Yelawolf Speaks On The Diversity Of His Fans, Putting His Music On Paper

Yelawolf welcomes the diversity of his fans, says putting the energy in his music on paper is therapeutic.

During an interview with Ruby Hornet, Alabama rapper Yelawolf took time before his Chicago show to speak on translating his music to paper, the diversity of his fans, and more.

According to Yelawolf it took some time for him to be able to put the energy in his music on paper, but now that he’s mastered that process it’s actually somewhat therapeutic for him.

“Now I've grown to understand how to make that energy translate onto paper, and from the paper into a song, it's even more therapeutic cause I spend less time trying to do something, trying to do something just for the sake of getting noticed,” Yelawolf explained. “Now I'm writing records. It's like an exhale, 'ok, I got their attention, time to write songs.’ Time to write great songs. And that was the focus on Radioactive."

Yelawolf also spoke on the diversity of his fans and their ability to recognize everything from Outkast to Metallica to The Doors.

“Tonight, you'll see some kids out in the crowd completely tatted up, mohawks, they might be rocking a Pantera t-shirt or something, then you'll see a kid with a Wiz Khalifa shirt,” said Yelawolf. “You'll see some young suburban kids, and you'll see some kids from the hood. It's very diverse, but the connection that is made with the dedication part of the show is crucial because it lets all of them know, I'm a fan for one, two we all grew up on the same shit.”

Yelawolf’s Radioactive will be released on November 21st.

Yelawolf: Work Pays from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

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  • -->

    I will be surprised if Radioactive doesn't have good sales considering it drops Thanksgiving weekend. He's had alot of publicity and he's with Shady records. With all that combined, it will be surprising if he DOESN'T sell well...

  • Anonymous

    Yela is doing his thing... if you like him or not... dont hate, your on this site cus you love hiphop... se respect the different styles/flavors in the game... he wont sell half of Mac Miller sales but hes still dope!

    • Anonymous

      Idk it's a mixed bag to what you are saying I'm not hating on the YMCMB peoples. They are more mainstream which kind of gives hip hop a more global attention. Even though there are not alot of substance. I like how they just are trendy so it's kind of easier for other guys to get their due. Like Kendrick Lamar is smart going on tour with Drake and being on Take Care, his buzz is going to naturally rise. It would be stupid to sign to Young Money but association is always cool to some extent. I know Yelawolf is gonna do well! He got the whole package and I think he's the first white guy behind Em that's gonna do something special! Mac is alright and Asher is alright but Yela has more of a substance as an emcee and an overall artist that is not afraid to take risks and his skills are sharp!

    • Loco

      Yela has always been dope I like the guy safe to say I'm fucking with him - lets just hope he doesnt cross over to be like Busta and Mystikal and YMCM-Bitches - not hating but those guys are killing hiphop. Yela I GAT YOU WHITE BOY!

  • tylr66

    i don't understand how most of radioactive can appeal to anybody i was the biggest trunk muzik 0-60 fan you could find, radioactive sounds like he's doing a parody of b.o.b, not that b.o.b's wack or anything, but yelawolf can't pull that sing-songy pop love song type stuff off AT ALL this is the biggest sell out move i've ever heard, how can anyone who was a fan of him be a fan of radioactive

  • J.J.

    Yo I heard that Radioactive album and the shit is dope!! I'ma still cop that joint when it comes out though.. Highly Recommended!!

  • old yella

    Unfortunately yelas album has leaked.. but on the plus side it is a good album! Its not how I imagined his album would be tho!

  • murdock

    this guys wack as fuck

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