Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 11/20/2011

Drake sells over half a million first-week records, while Childish Gambino and Webbie smash the charts with Top 20 debuts.

For the second week in a row, a Hip Hop album debuted at #1. As reported, Toronto acting sensation-turned-emcee/singer double-threat Drake scored the top of the charts with his sophomore studio album, Take Care. Drake was not alone though, as another actor-turned-emcee, Childish Gambino (a/k/a Donald Glover) nearly grabbed a Top 10 with his independent release.

Drake Takes Care Of The Charts

Cash Money/Young Money Records' platinum star sold over 630,000 first-week copies of his second studio album and third solo release overall. Take Care features the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Andre 3000 as well as label-mates Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Birdman. Production was handled by Drake's in-house team of Boi-1da, 40 and rising CMR star, as well as a contribution from Just Blaze.

Webbie Wipes Down With His Debut, Childish Gambino Acts A Fool

Childish Gambino's first studio album, Camp, sold over 50,000 first-week units. Gambino may be better known as actor/comedian Donald Glover, of NBC's Community. The 13-song release from his Rap alter-ego was put out by indie Glassnote Records, home to Phoenix and Mumford & Sons. Gambino is also a producer and deejay.

Trill Fam member Webbie's third solo album, Savage Life 3 also scored a Top 20 debut. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana native began his career as a protege of late UGK co-founder Pimp C. Released through Trill Entertainment, Savage Life 3 features T.F. affiliates Lil Trill, Lil Phat and former DTP Records star Bobby V.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 11/20/2011

#1. Drake - Take Care - 631,000 (631,000)

#11. Childish Gambino - Camp - 52,000 (52,000)

#17. Webbie - Savage Life 3 - 30,000 (30,000)

#18. Wale - Ambition - 29,000 (234,000)

#24. Mac Miller - Blue Slide Park - 25,000 (170,000)

#25. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV - 25,000 (1,693,000)

#33. J. Cole - Cole World: The Sideline Story - 18,000 (405,000)

#78. Tech N9ne Collabos - Welcome To Strangeland - 7,000 (33,000)

#99. Drake - Thank Me Later - 4,900 (1,489,000)

#106. Pusha T - Fear Of God 2: Let Us Pray - 4,300 (13,000)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000.

Will Yelawolf prove to be the third consecutive Hip Hop artist to debut at #1? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.

Last Week's Charts.


  • Isaac Folch

    I can't believe the Childish Gambino album doesn't have a review on here. He lacks some technical discipline in fully completing his rhymes (multisyllabics, etc) & his drums could be fuller... but other than that it's a PERFECT project & I can't stop listening to it.

  • Drake

    I make niggas go hard. I want wayne in me man. shizzzzz!

  • Anonymous

    Trill ENT need to let Webbie have a real solo album without all them features. We don't want to hear all of them wack ass other artists on the label. Webbie needs only one feature next time!!!!!!!!!!!!


    So proud of my females out there for NOT allowing Wale's album to go GOLD:We need to put an end to all these love rap niggas:Thanks ladies:Wale is trash: Still is shock at how many YMCMB brainwashed fans there are out there: I hope Mac get's to 200,000: I hope J.Cole does NOT reach 500,000: But at the end of the day, record sales means almost nothing:

    • JT89

      So you hope WACK Miller succeeds, but not talented artists like Wale and J.COLE???? Mac Miller is HORRIBLE and his rhymes are elementary at best. At least J.Cole can rap about stuff with substance AND produce his own shit. You sir are an idiot. That is all.

    • Anonymous

      you guys are trolls. Cole exceeded all feasible expectations. If he went platinum by the end of this year Jay-Z and Kanye would do a second compilation album passing the throne to him personally.

    • Anonymous

      Gold isn't nothing big, you should be hoping he doesn't go platinum, because all his fans were bragging that would by the end of this year. No platinum for Cole World lol.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      Why are you retarded?

