Nicki Minaj, Beyonce Win At 2011 American Music Awards

The Harajuku Barbie beat out Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z for a few trophies.

Last night, Nicki Minaj scored big at the 2011 American Music Awards, taking home a pair of trophies in the two Hip Hop categories.

The Young Money rapstress, who opened the show with a performance of "Turn Me On" and "Super Bass" alongside David Guetta, swept in the Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Album category, beating Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne and Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV. She also picked up top honors in Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist, triumphing over 'Ye and Weezy.

Beyoncé checked in with a pre-recorded segment to thank her fans after winning Favorite R&B Female Artist over Rihanna and Kelly Rowland. RiRi followed suit, checking in with a pre-taped acceptance speech after scoring Favorite Soul/R&B Album for last year’s LOUD over Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. and Beyoncé’s 4.

Check the full list of winners below (via Rap-Up).

2011 American Music Awards Winners

Favorite Male Artist – Bruno Mars
Favorite Female Artist – Adele
Favorite Band, Duo or Group – Maroon 5
Favorite Album – Adele – 21

Favorite Male Artist – Blake Shelton
Favorite Female Artist – Taylor Swift
Favorite Band, Duo or Group – Lady Antebellum
Favorite Album – Taylor Swift – Speak Now

Favorite Artist – Nicki Minaj
Favorite Album – Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday

Favorite Male Artist – Usher
Favorite Female Artist – Beyoncé
Favorite Album – Rihanna – LOUD

Favorite Artist – Foo Fighters

Favorite Artist – Adele

Favorite Artist – Jennifer Lopez

Favorite Artist – Casting Crowns

Hot Chelle Rae

Taylor Swift

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  • No Worries

    The American Music Awards are irrelevent... Don't worry, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy WILL win Rap Album of the Year at the Grammys, no question! We're talking about an album that Rolling Stones, Pitchfork and Source named as the best album of 2010 and this is ALL MUSIC GENRES PUT TOGETHER, the only reason why it wasn't nominated last year was because it was released after the nomination party YMCMB leads the pop sells The ROC and GOOD will dominate the Grammies

  • Anonymous

    fuck the awards, i want that a$$!

  • HeatherParalegal

    oh your so right,few people here,and jose i do agree fully. yep. good post. so clear why nikki won,she almost fell when she got the ridiculous high heel platform on. stupid. people try to be so SEXY even when it RISK a fall! and or they think they are all THAT,because your bless to get record deal but she is IMO? not bless if she hsa to do all she has done to herself,and use a Dildo sex toy on stage;She is nasty in a bad way.and i am sure her 15 min of fame will be up in no time. i can't wait. she is wack,and we know if AWARD SHOW was GRAMMY'S or something else she would have NEVER been in a rap category where she is going to beat great JAY so stupid all rig,i agree JOSE BOUT MORE POP MUSIC,and what is HOT"on radio" at the moment. I hope 1 day we see MORE REAL queen latifah rapper/hip hop lyric girl like that to lauryn rap-tone,rugged aggressive tuff flow feminine, etc. and lil kim.because NIKKI is not a rapper,she is far from that. from heather-marie

  • Jose Lizette Hernandes

    nikki the skank won only because AMA awards you guys are more about what FANS vote for what and radio-airplay etc.she is more crossover to POP etc. NIKKI CORNY MINAJ IS NOT A RAPPER AND SURELY NOT A HIP HOP LYRICIST. the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS IS "HOT FOR WHAT IS PLAYIN ON "NOW"THE RADIO.every 1 who follow such award shows know this."hence the corny "rap"song she make won etc. more play than jay-z a REAL RAPPER AND REAL HIP HOP ARTIST. adios' from JOSE AND LIZETTE HERNANDEZ AT FACEBOOK NJ PHILLY,PA. NYC TRI-STATE

  • sun_god7

    We need our own HipHop Awards Show, again. I think HipHopDX is the best to do so.

  • jg

    rihanna makes soul music? and nicki makes rap? Thats bullshit they are both pop artists and these award shows ruin the intergrity of the genres by squeezing them in there. If your black and you make music its either RnB or Rap. this is fuckin racist and disgusting

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    Meh this ain't nothin for Nicki to brag about, they just gave her this and we all know she ain't hot like dat...wonder what she gon do when all the gays stop checking for her and the dumb women become smart. Yeah I give her another year she'll be played out but i'm sure she's trying to ride out her spotlight on Pink friday till mid 2012 then release another album in the summer for another gimmick to sale records. lame

    • Bella_BMWRedhead

      Mar: i agree with your comment tonight, and hola chica. i agree. so clear she is not a rapper nor mc who is able to flow /hang wit the best.i do not hate on her because no need but state the fact. Nikki Minaj is a comic relief,"get-up"with costumes nothing and i mean NADA...(nothing)is real on nor about her and that is sad.But i do pray she save her mucho dinero$$$ for when her time in spotlight conclude.I was not angry bout it cause i know that she is just a pop notice artist.One day again REAL music (whereas; Women Hip Hop legend(s)artist with style swag WILL ARISE again, that is what is we all know warranted.That who is into real hip hop y'(and)musica. adios. From DOMINICANA PINK DIAMONDZ RECORDS NYC OWNER/FOUNDER/Hip Hop Lyricist,songtress. Entrepreneur,future attorney Sha-Kaarii Bella Melendez BMW Redhead Law Student @ BMWREDHEADLAW AT TWITTER MostBeautifulBMWRedhead@Facebook

  • WTF

    LOUD had more soul and r&b than Beyonce's 4... okay den.

  • Luis Algarin

    that is some bull.Pink Friday was not better than any of the other projects that were

  • Anonymous

    RAP/HIP-HOP MUSIC Favorite Artist Nicki Minaj Favorite Album Nicki Minaj Pink Friday THATS GOTTA BE A JOKE SHE IS A POP ARTIST

  • Anonymous

    Wait, hang on. Hang on. Pink Friday came out on the same day as MBDTF. Which means Pink Friday beat MBDTF. FUCK THIS BULLSHIT.

    • Dylan

      Hahaha lmao, and you're right MBDTF deserved right, the AMM's are irrelevent and Hopefully MBDTF should be nominated for Album of the year and win like it should.

    • yeah

      since this shit is by vote, it was expected that she would win because she's the new shit right now...but My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy should have also been nominated if Pink Friday was....once again it probably wouldn't have won because people are dumb as fuck but it's kind of stupid that they put Watch the Throne, in there instead. MBDTF better get nominated for a fucking grammy.

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