T.I. Confirms Title For Eighth Album, Provides Update On Its Progress

Tip says he's worked with Dr. Luke and Two Band Geeks for his upcoming LP.

Billboard.com's The Juice was recently given the opportunity to kick it with T.I. in a studio in Atlanta, Georgia, where he previewed five of the 45 songs he's recorded for his upcoming eighth album. During the session, Tip revealed that the official title for the LP will be Trouble Man and revealed a few of the producers who thus far contributed to the album.

Tip, who was recently released from a 10-month prison sentence for probation violation, has worked with production duo Two Band Geeks - consisting of Stroud and B. Kang - for the LP, as well as hit-maker Dr. Luke on a song that opens with "dance-pop synths."

He spoke on another song cut for the project, stating, "I have this one record [titled] 'Pyro' that I'm proud of. [...] 'Pyro' is a straight party record. It's nostalgic of those crazy nights, early mornings [but] just turned up."

T.I. also plans to release a new solo song in the next few days, and said that Trouble Man is a representation of where he's at in his life.

"A lot of times I'm taking myself out of my element," he explained. "This is the first project where I'm talking about things that I've experienced before that I'm not necessarily experiencing now cause I'm not doing a whole lot of partying. I do a little bit but not alot... nothing like when I was in that life."

Read the full article at Billboard.com.

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  • Illest T.I. Fan

    This gon be a big disappointment for critics but who cares if we are Tip fans

  • Anonymous

    damn crappy album title. And while i'm not the biggest T.I. fan he's had some pretty good titles in the past

  • mahad

    smh y'all mofo's niqqa's need to cool out with all tha hate u know what ima sayin, this dude finna do it big this time tha whole city been waitin him fo f***in lonq time but now he's back to take ova tha rap game #realtalk this album finna be real n can't wait till it come out TIP we back on it we goin nonstop TIP welcome to tha city ATL #RNS

  • Travis Clinton

    this nigga biting off of "marvin gaye's" album title be original ,,,,,boney ass nigga

  • Yassine Sofa

    That's All She Wrote....theme!!! LOOL

  • shady83

    wud luv Em to be on his next album tht wud be dope to hear another T.i Eminem Collaboration!! :)

  • Eddy

    This is T.I.'s last chance for me, dude would be stupid to not have that Flexin' track on there, that's the sound all his fans want not "dance-pop synths" and "straight up party" tracks.

  • mike j.

    go to youtube and search blacklawrebelmusic check us out give us feedback!!!!


    So, what is the name of the album? Trouble Man or TM2-Trouble Man?

  • L-Boogie

    Lol, T.I. tryna look like Pac in that pic.

  • Fado

    T.I. would be in the position lil wayne is currently in had he kept his head on straight these last few years. He needs too re amp his label cus B.O.B. is the only artist on Grand Hustle that is highly successful besides himself. He is still my 3rd favorite rapper out of the south behind only Andre and Curren$y.

  • IAmControverse

    Much respect for T.I. and the album is going to be dope, but is it me, or does he kind of look like Cam'Ron in the picture???

  • kennyken

    done outgrown the foolishness.

  • Lilmarcci JonesCd

    er time this nigga release a album he always say it's about what's going on in his life. ol boring as nigga. how bout cut the crap get back to that grand hustle muzik you use to make eh? how bout DO NOT feature a RNB singer on the album? AND stop fckn with B.O.B. like who is he? other than the light version of yourself. fcks with Jeezy/em/Jay/Daz then you got a hit album

    • BAM

      Ur a tranny arent you? Anywho its obvious you know very little or nothing about hip hop because this is the dumbest comment i have seen (thus far) from you. First you said T.I and Jeezy shouldnt collab because Jeezy is just trying to ride TIPs coat tail to get a buzz which he has already had for 3 years off of mixtapes alone my friend sexual confused friend. Finally you contradict yourself and say you would love for him to hop his track that same sentence and u said it again today stop giving rappers advice and fuck one like lil b and chingy prefebly young berg weak ass lol and please we dont wanna hear retarded uneducated ignorance ever again

    • ETK

      lol don't wanna hear no rapper talk about his life, that's a new one for one, tip talked about his life like 30% less in no mercy, two.. the fuck's a rapper supposed to do, tell me dat why don't you just listen to some god dam jeezy or something (btw i fucks with him too)

    • Fado

      You trippin B.O.B. is the only artist on Grand Hustle besides him thats fuckin shit up in the industry. Who is he?, He can spit you probably think he wack because you heard him rapping on some pop production with an Bruno Mars feature. He can spit for real though listen too his mixtapes and certain songs on his album. I do miss the Trap Muzik Urban legend T.I.P. but what can I say artist change. He hasn't been in the dope game in 10 years come on now. I still bump KING too me that's his best album.

  • Anonymous

    I dig the new title...It just has so much going for it...

    • youzadumbfuk

      lol this mother fucker dumb, he just said TIP fell off hahahahaha. u serious man? lol u must be bumping yourself some tyler the creator or some other tight pants garbage ass shit

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up you bitch ass nigga

    • facet@aol.com

      this your last shane T.I.P all or nothing or you outta her like Jeezy imo you been fell of but i give i the benefit of doubt and chalk it up to all you been going thru

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