  • Fossie

    This forum is retarded!!The industry brainwashes all you punk muthafuckaz!!!!Golden age for life!!

    • Anonymous

      So, people are brainwashed because they don't like what you like, huh? Shut your dumb ass up, before you hurt yourself.

  • Fossie

    ohhh Icy Boi talkin bad about gays but just now fuckin his homie in his ass ......lol

  • Fossie

    Yes Im a hater!!I hate all these corporate bullshit!!Drake is bullshit Wale is bullshit and the list goes on and on and on .......!I dont like one of these niggaz!!Drake is popmusic!Hiphop is dyin and you punk muthafuckaz talkin about sales.....I really dont give a fuck!!!!

  • sofakingbold

    Action Bronson and Medaphor should be on this list, but most of today's so-called fans are stupid as fuck! Every nigga on this list is trash.

  • Arjan Boer

    weak ass rappers making hits. THIS IS REAL HIPHOP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_Wn1juyMRA

  • Anonymous

    i just love how a select few of rappers get love with these bogus ass album sales

  • J.H

    Niggas hatin on Webbie smh...realer than ya favorite rapper tho...music caters to the trunks and traps nowadays...i fucc wit lyrical niggas 2 but lets face it you cant ride around blastin nas, krs one, and all them other "hip hop" niggas that shit is boring as hell, this aint the 80's or 90's no more straight up...young niggas are taking over

  • @waltdeezel

    prolly be tighter for drake if i was certain birdman didn't buy all his albums. hopin yelawolf does some numbers this week. follow me on twitter @waltdeezel

  • Anonymous

    i would be hurt to be an artist with an album out for long but gets no sales yet drake comes in a week and sells more than me

  • Anonymous

    where watch the throne ??? Concert was bananas , toronto show, 40 songs 2.5 hours,.. lil wayne coldnt do that

  • God

    Looks like Birdman buys 500k copies for this guy too. LOL first wayne and now him. Hahah cash money pricks. Drake is gay to da fuckin max. As Drake says "I make niggas go hard" haha he got that right. Fuckin gays.

  • Anonymous

    looks like drake went gold after only 1 week, wow.

  • Anonymous

    pusha t is garbage

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Gambino. Needed more EP from Camp though but still solid.

  • Jeff Mason

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  • alldayigr1nd

    CG climbin up the charts you already know. If you haven't listened to this album please cop it. The punchlines are sick and the production is amazing. Pretty damn good for an Indie Label.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga icy boi dumb. How old is u son? Likle 13. Nigga put Gucci man as #1. This nigga aint a hip hop fan. He to busy swinging from the radios nuts. Big l said it best "only niggas with skills should get deals". But unfortunately the games fucked with all these weak ass niggas. With weezy leading the pack

  • Anonymous

    the hell? webbie released an album. and 30,000 people even knew about it?

  • ANGRY 80s BABY


  • Almar

    Damn Webbie sold 30,000 in his first week, that aint bad at all.

  • sun_god7

    Impressive. 600,000 units - plus it was leaked two weeks ago? Impressive.

  • Joe

    At this rate Mac Miller won't even be in the top 100 of sales in two weeks, possibly even next week LOL. His album came out 2 weeks ago and it's selling less than Wale's 3rd week, the same as Lil Wayne's 3rd month, and only 6k more than J. Cole's 2nd month. Maybe people aren't as stupid as I thought, but then again Tha Carter IV is still selling...Are people that dumb? Drake's album was good from an R&B standpoint, definitely not close to being a rap album. I still think Cole World > Watch The Throne > Take Care > Tha Carter IV > Singing/humming to yourself while driving > Blue Slide Park though. But those definitely aren't the top 5 albums of the year, just a ranking of some of the bigger releases.

    • Anonymous

      hey lil jon went platinum independently, so did master p.

