Loon Ordered To Remain In Belgian Prison For Drug Trafficking Charges

UPDATE: The former Bad Boy will remain behind bars for a case stemming from over three years ago.

Former Bad Boy Records artist and Harlem World member Loon has been arrested in Belgium. According to DDotOmen.com, the Harlem, New York emcee was reportedly arrested while trying to enter the European country after he had been indicted in May of this year for distributing heroin. The charges stem from over three years ago, in North Carolina.

Loon, now known as Amir Junaid Muhadith, will reportedly be extradited to the United States for trial.

Loon's music career has been quiet in the last five years. After his Bad Boy self-titled solo debut, Loon released several independent albums, most recently 2007's Bad Boys with another former Diddy protege, G-Dep. G-Dep is presently incarcerated for confessing to a 1993 New York robbery-murder.

In 2004, Loon was arrested for an attempted murder charge. He was never convicted.

The indictment can be viewed at DDotOmen.com here.

[November 25]

UPDATE: According to an article published in Nieuwsblad.be, Loon has been ordered to remain behind bars in Brussels, Germany. His lawyer, Isa Gultaslar, said that a grand jury decided that he will stay in prison earlier today and will attempt to appeal the decision in Supreme Court. The U.S. is yet to send documents for his extradition.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.


  • 901DATSME

    May Allah Bless Loon

  • abubakar bala

    may ALLAH protect him frm all evil

  • GBtha G

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  • fuck rap

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  • GBtha G

    muthafuckaz pliz dat wuz jus a small ass human error coz even yo own fuckin wives know where the hell Bruxelles is..... So fuck y'all. dat nigga's very stupid he shouldn't have gone 2 muthafuckin europe but 2 punkass africa.

  • Anonymous

    DX a really dumbasses Brussels is in Germany. Do some research dumbasses

  • j

    seems like none of yall can read. he was stopped for charges that were from three years ago. its seems the weay the article is stating things, he was moving around with unsettled charges and he was caught in europe. he could have started his religious thing after this thing originally happened

  • dentaldamboy

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    • HRH

      Biggie wasn't real... lol... he was at portraying what he envied... but even his mother said he was a studio gangster.... "thinking back on my one room shack"... tsk... his mother say they had a 5 bedroom house between the two of them

  • Anonymous

    What happened? i thought this nigga was supposed to be a muslim,and deep in to religion,nigga cant leave the streets alone


    Brussel in Germany? JESUS WEPT

  • Anonymous

    where'ws the rick ross hater? loon is real...oh. now you want to critisize. lol

  • miss lady

    If you want to change religions, come to Bad Boy... Loon-Muslim, Mase- Christian, and Shyne- Jewish...

  • Anonymous

    brussels is in belgium though, not germany

  • Anonymous

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  • V-Nasty is God

    Damn it seems like if you've ever worked with Puff Daddy at one point, you stay losing. Machine Gun Kelly is going to get strung out on drugs, I called it first.

  • Anonymous

    Bad Boy for Life,lol

  • New Tracks Daily

    Dude is pretty grimey for an RnB cat isn't he?

    • sean

      You are a lie, don't do drug and even if you can't sing or dance. If you stay with Diddy you will feed yourself and your family easy. Try to go solo or be like diddy and you either end up in prison or without the free ticket

  • We are at War

    tsk tsk tsk Amir. The thirst for those big faces never subsides. You failed in your duty to resist the temptations of this superficial world and that is a shame. Eternity is longer than money and memory. Yours truly KING bus boy & poet.

  • Obi Patrick

    I thought this nigga went spiritual...

  • Hex

    Damn, that's fucked up that this had to happen. I had this dude over my place last year when I was living in Egypt. He and I lived in the the Rehab suburb. He had the sheik beard and everything. Keep ya head up you fuckin' loon.

    • Real

      Hex who are you? I know your not Muslim. We don't get down like that. Secondly so what you had him over your house. Just riding him like a punk you are. Now hiding who you are fagot! speak up or shut up!

  • RTJ00

    As long as HipHopDX refuses to put Lowkeys album release date up I will keep posting this. Go get Lowkeys new album Soundtrack to the Struggle. Dont sleep on real music. Peace

  • my hiphop

    the bad boy curse strikes again

  • younghistory

    way to live up to your name bro!

  • insanemacbeth

    as for those who are judging LOON, the incident allegedly happened a number of years ago. leave the man be. s.m.h.

    • Broward County

      Comprehend much? The article is pretty clear. He was detained RECENTLY in Belgium. He will be extradited to the United States from BELGIUM, where he is currently being DETAINED, to face carges stemming from an indictment in MAY, from an arrest three years ago. There is nothing unusual about an indictment taking that long.

  • bballslim42

    When you look at the shattered lives/careers of Bad Boy artists, It has to make you wonder what Puff is doing to these dudes. Is Puff a drug kingpin or something? I mean with the exception of the Lox and a few others, Bad Boy artists have a 2 year shelf life. I remember back in the day i thought Loon had a nice little flow.

