Asher Roth Explains His Signing To Def Jam

The rapper went with the legendary label after they proved to have the "mindset to compete."

Asher Roth recently switched labels from SRC Records to Def Jam/Loud Records, with plans to release his sophomore album Is This Too Orange? Next year. Speaking with, Roth explained why he decided to sign with the famed imprint, stating that it has the “mindset to compete” and that it was the right fit for him.

“The music industry has changed drastically, even from the last time my album [2009's Asleep in the Bread Aisle] was out,” he said. "Def Jam, I feel like, has the mindset to continue to compete, and it's just one of those labels that will stick it out and will grind it out. And from my experiences sitting in that room [with them], they're very much like, 'Hey Asher, what do you wanna do? Let's make that happen."

Asher insisted that his relationship with SRC CEO Steve Rifkind is still close, and that despite the fact that his single “I Love College” succeeded and Bread Aisle didn’t have as strong sales, Def Jam assured him that it will smartly handle his next project.

"Def Jam asked [manager] Scooter [Braun] what happened with the first album -- from their perspective, they were like, 'Huge single and great album, what happened?', because the sales weren't really reflective of the product. And when Scooter gave them the breakdown, they were like, 'Hey, bring it over here, we really believe in Asher and we really like what he does.”

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  • DJJ

    Such a great poet, he will definitely succeed because he speaks truth. It is hard to find rappers these days that are intelligent and that constantly put out great product. Asher does both and I respect him for being himself on the mic. I will be buying Is This Too Orange ? and I am so ready and pumped for Pabst and Jazz to drop. PEACE AND LOVE Hip-HOPPERS!

  • Stone

    this is great news.. big up to Def Jam for reviving Asher Roth's career. he's dope though SRC flopped his album

  • bmoc

    Asher Roth deserves this shit. unreal

  • Harvey Charlie

    ill copp tht albumm

  • Mastadon

    Asher man waiting on that Pabst and Jazz and Is This Too Orange! Keep it coming but stay away from those pop joints please and thank you

  • Micheal White

    His mixtapes were decent but this dudes album was straight 'corn crunch'...and DEF JAM can't save his career...the whole white rapper novelty is played.

  • Anonymous

    this dude is straight dogshit-- he should go to college for reals while he's still semi-young and get the fuck out of show business he has no talent for.

  • Jake

    wackness...seems like a nice kid, but if he's in your personal top 200, you don't know hip hop. Hell he doesn't sniff my to 25 white emcees: Em (best prime ever of 96/97-02/early 03) Diabolic (illest post drugged out Em although Em does show ILL flashes of brillianc still) Apathy Slug RA The Rugged Man Copywrite Brother Ali (albino, but white) ILL Bill Necro Yelawolf Celph Titled (white, black, and cuban i believe) Aesop Rock Esoteric Bekay Sadistic Spoonful Possessed (of Rhyme Asylum in UK) Sage Francis (nerdy alot, but has some real dope tracks like Makeshift Patriot and a few Eyedea Soul Kahn DZK Mac Lethal Yak Balls El-P Iron Solomon Eligh Cage (not a fan, but some solid early stuff) MC Search Milkbone Remedy (white jew, part of Wu family) Thesaurus Illmaculate Mac Miller (not a fan much @ all, but better than Asher @ his best) All 3 in the Beastie Boys (not great lyricists by any means, but they have classic albums) Bubba Sparks (again not my cup of tea, but better than Asher) I'm sure there are many more, but you get the idea... Nice kid, shows SOME talent @ times, but those above nevermind 100-200+ good to super duper dope black emcees destroy this kid (alot slept on). Def Jam signs this clown, but amazing emcees like ELZHI, DIABOLIC, ONE BE LO, LOUIS LOGIC, JUICE, PERCEE-P, TONEDEFF, ALL OF SLAUGHTERHOUSE (on shady as group, but as solo artists not on majors), LOWKEY, SHAD, FASHAWN, COPYWRITE, APATHY to name a few of MANY are looking for that big deal?

    • jjsteez

      if theres a whole bunch of white emcees "better" than asher than why waste you're time on just using him as a way to show off your knowledge on white rappers? kid could be as mainstream as anything but if he's got those tracks that he gets bizzy on i'll like him. mac miller is sooo much wacker...dude just has a soft voice and gets on dope beats stickin to the format...some of ashers rhyme schemes most don't pick up on and are mad unconventional. ..and who the fuck cares if he's "nice." first off...what we know about people is filtered and distorted through how the media portrays them so don't act like you know all these rappers....and even if you know he's nice...who the fuck cares yo. people who like rappers personalities and personal lives are's about the music that they produce...all the rest is bullshit

    • Anonymous

      damn you have no life, writing a post like this that only 10 people will fully read

    • Mastadon

      I don't need a list. Hell I don't know why anyone anywhere needs a list just to listen to music. I listen to artists that I like and Asher Roth is sick. I'll never understand why people date waste time clicking on articles about artists they hate and then comment on how much they hate them lol.

    • ben

      Slug is 1/4 black and 1/4 native american

    • murdock

      I agree you never heard these other mcs you know Asher cause hes pushed by a mainstream money hog who saw dollar signs.hes not even close to being nice as alot of the dudes on the list right here.Dont be mad you dont know hip hop but want to fit in so bad you say you do.Point is you dont know shit at all sorry

    • Faggot

      For even saying mac miller is a better rapper. Out of MGK and Wack Miller, Asher has way more song writing and lyrical ability. None of those white boys come close to Yela and Em though.

    • Jake

      YOUR not impressed b-c you probably haven't heard of 90% of them dweeb! Everyone who is in the mainstream "co-signs" a ton of garbage all the time, doesn't mean anything. Play Busta Rhymes or Cee-Loo some Elzhi, Diabolic, One Be Lo, Louis Logic, or Tonedeff and they'd think it was dope as fuck FOR REAL, not just b-c they got a big check to say it or be on a record. "Apart from Em, Term, Rugged the RA & Evidence.... there all prettty wack!!" Please go listen to Diabolic, Apathy, Slug, Brother Ali, Copywrite @ the very least and get back to me. Thanks

    • You Cray

      1st off, no one is impressed with your list. 2nd, his major debut "Asleep in the Bread Isle" was jammin as hell. Just press play and let it roll. Co-signed by Cee-Lo and Busta who recognize talent. That album is way better than Bubba Sparx, even his Dungeon Family stuff.

    • Swordz

      You really know alot of white MC's... Apart from Em, Term, Rugged the RA & Evidence.... there all prettty wack!!



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