    • dj nemesis

      that much independently*

    • dj nemesis

      da last time an artist sold dat much in the first week was dogg pound in 1995,thats an accomplishment youll never have :) have fun wit that....an to the people above,listen to face the facts by mac miller,or come around,then go back to yelawolf and youll realise why mac miller is better...yelawolfs flow is so fucked up sometimes idk why eminem looked at him...

    • Alias

      Not really talkin lyrics or style in particular. Talkin total package as a rap artist/musician. IDK, i fuck wit mac's flow, it's just seems that something missing to me.

    • Anonymous

      Well Alias minus their skin color the two are nothing alike so you can't really compare them.

    • Alias

      am i the only one who thinks yelawolf better than mac?

    • Dominic Eubanks

      His first week was so huge because of the 100,000 preorders

    • russell

      Mac Miller is independent what he sells the next couple of weeks is irrelevant. To sell as much as he did in his first week is an accomplishment to all indie artist... Regardless of his talent. Peace

  • KillAllHHDXReaders

    All of u (apart from me)who post any comment on HHDX is an idiot. U fools need a fucking life.Talking about rappers,sales numbers and all while u all broke and struggling.I wish u all death.All of u go hang urselfs


    that's crazy webbie his time is up.

  • Patrick Nomvia

    I got one message for the Drake hataz : "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" See you when the next album drop!

  • Samwell

    I'm here to pay my fuckin' dues I just wanna be on top of you Wiggle my ass on the pole, man whore Suck my light saber dildo, star wars

  • ItsTheTruth

    Lloyd Banks - Cold Corner 2 Freddie Gibbs - Cold Day In Hell Ludacris - 1.21 Gigawatts Better than anything else out right now. Some of you Drake fans should check these out, maybe your balls will get a little lower in your skinny jeans. Fuck wit that real shit


    COLE WORLD almost gold fuckaz!!!! by january 2012 Cole will get his plaque!! POW we made it and congrats to Drake. good #s, but the album still soft

  • Charlie Mcfly

    Botton line drake is a R&B singer not a rapper....nice sale but dude still corny ass hell...lolol yelawolf #1?? lolol not over rhi rhi hot ass!!!!

  • David Peralta

    You guys are smokin crack if you think Drake is this big rapper, let alone superstar. He sold under 700,000 copies. Thats good but not great and even if you think thats a lot then look at 50 Cents numbers. His first album went eight times platinum and his second went five times platinum. What does that say to your boy Glitter Blood?

    • maaan

      OK well nobody sells that much anymore-gold is the new platinum. Also, i'm no Drake fan, but you lost all credibility by comparing him to a rapper even weaker than he is. Drake gets played on the radio and sells more than any 50 cent album released now would, probably like 80% of people just download their music, its much harder to sell records. that was one of the more ignorant comments ive ever heard



    • James Brooks

      please don't compare today's music climate and sales with that of old, it is no where near the same and downloading dominates everything in the end. people do not buy albums like they used to simple and plain David it's all about itunes and cherry picking what songs you want to have off of someones album without being forced to purchase the whole thing, I'm not gonna make fun of your avatar, I just wanted to clear things up. the market in 2002 - 2007 is completely different 2008 - present.

    • 1000 Lies

      Co-sign David. 50 Cent sold more album than Drake. Drake is not a "superstar"... Oh and: Change your photo!!!

    • Dopeman

      LMFAO @ your avatar. You sir are a certified gay. lol

    • So Icy Boi!

      shut da fuck up David! dat pic is hella gay. lmao. Fuck you faggot! swag

  • lost young man

    thank me later still moving over 3,000 + units a month damn man. I respect all these artists, bottom line they earning income, better than me man, im struggling so much on un-employment I dont have any friends family members or people i know that ever had decent money in their lives, sucks man really sucks for me man, i can barely feed myself :( I know money aint everything but you cant even rest your head , feed yourself, get to where you need to be, or function without it. I lived in my car for a little while too.. this shit hurts, god bless you all im leaving this world.