    • yup

      yea loon used to go hard he reminded me of mase then fab came out with the same flow

    • Anonymous

      Puff is just another heartless buisnessman, no more no less, if his artists dont produce he tosses them back into the hood and moves on, what they do with their lives afterward cant be blamed on Puff I see the humor in it tho, lol, Black Rob, G Dep, Loon, etc etc..... Bad Boys dont get far after Puff shakes them it would seem

  • Diddy

    i thought this nikka found allah?

  • jg

    yo i fucks with harlem world, big l, mase, and loon...but this nigga went fuckin crazy and turned muslim

  • honest truth

    wack niggaz do wack things...next.

  • jerome

    niggas calm down and learn to read. this is for shit he did in 2006-2008, before he turned muslim and changed himself..

  • I'm At work and bored

    He found God and God told him to sell drugs.

  • Reggie Noble

    112 (MIA) Aasim (MIA) Black Rob (Active but not relevant) Boyz N da Hood (MIA) B5 (MIA) Carl Thomas (MIA) Cassie (MIA) Cheri Dennis (MIA) Craig Mack (MIA) Da Band (MIA) Danity Kane (MIA) Day 26 (MIA) Dream (MIA) Elephant Man (MIA) Faith Evans (MIA) G-Dep (Jail) Gorilla Zoe (Active but not relevant) Janelle Mone (Active but not relevant) Jordan McCoy (MIA) Loon (Jail) Los (MIA) The LOX (Active but not relevant) Mase (MIA) The Notorious B.I.G (Dead) New Edition (MIA) Red Cafe (Active but not relevant) Shyne (MIA) Total (MIA) Yung Joc (MIA) The moral of the story....Don't sign to Puff.

    • klstrick

      Good riddance....rest in piss

    • yalldontknownothing

      The LOX will always be relevant for one simple reason. They wrote Puff Daddy's first album....his biggest selling one...bad boys biggest selling one...EVER....over 10 million copies...why do you think Styles P wasn't on "All about the Benjamins?" Because Puff Daddy took his verse, "trying to put my hands on some grants like horace?"...yea...styles p wrote that. Can't hold me down? Jadakiss wrote Puffs Verse. Been around the world? Jadakiss and Styles wrote that. Check the album credits, you'll see their names. "Niggas running round' talking that family shit, then get rich and dont wanna give the family shit..." Jadakiss. The LOX as a group made 2 albums, they both went platinum. Jadakiss has sold over 3 million solo albums. Styles P sold about 2 million solo albums. All total the LOX have accounted and wrote on over 20 million album sales....trust and believe they aren't COMPENSATED...but they'll always be RELEVANT. "more respect then money but fuck it, I can live with that..." Jadakiss

    • Anonymous

      dude half your list of Artists are not MIA. do some research before you go off blabbing

    • anon

      wow didnt know zoe was signed to bad boy?

    • Anonymous

      Not relevant to who? You? Outside of downloaders? You know EVERYBODY who doesn't download? Show us those FACTS you so call know. What makes them irrelevant? They ain't on Billboard? They don't get a blog posting? Now the sales numbers matter? Keep going ROBOTS.

    • murdock

      You couldnt have put it any better

    • Amos Mores

      Janelle did 100k, Styles P sold 11,000 in first week sales. I don't think Red Cafe has even put out an album. If it did it flopped. lol None of them sell records anymore. They're not relevant to anyone outside of people who download their stuff for free on the internet = FACT.

    • Anonymous

      i see what your saying but you can say that for most labels or artist in general. cash money too juvenile active but meaningless, turk locked up, b.g active but meaningless lil wayne is the only one from old cash money thats doing anything. birdman active but meaningless ,e,tc

    • Anonymous

      Active but not relevant who? You? You know their names, do they know yours?

    • Godwin Obi Nwando Jr.

      besides Red Cafe and Janelle Monae, you're 100% right.

    • class101

      Other than the fact that Janelle Mone, LOX and Red Cafe are very much relevant. But you did make your point. I do agree with you.

    • Anonymous

      Diddy=Dead Careers

  • Anonymous

    wait for the full story before we pass judgment bitch niggas

  • Anonymous

    Yes I remember this nigga on CNN in a fucking kofi! A beard, spitting he done left the gaame!! LMAFO

  • Huh!!!

    does anyone remember a Loon song at all, honestly

    • anon

      i remember i need a gf lol

    • Anonymous

      "How you like that" - loon

    • Anonymous

      So because you don't know anybody who knows mean he's a nobody? It's a FACT that many people you see daily on TV and in the business grew up with him. YOU out the loop, no need to bring others in to co-sign your ignorance.

    • I'm At work and bored

      Ahaha no shit. Without Diddy this Guy would of went to jail a long time ago. I bet Diddy lost millions promoting this dude. I never even met anyone in my life who even know Loon is

  • Damn, Homie

    Take notes on this,Machine Gun Kelly. Look at the fate that awaits all hip hop artist on bad boy.Loon with is drug charges and attempted murder charges, G.Dep for Murder, Biggie got Killed,Black Rob went to jail,Mase cant figure if he wants to preach or rap,And all the rest got abandoned and left in the dust....This is more than a sinking ship...This is Dead On Arrival. See what Diddy's has done to these guys...sad

  • Kerwin J Lindo

    So this whole islam thing he was pushing was just a front? hmmmmm

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