Busta Rhymes Explains Google Music Partnership, Says It's A "Milestone"

The newest member of YMCMB speaks on why he decided to connect with the new platform.

Yesterday, Busta Rhymes announced a partnership with Google Music to exclusively release his new single “Why Stop Now” featuring Chris Brown, as well as his new album E.L.E. 2: End of the World, through the platform. Speaking with CNET, the recent YMCMB signee explained what the experience has been like in joining forces with the new music service.

“The experience has been extremely refreshing. I've been recording music professionally for 20 years this year. We put out my first album in '91 with my first group, called Leaders of the New School, so in 2011, 20 years later, the same routine absolutely becomes redundant,” he said. “When you have the opportunity to be a part of something (pauses) It's always great to be a part of something new, but it's a whole other different dynamic and anxiety when you're a part of the new revolutionary, groundbreaking turning point and shift in a climate for the world. Like, this isn't just for music, this is for the world. It's a statement.”

He referred to the partnership as a “milestone,” stating that Google Music is giving artists a platform to have more control in the release of music. Bus-A-Buss considers it an optimistic boost for an ailing industry.

“[B]eing part of something like that is a milestone, and a turning point for me in my career. It says so much in so many different dynamics. I'm so proud of this alliance and this union and just being a part of the most powerful search engine in existence, and the fact that they are making such a conscious effort to provide and facilitate a platform for artists that gives us the empowerment and the strength for being that much more independently driven. It just really does a lot for the faith of the future of the music, not just creatively, but professionally.”

Read the full interview at CNET.

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  • the doc

    i feel his music..old or new boys got talent Break ya neck Signing to YMCMB not a bad play either if I was an artist Only thing This dun muffuga got fat as hell! damn cum awn man u gotta take care o yo shit!! Take care

  • Dee

    This is pretty fail....In fact, it's really FAIL

  • ess

    Man I miss skinny dreadlock Busta! Now this roided dude just gets by spitting fast now. Still bumping the old shit, but I'm checking for this guy anymore. Oh yeah, this sequel shit on these albums has got to stop. Part "2" will never be as good as the first! This is not the fucking Godfather!

  • Khleo Thomas

    Amazing new song w/ Chris Brown...and im so excited about Busta getting signed to Cash Money

  • jason

    google music is a positive thing but people will still steal rare songs on the net. the internet is like a big black hole that hasnt been controlled yet and the most distracting invention from people to make it since television.

    • WTH

      man,busta got fat as fuck...he looks like he could eat his competition,literally. Damn, another rapper lost to Cash Money. That makes up a washed up line up of recent rappers who signed to CASH MONEY. Shyne,Busta,Mystikal....Bizzy Bone got dropped quick,lol,DJ Khaled, He'll even T-Pain..SMH

    • Anonymous

      The internet is the final frontier and it needs to stay free of government control

  • jonathan

    that last paragraph was definitely written by Bustas publicist or something

  • frank

    Big ups Busta im routing for ya!!!!!!

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