  • Anonymous

    P.L.K >>>>>>>>> than y'all favorite rapper

  • jesterxxl

    How in the fuck you not gonna mention the mayor DeShaun Holton yea that's right you arrogant bastars Proof he should have been named way before Danny shit even before Royce not that I'm hatin on Nickle I'ma fan but fuck me you already forgot about P that's cold!!!

  • So Icy Boi!

    11. Mac Miller 12. Travis Porter 13. DJ Khaled 14. Big Sean 15. Asap Rocky 16. T-Pain 17. Lil Twist 18. Roscoe Dash 19. Birdman 20. OJ Da Juiceman

  • So Icy Boi!

    Drake Is The Best White Rappa Alive. Swag 1. Gucci Mane 2. Lil Wayne 3. Rick Ross 4. Drake 5. Wiz Khalifa 6. Lil B 7. Tyler, The Creator 8. Waka Flocka 9. Soulja Boy 10. Nicki Minaj


      LMAO@ this hipster ass faggot David Peralta, nigga is softer than a Playtex tampon.

    • So Icy Boi!

      You're soft too faggot. lmfao

    • David Peralta

      Nooooooooo Eminem is the best white rapper alive. Have you seen the youtube of Drake on funk master flex free style show?lol Its funny. Check it out. Eminem would never do that. PLus he cant battle rap anyone, all he does is talk slick and look what that got him. Luda going all in on him and what did he do? Nothing but tweet. He's soft.

  • EazyDoesIt

    You said the only good rapper is Big Sean. You dont know rap then. of our best rappers Blade didnt make it out because of the streets. People gotta more important shit to worry about then rapping in Detroit. U gotta worry about living. Fuck RAP

  • asher1985

    that childish gambino aka donald glover album is amazing. i def can recommend that one

  • EazyDoesIt

    Na im not talking about it like its a badge. Its reality. If you ain't from Detroit you wouldn't make it here. I travel and when Im n other states and people see my Detroit hat I get mad respect. They know it takes a lot to make it out the D.

    • Anonymous

      "The same Elzhi that jacked Nas' flow and rapped over all his beats?" *Another dumbass that missed the point of Elmatic* Seems like you're retarded and know nothing about Detroit Hip Hop or Its history. Big Sean is the male version of Nikki Minaj. None of their respective hometowns want to claim them cause they're wack.

    • Anonymous

      Did you really just mention Elzhi? The same Elzhi that jacked Nas' flow and rapped over all his beats? And Royce is wack. His last album was a flop. Gtfoh.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Elzhi, Danny Brown, Royce all from Detroit..c'mon bro, Sean don't even get much love here. Detroit people really fuck with our local dudes heavier than most national artists

    • Anonymous

      Who cares. The only good rapper to ever come out the D is Big Sean, and that's a fact.

    • Anonymous

      Well I'm from the D...lived here my whole life....and it is a badge of honor if you make it through this.... I'm graduating college this year, going back to teach in the Public High Schools next year. I know that what I've seen and been through here has given me a better grip on real struggle and real problems....nothing I encounter short of death, can stop me...and the city gave me that strength

  • Anonymous

    Yelawolf aint got no chance in hell of hitting #1, Rhiannas new one just dropped

  • EazyDoesIt

    Fuck everybody on here talking about Detroit. Detroit the realest city in the nation. You right aint nobody outside because its dangerous. No jobs and the hightest unemployment rate and should I mention murders. Anybody that makes it out Detroit gets mad respect. Ask around pussy. Im talking to Fado

    • Anonymous

      I was just about to write something similar...lol...idk where these dudes on here from but they sound like bitches.... Niggas from the D get love no matter where we at in the country DC, LA, B-more, NY, ATL, etc....niggas know we go through real shit here Yall boys stay smooth and outside city limits... VanDyke & 6mile this way

    • Anonymous

      Detroit is a fucked up place to live now tho man, cant deny that, your talking bout them murders and unemployment rates like its badge of honor when its really thie biggest reason you should move, lol


    jay-z never went platinum in a week his highest debut was kingdom come at 685k in a week.jay-z has MULTI PLATINUM ALBUMS.wayne goes platiunum in a week and its a big deal but he struggles to push 2milli probably wont make it.wayne got stans

