Young Guru Talks Just Blaze/MF DOOM Album, Statik Selektah

Jay-Z's engineer discusses a collaborative project between Blaze and DOOM, as well as what makes Statik Selektah a great producer.

Producer Young Guru, notable for being Jay-Z's longtime engineer, recently sat down in an interview with the Behind The Rhymes Series to discuss a slew of topics.

"For me this year, Statik Selektah is really doing a lot," said Young Guru when asked about which producer he was checking for in 2011. "There's a lot of people that make dope beats, but this kid is consistently putting out quality projects."

"The beat is just have of a record. ... All of us get caught up in the beat. Unless you're putting out a beat compilation tape, you gotta make a record. You gotta produce. Produce the vocals, put it all together, make a concept - all of that. Statik is the dude I'm looking at like, 'yo, this kid don't stop.'"

Guru also discussed the prospect of a collaborative full-length album between MF DOOM and Just Blaze. "Jesus Christ," he began, shaking his head. "Just is one of them dudes...he gotta be inspired. ...For him, it's really about the vibe and the feel. If DOOM came and sat in the studio with him for two weeks or something and got it done, he would definitely love to do it. It's just a matter of getting DOOM and Just together."

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  • Tommy Frisina

    Maybe Just Blaze should rap over DOOM beats? that would be pretty nuts haha

  • Fado

    Their are many producers I would rather see Doom work with, #1 I want to hear Doom rap over a Lex Luger beat. #2 I want to hear Doom rap over some clams casino production. #3 I wanna hear Doom on some flying lotus shit.

    • AKA

      I wish he would work with Pete Rock, Kanye, Premo, Q-Tip, Edan, RZA, 9th Wonder, and Madlib give him stuff that sounds like Beat Konducta Vol. 5 or Medicine Show No. 6.

  • Anonymous


  • bkstylz

    Madvillainy 2 was released, but it was madlib chopping up the lyrics of the 1st album and putting new beats behind it. If we didn't see a true second album by now considering the critical acclaim of the first, I don't think it is going to happen

  • Brandon Hamm

    Fan of both but I honestly don't see DOOM sounding all that great over Blaze beats, their styles just don't seem like they would mesh.

    • Chemist

      Yeah I definitely agree. I like them both, but they are at different ends of the spectrum. But then again, that might be what makes it interesting.

  • Fernando

    How can this guy call himself Guru? Nah

    • Bowski

      @ Fernando: Just like the commentor's name above me says, "Kid do your homework". Dont just come on here spoutung senselessly without knowing what's up. You're the kinda kid that makes youngins sound dumb and lame. Get it right sir...

    • do your homework

      dude's worked on some of the greatest songs in the genre

    • Anonymous

      it's Young bite off the Gangstarr Guru (R.I.P.), this dude is a supreme engineer!

    • 905

      Um? This dudes a talented sound engineer...get the fuck outta here.

  • Anonymous

    Word. Statik is one of the best ever. The shit he did for Reks on Grey Hairs was unreal.

  • YM

    MAdoom is coming(old beats), Doomstarks is in NatureSounds hands, Yorke&Doom's single sounded shit anyway. Madvillain2 is the only release we are all waiting for... Just&Doom could be sumthin'....

  • Doom Sucks


    • rfelix

      fuck u 2& ua mother fuckin mamaaaaaa bitch ass i hate uuuuuuuu mother fucker we are proud to be black u pig fuck uuuuuuu'''

  • Joe

    Do we really need any more DOOM collabos? He needs to start releasing some work before he starts teaming up with more people. Where is MA DOOM, DOOMSTARKS, Yorke&DOOM and Madvillainy 2?

    • A/K/A

      Man I have such high hopes for YorkeDOOM, even though DOOM has slowed down in recent years even as far as stuff I like and Radiohead's last album isn't anywhere near as good as In Rainbows or really anything since The Bends.

    • DoomChalla

      In all fairness, MA_DOOM is more Masta Ace 'cause it's all old DOOM beats. It'll still be awesome I'm sure, but it's not as exciting as new beats. Ace said it should be out next year now smh. He didn't tell me why, he just retweeted my question. DOOMSTARKS I'd assume is next year. He said for Madvillainy, his stuff could be finished by December/January, then it's up to 'Lib. Yorke and DOOM, I've not heard more on that, all I know is they did a song for a compilation album. Nature Sounds records said there could be three DOOM albums next year and Marq Spekt said there could be a fourth 'cause he should be doing something with him, possibly with a track dropping next week.

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