Rick Ross Explains "God Forgives, I Don't" Album Title, Speaks On Jay-Z

Ricky Rozay pays respect to Hov for building such a strong movement.

Rick Ross is currently prepping the release of his upcoming solo album God Forgives, I Don't, recently pushed from December 2011 to the top of 2012. In an interview with Billboard magazine, Ricky Rozay, who covers the magazine alongside Wale, explained the thought process behind the album title and how he decided on it.

"This album is almost like a movie," he said. "I wanted [the title] to be something that was extremely emotional, to set up a real roller coaster ride as far as the music and thought process. It sounds like a term of retaliation, and with the picture that I'm painting, it felt perfect."

He also spoke on his respect for Jay-Z and his Roc Nation movement, stating that it inspires him with his own Maybach Music Group imprint.

"I've most definitely been a fan of Hov and his whole movement," he continued. "He gave a blueprint to a lot of young entrepreneurs, as well as Wayne, with how active Wayne is with artists. There's a lot of different approaches, but at the end of the day, we've . . . just got to be hands-on and walk our own path."

Read the full story at Billboard.com.

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  • Anonymous

    god forgives i dont...rozay new album

  • james

    if you wanna go to pig and im mean rick is sick its tirck lick its nick to take mick thick

  • 6pack

    hello fat boy i wondr how many dount nuts take you to get fat im temporter nater wanna corsadefer its like dark fader wannna shader im dicher my back remye santd up getting feeling staup bounce around seentes you fat on the tawt on you pobrley qoues a cat becuse you wife in pat your pobeley lifes with bats on the fats

  • sixpac

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  • sixpac

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  • YoungJewzy

    Oh yeah and who really gives a fuck if he's fat or not, the dude goes hard. He'll even be proud to tell you that he's fat he calls himself a fat motherfucker in his music, so I'm sure that all of the fat comments don't even phase him.. lol..

  • YoungJewzy

    Ya'll some dumb ass motherfuckers. 50 fell off, Banks is a nobody, Rick Ross been on fire and never stopped working for the past few years now. I guarantee if you were out in Miami you'd be all over Rick Ross's dick cause he runs shit down here. He makes hit records.

  • jr88

    smh...i remember when you actually had to have real cosigns in your hood....50 had his enemies running in the hood...even watch bang em smurf talk about 50, 50 was a real boss in the hood...now all you have to do is keep a straight face and people will believe you...lol...

  • Anonymous

    This is CB4(2011) pretty much,Unfortunately he isnt as comical as the movie was

  • WTF!!!!!!

    "Chocolate Forgives, Fries Dont" is the official title for this fat niggaz album. His flow is so simple that 8 year old rappers can out spit him. I agree with everyones comment, Why fuck with this dude when he is lyrical handicap. His label must be paying good for collabos

  • the Doc

    Please ive been trying to figure this out for some time now Why do all dope rappers collab with this dude? I just dont get it Kanye, Drizzy, HOV, wayne, Wale All these dudes keep givin this guy so much light. We all know we skip his verses each time. But Why they keep collabing with him WHY?????????????????

    • Amen to That

      cause its the America way for niggaz to speak our minds and voice our opinions, you stupid motherfucker. Like stated, I think Ross is garbage.

    • lilman837

      I wish you dumb fucks would take the time to understand this is only entertainment. These niggas rap for money, nothin more, nothin less. If there was no money involved in rapping half the niggas you call rappers today wouldn't be doin it. And far as people collabing with Ross, he is only one of the hottest rappers in the game right now, he might not be hot in your opinion but the mother fucker is hot. You cant turn on the radio without hearing this nigga. So take two seconds and think about it, if they do this shit for the money, why not link up with a nigga that constantly gets radio play. Its called common sense, link up with artists that are hot so you can make more money. Stop fuckin complaining, if you don't like the nigga music don't buy it you dumb fucks. If you don't like the nigga why even waste your fuckin time to post a comment to say he sucks.

    • For Real

      Its cause Def Jam pays good for collabos, thats why most niggaz fuck with him.

    • ETK

      I bet you the hip-hop game is a big drug cartel and he's movin units

    • ETK

      lol co-sign I been asking myself the same fuckin thing... I mean I find him decent AT BEST, his flow isn't horrible, but jeesus, it's like he can just jump on a track with the best of them even Nas as of late!

  • teg

    i like ross but comparing him to nas is out of line. very few real niggas in the game nas is def one.

