M.O.P. Talks Leaving G-Unit & Fans' Reactions

Billy Danze and Fizzy Womack wax about their time on G-Unit records.

With M.O.P.'s collaborative project with Snowgoons, Sparta, out in stores now, the Brownsville Bombers reflected back on their stint with G-Unit.

"In my opinion, when you're doing as much work as 50 Cent was doing at that time, it's hard," explained Billy Danze in an interview with VladTV. "And he's not a selfish dude by any means. But every artist wanna be the artist at the top."

"It's too much for you to run this huge career of your own and still work with guys like M.O.P., Mobb Deep, this one, that one," he continued. "We already been in the game; we made our imprint. In my opinion, it was kind of hard for him to handle all of these groups at one time."

Lil Fame interjected, "Then on top of that, us being us, man. We pretty much in one lane, we pretty much in our zone. For us...we're stubborn."

Danze spoke candidly about fans' perception of the move. "A lot of the fans didn't appreciate it. You go online, you see everything that people are posting. They weren't really happy that M.O.P. doing a deal with G-Unit, even though G-Unit was representing the street as well. They just wasn't having it. And if we don't have their support, then why are we doing it?"

Added Fame: "We know what 50 come from. He come from the same thing that he come from. So we appreciate that someone that come from there...gave us a shot. Shout out to G-Unit. They gave us a shot. It didn't work out. They still the homies though."

Watch the interview below:



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  • Cage

    Lil fame was breathing hard as hell, I almost thought some shit was wrong with my laptop.. I hope he works some of that fat ass stomach off so he can keep spittin

  • sad

    Funny how random little kids (I'm sure) just HAVE TO throw the "these niggas broke" comment. What does that have to do with ANYTHING regarding their music? Hip Hop, so called, rap fans are the only dummies in any genre where the amount of money and artist has is more relevant than the product the artist actually puts out! It's insane. I listen to everything and appreciate 90's hip hop. These dudes were always raw with it. MOP always put it down; it's obvious their style and lyrics don't fit in with the mainstream, that's fine... if you don't like it, don't listen to them. But I always find it interesting when people rather worry about another man's bank account when you are still living with mommy and daddy... in the hood!!! lol.. The United States of America is in big trouble because you young ones, have no clue...

  • Hypestyle

    didn't 50 want these guys to start working out losing weight? wonder if that had anything to do with it..

  • 905

    You guys are fucking stans...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Niggas saying m.o.p. sucks lol idiots. Like I said they didn't fit in. The unit and rocafella is too flashy. M.O.P. raps about robbing these kind niggas. It don't work. I knew g-unit was a bad move for em. Mobb deep too. Maybe duck down or rhymesayers would be a good home. Or loud made a return maybe they can patch things up with rifkind. Despite their label situation their still hard as fuck. So anon and the rest of the haters "THIS IS SPARTA". Choke on that bitches.

  • sdgsg

    Sparta is a great album! God damn.

  • jesterxxl

    50 need to get Emilio

  • anon

    theyve always sucked. 50 needs to quit playin and bail out max b since hes wastin money on these fools.

  • Anonymous


  • J

    You dudes should have stayed with dame. Like Mobb Deep, you di#k rode 50 for the money and shine and killed your career. Hip hop doesn't support like that anymore. Your credibility is done. You got bought up by an upstart, a dude with only one successful album that he didn't produce. Nas, Common and Jay Z are laughing at all you dudes.

  • Anonymous

    M.O.P. go hard. Yea they didn't work out with the unit but to me they didn't fit in. With the unit or roc them niggas is too gutter for that shit. maybe their done with trying to go mainstream maybe not. They shouldn't worry about it anyway these kids don't know what the fuck hip hop is anyway. Just keep dropping heat like Sparta. There's still plenty of true heads who know whats up

  • Anonymous

    they need to leave that coke alone

  • Anonymous

    M.O.P should have been smart enough to realize they were never gonna make it mainstream There music isnt good for anything except hardcore, can you see M.O.P doing anything other then punch you in the face music??.... No disrespect but they redefine the term "One Dimensional" They need to stay in the underground and try to cultivate a lil Following like Jedi Mind Tricks & Necro, just target the angry late teens early twenties white kids because It doesnt matter whether your signed to Jigga, 50, Wayne or whoever, there never gonna be favorites of anybody but that demographic

    • STFU

      one hit wonder my ass! they got more than 1 hit, even if they only had 1 thats 1 more than u "money" u probly broke as fuck too homie

    • Money

      They one hit wonders anyway. Give it up, UPS is hiring

    • s.re

      That energy was there, all through the nineties and beyond. They could have broke more ground with the right record deals. Especially if they had done there own thing instead of going to G unit with their harcore brand.

  • Anonymous

    how do you get signed to both rocafella and gunit over the course of about 5 years and not drop an album on either? honestly, the highlight of the last decade of their career has been the remix of u dont know on blueprint 2

  • Seth Lewis

    SPARTA!!! That shit is classic, real-talk. They've crafted a masterpiece, I can't quit listening 2 it in its entirety, no filler on this 1. No features, production all courtesy of the Snowgoons & it goes hard bar 4 bar along w/M.O.P.'s flows, plus it even has a theme 2 it (SPARTA) & each track is solid in its own right. Album of the year 4 real! Oh & that's a good look bringin up that they ain't got no hostility 2wards the Unit, I don't understand why anyone would wanna hate any-damn-way. http://www.myspace.com/sosthetruth

  • m.i.c

    JST ONE WORD SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hudes

    track 2 on Sparta goes FUCKING HARD!!! Back At It

  • body on the iron

    Sparta is a classic 10 songs that go hard as fuck ... They put New York on their back with that one. I can admit I never heard of snowgoons and was super skeptical thinkin that some european cats had wack beats ...Great beats to carry a whole album. Danze and Fame spit their hearts out on that shit.

    • 4L.I.F.E.

      If you never heard of snowgoons then you probably need to get all their albums and checkout The White Shadow of Norway's production as well. If you listened to any of the underground cats associated with AOTP you would've ben all over Snowgoons years ago.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, where you been? European cats have been ill for while. Unless you're talaking about david guetta and stargate then yeah...........

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