  • Brendon Silver

    No yelawolf wont rihanna new album iss droppin

  • Fossie

    GAME FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!FUCK ALLYA!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yea good shit Webbie Savage Life 3 roll

  • mr. tibbs

    Drake album was sooo bad that 5,000 people went back to the store to cop his first joint. Baby bought like 500,000 of them like he did the carter 4. Kendrick Lamar all day!!!!!

    • mr. tibbs

      you mindless ymcm tasteless music zombie, radio top ten groupy, wouldn't know classic if it dildo you in the mouth...look they all garbage bottom line and you soft for dick riding. Underground hip hop forever. And in reality Lil Wayne wouldn't go platinum in a week so shit is bought and paid for by Baby. Thats Word...

    • Anonymous

      niggas STILL claiming that Birdman buying all the albums. Dudes are living in a fantasy world.

    • Anonymous

      Mr Tibbs you sound like a hater. Niggas don't buy their own albums dumb ass thats hustling backwards. I went to the I am music tour dumb ass a millions of people all summer supported lil Wayne so to say he bought his own albums is to say he paid for people to come to his concert. And as for Drake he have enough fans to sell 600,000 units the first week so until you have facts to back up your dumb ass statement of Birdman buying albums you can suck a dick

  • Anonymous

    welcome to strangeland the best album on here

  • Fado

    Drakes album was ok. I would pick section.80 over it ANYDAY. Damn I thought pusha would sell in the 30,000-40,000 range. Only YMCMB fans get all turned on by sales though lol. If an artist I like (J.cole,Kendrick,Curren$y) sells well I will be happy for em but you will never catch me on here like, "YES COLE WORLD BABY THATS MY NIGGA J.COLE YES BITCHES COLE WORLD". That is called being on dick your not getting payed.....

  • Anonymous


  • west

    Congrats drake, this is the best Sade album i ever heard...thank cash money for the sales, you go girl.....





  • beating a dead horse


  • Anonymous

    Childish Gambino - Camp - 52,000 (52,000) that was well deserved amazing album and its got great reviews to of course drake is gonna sell he is a record labels dream a good looking young kid from the burbs who sings and raps but i aint heard the album not into that shit

  • Swordz

    Wow.... 52000 white people like Childish Gambino

    • IM WHITE


    • Swordz

      @schoolpussy LOL you white as motherfucker!

    • Train

      I dont get it either, dude sucks. Guaranteed if he wasn't on that dumb show people would realize how wack he is.

    • Fado

      public schooled?, I didn't even know Detroit had a school system still lol. I drove threw Detroit and I thought I was in the fucking Machine city from The Matrix. I saw a little kid that looked like a grown ass man. Nobody was outside, I mean Nobody in downtown Detroit, Nobody. your scary ass city lol. I like cities with edge and personality (DC,LA) but Detroit is too much for me comon son!.

    • Anonymous

      "have chidlren in wedlock" do you know how stupid you sound

    • Anonymous

      lol @ swords.

    • Anonymous

      @Schoolcraft313, stop lying, you aint from no detroit. If you were you wouldn't know what words like patronize mean

    • Anonymous

      ok so white guy writing this who is pretending to be black, when you called black people Negroes, you basically gave yourself away. good try though

    • Schoolcraft313

      Hey, speak for yourself, bruh. I am black, public-schooled, living on the westside of Detroit and I patronize his music as well as his comedy. By the way, 52,000 white people also pursue and complete a higher education, get decent paying jobs, have kids within wedlock, and turn out to be progressive-minded productive members of society. There's nothing wrong with us fellow Negroes partaking in the same lifestyles as our White counterparts. As we can both see Mr. Glover has already done so and look how well he his doing. More than one way to "Keep It Real", Mike

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