T.I. To Include Unreleased Pimp C Verse On "Trouble Man"

According to producer Caviar, Tip has a previously unheard verse from the late rapper for his next album.

T.I. has already collaborated with Big K.R.I.T. and Pharrell Williams in anticipation of his upcoming album Trouble Man, but he's got a trick up his sleeve for the project. Speaking with VIBE.com, producer Caviar revealed that Tip has an unreleased verse from Pimp C in his possession that he plans to include on the pending LP.

“I have a song on T.I.'s new album featuring Pimp C, which is one of his last verses that he did before he passed away," said Caviar. "So Tip was sitting on it, but he got caught up and went to jail. But he told me 'Yo Cavie, keep that sh*t on ice and we rolling with it. Like when I get out it's gonna be on the album.'"

The King of the South recently released his new single "Pyro." For Trouble Man, he has also worked with production duo Two Band Geeks - consisting of Stroud and B. Kang - as well as hit-maker Dr. Luke.

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  • Illest T.I. Fan

    Pyro was an one ugly track. Second comes for Here Ye x2. And Flexin was some mediocre shit. Hope they won't use Pimp C verse on lame songs like them. We need 2012 What You Know.

  • Anonymous

    I'm down with Lil Flip and I'm Down with TIP, if them niggas join together know how much money we can see!!!! The Pimp has spoken.

  • IDK

    I always have mixed-to-negative views about rappers using a deceased rapper's unreleased verse(s) in their songs. Although it's cool to keep their legacy up and high, the unreleased verses were probably made to be in a song the late rapper wanted to have in an album and the song probably wasn't intended to be used by somebody else. Also, I always felt like a lot of rappers only use a late rapper's lyrics to make themselves look cool, almost like the way everyone were using 2Pac's verses for. Hopefully, T.I. is doing this for music and not for making himself look good with a Pimp C's verse that probably was made for an album Pimp C never get to make.

    • ETK

      you're damn right they do it to make themselves look cool... and it's not a bad thing. it's a great marketing ploy besides, if nobody usin it, its gonna go in the trash. wasted opportunity. and I'm sure deceased rappers would want their legacy to be prolonged as much as possible

  • Anonymous

    finally a release to look forward to




    thats wasup alot of these rappers from the east,west,south lucky homie pass because he would be calling out names pyro cool but flexin goes hard

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