  • jr88

    cosign milehighkid303!!!this guy is a manufactured rapper....i bet you when this guy was outed as a c.o. rappers had to stick with him to save face.....ask any rapper like jay z or nas how they feel and they will have no choice but to diss own him.....but no one has asked them yet....this guy is corney

    • Dbizzle

      ross is not fake

    • Dbizzle

      Thats y trick daddy came out an said ross is a real nigga after all that c o stuff came out and nobody is going to say that trick aint a real street nigga he said ross is real an this is when they were beefin so for him to say that lets me know ross a fake

  • Milehighkid303

    The reason that BIGGIE, BIG L, NAS, 50, etc. Get passes is cause THEY LIVED THE SHIT!!! This guy went out tarted himself up, STOLE Freeway Ricky Ross' name and story and RAN WITH IT. Now he's got all u 90's babies thinking he's the sickest MC alive! LOL!! Guy wouldnt LAST A SECOND in circa 90's n if it wasn't for ALL YOU NEW LIL KIDS eating up ALLthis fuckery in music, losers like him wouldn't be breathing in this rap game. Like Banks said to this freaking slob: "In this market they let IMPERSONATORS walk round, 50 bodied you, I just laid the chalk down..." who care if he thumps the club he's a wack ass RAPPER who is just another generically processed superlified gangster that was FED to us, this faggot sleep on Greg Streets couch. IM OUT. Long love real hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    i tried not to be a hater but fuck it this nigga dont run shit its a surprise tht he is still here aftr deeper then rap only sold 400k to this day. the only reason ross is around right now is because of wale and meek lets be real ross always shine off other niggas when was the last time yall heard a ross song tht was hot wihout a ft.???? ill wait

    • Dbizzle

      You can say that about anybody dumbass whens the last time u heard any hot song that didnt have a feature and b4 ross nobody knew who meek mills was ross makin that nigga famous an wales first record sold 29k in the first wk once he started fuckin with ross 160k yea but the carry ross an makin him look good kill yourself u lame ass nigga

  • John Doe

    Like he said. He's the BIGGIE of his city...Rozay the man

  • weswes

    "god forgives i dont" wow... you should name your album "thank you god" i mean after suffering a heart attack and all...

  • Anonymous

    I really find this guy to be hilarious...a real character...but then again the rap game has many 'characters'...so many of these guys are so processed and generic its crazy.... but with all that said the club still goes nuts when his shit drop so you got to accept it for what it is (same can be said for others like Drake, Wayne, Wiz, etc.)

  • jesterxxl

    If Ricky signs Emilio Rojas then I will pay attention!

  • Anonymous

    Co or no co Ross on a lyrical level sucks. Even when he tries to step it up on songs with eastcoast heavyweights like jada, kool g, and raekwon he still gets blown away. I don't even wanna get into the tower heist joint. He's just a fat nigga with nice beats and swag. No skill when it comes to rhymes at all. And by the way wake sucks too. Remember the days when rappers actually had to be good to get deals?

  • Anonymous


    • The Skinny

      Not all, Look at Guerrilla Black, Gravy, Bone Crusher, Bizzare are fat and suck ass. so not all fat rappers are dope

  • Anonymous


  • Lilworm

    damn, everyone here hatin on ross while hes killin the radio, stacking up racks and makin his team shine. just stop it already...and wtf he was a C.O.!!!! he didn't lock up anyone you retards.

  • True That!

    worst rapper besides Lil B

  • Oh Yeah!!

    If this fat nigga ever wore a red shirt....They scream,"HEY KOOL-AID"

  • Kill at Will

    Those are Rick Ross's best bars,lol..funny.

  • Ricky ROZAY

    I be Big Mackin Hard here. I Bleed Mac Sauce,nigga. I got more empty burger wrappers in my car then a Wendy's,nigga. When I pull to any drive thru, You know I get it super sized,Want my McRibs served with a bucket of fries. Gotta watch my back,cause if I fall I'll have a heart attack, and Everytime I fart,sounds like Walls about to collapse,....uhhhhh

  • Andy

    you people give nas props for the exact same shit you hate on ross for. somthing's not right about that.

  • Eli Abdallah

    i thought 50 ended this fool's career GRODT>>>> any rick ross album

    • bbfl

      HA?! 5-0 ended Ricky's career? Are you fucking serious? 50 has not dropped any album since the beef! He knows if he drop something it would be flop! A BIG FLOP!

  • Anonymous

    when he was with eric sermon and went by another name william roberts was on some real deep thought lyrical shit but this rick ross guy i never fucked with i dont know who the hell he is.

    • Yo his name was

      TEPHLON DA DON THAT TRACK WAS AIN'T SHIT TO DISCUSS ROSS WAS A BEAST BACK THEN.. that's around da time him n trick daddy started beefing. Ross left slip n slide went to suave house and came back

  • jr88

    smh ross....you are the lamest dude in the game...idk how rappers keep a straight face when there in the booth with you...smh...god wont forgive you for all the people you locked up....

