracks.

  • Roland Muskelly

    Stop announcing and start doing !! No more shock value in Hip Hop. Posting everything you're gonna do. Fans can't be surprised anymore. Now they're waiting to see if it gets done.

  • Durand Parker

    The General is Back!!!!!!!!!

  • gsonii

    I don't dislike 50, just think he does stuff in the wrong way, like when he was really running stuff for that stint all he did was hate. Not just Ja, but basically everyone. At the end of the day, I will listen to his music if I like it though.

  • David Peralta

    Hell yeah 50! Come back strong and wanksta some new rappers!!!

  • jg

    you know the nigga has money to blow when he's shooting 10 videos for a project that he knows he will make no money off.

  • HAA

    Do you guys know why real beef is dead now? Because whenever someone has a problem with someone nowadays everyone just says "Oh he's just doing that for publicity". Shut the fuck up with this publicity bullshit. People can have problems with other people, it's not all about publicity.

    • Anonymous

      Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Cam'ron, Nas, AZ, Ghostface an Rae, Lil Kim, Puffy, Jay Z, game, young buck, etc Thats all he does man. Thats all he knows. outta dat list he only won ja rule battle since buck really ended hiz own career wit da drugz mayb fat joe but joe wuz already goin downhill da rest still outdere game n jay left untouched n jada slaugterd 50

    • Anonymous

      "the game is fake these days man" haha is music suppose to end up in violence

    • Anonymous

      50 cent has a trackrecord man. Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Cam'ron, Nas, AZ, Ghostface an Rae, Lil Kim, Puffy, Jay Z, game, young buck, etc Thats all he does man. Thats all he knows.


      haa is the definition of a wanksta...stay in ya lane boy he responded to ya post

    • HAA

      1. Everytime 50 mentions another artists name everyone says its a publicity stunt. And all real artists arent dead, what about Nas and DMX. Guarantee if either of them dissed someone everyone would say its a publicity stunt. Yea theres rarely fake beef but that dosent happen often. And no shit will pop off cause everyones a bitch nowadays and spends there time talking on twitter. And I'm a chump that talks shit?? Your the bitch talking shit over the internet

    • STFU

      Let's see where do I start with you? 1) Real beef is dead bc artists have died and its played nigga. Not bc people say its a publicity stunt you ignorant ass mothafucka. These days nobody cares about how many guns you busting or none of that shit that'll get you locked up. Just make good music and stay in ya lane. 2) Rappers are part of the entertainment industry and its no secret they sometimes create fake beef for publicity so thats why people say that. But by no means is that the reason real beef is dead you negative prick. If its real beef the thought of any publicity stunt would not stop anything from popping off. In fact it might even add fuel to the fire. You sound like a chump that talks wild shit and then looks for excuses for why you ain't pop. Kill Yaself

    • Negro

      Rappers are so fake these days man, quit believing all that hype! The rap game is like WWE right now...fuck 50

  • Anonymous

    He doesnt need to shoot a music video for every track, it just dilutes the shit. Shoot one video.

  • jr88

    this is the mixtape that started it all.....this is the mixtape blueprint....dope mixtape....

  • row

    its perfect timing for new 50. with all the bull sht in rap right now, we need some gangsta sht

    • Anonymous

      Or you could listen to some higher quality gangsta rap by someone who isn't a corporate spokesmodel. CUUURRTTTIIISSSSSSSSSS

  • slim91stan

    sms by 50 will be all over the videos.... that's why 50 will shot video 4 every track for promoting as i guess!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I knew something was coming after that TI crap. Gotta respect him for at least knowing how to grab some attention...lol...hopefully some of the music is actually good, but I doubt it. I'm rooting for him though

    • Anonymous

      NO. We shouldn't reward someone that famous being a publicity whore. If his music is any good, it should speak for itself.

  • Joao Victor Reis

    i still bump that 50 cent is the future tape on my workouts..

  • Anonymous

    Well this explains why he's been talking so much shit lately

  • Anonymous

    can't wait for it, gon be supa dope. #G-Unit 4Ever there's too much garbage in the streets, plz Fif I need some real hiphop shit.

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