  • Anonymous

    every ross post the same niggas writing paragraphs about the same old shit. no one cares nigga get over it.

  • Anonymous

    "This album is almost like a movie," he said. "I wanted [the title] to be something that was extremely emotional, to set up a real roller coaster ride as far as the music and thought process. It sounds like a term of retaliation, and with the picture that I'm painting, it felt perfect." WILL HE FINALLY TALK ABOUT HIS REAL LIFE AND ADMIT ALL HIS OTHER ALBUMS WERE BASED ON SCARFACE

  • That Nigga

    -> http://ow.ly/7DBC4

  • exposing frauds

    Ross is as fake as when Nas start to call himself Nas Escobar. lol Nas the drugking pin!!!!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Nas basically just admitted he was fake that verse. Just because you confess you were fraudulent doesnt mean you get a pass for being fraudulent. all them albums talking that gangster shit and pac even dissed him for it. He still does it to this day. I love nas but I agree he's just as guilty as ross. Niggas making double standards and reaching hard to protect him for the same condemnation they put on ross

    • gotcha!

      Nas - Rise & Fall "..Lessons from heaven/ Every night I slept with my weapon/ to guard my family for a minute I forgot my profession/ not from Columbia or Nicaragua Don't distribute coke from Antigua, that shipped out to Panama/ Pablo Escobar's bloody reign came to an end/ Far from my life; a kid who made his fame from a pen/ Hit the studio and change the game again/ Wrote down all the pain within/ top of the charts Triple platinum, got the fake love back/ money stacks, more plaques/ Have you seen who I was? Just to know where I was at/ Saw both sides of the game, all the ups and downs/ This goes out to the future rap kings coming up now.." so nas admitted that he was never a drug kingpin or anything of that sort,just a rapper/ poet who "made his fame from a pen".. so yea, he gets a pass.

    • Anonymous

      lol @ people giving nas a pass for doing the exact same shit ross does. smh hypocrites

    • Ricky Rozay

      Nas being a street poet doesn't mean he's a drug kingpin u fuckin idiot. He calls himself Escobar which means he implying he a drug kingpin. Most of these niggas nowadays come up wit fantasies for they raps. Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy a faggot, Game a crybaby its all fuckin entertainment. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Nas is a fucking street poet you phaggot. NAS KEEPS HIS SHIT REAL.

  • Anonymous

    Ross stole his album title from a old western flick

  • Anonymous

    I'm thinking this will be the album where things start going downhill, made some nice music for a minute but is all gimmicky and fake. He will be actually be relying on all the gimmicks, champaign bottles, cars, money, women to carry the music further along at this point. I can just see a new turning point in the game right about now, and if you have nothing real to talk about your career will be short lived.

  • Anonymous

    Born and raised in miami dade county and like every other resisdent of the state of florida. We havent checked for rick ross since the port of miami.

  • Fado

    Rick Ross does make some songs I like I just cant support fake. anything fake. every time he is in an interview or on T.V. hes always like "we are the unbeatable invincible magnificent Maybach Music group and we are all about bringing you the most high quality music", like if you or your crew is great we will see your greatness over time don't beg us too think your great. Nothing from MMG has impressed me, a couple songs I like but nothing that's changing the game.

  • Anonymous

    He is the milli vanilli of rap

  • Anonymous

    I can't wait till the kids who listen to this fool grow up and realize the truth and think shit i was played for a fool cause i guarantee they will i was just like you when i was young now i'm a bit older its easy to see whats real and fake funny thing is my parents told me the same at the time and i didn't wanna hear it

  • Anonymous


    • Rick Ross akaThe Boss

      They think Im Fat Albert, The Hamburgler, Jimmy Hoffa, Fat Oprah I want bacon, and a side of fries, And every time I eat out, I get it super sized

  • Rick Ross

    Like I said. Im building my Big Mac Music empire. We running the fast food industry right now nigga. My last to singles "McRibs Back" and "Whopper in the Car" are controlling the drive thru.

    • J.O.

      lol U mad? U sound like a straight female right about now! U defending this fool, he dont give a shit about ur rotton ass?

    • OldJokesAreOld

      Same tired Rick Ross jokes, you kids need to get a life. There were a lot of fat rappers, but you constantly disrespect him for being fat. Makes no sense. Bizarre is way bigger than Rick Ross, even Bonecrusher. No hate towards them though

  • jamiet

    Never trust a person who hides behind sunglasses and a beard

  • Anonymous

    His whole life is like a movie NOTHING ABOUT HIM IS REAL

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  • Anonymous

    his music is good but god damn he is a phony lol

  • Anonymous

    when your possessed by a Demon, you begin to think you are that entity.. Rick Ross is a Devil worshipping Satanic cat, who's album title represents the View from Lucifer's Eyes!

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